• Published on Dec 3, 2018
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    ♡ Will you do a meet up? BIG BEAUTY DAY OUT 2019!
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Comments • 586

  • aiden mcc
    aiden mcc Month ago

    Who saw boobs on the pillow 10:48

  • Katelyn Bulmer
    Katelyn Bulmer Month ago +1

    Her makeup isn’t good ngl

  • Megan Thompson
    Megan Thompson 2 months ago

    Newish follower. Did you know that you can ask for mcmuffin without egg in? My husband is like you doesn't like egg so he gets his without. X

  • Brooke Crumley
    Brooke Crumley 3 months ago +5

    July 2019 anyone? Thanks for 2 likes x👇👍❤

  • Nicole Faughnan
    Nicole Faughnan 4 months ago

    u know when she was talking about the elf on the shelf does she not think that kids do be watching this and how she went magically move ✌️ like u know that thing but bend ur fingers if ya get me but i love ana so no hate xx

  • Nicole Faughnan
    Nicole Faughnan 4 months ago

    can u plz do a vid of u hiding in saffs house for 24hrs

  • Lct 123
    Lct 123 7 months ago

    Has anyone noticed her pillow case 9:35

  • Caoimhe Kennedy
    Caoimhe Kennedy 7 months ago

    Why is there boobs on your pillow 13.14

  • Rockstar GTA Gaming
    Rockstar GTA Gaming 10 months ago

    I'm here :) Gaming You Tuber on the Hemmingwell, in Welly...….. ready to treat you like a princess.

  • Madeleine Elizabeth
    Madeleine Elizabeth 10 months ago

    I had the norovirus back in November and it’s honestly the illness from hell. Xx

  • Lilly Foley
    Lilly Foley 11 months ago +1

    I have all those stickers in my house but if don't know they were for elf on the shelf!!!!

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose 11 months ago +1

    If Atticus just likes a mcDonald’s bagel with butter and jam, have it at home it’s so much cheaper 😂xx

  • bri bri
    bri bri 11 months ago

    Hair on fleek

  • Angel Blake
    Angel Blake 11 months ago +1

    Please stop with the McDonald’s 🙏🏼 my cousin now has heart problems from living off that food. Doctors couldn’t believe how unhealthy he is.. he’s 25 😔

  • phoebe kelly
    phoebe kelly 11 months ago

    Omg Anna! I love you! Can’t wait for the rest of the New York volgs! Also what do you use to make your intro and outro? Love you Anna!

  • Lily Shaddick
    Lily Shaddick 11 months ago

    Now way I can’t believe it I don’t even realise that you were born in Kettering my mum lives there omg I love u soooooooo much I love u omgxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle 11 months ago

    I have that bath bomb calendar too!

  • Aesy Freedom
    Aesy Freedom 11 months ago

    I bloody KNEW I knew your accent. I've been watching you for this entire year, wondering. I live so close to you I'm fricking sobbing in the club right now

  • Kaya PATEL
    Kaya PATEL 11 months ago +1

    your such a good sister and daughter how your looking after u family

  • keira dawson
    keira dawson 11 months ago

    We do elf on the shelf here to ours a buck n emma
    I had a giggle at ur elf's name George its the same name as my fiance

  • Ruby Shields
    Ruby Shields 11 months ago

    Anna why does you're bed sheets look like boobs😂😂

  • thestudyguru
    thestudyguru 11 months ago

    why is her mum in college ? or does she mean work? and what about ana? what grade is she in? because she never talks about school, but i also started watching her some months ago so i can’t really tell lol
    and hope ur family gets well soon xx

  • hi 123415
    hi 123415 11 months ago

    'aticus wakes up at the crack of dawn'
    Got me laughing

    Non stop

  • Tara Phillips
    Tara Phillips 11 months ago

    4:09 Your makeup is fab!!! 💄💋

  • Tara Phillips
    Tara Phillips 11 months ago

    Ana’s mum, get well soon! Xx 🤢🤮🤧🤒🤕

  • Marcie B
    Marcie B 11 months ago +1

    No hate. But please get new batteries for you smoke alarm. 🚨

  • MzguddiSimpleLife
    MzguddiSimpleLife 11 months ago

    Feel better!!!! ☹Yes these bugs are going around...Its hard to dodge it..Just keep disinfecting your home & sanitizing yourself.......

  • Idklol Lol
    Idklol Lol 11 months ago

    Wait weren’t you talking to someone aha

  • Elizabeth Grunow
    Elizabeth Grunow 11 months ago

    The bug your mum and brother has is very contagious. My family had it the other day, the bug lasts on the surfaces for 48 hours. You will catch it if you are literally in the house so be careful. My family had it for 2 days and 3 weeks on there stomachs are still bad from being sick❤️ but hope they get better soon xx

  • Emma Tucker
    Emma Tucker 11 months ago


  • LaurenRuddock
    LaurenRuddock 11 months ago

    Quick tip if you turn the pull tab round then put the straw in the hole it’s stops the straw from falling out..
    also love your videos 💞💕

  • HaiganJade
    HaiganJade 11 months ago

    No one gonna point out that Ana's pillow has a boob{i think} cover on it lol

  • Megan Batrow
    Megan Batrow 11 months ago

    Love your duvet cover😂xxx

  • Leanne Edwards
    Leanne Edwards 11 months ago

    I’ve been watching byron since he had under 1000 subs and I’m so proud of him😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • Rumii 101
    Rumii 101 11 months ago

    what does it say on annas case? i really want it xx

  • Life with Mia
    Life with Mia 11 months ago +2

    Awh, your brother is the cutest!!!😍😍😍

  • Ami Bonnie
    Ami Bonnie 11 months ago

    I love the jungle

  • Ben Richmond
    Ben Richmond 11 months ago

    I think number 7 on the nickelodeon advent calendar should be something like a toxic waste because it’s horrid Henry 😂😂

  • Lia Hitch
    Lia Hitch 11 months ago

    Is no one else gonna metion here pillow case... @ 9:45 no just me k..

  • Paul Keywood
    Paul Keywood 11 months ago

    Hope the Kingsnorth fam is Back 💯 soon!! 🤒🤢🤧🤮😷

  • Ikraam unicorn
    Ikraam unicorn 11 months ago

    Baron and anastasia is the dream team

  • Kaitlynn C
    Kaitlynn C 11 months ago

    I love how she’s like saying that list that’s really long and then she’s like I don’t have that much so I can get it done at 6 it would take me 2 days😂😂😂

  • Hannah
    Hannah 11 months ago

    How do you stay so slim eating McDonald’s and Pizza all the time😩😩 x

  • Its Caitlin
    Its Caitlin 11 months ago

    U look horrible with makeup on

  • gracie geard
    gracie geard 11 months ago

    hope your mum and acticus gets better xx

  • The Prescotts
    The Prescotts 11 months ago +2

    Ana’s vlogmas is 2010 Zoella level 💜

  • Chewi
    Chewi 11 months ago


  • Rose-Gold Heart
    Rose-Gold Heart 11 months ago

    Do you think the sick bug can get transferred through phones ? Like speakers etc

  • Sophie A
    Sophie A 11 months ago

    Try Pizza Hut cookie dough 😍😍

  • Olivia Brown
    Olivia Brown 11 months ago

    I love Ana but this is a very boring and pointless vlog ☹️sorry

  • Kelsey Williams
    Kelsey Williams 11 months ago

    Oh god Anna what if you’re sick for nyc ?! Xx

  • Tilly Murphy
    Tilly Murphy 11 months ago +3

    atticus is a phat mood

  • Angharad Hughes
    Angharad Hughes 11 months ago

    What’s on Anna’s pillowcase ??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zara Hetherington
    Zara Hetherington 11 months ago

    Ana your pillow cases (lol)

  • It is at Lilia Orton
    It is at Lilia Orton 11 months ago

    You look amazing

  • Katie Roberts
    Katie Roberts 11 months ago

    I feel like you shouldn’t have said how your mum does the elf on the shelve as I’m sure you have young viewers... no hate though

  • Katie Roberts
    Katie Roberts 11 months ago

    Please do a sit down video spilling your recent tea in your life!

  • abi gardner
    abi gardner 11 months ago

    Would you do a video where you only eat vegetarian/vegan foods for a day? Like trying quorn products as an alternative, swapping out dairy products for dairy free etc! Xxx

  • Amelia Babez X
    Amelia Babez X 11 months ago

    “Good morning anna” your brother is literally adorable xx

  • Soph Nicole
    Soph Nicole 11 months ago