Divinity: Original Sin AJ Preview

  • Published on Apr 23, 2013
  • Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/larianstudios/divinity-original-sin
    For more AJ: angryjoeshow.com/2013/04/divinity-original-sin-preview/
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  • Carlos Miguel Kabigting

    It's been 5 years joe. Where is the review???

  • Evenios
    Evenios 4 months ago

    i just got this for the xbox one on sale the enhanced edition will be fun!

    • Shaneo Malley
      Shaneo Malley 4 months ago

      Evenios yeah I just bought it a couple minutes ago..

  • Ian Eugene Chapman
    Ian Eugene Chapman 9 months ago

    We gettin a review?

  • MarshmallowMadnesss

    2018 and I bought this for the Split-screen.

  • George Bompetsis
    George Bompetsis 2 years ago

    The game looks so much better now with the Enchanced Edition! One of my favorite games ever! Joe you should make a review for this game even after all this years.. you owe it to this guys, since they made such an amazing work on a Kickstarter game you funded as well! If you like Pillars of Eternity, you will rate a 10/10 to this game

  • Charlé Ouel
    Charlé Ouel 3 years ago

    The only litle prob i got whit this game is the lack of Small Window tutoriel to say what the Elemental go whit other elemental (sure for the most part you know but sometime you don' t thing you will get blow up by a fire but you are in some smoke and you blow up... any way other than that it awesome just a bit slow to lvl up (well at less at low lvl we are just lvl 4 right now))
    SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLIS but this game is awesome any way.

  • K D
    K D 3 years ago +1

    cool to see how far this game progressed.

  • William Faulkner
    William Faulkner 3 years ago +1

    I like Pillars of Eternity better, but this was definitely worth the money and time. It's less Baldur's Gate/Planescape:Torment...and more Fallout 1 & 2.

    • Gregory Costello
      Gregory Costello 3 years ago

      +William Faulkner I like the re-edition of this a lot more than Pillars of boring :-D.

  • Soulcluster
    Soulcluster 3 years ago

    make a review for the enchanced edition since you didn't made one a year ago! :D

  • Baodinh NGUYEN
    Baodinh NGUYEN 3 years ago +22

    hey why dont you do a agryreview for divinity Definitive Edition?

  • Tyler Rue
    Tyler Rue 3 years ago +1

    Not sure why he didn't just compare it to Baldurs Gate or Planescape: Torment instead of Diablo 3 or Torchlight. It's much closer to the CRPGs of old than the action RPGs we see a lot of now.

  • trust lmao
    trust lmao 4 years ago

    but when i disagree or try convinceing someone i get a rock paper siccors battle then when guards catch me they try killing me!

  • Layarion
    Layarion 4 years ago

    i don't see the review!

  • Jeorney
    Jeorney 4 years ago

    What role types are they using here?

  • Diabolus_Musica
    Diabolus_Musica 4 years ago +1

    But wait, aren't the players of this game too *stupid* to use the editor? Oh wait that's Battlefield, my mistake...

  • oussama Ali
    oussama Ali 4 years ago

    this game looks brilliant

  • Madison Baldwin
    Madison Baldwin 4 years ago +94

    Says he will do review of game when it comes out... never does review.

    • CaioSR
      CaioSR 6 months ago

      @koffinkat666 At least we know his score to it is close to Pillars of Eternity thanks to his review of it. lul

    • koffinkat666
      koffinkat666 7 months ago +2

      I'm from the future guys................He never did

    • Playcool18
      Playcool18 2 years ago +2

      Hope he does for II.

    • Bobman9420
      Bobman9420 4 years ago

      +cleveridea I agree!

    • cleveridea
      cleveridea 4 years ago +3

      @Madison Baldwin

      joe needs staff! quicker shorter reviews, but I think he does so many thinks and does such a thorough job of reviews he gets backlogged

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon4 4 years ago

    is there a review of this game

  • xxxTRACKERxxx
    xxxTRACKERxxx 4 years ago

    diese scheiss verfickte DRECKSWERBUNG

  • mesothorium
    mesothorium 4 years ago

    Wait ! These guys are Belgian???? Holycrap did not know my country produced this !

    • mesothorium
      mesothorium 4 years ago +1

      Matters to me, since not much that my country produces is worth talking about. On game level that is

    • MrOlliguitar
      MrOlliguitar 4 years ago +3

      @mesothorium what does it matter?

  • Nobody Nothing
    Nobody Nothing 4 years ago

    I like the some of the beta's graphics more than the current ones. ;-;

  • Facts Over Emotions
    Facts Over Emotions 4 years ago

    I love Turn-Based Strategy RPGs, I need to buy this. So far XCom: Enemy Unknown/Within was the best Sci Fi TBS I played and Wasteland 2 was the best Post-Apoc TBS I've played. Is this game the best of the Fantasy TBS games?

  • Alphoter
    Alphoter 4 years ago

    it looks like it have very low FPS. it is that way?

    • Nobody Nothing
      Nobody Nothing 4 years ago

      @Alphoter There are graphic options to increase fps. I only have fps issues on my mac, but hey, it's a mac.

  • Mr Andy
    Mr Andy 4 years ago

    I played D:OS for 10 hours only to get my ass handed to me and to be so frustrated I almost uninstalled the game... then I restarted knowing tremendously more about how to play the game and have been having a blast ever since. In a way, I'm kind of appreciative that this game doesn't hold your hand at all, and it gives it more depth than any other RPG I've played thus far. It's challenging and frustrating like hell, but it's very rewarding

  • ASRB
    ASRB 4 years ago

    crpgs like diablo or torchlight? wtf?

  • Andrew Black
    Andrew Black 4 years ago +5

    Did this game ever get a proper review?

    • Almozayaf Roman
      Almozayaf Roman 4 years ago +5

      no, but he talk about it in his top 10 games 2014

  • NatheyKay
    NatheyKay 4 years ago +1

    Divinity Original Sin got GameSpot's PC Game of the Year!

  • LordBritOne
    LordBritOne 4 years ago

    ok wheres the unsubscribe to ahh there is is i thort you had good taist go figer lol........every one to there own i guess "LET DIABLO DIE!!" or we might as well go back to playing pacman

  • Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana

    Reading the comments, it's a shame that some people only think of JRPGs like Final Fantasy when they think of turn based systems and have no other basis for comparison. There are plenty of Western RPGs that used turn based combat. Fallout is probably the most well known example.

  • Chrisv1965
    Chrisv1965 4 years ago +6

    Ok I just see its 8 hours since my last post on this game. I have to admit I gave it another try. played around 10 hours and must say its brilliant. You really need to get into it and it takes time. I think for me like 8 hours with lots of exloring till lvl 5. This is the best rpg in a decade!

    • Hispanic Cuckslayer and Sjw flayer
      Hispanic Cuckslayer and Sjw flayer 4 years ago

      +Chrisv1965 POE is deff not better then Diablo 3 especially after 2.3

    • Chrisv1965
      Chrisv1965 4 years ago

      +Stayler17 Im loooking forwrd to this...

    • K D
      K D 4 years ago

      +Chrisv1965 Once I got through most of what the first town had going on and started to see the end of the area coming I also began to love the game. I got worried the whole thing was just in CYSEAL CYSEAL

    • Stayler17
      Stayler17 4 years ago

      @Chrisv1965 Torment: Tides of Numenera

    • Chrisv1965
      Chrisv1965 4 years ago

      @Stayler17 You mean the new Torment league or is there a entire new game?

  • Chrisv1965
    Chrisv1965 4 years ago +4

    Everyone loves this game but me. I dont know it looks good I got it. I a huge rpg fan and loved baldrus gate 2 , DA origins , skyrim, Diablo 2 etc etc. torchlight (ok thats more hack n slay)isnt bad either. But I cant help myself I dont like divinity. Tunr based combat ok no problem with that. My biggest issue is that most dialoges are not voiced while you can here banter in towns everywhere from NPC's. I cant get over all the reading. I tried and tried but this is not for me

    • Lefty Zappa
      Lefty Zappa 4 years ago

      I know what you mean. I am completely illiterate and proud of it. When I think of all those novels I've read and what a waste of time it has been...

    • pINKprotege
      pINKprotege 4 years ago

      Theatre of the mind, bro... Theatre. Of. The. Mind. :)

    • Andrew Black
      Andrew Black 4 years ago +1

      @Andrew Black Kids need to read more, I'll just say that.

    • Andrew Black
      Andrew Black 4 years ago +9

      You like Baldur's Gate 2, but you're biggest beef is no voice acting?

    • Gustavo Sandoval Studios 2
      Gustavo Sandoval Studios 2 4 years ago

      @Elric Walden
      dont get me wrong, i like games with voice acting, but im not going to judge a game for not having it bc im too lazy to read.... but iv been playing games for a long time, zelda, pokemon, older elder scrolls games. great games that didnt/dont need voice acting. again i feel like people who read slow tend to not like reading in games bc its time consuming. so rather then become a better reader, they just avoid the game, and thats lazy.

  • Greaves
    Greaves 5 years ago

    Holy shit i can't believe how much better the game looks now compared to this. That kickstarter boost really did wonders.
    Anyway, still waiting for the full review. I get the delay because it's a big-ass game, but it's been 2 months since release. I'm loosing hope.

  • Multikalwin
    Multikalwin 5 years ago +3

    Joe smokes weed doesn't he?

  • Ramona Andersen
    Ramona Andersen 5 years ago

    3 years ago I woulda threw the game in the bucket, but after playing baldur's gate and many other turn based RPGs I might try and pick this game up! I really like the story and depth they put in these games, along with the capability of actually ROLE PLAYING to get IMMERSED, not focusing on the game to fucking spoon feed me EVERYTHING, I really can't stand certain "Role Playing Games" (skyrim) where I can't get immersed because it forces me to play THEIR way instead of try to role play MY way, this breaks the flow of the game for me! and honestly out of ALL the elder scrolls games, skyrim was the MOST CASUAL GAME OF THE FRANCHISE!

    • Raven Knight Vincent
      Raven Knight Vincent 4 years ago

      Play Skyrim in third person, at least that feels more dynamic for combat

  • Overpowered
    Overpowered 5 years ago

    if someone has this game can u pls add me on steam and share it to me? ill love u forever

  • zztosha
    zztosha 5 years ago +1

    I've tried playing many rpgs in last few years, and always felt like I couldn't get into those anymore or just grew out of the likes of Baldur's Gate or Planescape Torment. I tried playing Dragon Age, and dropped it like, maybe after an hour. This game, however, seems to have re-ignited my passion for RPGs. I've been playing it non-stop last couple of weeks, spending all my free time on it, and I feel like I'm playing BG or Planescape, or Icewind Dale again. It's truly captivating and has that magical, warm feeling of old-school RPGs, that literally sucks you in. Great job, Larian. I've heard of Divinity series since long time ago, but never played any of them. I guess I should. AJ, you should give a proper review of an updated, full version that's been released.

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin 5 years ago

    Playing it now and it's awesome!

  • Loop
    Loop 5 years ago

    aff, no review

  • Strahdcrownn
    Strahdcrownn 5 years ago +1

    Already finished! This was the best RPG i ever played!

  • Fr Uu
    Fr Uu 5 years ago

    This game rocks!!
    Only problem is, it's like impossible to stop playing...

  • Manuel Alvarado
    Manuel Alvarado 5 years ago

    yeah, joe, it was actually a good initiative man, and we can actually talk with more ease with you, bra. It looks like a well thought game, i enjoy games with deep strategies and planning accordingly to tactical exploits. I'll try the game

  • chill0141414
    chill0141414 5 years ago +4

    wheres the review brah?

  • koraykorac
    koraykorac 5 years ago

    worst rpg ever, only 2 companion,rock - paper sucks,slow progress killing,journal sucks, no quest shower (dont know where to go and who would speak), enemy always above your lvl and outnamber you,dialogue sucks,companion feeling sucks,control companion dialouge sucks,you can't decide to help evil no matter what you do at the end you r gonna be a good guy, game is soulless, Larian create this game like a robot no feeline no soul just mechanic thinking (if evryone need old school lets give them old school and take their money and cheat them)
    Larian you r lazy, do you think this game is rpg and think like baulder's gate?,this game like a shit not likwebaldur' gate. You need to learn a lot of thing and work hard and dont forget to put some soul when you make a game.

    • ryan turney
      ryan turney 3 years ago

      +Sabcio1234 where you don't need to do anything at all? you do realize that endgame diablo and like games generally require gear + skill its just so fast paced that you forget all the little details.

    • Sabcio1234
      Sabcio1234 5 years ago

      Dude its an old Shool RPG!! a real RPG not Diablo or other similar crap where you dont need to do anything at all .This one is a bloody definition of RPG game

  • Saiyan420
    Saiyan420 5 years ago

    come play with me here me ID HTLCTDU6622AD i am levl 181

  • Amon Red
    Amon Red 5 years ago +1

    We need the review!!!!
    Belgium represent!

  • Dont-be Evil
    Dont-be Evil 5 years ago

    alpha looks different. nice

  • Richard Bexborn
    Richard Bexborn 5 years ago

    Cool bro! Looking forward to your proper review!

  • Nicholas Marroulis
    Nicholas Marroulis 5 years ago +10

    Bought this game 2 days ago and it is AMAZING! It is so easy to get lost it in and the hours just fly by. I'm talking 8 hours at a stretch fly by. I think I spent the first 4 hours just in the starting town before even heading out into the wilderness. It is definitely reminiscent of Baldur's Gate. I hope Joe does a review of the game in it's finished state. It looks soo much better than the alpha and as a bonus the soundtrack is really good as well.

    • Trey5 Wop
      Trey5 Wop Year ago

      I spent 13 hours just questing in the starter town before even thinking of leaving

    • Mar Wolfking
      Mar Wolfking 2 years ago

      is it worth getting better than Skyrim

  • Rapture 31
    Rapture 31 5 years ago +2

    Good preview. Just bought it. It's awesome. I love the turn based combat. It allows you to use your brain and think tactically. It's a nice change from mindless hack and slash. The interactivity is amazing and the interplay of the elements is a nice addition.

  • Retsam Ecar
    Retsam Ecar 5 years ago

    he said on this review that he gonna review the game if the game come out...
    but i highly doubt that....

  • Kayla Nerdom
    Kayla Nerdom 5 years ago +1

    I ADORE this game. It fully released yesterday and have been playing it most of the day.

  • Mat G
    Mat G 5 years ago +5

    Joe the game is coming out in less than a week now. You gotta do a review this game is SO good !

  • Alex Ganz
    Alex Ganz 5 years ago

    looks like neverwinter nights

    • Saiyan420
      Saiyan420 5 years ago

      @Martius come play with me here me ID HTLCTDU6622AD i am levl 181

    • Martius
      Martius 5 years ago

      Still its pretty big downgrade after Baldurs Gate (no party members, just not controllable companion which gets better stuff after getting a level? come on...) and combat is typical grindfest. Its pretty much good tool to make mods and modules but strangely people call it one of best rpg. Divinity is different league if we are talking about interaction. In most game you cant do anything with crates for example. Here you can freely move them around, stack one on another and so on.

    • Alex Ganz
      Alex Ganz 5 years ago

      like i said it has more sandbox elements in it interacting with environmental objects/npc's. but overall i like this kind of games more than your typical grindfests....its more story driven + idk how/why they did it but you can talk with people on chat even when u play singleplayer mode....quite cool

    • Martius
      Martius 5 years ago

      Just like NN. Each act is pretty much just going to four directions and killing everything. If it looks like anything them its Baldurs Gate or Divine Divinity plus party and turn based combat.

    • Alex Ganz
      Alex Ganz 5 years ago

      NN had more depth in gameplay...diablo is slaughterhouse...you just go kill stuff

  • DainnX
    DainnX 5 years ago +2

    Nice evolution from Divine and Beyond Divinity, can't wait.

  • A2B
    A2B 5 years ago +7

    Can't wait for this game to come out

  • Shajirr
    Shajirr 5 years ago +4

    Not a fan of the turn-based combat... and this video shows why exactly - the battle, which would have took like 30-60s in real time, is stretched to like 10 minutes in turn-based... Plus, unsynchronised turns (where everyone has their own turn, instead of everyone moving at the same time) is just not balanced...

    • Torrvic
      Torrvic Month ago

      This “real-time” combat like we had in Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale is nothing but some pale imitation of turn-based combat. What’s the point of real-time if you always forced to use pause button to control a mess on the screen. Maybe it is the way easier just to make it turn-based, isn’t it?

    • flyboobo
      flyboobo 5 years ago +1

      Yeah the art of representing reality using abstraction and limited controls we have in games is a fascinating subject. Thanks for keeping everything civil. It's a great discussion with you. :)

    • flyboobo
      flyboobo 5 years ago

      I don't think that's how you should define real time or turn-based. A simple way of separating the two is in real time games, you can immediately react to your opponent's actions using your own commands (which both BG and EOTB allow you to do). I can see where you are going with the ATB from Final Fantasy, but to me it is more or less real time. Think of it as a really weak person that has to rest a set amount of time every time he does something. If he gets into a fight it would essentially resemble that of an ATB combat. It is totally possible for him to react immediately after his opponent does something. It's slow-paced, yes, but still follows the principles of real time combat. A turn-based game doesn't allow immediate reaction. You must wait until it is your turn to issue any orders. Without the necessity & possibility at immediate reaction, turn-based combat is purely cereberal. There is no need to have any twitch response at all hence it tends to focus more on tactics.

    • flyboobo
      flyboobo 5 years ago

      I have already explained to you why the 6 seconds clock is NOT turn based. Go back and read it if you still don't understand. Go check the definition of turn-based games if you want. Come up with an example of turn based game that works the same way like BG. Hint: you can't. As for your belief that BG is fine the way it is, well that is your opinion, just like mine, so we will agree to disagree.

    • flyboobo
      flyboobo 5 years ago +1

      Alright let me write this out nice and slowly so no one would have any confusions on my stance. My opinion is BG would be a better game as a turn based game, but unfortunately the fact is it is NOT a turn based game.

  • Some Yakuza Dad With a Beard

    It's like Elder Scrolls as an CRPG. Count me in!

  • X times Y equals NAR
    X times Y equals NAR 6 years ago

    lol turrn base GTA XD

  • pINKprotege
    pINKprotege 6 years ago

    FPS? What the... Are you serious?

  • LordBritOne
    LordBritOne 6 years ago

    turn base combat great its turning into final fantasy the game style that is dieing out fast no I think ill pass hope they come to some sense and go back to FPS
    this new style