Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 7 Highlights | May 12, 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 7 Highlights | May 12, 2019 NBA Playoffs
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  • James Lisle
    James Lisle 26 minutes ago

    9:00 Foreshadowing

  • Con D. Oriano
    Con D. Oriano 10 hours ago


  • Matthew Boyce
    Matthew Boyce Day ago

    I always thought Khawi Leonard was overrated but I'll be the first to admit God Damn was I wrong as hell!

  • Aquariusedge
    Aquariusedge 2 days ago

    Quadruple doink

  • Dolomite Foster
    Dolomite Foster 2 days ago

    Jay Williams luck is so bad that when he walk off on Max on First Take about Kawhi being a better clutch player than Kobe this happen.

  • Basti9 Youtube
    Basti9 Youtube 3 days ago


  • antonio dominguez
    antonio dominguez 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice in the 4th quarter embid gets scratched in the eye and it seemed two other players felt his pain at the same time!the other two grabbed they're eyes as well and took a minute before they we're straight, strange!

  • MrKamotengkahoy
    MrKamotengkahoy 3 days ago

    equally both great team, great match!

  • Kline Genesis
    Kline Genesis 3 days ago

    Kawhi Leonard~ Jordan Gaming

  • メ Dҽ爪íɠØɖ メ

    There's a echo in 10:02

  • Josh Giles
    Josh Giles 3 days ago

    Leonard took 50% of the shots in game 7, pretty good odds for a baller paid millions

  • ScienceGuy
    ScienceGuy 3 days ago

    That ending. Would have been better if they were down by a point. But the only risk here was overtime.

  • tim nic
    tim nic 3 days ago +1

    09:58 => winner shot
    wtf ? he pushed the ball in the basket ??? ;-)))

  • Adrian Kenton
    Adrian Kenton 3 days ago

    Refund where u at I dont see u all quiet now I remember u pick Boston and philli

  • North Korea
    North Korea 3 days ago

    9:55 how many steps did he take

  • OA best actions
    OA best actions 4 days ago

    wow wow what a game the best game in this season

    SCORPZGCA 4 days ago

    9:58 Kawhi game winning shot

  • Ocean Man
    Ocean Man 4 days ago


  • Amr Gamal
    Amr Gamal 4 days ago

    The game winner is a travel !

  • Kelsey DiStefano
    Kelsey DiStefano 4 days ago

    travel by leonard

  • Ngura Hnamte
    Ngura Hnamte 4 days ago

    How much points kawhi??

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Was there runing cheke it out

  • terry bazile
    terry bazile 4 days ago +1

    Commentators was epic in dis game like "ooohhhhhhh"

  • grunermrk
    grunermrk 4 days ago

    Legendary shot, legendary call.




    • SpankBuda
      SpankBuda 2 days ago

      Defended by Simmons and Embiid.

  • Stephen Paddock
    Stephen Paddock 4 days ago

    I think Kawhi Leonard will leave Raptors for sure this off season, cause no American can take all that Queen Worshipping and deal with the fucked up Frogs in Quebec too long before they go all nuts. Plus considering Canada has the population of just 1 state and comparable to California, you soon realize what a total fucked up Country Canada really is, and a total waste of space. Plus Canada hasn't won the stanley cup since Americans stole it and owned their asses since 1993, that's how pathetic Canada has become, and even they suck at olympic hockey and world juniors too now! Even famous canadians like Wayne Gretzky GTFO of Canada, married an american woman and moved the fuck away from fuckville. Mario Lemieux never even played for a Canadian Team. Sidney Crosby only wants to stay in USA. List goes on and on, even Justin Bieber. Kawhi Leonard will soon move to LA and play for Lakers and Clippers, cause of the Queen Worship in Canada the fucked up Frog Language bullshit.

  • manolito mulat
    manolito mulat 4 days ago

    lenard shot is a premonition to the championship...

  • kam175
    kam175 4 days ago

    Unnatural bounce off the rim on the last shot...........

  • Wilbert Boucher
    Wilbert Boucher 4 days ago

    The seventh game was on my birthday it was the best birthday present I have ever had Kawhi's last shot to beat the 76ers was history being made and what a legacy thanks to all the raptors and there organization my birthday present was complete I am without a doubt always going to be the number one fan thank you boys you made my day and gave me a present I will never forget willib

  • King Aki'L
    King Aki'L 4 days ago

    Who else skip to the end just to see the lucky shot

  • Enigmatized
    Enigmatized 4 days ago

    That was the most dramatic three seconds ever!

  • Máyra Camila
    Máyra Camila 4 days ago

    9:50 this last moment.

  • Thanh Mai
    Thanh Mai 4 days ago

    It's weird that's in hockey no Canada teams left in Finals.. But wow thanks Raptors.. At least we can enjoy something, if not summer is going to be long hihihi way to go Toronto 👏

  • richard alvarado
    richard alvarado 4 days ago


  • Patrick Godfrey
    Patrick Godfrey 4 days ago

    Did Leonard take four steps before putting the ball down or is it just me?

  • ThetrueMarksmen
    ThetrueMarksmen 4 days ago

    If the raptors had a versatile player like booker they’d win it all this year.

  • Legend- wait for it- Dairy

    10:02 you are not the father

  • Mando M
    Mando M 5 days ago

    How..many..of you..have watched this shot over and over???!!! Too many. Top 5 greatest moments in NBA history. First place, gotta give it to Magic hook shot over Boston. 2nd, Jordan to cap championship run vs Utah. 3rd, this very shot vs Sixers. 4th, probably McGrady with 13pts in 33secs. 5th, in my opinion, Kobe lob to Shaq vs Portland!

  • Nancy Lorejo
    Nancy Lorejo 5 days ago

    Your the best kawhi Leonard 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • asvpadam2x
    asvpadam2x 5 days ago

    9:54 he traveled should've went to ot but the refs are rigged and bought so kawai aint no goat.

  • Joel Burg
    Joel Burg 5 days ago


  • Amari
    Amari 5 days ago

    Just now watching .... GOAT

  • Antonio Torres
    Antonio Torres 5 days ago

    76ers fell asleep on the rebounds!

  • Ozzie Artz
    Ozzie Artz 5 days ago

    I'm a spurs fan so I'm pissed

  • whoisrachid
    whoisrachid 5 days ago

    that lowry shot thooo 8:10

  • markopatrakka
    markopatrakka 5 days ago

    9:54 *Thank you*

  • Ciaron Smith
    Ciaron Smith 5 days ago

    Canada > USA THO!

  • John50 Beach
    John50 Beach 5 days ago +1

    That whole Raptors team were total pussies this game. SCARED to shoot. It was pathetic. Kawhi just said "NOT TODAY" and took over. People better not point out his efficiency cos goddamnit it was either him shooting over triple teams or them losing by 20

  • Jason Biddell
    Jason Biddell 5 days ago +1

    @8:55 (video time) foreshadows the same buzzer beater. #9:55... makes sense cuz he said in post-game he practiced that buzzer beater shot positioning a ton .. gotta love his work ethic. Hope he stays in the six but not a shred of resentment if he leaves after this season as he made us a legit contender for the first time ever. Without him we'd still have DeFrozen in the playoffs getting whipped by Philly & whatever else is to come.
    But I think he's warming up to Toronto (with the warm change of season and all ... I had to... sorry :p)

  • Motivator Warrior
    Motivator Warrior 5 days ago

    8:30 - hey guys, what's up? ball, sure I got this?
    edit: Post Malone's jersey just got an upgrade

  • nonstop
    nonstop 5 days ago

    I wrote a blog entry on why I believe this to be fake.

  • Rodante Luzon
    Rodante Luzon 5 days ago

    im a fan of kl since he won the mvp...simple and humble. but i wondered what happened after than championship. now is the time to prove he needs no dictator...time to shine again. these finals are exciting to watch.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 5 days ago

    One of the best game 7 I've seen.

  • Sunny Side Up
    Sunny Side Up 5 days ago

    yeah yeah yeah....respect to the man Kahwi but did anyone notice when he received the ball, is it not considered traveling? He run few steps before he dribble @9:54

  • youngmurk100
    youngmurk100 5 days ago

    Ooooooo sh#$ that bit got a magnet inside it

  • Andrew Grotheer
    Andrew Grotheer 5 days ago

    8:26 why do they all cover their eyes? Lol

  • adam newman
    adam newman 5 days ago

    bucks vs raptors

  • Stef Singleton
    Stef Singleton 5 days ago


  • Monicas Vlogs
    Monicas Vlogs 5 days ago

    did he say “ here comes curry “ at 1:10😂😂

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez 5 days ago

    Kawhi better than derozan good trade

  • Ocean Man
    Ocean Man 5 days ago


    GATOTCACA pro 5 days ago

    the youngest MVP ... 💪💪💪 kawhi

  • Dane Walzer
    Dane Walzer 5 days ago +1

    Kawhi traveled

  • Bolor Saruul
    Bolor Saruul 5 days ago

    Kawhi is the best of all

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 5 days ago

    Skip Bayless just jealous of Kawhi in everything, body, height, strength, money im dead

  • Bangalie Kanu
    Bangalie Kanu 5 days ago

    The Kawhi Raptors should’ve lost

  • hiddenXposed xxx
    hiddenXposed xxx 5 days ago

    throw game by embed.

    GIT GUD 5 days ago +1

    Look how blatantly its rigged lmao. Bounced 4 times? Deny the laws of physics this is the work of magnets. Look up gematria people thank me later

    • GIT GUD
      GIT GUD 3 days ago

      +Dino Caushllari watch zaschary hubbards video on this. kawai leonard scored the winning shot which made the score 92. kawais name in gematria is 92. also the ball bounced off the rim four times. i mean it looked cartoony. also four times is gematria is 73 and this is the 73rd nba season. the golden state warriors will win it all and theyll beat the raptors in the final. mark this. itll most likely be a 4-0 or 4-1 depending on the date numerology. i suggest you learn gematria and make some easy money

    • Dino Caushllari
      Dino Caushllari 3 days ago

      GIT GUD how does gematria relate to this?

    • GIT GUD
      GIT GUD 3 days ago

      +Dino Caushllari what are you talking about?

    • Dino Caushllari
      Dino Caushllari 4 days ago

      GIT GUD is it me? Or gematria doesn’t make sense with this spectacular buzzer beater

  • Hebs
    Hebs 5 days ago

    Not a big basketball fan but that was a sick snipe bud

  • Max Pressy
    Max Pressy 5 days ago +1

    The drake curse

  • Steven Splash
    Steven Splash 5 days ago

    We going to the finals
    we going to the finals
    Wait what? Milwaukee?
    (Continues chant)
    We going to the finals
    We going to the finals

    • SpankBuda
      SpankBuda 2 days ago

      Ha! The Bucks will swept the Raptors. Toronto just don't have it to beat a team like the Bucks in a 7 game series.

  • Imelda Villa
    Imelda Villa 5 days ago

    That's the most hardest game I ever seen

  • Kelsy Wew
    Kelsy Wew 5 days ago

    2:27 is this travel?

  • __sertac
    __sertac 5 days ago


  • Citrusenze
    Citrusenze 5 days ago

    Kawhi is such a fucking beast, how can anyone not enjoy watching him play?
    the guy is amazing!

  • Andrilo Martinez
    Andrilo Martinez 5 days ago

    Kawhi is TRAVELING is the last Shot... HAHAHA the Referee is so BLIND... hahaha

  • Andrilo Martinez
    Andrilo Martinez 5 days ago

    Kawhi is TRAVELING is the last Shot... HAHAHA the Referee is so BLIND... hahaha

  • Andrilo Martinez
    Andrilo Martinez 5 days ago

    Kawhi is TRAVELING is the last Shot... HAHAHA the Referee is so BLIND... hahaha

  • Andrilo Martinez
    Andrilo Martinez 5 days ago

    Kawhi is TRAVELING is the last Shot... HAHAHA the Referee is so BLIND... hahaha

    FREE PH FREE TIPS 5 days ago

    Raptors for the champion

  • 蔡仁豪
    蔡仁豪 5 days ago

    KAWHI did a travelling before making the final shot ; /

  • Jimmy Kyun
    Jimmy Kyun 5 days ago

    It seems to me that, there’s been a foul on 1:21 when the ball got loose on Joel Embid’s hands.. If that was LeBron, Kobe, Iverson and other cry babies superstars. They will cry and mock the referees that there is a foul being committed on them.. What a great shot by Kawhi, I hope they get to the Finals and dethrone the Warriors

  • im_ yvan
    im_ yvan 5 days ago

    9:59 best part of the game wooo congrats toronto raptors advance to finals in east
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors

  • Kidz Coach
    Kidz Coach 5 days ago

    Kawhi is so clutch ... he has ice in his veins and facial expressions

  • Jevories Moore
    Jevories Moore 5 days ago

    The best playoff game ever.

  • Drebadboy Dripping
    Drebadboy Dripping 5 days ago +3

    That was the toughest shot I ever seen in my life when you have a 7 footer in your grill and kawhi still made a great shot

  • Ides94
    Ides94 5 days ago

    Kawhi is a monster. I can't wait until next year when he takes the Lakers to the finals 😂😂

  • Briana Ashley
    Briana Ashley 5 days ago

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 The Bounce!!!!! 🖐

  • nyc nyc
    nyc nyc 5 days ago

    Leonard said to Ben Simmons and Embiid this is for your mom's happy mother's day lol 🤣

  • j246802
    j246802 5 days ago


  • I am milan
    I am milan 5 days ago

    Congrats, Toronto

  • abdou abdou
    abdou abdou 5 days ago

    Toronto next game out

  • Jess Bell
    Jess Bell 5 days ago

    that bounce is the most painful moment for Embid and the most glorious story for Leonard..the longest 2 seconds of the eastern conference 2019 seimi-finals..

  • Nethan Ramachandran
    Nethan Ramachandran 5 days ago

    People don’t have enough respect for kawhi

  • Amari Greggs
    Amari Greggs 5 days ago

    Denver vs Trail Blazers and Toronto Canada vs Philadelphia Were more entertaining then Rockets vs Gs and Milwaukee Vs Celtics

  • yi chen
    yi chen 5 days ago

    god in NBA

  • goalkepeer, gardien de but, Portero Football

    Bravo ! Waou ! Crazy game 7👍👏

  • Nikhil Ananth
    Nikhil Ananth 5 days ago

    just a hop, skip, and a bounce for a bucket

  • Marcus Dipchand
    Marcus Dipchand 5 days ago

    I wonder how Demar feels about this...

    SOBLESS 5 days ago

    im high af but i think that if ben had a J this would be philly winning, this nigga took 5 shots lmaooooooooooooo

  • aj theprogamer
    aj theprogamer 5 days ago