Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR

  • Published on Aug 10, 2016
  • Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly.
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    - Good Overview by Wired:
    -timeline of computer development:
    - Selective breeding:
    - DNA:
    - Radiation research:
    - inserting DNA snippets into organisms:
    - First genetically modified animal:
    - First GM patent:
    - chemicals produced by GMOs:
    - Flavr Savr Tomato:
    - First Human Engineering:
    - glowing fish:
    - CRISPR:
    - HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR:
    - first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer:
    first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016:
    - genetic diseases:
    - pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated:
    ( 1999 European study)
    - CRISPR and aging:
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    • c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U
      c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U 2 days ago

      Medicine is a business. I doubt anyone would want their business to be interfered with.

    • Depressed Equestrian
      Depressed Equestrian 18 days ago

      *_420 Likes at the moment_*

    • Nirbhay Matta
      Nirbhay Matta 18 days ago

      It's 2019, I want to know an update on this! Please Kurzgesagt?

    • Luca S
      Luca S 20 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I see something else maybe in the future people who like to apply for jobs be taken because they don’t have a modified brain or muscles

    • Kaushik Haldar
      Kaushik Haldar 29 days ago

      *It will be good for mankind only for erase deadly disease. There should be tough govt. rule to monitor on those genetic engineering hospital. Other wise only rich people will get benefit from it...!! They will use this technology to get their baby super human. Beside poor people can't complete with them in life race. So this will against of nature.
      Again more life expansion means more food required in our world. Which will unbalanced the itself world's resources.
      Again their already have fear of super soldiers and wrong experiment.*

  • Washington Strong arm

    The US is going to cripple itself with ethnic and regulations, while the Chinese and the Russians are moving forward rapidly. We are doomed to lose the race !

  • LaconicHighlander

    So at the end of the day my cells were just like me. To stubborn to die😉

  • Sōsuke Aizen
    Sōsuke Aizen 5 hours ago

    Cool, but when are we getting Space Marines?

  • Mr Mercury
    Mr Mercury 9 hours ago +1

    And governments could and probably would make perfect soldiers

  • Luca Gentile
    Luca Gentile 11 hours ago

    Is that goku? Mhhh
    *becomes a supersayan*
    I’ll take that as a yes

  • manorman man
    manorman man 12 hours ago

    So we would become gods?

  • CL Melonshark
    CL Melonshark 13 hours ago

    1:41 say sike right now

  • Randy
    Randy 13 hours ago


  • ChudLife
    ChudLife 15 hours ago +1

    4:11 Okay, okay. I might not know much but that thing is from Jimmy Neutron

  • Kasey Welch
    Kasey Welch Day ago

    Anti aging is a terrible idea. We already have a problem with over population

  • Mr Flippo
    Mr Flippo Day ago +4

    Scientist: We can cure all diseases! We can create a much more upgraded version of the human body.
    Karen: *_N̶̫̗̙͍̻̘̮̺͊̆Ơ̴̙͌̈́͂͌́͋̆_*

  • ShrekOnionLord
    ShrekOnionLord Day ago +1

    6:52 Look at the calendar 🙁

  • Sasgo
    Sasgo Day ago

    Actually the anti aging the thing might be the thing we need to send humans on far space trips. 81000 years to go to promixa centauri? No problem boblem for our supermodified unaging humans.

  • Chris He
    Chris He Day ago

    The interviews in the future:
    What do you think you will be doing after 100 years?
    I will be dead...
    Sorry we are looking for long term commitment.

  • Rudolf Rassendyll

    Asian are going to use this technology to become white

  • Kenny Hong
    Kenny Hong Day ago

    It's not happening -_- 4 years later.... rip

  • Gamma 9
    Gamma 9 Day ago +2

    What you mean, I can't wait till I'm 200 years old m, have a ceramic skeleton and graphine skin, becoming a nigh immortal supersoilder

  • Mr Reddy
    Mr Reddy Day ago

    12:17 YES!
    14:50 YES!

  • blahblah jumpswing

    isolation of HIV, bringing down the cold virues/bacteria gene, herpe healing, been in front of you the entire time but noooooooooooo lets go complain and cry, and mock people cause were so stupid to try a bit better, because some dumb fuck pays to hurt people. go on make another movie or video for every one made its ten days on your pain, man the calculations that go into this. its a normal thing to think of the years of the people that are being used as a host and spread stuff, and in some peoples tiny brains dont think of the years gone by and the years gone into this, by the tiny brain calculation, everyone! should have something in the same category. but mehhhhhh, the issue is this, its not something you give to a bunch of idiots and say hey you've been a complete bitch or an asshole for 1500 years heres a reward! YOUR ACTIONS DO NOT DESERVE THIS TYPE OF HEALING IN A WORLD WHERE ALL YOU WANNA DO HARM EACH OTHER, so really whats the point of healing when all you do is plan in the background to bring harm to another.? heal me so i can carry a gun, heal me so I can bury my face between another legs, heal me so I can bring negativity to the screens, heal me just so I can go on living and forgetting anything done wrong. ahem, dont know about you i'd rather die then go on living in this pathetic world of lie upon lies upon lies, just so you can say yeah we been to the moon, no one care you moved from A to B location, people do it all the time.

  • Zaiphon
    Zaiphon Day ago

    Thinking ethically kills Human Progress. We have to use it. Firstly we are in debt for everyone who died from these deceases and for the family that suffered with them. Secondly our world is changing and we have to adept.

  • Н. Станојевић

    Can anyone tell me which branch of science is this related to? Is it molecular miology?

  • E Dab
    E Dab Day ago

    I would give my ALL cells ALL the human body including THIER OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM, EYES, MOUTH ETC.

  • 1503 김동우
    1503 김동우 Day ago


  • Malena Boeva
    Malena Boeva Day ago +4

    this brings up a very important point- banning such things won't stop people from getting what they want. it would just make it illegal and therefore more dangerous and unpredictable.

  • alwin soria
    alwin soria Day ago

    The engineered goku got me. Lol

  • Poisonedskull 103
    Poisonedskull 103 2 days ago

    In 12:37 they put in the disease tab “invisibility”, that isn’t a disease m8, that’s a superpower

  • EvenOwl 64086
    EvenOwl 64086 2 days ago

    Ayyy I'm no longer be autistic ayyyy

  • Neroshi Interactive
    Neroshi Interactive 2 days ago

    Turn Super Saiyan 2

  • Neroshi Interactive
    Neroshi Interactive 2 days ago

    Deus EX

  • algor unico
    algor unico 2 days ago

    Como exterminar os ratos ?

  • Corgi Carapace
    Corgi Carapace 2 days ago

    Stop with beating around the bush and give me my winged lizards and dodos

  • Moha Jordan
    Moha Jordan 2 days ago +2

    We have destroyed that natural selection now any individual can be born and live and reproduce, now the steps for us to evolve depends on genetic engineering that is the new "natural selection"

  • Abstr4ct w4rrior
    Abstr4ct w4rrior 2 days ago

    Rick and Morty 💓

  • Lewis Carroll
    Lewis Carroll 2 days ago +3

    Just Imagine in the future capitalism will take over genetically modified babies and I would be $100,000 to have an extremely smart baby $200,000 for a high metabolism baby.

  • Jonathan Aguilar
    Jonathan Aguilar 2 days ago +1

    We gotta do it so we can do space ships and sht and breath with carbon dioxide as well MAKE MEEEH FLY SCREEEEECH

  • BlueRocks123
    BlueRocks123 2 days ago +2

    iMac Pro: $4999
    Glowing Fish: $9.99

  • Manuel Player
    Manuel Player 2 days ago

    Did some body says quirks?!?!?!?!?

  • Pyro Plays
    Pyro Plays 2 days ago

    1:31 imagine waking up to this thing waking you up for you to eat breakfast

  • DD Prism
    DD Prism 2 days ago +3

    He calls them designer babies, I call them crispy babies.

  • Malvina Pushkova
    Malvina Pushkova 2 days ago

    I would ask not to mix everything together. My position:
    Firm "YES": genome editing for elimination of obvious inborn defects, for anti-aging purposes and for small improvements of existing people (if these changes cannot be passed to descendants).
    Firm "NO": genome editing for creation of "super-humans". This is a process with uncontrollable consequences that can even destroy humanity. Children must be born normal, grow up normal, and only as adults (if they will want themselves) get some genetic improvements, cleary understanding what they do and aftermath of that.
    Some kinds of modification must be freely available, but some kinds of modifications must be forbidden by law.

  • shareg 24
    shareg 24 2 days ago +1

    how many of you are afraid of the future?

  • D Moon
    D Moon 2 days ago +1

    3:36 rick and morty!

  • Le Oui
    Le Oui 2 days ago +1

    This scares the shit out of me.

  • Los Santos City
    Los Santos City 2 days ago

    i have a 90 year old grandma in asia i told her that we have a TV thinner than her old picture frame she said its magic that we can do it. LOL

  • aaronl19
    aaronl19 3 days ago +2

    I feel like this will either improve or kill sports

  • Thomas Dinh
    Thomas Dinh 3 days ago +3

    I can't wait to get a Gucci baby

  • Billy Ray Valentine
    Billy Ray Valentine 3 days ago

    So the future we are heading to is either 'Gattaca'...or 'I am legend'....

  • Tabish Rahman
    Tabish Rahman 3 days ago

    zombies might come to real thing lol

  • Potato Chinga Chinga
    Potato Chinga Chinga 3 days ago +2

    First of all, the brain does not have enough capacity to store all the information from your life of a thousand years.

    • Akos Molnar
      Akos Molnar Day ago

      Then we need to erase time to time some of our memory

  • 永田利ょ他
    永田利ょ他 3 days ago +3

    Without extending life, this world already full of human. Imagine if all people is almost impossible to die! Then we must be fight each other to decrease the population

  • Alysm
    Alysm 3 days ago

    Imagine if the Nazi’s had this technology 😅😅😅

    LEGION X 3 days ago

    Rick and Morty mthrfckers!!!

  • Jovin Christopher
    Jovin Christopher 3 days ago +5

    Modified humans or conscious robots??🤨🧐

    • Lekan Munoz
      Lekan Munoz Day ago

      Modified humans, I personally don’t like the robot replacement idea

  • dunahh
    dunahh 3 days ago +4

    Makes me kinda jealous we won’t be able to see all this..

  • Khyrid
    Khyrid 3 days ago

    My boss idea: Instead of making the cure for aging a problem for a smart billionaire, we should make a best plan for achieving it, break down all the stages of what would need to be done, list all the challenges/roadblocks, make each challenge an interactive video game test, release to the public with a cash payout for who wins resulting in us pushing past the problem.

  • Cartoonfan Nikola
    Cartoonfan Nikola 3 days ago

    I saw finn from adventure time the mushrum from supermario and rick from rick and morty

  • Cartoonfan Nikola
    Cartoonfan Nikola 3 days ago

    In many of your episodes i see a references to adventure time this is very cool

  • Antonio Gallo
    Antonio Gallo 3 days ago

    No Gattaca references..I'm surprised.. 😅

  • ANTIJO 250
    ANTIJO 250 3 days ago

    The background music is fire, especially this part that starts on 12:10, it's like a music that is for anything magical, which is perfect for this video

  • RodianRN
    RodianRN 3 days ago +8

    Now im hoping this happens before i die and they find a cure fir my ulterative colitis

  • Zhalfa Aulia
    Zhalfa Aulia 3 days ago +1

    03:25 awwww man

  • Daniel Wahyudi
    Daniel Wahyudi 3 days ago

    mario mushroom in 2:15

  • Goh Jun Leong
    Goh Jun Leong 3 days ago

    This just feel like creating realistic robots

  • Batkrom
    Batkrom 4 days ago

    Basically, The Sims 4

  • Power Killer
    Power Killer 4 days ago

    I can just imagine a roast battle in high school roasting another dude saying “boy I know your ugly genetic ass isn’t talking” lol.

  • Pro Pro
    Pro Pro 4 days ago

    Ugh I hope there’s not much cockblocking on this advancement. Dark ages done enough already

  • Pekeñjo la muerta
    Pekeñjo la muerta 4 days ago

    i am just thinking about am i still gonna be alive to live more xD

  • Tomáš Kastl
    Tomáš Kastl 4 days ago

    WTF was that example with North Korea?! Anyone can abuse genetic engineering as well.

  • Ash
    Ash 4 days ago


  • Rain Lawson
    Rain Lawson 4 days ago +1

    Bro I'm a chem major and this stuff makes me want to switch to biology or biochem

  • Chandra
    Chandra 4 days ago

    super saiyan truly exists..

  • Christopher John Elancheziyan

    Apple: redesign monitor stand, it cost $999
    Scientist: we made a glow in the dark fish, it only $9.99

  • ChocolatePaintBrush
    ChocolatePaintBrush 4 days ago

    when they are talking about the war of bacterium and virus it sounds like a space movie

  • Tomasz Kowalski
    Tomasz Kowalski 4 days ago

    I think that extending life expectancy might be dangerous for humanity as a whole because it will intensify problem of overpopulation. Yet if we would be able to develop life that far that it doesn't even need air we might live in space, but even that will only delay that because there are limits to our colonisation of space because space is expanding.
    In the borders of our limits dark matter will expand faster than we could travel through it. So if we will extend our life like that we will start the clock which will start counting towards our end which will definitely come if we won't do something about it. So generic engineering is a great thing but we must be careful about it.
    BTW if you don't agree it's fine because we all can see it differently and that is just my opinion.

    • Neil Graham
      Neil Graham 3 days ago

      Earth has too much space - we tend to think we are overpopulated because we live in urban areas, where we have dense population over a small area - Just travel across your country and see how much land is still available. Travel through US and Russia, Asia and Africa to see vast and expansive land that remains unused.

      Technology is still advancing, we can get the finite resources we are lacking on earth from outer space. Check a company called Planetary Resources just here on YT. They are planning to mine asteroids. Humans got better in growing food - in US, one farmer can produce food to feed 155 people for a whole year, in 1960's one farmer fed 26 people per year.

      Our means of productions are getting better and much cheaper - we are automating really fast. More countries have stabilized and lots of people are being lifted out of poverty. There's an experiment currently underway in France to create other sources of energy for humanity - Fusion energy, check ITER - the largest fusion energy experiment.

      The earth can sustain 25 - 30 Billion people as science progresses. Remember, humans will soon be a multi-planetary species as plans to colonize mars is already underway. Humans will always find ways to survive and will always thrive unless an outside force stops our progress