The Inbetweeners-Dance Scene


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  • MrPackman45
    MrPackman45 3 days ago

    The blonde girl looks like Elise willems from funhaus

  • Moses Valle
    Moses Valle 6 days ago

    The fat one is the cutest one

  • Patrick William
    Patrick William 11 days ago

    I once dated a girl who shockingly looked and behaved much like Lucy

  • Jey 14
    Jey 14 18 days ago +9

    Who's here now that it's a meme? 😂😂

  • Cooler Cooler
    Cooler Cooler 21 day ago

    A moment of silence for our fallen soldiers please

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    What the fuck is Simon wearing?

  • Daniel Cumpl
    Daniel Cumpl Month ago +4

    3:27 T H I C C

  • Augusto Martinez
    Augusto Martinez Month ago

    porque sera que Neil a pesar de ser el más quedado, siempre es el más genial y el que mas coje?

  • Premier Chapitre
    Premier Chapitre Month ago +2

  • Danny Isambard
    Danny Isambard Month ago

    Is that Dr.Moriarity behind the bar?

  • Drew Vertley
    Drew Vertley Month ago

    Stupid cunts

  • Max Kurth
    Max Kurth 2 months ago +2

    Nothing compared to the tv show, the movies were missing something ! Still funny but can’t compare ... aww dancing friend aww friend

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier 2 months ago +2


  • Sela Tamatoa-Apera
    Sela Tamatoa-Apera 2 months ago


  • lauren mshiu
    lauren mshiu 3 months ago +5

    Jay was amazing in this scene. Just sat there being mean

  • The King of Antarctica
    The King of Antarctica 3 months ago +214

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Neil actually is at dancing

    • A . P .
      A . P . 4 days ago +2

      Yes! I was getting ready to cringe and then I was like Woooaaahhh! 😂

    • ninjasylph
      ninjasylph 9 days ago +4

      I'm too distracted by his weirdly tan face not matching his neck.

  • Jacob McCarty
    Jacob McCarty 4 months ago +1

    My boi Neil is a God! What cringe?

  • Keelie Dwyer
    Keelie Dwyer 4 months ago +22

    The sit there so seriously if 3 awkward dudes did that dance in front me I would probably pee my pants with laughter.

  • B.D W
    B.D W 4 months ago +5

    Will's dance kills me 😂

  • Altayiir zamir
    Altayiir zamir 4 months ago +5

    Will always pull the fine chicks

  • Frozen Pyro
    Frozen Pyro 5 months ago +1

    What is name of song?

  • nathan roberts
    nathan roberts 6 months ago

    Thanking you, very much !

  • 7 セブンズ 7
    7 セブンズ 7 6 months ago +4

    Will nailed it so bad 🤣

  • GoldenState
    GoldenState 6 months ago +1

    This gets me everytime.😂

  • Elida Cadena
    Elida Cadena 7 months ago +1

    Whos here from elmos tiktok 😂

  • Dog Soccergirl
    Dog Soccergirl 7 months ago +24

    who’s here from elmo’s tik tok💀💀

  • Isabella Vasquez
    Isabella Vasquez 7 months ago +20

    Lmao I came from Elmo’s tik tok💀

  • maddyyy love
    maddyyy love 7 months ago +1

    elmo brought me here

  • Beth
    Beth 8 months ago +2

    Neil's a great dancer

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 9 months ago +1

    Never realised Jessica Knappet was in this film 😂 And now Simon is going on Taskmaster too!

  • sherlockwatson101
    sherlockwatson101 10 months ago +3

    Neil pulls it off but omg will and Simon nooooooo

  • Alexi Beck
    Alexi Beck Year ago

    Lol feed the pony

  • Alexi Beck
    Alexi Beck Year ago +1

    Funniest thing ever

  • Barry Roach
    Barry Roach Year ago +1

    How the heck did those girls keep a semi normal face when they were acting these scenes watching these dancing dicks! ......I would be cringing just having to act it.......Hilarious!!

  • Erchi Zhang
    Erchi Zhang Year ago +117

    Neil is

  • Darkace8
    Darkace8 Year ago +76

    Will and his one, two steps hahahah

  • Ronald Torres
    Ronald Torres 2 years ago +1

    Neil is a master

  • William Foisie
    William Foisie 2 years ago +40

    "Feed the pony" lmaoo

  • Lorena Manoel Barbosa
    Lorena Manoel Barbosa 3 years ago +67

    inbetweeners dance GO! 1D!!!

    • JD X
      JD X 11 days ago +1

      New Edition is way more iconic then 1D

    • pintpot
      pintpot 11 months ago +1

      They didn't get the joke - that 1D didn't do dance routines

    • Pinkrebellion xyz
      Pinkrebellion xyz Year ago

      Omg yes

    • Crohn
      Crohn 3 years ago +4

      Lorena Manoel Barbosa Fuck 1D

  • Lorena Manoel Barbosa
    Lorena Manoel Barbosa 3 years ago


  • robinkhaira1
    robinkhaira1 3 years ago


  • Jaslav
    Jaslav 4 years ago +17

    Love the last second of the video. Brilliant!

  • Jack Bryan
    Jack Bryan 5 years ago +196

    Such a brilliant scene lol, classic British cringe comedy. The song also seems to make everyones weirded out reactions even funnier,

  • Mairin Smith
    Mairin Smith 7 years ago +20

    inbetweeners dance go!

  • Martha Ruelas
    Martha Ruelas 7 years ago +14

    1D brought me here

  • julia goedl
    julia goedl 7 years ago +17

    1D brought me her

    • Alice A
      Alice A Year ago +1

      Omg I remember that it’s been 5 years 😂

  • Kelkiiii
    Kelkiiii 7 years ago +1

    this show is amaaaaziiing lol

  • Steph Hulme
    Steph Hulme 7 years ago +1

    the inbetweeners movie trailer brought me here

  • Steph Hulme
    Steph Hulme 7 years ago

    yeah you tell 'em Julia Konesky

  • LesliexxG
    LesliexxG 7 years ago +36

    Neil:sick dancer Simon:ok... :X Will:omg I can't! XD

    • Nick Konstant
      Nick Konstant 2 months ago

      More like briefcase

    • Alice
      Alice 2 years ago +10

      LesliexxG are you blind? Simons not ok

  • Kylee Causey
    Kylee Causey 7 years ago +5

    I only watched this cuz of one direction :) lol

  • Julia Konesky
    Julia Konesky 7 years ago +47

    Are you kidding me? 1D obviously got this from the inbetweens. That's why it's called the "INBETWEENERS" dance.

  • Emily Knight
    Emily Knight 7 years ago +2

    I love Jay and simon. They make me laugh so much

  • malcasablanca
    malcasablanca 7 years ago +1

    Hi I'm Dimon-SIMON! Fu-I'm Simon.

  • chelsey jones
    chelsey jones 7 years ago

    i love Jay and Simon

  • chloe colville
    chloe colville 7 years ago

    Omg Will!!! :L Haha so funny!

  • catlovable2011
    catlovable2011 7 years ago +6

    1D brought me here :)

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 7 years ago +5

    One Direction :)

  • NyghtStrix
    NyghtStrix 7 years ago +20

    One of the best scenes from the movie

  • mmamun28
    mmamun28  7 years ago