The Most Terrible Fight in the History of Boxing!

  • How Don King stole money from Mike Tyson -
    The end of the 80s and the first half of the 90s of the last century will forever go down in the history of world boxing as the golden time of the Middleweights. Such a concentration of talents, stars, and superstars as there was in these three middleweight categories, the first middle, middle and super middleweights has never been and is unlikely to ever be in the foreseeable future. But today I want to tell not about the golden pages of boxing, but about one of the most tragic fights in its history which took place on February 25, 1995. In which they met WBC middleweight champion Nigel Benn and one of the most promising and toughest punches division, WBC middleweight champion Gerald McClellan.
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  • Startup Microdose
    Startup Microdose 2 months ago +308

    You can donate to Gerald here if you wish -

    • Thomas Myrick
      Thomas Myrick 3 days ago

      @james taylor i

    • Thomas Myrick
      Thomas Myrick 3 days ago

      @james taylor spritualsongs

    • W. Jus
      W. Jus 4 days ago

      @Bez11 you are a total idiot. No doubt that human life is more important than animals'. But the problem you don't see is that some people are not humans. Especially those who like to torture other people and animals. Very often they start from animals, later they torture and kill other people. If you are a human you can't torture and kill animals just like that, for fun. If you don't understand it I feel pity for you. Maybe one day you will understand it. But I doubt it.

    • W. Jus
      W. Jus 4 days ago

      @Alex jewell Good point, I agree with you!

    • W. Jus
      W. Jus 4 days ago

      @Mike Brownhill Are you a human being if you torture animals? Who are you, Mike?

  • Derrick Tate
    Derrick Tate 11 hours ago

    Nigel Ben, I love you fella not just for your heart in your trade. But the person that came out after of all that, a beautiful caring person that showed who and what you are. God bless Ben

  • Charley Varrick
    Charley Varrick 13 hours ago


  • Free. Will
    Free. Will 16 hours ago

    Like 2 pit bulls

  • mike blewett
    mike blewett 17 hours ago

    Amazing video thank you so much for putting this up. I've really learned something about boxing that's kept quiet.
    Keep up the good work

  • mzs100
    mzs100 17 hours ago

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  • Walter Duke
    Walter Duke 17 hours ago

    Chums vs Bean

  • Garry Abbott
    Garry Abbott 22 hours ago

    Tragic, for both boxers.

  • nobodyzero
    nobodyzero 23 hours ago

    Being born in 1960 I remember many era's none more so than that.

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black Day ago

    The true criminal here is the trainer, how do you not check to see what’s up when your fighter has his mouth piece out and especially after he knelt the first time? Evil garbage.

  • Jacqui Kalich
    Jacqui Kalich Day ago

    Don King is a user of people, a manipulator, and a terrible human being.

  • John A Diamond
    John A Diamond Day ago

    So sad for 2 good, excellent athletic boxers.champions both. Feel sorry for Nigel. Fight should have maybe been stopped early. Nigel did decent thing and say the mans man's family. Great and talismanic men

  • brt 123
    brt 123 Day ago

    Id rather be dead than in a wheel chair again! I killed me in war and self defence as a policeman but I dint know how you go toward after knowing your actions in a sport results in a man losing his life.

  • rbwannasee
    rbwannasee 2 days ago

    Wow, 1995. Remember it vividly.

  • schnecki 1938
    schnecki 1938 2 days ago

    so sad

  • Mark Garduno
    Mark Garduno 2 days ago

    Driving from Bakersfield to LA via the high desert, I was listening to Jim Rome sports talk show, and none other than D King was being interviewed. Rome asked Don if he was ever in the mafia, as DK replied in a bewildering way, "Now you know Jim, they ain't no niggas in the Mafia, i ain't no Italian!". I mean, if that doesn't tell you something about DK, I don't know what else would. I laughed my ass off, all the way home. Don King crooked as crooked can be, made a good living at it.

  • paul baker
    paul baker 3 days ago

    Ali..... Liston 2

  • Madubuko Ubesie
    Madubuko Ubesie 3 days ago

    What exactly happened to Gerald? I don't understand

  • lj koots
    lj koots 3 days ago

    Respect to these two men

  • deadcool 2
    deadcool 2 3 days ago

    I remember this...when Ben realised how bad it was at the end so shock set in on Ben making him seriously unwell in his mind and heart. That would put you on the canvass too poor guy.

  • deadcool 2
    deadcool 2 3 days ago

    Now it would be a stoppage in round 1 that is the difference from now to then..

  • our rights first
    our rights first 4 days ago +22

    Don king said after, “he doesn’t deserve any money, he quit like a dog”. King is absolute scum. The whole boxing world will be glad of his death.

    • mike blewett
      mike blewett 17 hours ago +1

      Wooooow what a wanker....even now you'd think hed help the guy. What a scumbag

    • dave8204
      dave8204 Day ago +3

      If there was ever a dog it's Don King.

  • Jo Ma
    Jo Ma 4 days ago

    Nigel Benn is a wonderful man. A very kind hearted man. God bless you man.

  • Lonelylogic
    Lonelylogic 4 days ago

    And Don King has two working legs. Life is not fair.

  • mark a
    mark a 4 days ago

    McClellan liked to organize dog fights. Aint karma a bitch?

  • Alexandertheaverage
    Alexandertheaverage 4 days ago

    What a horrific story, so sad. But credit to Nigels good heart. No fighter would want his fellow opponent to suffer like this

  • OneEyedJimmy Bivens
    OneEyedJimmy Bivens 4 days ago

    I love boxing. I love forgiveness more. This brought me in tears. God bless these brothers.

  • The James Bond Show
    The James Bond Show 4 days ago

    This brought me to tears. So sad.

  • Brad Ski
    Brad Ski 5 days ago

    Damn... Sad man 😢

  • andy pacino
    andy pacino 5 days ago

    Nigel Benn was the only man who could be dead on his feet and still bring out the punch to knock out his opponent.

  • pastor of muppets
    pastor of muppets 5 days ago

    Fuck McLelland - deserved it

  • Gary n Doris Lawson
    Gary n Doris Lawson 6 days ago

    I think it 'should be outlawed to box , beat each other senseless for what money your not able to spend from head injuries...

  • Andrew Auckland
    Andrew Auckland 6 days ago

    i was there

    STEVE HAIGH 6 days ago

    Don King will always be a bonafide scumbag

  • William Bunter
    William Bunter 6 days ago

    McClellan used to feed cats to his fighting dogs 'so they could enjoy some sparring'. Don't waste your sympathy on this piece of garbage, let alone your money.

  • Boxing Archives & Facts

    Family love at its greatest. Best things in life are your parents teaching their kids to love and look out for each other.

  • SuperGaleford
    SuperGaleford 7 days ago +1

    Ultimate respect amongst gladiators

  • A A
    A A 7 days ago

    Don king is cancar of boxing
    When he will die?

  • MCat
    MCat 7 days ago

    Mclellan was some fighter but so was Benn. Mclellan was a nasty piece of work... he was into dog fighting. He taped up the jaws of a labrador and set his pitbull on it. I'm not saying he deserved what happened but he had evil in him. I wish he'd taped up the jaws of Don King and set it on him

  • ColeYote
    ColeYote 7 days ago

    Still better than the worst fight in the history of MMA.
    Dada 5000 vs. Kimbo Slice, which was such a trainwreck of cardio that one of the fighters suffered two heart attacks and kidney failure during the fight, and watching it you might not be able to guess which one. And just to make it a bit better, Kimbo, the "winner," tested positive for steroids so it was changed to a no-contest. Granted, it didn't give Dada lifelong medical issues as far as I'm aware, but Kimbo did die of a heart attack a couple months later, and I have to imagine the steroids were a contributing factor.

  • ST L
    ST L 7 days ago

    Very sad story. My prayers for both of these two fighters and their families. My sorrow that Don King ever was allowed to participate in the Boxing world, he was an evil greedy man.

  • Encino Man
    Encino Man 7 days ago

    I'm surprized that Tyson and the rest of Don King's boxers didn't ko him.

  • cardiffmadmarshy
    cardiffmadmarshy 8 days ago +1

    thus ended mcClellans dogkilling days ....thank fuck

  • Jimmy Jameson
    Jimmy Jameson 8 days ago

    So sad.. But that's what dog fighters get.. Bound the mouth of a lab retriever and let a pit I'll kill it. U bum

  • Techwood16
    Techwood16 9 days ago

    This is TRAGIC salute to all fighters but it's not worth your sanity

  • Edmond Cooper
    Edmond Cooper 9 days ago

    I'm sad

  • willyboff
    willyboff 10 days ago

    One of the most underrated boxers about. Huge heart and a great human being.

  • geoff N
    geoff N 10 days ago

    It was a war and Benn just kept getting up off the canvas. After that it was a question of who was going to last the longest and, while not the best boxer around, Benn was always the toughest. Just ask Iran Barclay how tough Benn was!

  • Zak Casey
    Zak Casey 10 days ago

    9:53 If it was Benn that went down on one knee, scumbag McClellan would've probably punched him a few more times in the head.

  • Mark Mendoz
    Mark Mendoz 10 days ago

    PHARO I dont think they care about Tyson fury cheating , many they will get him for the drug test , but I dought that too I dont think they won't to mess up the line up they have set up for the next year's fights .I guess the fights are different now to much money involved

  • ephabouyed
    ephabouyed 10 days ago

    There was talk of boxing being banned after this fight, it was that brutal.

  • Darren Saxton
    Darren Saxton 10 days ago

    Nigel Benn was always my favourite. Absolute warrior in the ring. Heart of a lion. Never be anyone like him in my eyes.

  • Cynthia Grace
    Cynthia Grace 10 days ago

    Poor soul. The brain is so sensitive. They need to wear protective head gear! God bless him, and his family.🙏🏽💖

  • J Cruz
    J Cruz 11 days ago

    No fight like Chavez vs Taylor!!

    • J Cruz
      J Cruz 11 days ago

      And you can get the same Bisuness!

  • Scottie Lambert
    Scottie Lambert 11 days ago

    Tragic is the only word to say.

  • Mandingo Budz!!
    Mandingo Budz!! 12 days ago

    Bring a tear to a grown man!!God Bless both of you!!

  • Nene Idanan
    Nene Idanan 12 days ago

    there is another story of boxing from japan who died by his opponent then the fighter retired also i forgot the name of the boxer.

  • Z1Hellrider
    Z1Hellrider 12 days ago

    I watched this fight live at a friends house, Ben was angry at the end and kept shouting ''they just sent him her to beat me up'', he was ecstatic he had destroyed McClellan as the fight build-up was of this superstar evil US devastating knock out specialist coming over to bash up another poor Brit who had no chance, all that angry emotion poured out at the finish, BUT he didn't know at that time he was about to collapse. Ben probably regrets it all.
    On the other hand, since McClellan was such a fucking retarded serial dog killer and used to kidnap local pets to feed alive to his fighting Pitbulls because to quote him ''it does them good to taste blood regularly'', he would tape up the labradors (or whatever) mouth so it could not fight back and injure his prized fighting dog as if it even had a chance anyway, maybe we should have tied McClellan's hands behind his back and let Ben beat him to death, he was an evil dogfighting gangster piece of shit that deserves to be shitting in his diaper for eternity, I couldn't give a flying fuck for animal torturers like that and if you think I'm crazy go research the fucking turd on wheels, his sister even admitted it when they interviewed her years later. Someone somewhere gave that piece of dog crap just what he deserved that night, Ben being a nicer human than I am can forgive, forget and ignore these things....I do not !!

    • Darren Saxton
      Darren Saxton 10 days ago

      If this is true, then fuck Gerald McClellan. If it is not true, then fuck you.

  • Ari Ari
    Ari Ari 12 days ago

    Ai nt a dame thing funy,its all about de. monny. Netherlands

  • daniel D
    daniel D 13 days ago

    That absolutely tragic! The guy who won never meant to hurt him I couldn't imagine how he feels nobody believed in him and he proved everyone wrong it even looked like he was getting his ass handed to him. But this is very unfortunate I guarantee he wont ever forget that boxing is cruel if you box you know the risks! And just to get that amount of compensation is wrong! Such a shame

  • William Rendall
    William Rendall 13 days ago

    I am so speechless,SAD,SAD,SAD Moment.

  • Adrian Wingate
    Adrian Wingate 14 days ago

    I have very little sympathy for a man who used to be involved in dog fighting. I guess Karma bit him on the backside big time.

  • James
    James 14 days ago +1

    Roy did that on purpose. But, they both hit hard on purpose for revenge because they both went to hospital. But, Roy was bigger than Gerrell.

  • Queztl Coatl
    Queztl Coatl 14 days ago

    He should of never been allowed to fight that night. People knew he wasn't ready.

  • Mega nz
    Mega nz 15 days ago

    the fight wasnt terrible but the Don king was. He even murdered his bodyguard because he owned him some money. That motherfucker should be imprisoned for life or shoot to death

  • The Viking
    The Viking 15 days ago

    So what the hell happened?

  • John Henshaw
    John Henshaw 15 days ago

    Very sad tale .dont box

  • Dead Street
    Dead Street 15 days ago

    Anyone want to mention that gerald used to tape dogs mouths up and let his pitbull take them apart in a kitchen because he wanted his dog to have the same killer instinct he had.... I dont have much sympathy I'm affraid that man did some evil things. At least he wont b doing that anymore!

  • Tuyau2poil
    Tuyau2poil 15 days ago

    King is a money hunter. Live or die ? no matter, stadium is full and dollars flood .

  • ShaolinDreams
    ShaolinDreams 15 days ago

    The shows you that evil one wasn't in the ring, but standing outside it.

  • InformationIsTheEdge
    InformationIsTheEdge 15 days ago

    Gerald McClellan was the victim of his own toughness, not of Benn. McClellan got a double dose of toughness when he was born and it seems to me that he was the victim of an accumulation of blows over many fights, not just from Benn. Nigel just happened to be the guy in the ring when the worst happened.

  • Buban Mansaray
    Buban Mansaray 15 days ago

    Its a sad one let d family take heart it ts d will of god

  • Buban Mansaray
    Buban Mansaray 15 days ago

    Its a sad one let d family take heart it ts d will of god

  • grebo66
    grebo66 15 days ago

    One thing a lot of you people don’t seem to realize is Gerald McClellan isn’t the only one suffering. I watched a really excellent BBC program about this fight & the horrendous aftermath. It gave much more background to all aspects of this situation. One point that was made is his family, @ least his sisters, had no idea he was dogfighting until after he was almost killed & they took over his care. They were appalled when they found it out. This video describes their day-to-day struggle in caring for him, how sometimes they don’t have enough to eat & they live (@ least they did when this BBC video came out) in a home that is cold in winter & hot in summer because they aren’t able to pay the utilities & eat. Because he is blind & profoundly deaf as well as brain damaged he can’t be left alone. His sister spoke about how his doctors believe he isn’t deaf in the usual sense of the word (ie, because he can’t hear). He’s deaf because his brain was so damaged it‘s unable to process certain words even if they are repeated over & over. He hears the word but can’t understand or articulate it’s meaning. They have lived without medical insurance from the time of his injury. For a few years he was home bound since his home had no wheelchair ramp. Finally, his sisters were very angry @ Nigel Benn & blamed him for their terrible situation. That is they did until they met him (as shown in this video) & realized he was very much a victim himself. In the BBC video he says while he understood McClellan’s life was profoundly impacted by the injury he had no idea of the terrible impact it also had on his family. (In the UK they have a lot more support services for people who are poor but who’s health has catastrophically been compromised.) He’s raised a lot of money for McClellan’s’s care thru fundraising. He’s a good man. Oh, and just to be clear, I’m not trying to excuse Gerald. I think his participation in dog fighting is makes me physically sick to even think of what he did to those poor animals! I just believe we need to understand the whole picture, not just one aspect of it. I apologize for the length of this comment!

  • Strongarm Rebel
    Strongarm Rebel 15 days ago

    Lord have mercy

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man 16 days ago

    Some say what happened to Gerald is Karma for all the dogs he was cruel to and killed

  • Dawud Storm
    Dawud Storm 16 days ago

    It’s a very uneducated judgment from the Americans of Benn, it was also a very sad day for boxing. This was the second fight I watched that ended tragically in the 90s Watson also suffered injuries.

  • senororlando2
    senororlando2 16 days ago +5

    “So he got this black Labrador, just went to the dog shop, told the man, "I need a dog to take care of, I'll take this Labrador home," and the man say to the dog, "Yeah, you got a good home now," and Gerald takes the dog home. He takes the dog down his basement and tapes the Labrador's mouth, takes his pit bull Deuce and says "Get him!" He lets Deuce start eatin' the dog up while he's timing it on a watch, see how long it would take his dog to kill this dog. And I said to Gerald, "Hey, Gerald, this Labrador wouldn't beat Deuce, no way, so why did you tape his mouth shut?" And he said, "Coz I just wanna see how fast my dog would kill him, for one, and, for two, my dog's a championship fighter and you don't need no dog scratched up and bit up by no dog, by no accident. This is like sparrin' for my dog, this is like my dog need to taste blood every day. My dog need to kill somethin' every day, Stan. Just like a fighter need to spar every day, he don't need nobody bustin' him up when he got a big fight comin' up. He just need to bust somethin' up hisself”
    Fuck Gerald McClellan, bitch got what he deserved

  • J S
    J S 16 days ago +10

    You don't mention what a nasty person McClellan was! Aside from his well documented animal cruelty, you don't mention his pre fight interviews where he boasted he'd turn Benn into a vegetable in front of his family, he'd kill Benn etc etc.
    Karma is a bitch.

    • LeSamourai 123
      LeSamourai 123 17 hours ago

      I read about the animal cruelty. Is there a video of his pre-fight interview ?

    • The James Bond Show
      The James Bond Show 4 days ago

      Wow really? Far out. Just prove Benn is and was the better man and maybe McClellan was punished!! By God maybe!
      Very sad story though.
      Do you know what animal cruelty charges McClellan did?

  • Devon Smith
    Devon Smith 16 days ago