• Published on Mar 25, 2021
  • ALL GOOD // ALL WAYS. Pops like sunshine and a shaken can of soda. Bahrain, lezzgo.
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  • Greta Ghiringhelli
    Greta Ghiringhelli Year ago +1

    daniel just owns all my money at this point and honestly it’s fine

  • Moonlight Guidance
    Moonlight Guidance Year ago +123

    The pink looks so sick on the helmet with the other colours 😍

  • Ryan Franklin
    Ryan Franklin Year ago +288

    good luck on the weekend Daniel :)

  • PandasAreBAE
    PandasAreBAE Year ago +891

    I have to say: that seafoam green is just

  • Nene Levy
    Nene Levy Year ago +95

    I think it’s safe to say Daniel is by far the most stylish F1 racer

  • Coco Coco
    Coco Coco Year ago +92

    Dan can you ask Netflix for a spin-off show starring yourself and Kimi Raikkonen. I think it'll be hilarious. We can call it "The Badger and the Bwoah"

  • Franzi H.
    Franzi H. Year ago +278

    I cannot express my love for dan in words.

  • Tiffany R
    Tiffany R Year ago +53

    “Pops like sunshine and a shaken can of soda” is honestly the best description of this collection. Really gives me the “sunny cali/candy shop/soda pop” vibes. As a designer myself, it’s SUPER inspiring creatively!🤍💙💚💜

  • jackson ;
    jackson ; Year ago +489

    ngl i thought he dropped a song based off the title,

  • Ed Marsh
    Ed Marsh Year ago +4

    I love than Danny realizes how great his life is,is enjoying it, and sharing that joy with others. As soon as I saw the video with the seafoam hoodie I went and ordered it. There was only XXL left, which is quite large for me, but i don't care.

  • Beatriz Martins Almeida

    My favorite driver, my favorite team and my favorite color - I’m not saying I always win but this year I WON

  • William Moelgaard
    William Moelgaard Year ago +22

    love all your merch, daniel but it's just too expensive for me! good luck this weekend!!

  • Erin R.B
    Erin R.B Year ago +91

    ALL GOOD ALL WAYS, now that's a way to live by

  • james nicodemus
    james nicodemus Year ago +7

    Dani, good luck this Sunday. I'm with you all the way. 🤞😤💯Show them what you made of

  • hanane ghaneme
    hanane ghaneme Year ago +7

    His smile is just amazing. I really like it, it gives me joy and hapiness Good luck Ricciardo for this new season

  • luke charles
    luke charles Year ago +17

    He is trying so hard to not laugh. Love this guy.

  • FJ Games
    FJ Games Year ago +1

    This is awesome Daniel. I think it would be cool if you made a cap that’s just a lot of different colors, kinda like Lewis’s cap at the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, but of course with your colors, I would buy that 100%. Keep up the good work, and good luck for the new season I’ll absolutely be cheering you on!

  • mei martins
    mei martins Year ago +1

    Good lucky this year Daniel, you're an amazing person 💙

  • Izabela Tserovska
    Izabela Tserovska Year ago +2

    Ahhh great design for the helmet and the colours are stunning!

  • Melanie Soleilhavoup
    Melanie Soleilhavoup Year ago +30

    Bought the seafom hoodie. Can’t wait to wear it, it looks so good. It will be my fourth hoodie and I can say they’re so comfy that I want to wear them everyday. Your merch keeps getting better and better every time. Can’t wait for the next one already