Can the Norwich fans cause a shock in the car park? | Soccer AM Volley Challenge

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
    Norwich City fans are joined by Simon Thomas and his son Ethan for the Volley Challenge. Simon was taking part in the Volley Challenge as part of his 30-day challenge for Bloodwise UK, raising money for his late wife’s foundation ⚽
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Comments • 165

  • Edrees Saeed
    Edrees Saeed 17 days ago +1

    Where is Lloyd Griffith??

  • Alan W
    Alan W 29 days ago

    Because he's successful and happy. British people hate that. The majority of the armchair population are miserable fuckers who've never achieved anything except put a down payment on a house.

  • Kwame Fordjour
    Kwame Fordjour Month ago

    Thanks for not spoiling the outcome in the title this year

  • brett davidson
    brett davidson Month ago

    WHATTA GUY simon thomas is ! love him . hero . bless his kids heart as well . stay strong champ !

  • Kon Zaros
    Kon Zaros Month ago

    please no more women, for the love of good its painful watching their inadequate efforts. have them making the food and serving beverages instead

  • Kon Zaros
    Kon Zaros Month ago +2

    do any football fans in england actually play the game or?

  • Joe D
    Joe D Month ago

    Good to see Simon Thomas back around!

  • The Bvg
    The Bvg Month ago

    Fenners hates is unnecessary. Cmon

  • D JM
    D JM Month ago

    So much swearing on Soccer AM now isn’t there??!

  • ryan
    ryan Month ago

    Ethan has massive potential

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion Month ago

    Nice little C 💣

  • Ralph Pena
    Ralph Pena Month ago

    That was a bit unlucky lol they looked better than some of the other teams

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    Harry Potter 😂

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    Jimmy bulldog mind the gap 🔰

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago

    Brilliant nice to see our fans on the show 🔰✅⚽️🥅🏆🥇🏟🔊🐐

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee Month ago


  • Clumby
    Clumby Month ago +1

    “You need 7 to fly above the robins of Bristol City”
    It’s actually the robins of Swindon, Fenners. Nice one.

  • Brian Swanson
    Brian Swanson Month ago +1

    What a great spokesperson for an important cause. Compassionate, articulate, genuine, passionate and empathetic. Keep up the great work for awareness, that was inspiring 😎🙏🏻

  • Chriscup
    Chriscup Month ago +12

    I haven’t looked down all the comments but was it only me that heard the C bomb being dropped at 3:47?! Lol

  • Stanley Tang
    Stanley Tang Month ago

    painful to watch

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago +1

    i legit just wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this

  • angry men12
    angry men12 Month ago

    Is it against city?? They can if it is

  • Jake Townsend
    Jake Townsend Month ago

    4:11 whaaaaat

  • Ervin Fidelis
    Ervin Fidelis Month ago

    Geez these idiots are terrible. Like how hard is it to hit the target or put it to the side? All are just kicking it without aiming. My god.

  • big121head
    big121head Month ago +1

    Aw you c#*t 3.47 surely that needs to be bleeped

  • Charles Xavier
    Charles Xavier Month ago

    Why hasnt John Arne Riise been in any of these?..After all,the stadium is named after him

  • T Dot
    T Dot Month ago +1

    The keepers a wasteman

  • Andrew Frost
    Andrew Frost Month ago

    That woman doing nothing for female footballers 😂

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    love the canaries, coming from an LFC fan

  • Websling9
    Websling9 Month ago

    Ask tubes if he knows someone called Tracy from about 10 years ago in cobham she’s my aunt at a pub all the time she said

  • JW _
    JW _ Month ago +1

    The GK could have let the kids scoring I mean come on

  • James Day
    James Day Month ago

    Com'on you chedders

  • SL 7
    SL 7 Month ago +14

    Having a good keeper makes crap... Get the fat guy back

  • CalizpzZ0
    CalizpzZ0 Month ago

    Great cause doesn't take away the fact fenners is a big nonce

  • Oli Small
    Oli Small Month ago

    3:12 ‘oh get one?!’ *screams one in off the bar*

  • Low Gro Wen
    Low Gro Wen Month ago +13

    1:55 did Fenners say Bristol were top when Swindon are actually the ones topping the table?

    • Clumby
      Clumby Month ago +1

      Both Bristol City and Swindon are known as “The robins” so he probably just presumed it was Bristol City.

    • Oliver Lewis
      Oliver Lewis Month ago

      *Bristol city

    • Media Shorts
      Media Shorts Month ago +2

      Low Gro Wen was just looking to see if anyone else noticed 😂

  • Jeff Hearn
    Jeff Hearn Month ago +4

    At least no spoilers in the title... progress?!

  • hardik kumar
    hardik kumar Month ago +1

    Norwich are very much capable of shocking anyone😜😜

  • Avfc
    Avfc Month ago

    Fenners is an idiot

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy Boy Month ago +4

    Fenders noncing about again, should not be aloud anywhere near children!

    • James Golbey
      James Golbey 16 days ago

      @Tommy Boy I was talking about when you said aloud instead of allowed... 😂😂

    • Tommy Boy
      Tommy Boy 16 days ago

      It’s because my phone knows fenners is a nonce so tries to shy away from me spelling his name on my mobile!

    • Tommy Boy
      Tommy Boy 16 days ago

      Just done it again! Fenders

    • Tommy Boy
      Tommy Boy 16 days ago


  • M's Reactions
    M's Reactions Month ago

    This season has to be the worst volleys ever

  • Johnny Dogs
    Johnny Dogs Month ago +1

    These Norwich lads were a good craic

  • LJKK Sport
    LJKK Sport Month ago

    Is pukki good enough to play for any of the top 4 teams?

    • Alfred Rieder
      Alfred Rieder Month ago +1

      Well Abraham is doing well so that rules Chelsea out. Aguero is better, Kane is better, Aubameyang and Lacazette are better, Firmino is better.
      I would take him over Rashford tbh.

  • Owen Lewis Hampshire
    Owen Lewis Hampshire Month ago +1

    What’s keeper doing for kids 😂

  • foss
    foss Month ago

    keeper should stay on his line, kind of makes it too easy for him.

  • Niall Ateia
    Niall Ateia Month ago

    444th Like

  • MD8
    MD8 Month ago +2

    One Ginger Pele

  • Habil
    Habil Month ago

    watch my first ever football video on my channel its hilarious!!!

  • Alone Mike
    Alone Mike Month ago +67

    3:47 what was that mate

  • Gabstar36
    Gabstar36 Month ago +188

    Keeper takes no prisoners Jesus Christ

    • b4Sed1593
      b4Sed1593 29 days ago

      Need Lloydy. Not no wannabe keeper

    • OhJustSomeRandomGuy
      OhJustSomeRandomGuy Month ago +1

      I know, right? Most of those would have absolutely been goals on Lloydie. Those kids can take pride, though, some of them hit some quality dipping volleys. The AM guys didn't exactly help by leaving all the balls directly in the run up path, either.

    • Niall Condren
      Niall Condren Month ago

      @The EAGLE what's a goalkeeper if he doesn't keep the goal? everyone involved needs to work on their finishing

    • The EAGLE
      The EAGLE Month ago +5

      Weren’t even letting the kids shots in loooooool straight savage!

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant Month ago

    let it in...

  • danm003
    danm003 Month ago +39

    Utterly shameful. 1 scored from over 20 attempts.

    • JFG 17
      JFG 17 Month ago +11

      danm003 Calm down man, it’s not the World Cup final 😂 It’s just a bit of fun- it’s not that deep

  • Sam Banks
    Sam Banks Month ago +1

    3:46 im dead

    • Sam Banks
      Sam Banks Month ago

      Artesian listen to what he said

    • Artesian
      Artesian Month ago

      His foots dead

  • Michael lawrenson
    Michael lawrenson Month ago +39

    I’m convinced that fenners does not own one nice item of clothing, his clobber is horrendous

    • Encalica
      Encalica Month ago

      @John Mitchell the point is they can... Because they are dealing you know what or not eating 3 meals a day

    • John Mitchell
      John Mitchell Month ago

      @Encalica Most chavs wouldn't be able to afford genuine Stone Island. The fake stuff yeah

    • Encalica
      Encalica Month ago

      @John Mitchell its a chav brand

    • John Mitchell
      John Mitchell Month ago +1

      Stone Island and football go hand in hand. The smart casual look for football fans. Dont see what the issue is tbh. What do you expect him to wear, a full tracksuit or a suit??

  • Dorian_ BJE
    Dorian_ BJE Month ago +74

    Why does everyone hate fenners? It’s all I ever see on the vids

    • Akul Arora
      Akul Arora Month ago


    • Sam1878Henry
      Sam1878Henry Month ago +2

      Cos the comment section is full of virgins who know calling Fenners a nonce will get them some likes

    • Charles Xavier
      Charles Xavier Month ago

      used to dislike him due to his time wasting but when I realised the max score is 250 and that 5 minutes is more than enough for that,my tone started to change..the lad is alright but perhaps should calm down on major time wasting which he has done on certain eps..reg his stoney's,perhaps those in the comments are jealous coz he has a new one each week

    • James Archer
      James Archer Month ago +1

      Because on other shows he's absolutely infuriating to watch, he seems like he's on the sniff half the time. But tbf on here he was OK.

    • TheHulk7070
      TheHulk7070 Month ago +1

      Because TheXvid comments sections are full of sheep and bandwagon jumpers who are incapable of forming thier own opinions and go along with what everyone else says in order to try get some likes. That's why all the hate, so not actual hate, just blind opinion. Perfect example of this on another soccer am video is one commentor slagging off fenners saying what an idiot he looked like in the video, and he wasn't even in it. Happens on nearly every video.

  • Super Dood
    Super Dood Month ago +24

    Fenners is shaggin that Harry Potter boy

    • James Golbey
      James Golbey Month ago

      @Super Dood Why are you so desperate to defend it? Perhaps because it was incredibly nasty and you know it

    • Super Dood
      Super Dood Month ago

      Haha why are you so arsed by this comment? Move on bud

    • James Golbey
      James Golbey Month ago

      @Super Dood Dry my eyes? Pathetic. If you think saying someone on TV is a nonce is funny or that you think people agreeing with you is justifying it then you need a wake up call.

    • Super Dood
      Super Dood Month ago

      Haha I’m not bragging. You said no one found it funny and I pointed out that a few did. Dry your eyes x

  • Blue Roaster
    Blue Roaster Month ago +89

    The kids were cute, keeper should have played along and let them in

    • theflep
      theflep Month ago

      @Blue Roaster oh god, what a pussy.

    • Blue Roaster
      Blue Roaster Month ago

      @Mikeycfc 46 yes

    • hellodave
      hellodave Month ago +2

      nanny state

    • Mikeycfc 46
      Mikeycfc 46 Month ago +5

      And make it blindingly obvious that he let them score? Don’t be a tit

  • Zaki Ghemati
    Zaki Ghemati Month ago +3

    Was that racism I heard?

    • Zaki Ghemati
      Zaki Ghemati Month ago +2

      @danm003 wtf you on about

    • Jack Cullen
      Jack Cullen Month ago

      its his name

    • danm003
      danm003 Month ago +2

      Zaki Ghemati "Come on you filthy BLACKIE!" I think you're right.

  • Mohamed Ibrahim
    Mohamed Ibrahim Month ago +211

    Goal keeper should’ve allowed the goals to go in for the kids 😤

    • Ben CR7 Hanlon
      Ben CR7 Hanlon 29 days ago

      No u need to learn the hard way

    • mass
      mass Month ago

      OhJustSomeRandomGuy 😂

    • OhJustSomeRandomGuy
      OhJustSomeRandomGuy Month ago +1

      @mass I mean...did you see the dude they had in there last season?

    • theflep
      theflep Month ago

      @I Am Asthmatic AHHAAH touché!

    • I Am Asthmatic
      I Am Asthmatic Month ago +4

      @theflep you cant pull out condescending and apologise for limited English you rascal

  • fistingendakenny
    fistingendakenny Month ago +1

    feck off fenners