Martinelli was amazing I Mikel Arteta I Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

  • Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta praises goalscorers Gabriel Martinelli and comeback captain Hector Bellerin as they survive having former Chelsea hero David Luiz sent off to twice come from behind and draw 2-2 at Stamford Bridge.
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  • HaytersTV
    HaytersTV  2 months ago +207


    • HappyBrownies
      HappyBrownies 2 months ago


    • Viktor Jaklbsen
      Viktor Jaklbsen 2 months ago

      Not at all undeserved win

    • ifie ejiroghene
      ifie ejiroghene 2 months ago

      @HappyBrownies We got a lot of draws under Emery.

    • HappyBrownies
      HappyBrownies 2 months ago +1

      Yes, Arteta make arsenal fight till the end, passion, cojones. Maybe Arsenal at 10th right now but that performance is top 4 performance, we just get too many draw that it. And MARTINELI, remember that name.

    • Comrade Ma YS
      Comrade Ma YS 2 months ago

      Yes, the character of drawing every single match 😂

  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboy 2 months ago

    Why play mustafi when u have holding available, thanks to his mistake luiz had to try and clear his mess up and now misses 3 games. A rule that needs to change, one game ban is plenty for that type of challenge but the penalty should be punishment enough. Defenders are literally being denied the ability to defend cuz every contact gets pulled up for a foul. These pussy players should just get on with it. It’s a contact sport and expect to get tackled. And what’s with lacazette he falls over every time he’s touched throws tantrums everytime he’s touched or pulled up for fouls he makes and can’t score, his positioning up front is abysmal, that’s why he never gets a touch of ball most of the games, get it together.

  • Aryan Raveshia
    Aryan Raveshia 2 months ago

    I can’t wait to hear the champions league tune at the emirates after a couple of seasons with arteta peering over the pitch, scanning the field. The players lining up on the pitch just after shaking hands with Barcelona......😍🔥

  • The Lizard King
    The Lizard King 2 months ago

    If Pepi was doing half of what Martineli was doing people would be raving about him. Yet this kid, just 7 million pounds! I k ew he would be a success

  • Myty Mini
    Myty Mini 2 months ago

    Did he just say goodebening?

  • Jago
    Jago 2 months ago

    All new high quality defence the Arteta can really do something with this club. No defence then you got no foundation to build on. Dont get fooled by Mustafis excellent defensive display after his horrible mistake, he will do those mistakes again.

  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 2 months ago

    Mikel "Absolutely" Arteta almost gave us a "good ebening" at the beginning of this press conference

  • James OBrienNZ
    James OBrienNZ 2 months ago

    Finally we have a proper leader

  • Kieran Morby
    Kieran Morby 2 months ago

    I’m a Chelsea fan and I was furious we never killed that game off against arsenal but that’s Chelsea atm no desire to press high no desire to grab the game by the scruff of the neck no leaders and definitely no experience to be able to see wins out it’s happened a lot this season , I calculated myself we should be 2nd in the table we’ve lost stupid games to Newcastle , Southampton , Bournemouth and drew against Leicester and sheff united not to mention arsenal games we dominated thoroughly but couldn’t finish the ball ir see games out , arsenal on the other hand couldn’t buy a win atm and they are struggling even worse and are only 8 or 9 points from relegation even tho I’m certain they won’t go down and will end up maybe 7th or 8th but the league is the strangest it’s ever been 1 team running away with it 3 of the top 6 really struggling (Chelsea are but we are still 4th) and smaller teams turning 5 of the big teams over every week atleast 1 of the big teams every week gets beat , last week only Liverpool won out the big 6 it’s crazy .... United , Chelsea , Arsenal and Spurs now all have new managers and it’s about starting afresh whoever gets it done the fastest catches Liverpool and city faster , good point for arsenal tho but didn’t deserve it Chelsea deserved the win arsenal didn’t register a shot until the 1st goal but it’s about taking ur chances and they certainly did

  • Max Maxy
    Max Maxy 2 months ago

    Who heard the Good ebening at the beginning

  • Beerus
    Beerus 2 months ago

    Give this man some proper centre backs

  • Diego P
    Diego P 2 months ago

    Good ebenin 😁

  • dean raynsford
    dean raynsford 2 months ago

    Arteta the fucking man !

  • Ultras Maniac
    Ultras Maniac 2 months ago

    Even we already change the manager.. Mustafi still stupid and careless forever...please made he selling as the main target this season! More better then buying new player news!

  • El Gonquin
    El Gonquin 2 months ago

    Thank Allah for Mikel Arteta.
    We might not have the results.
    We might not have the fitness.
    But now we finally got the fight.
    Arsenal have a ray of hope.

  • biddlybongwong
    biddlybongwong 2 months ago

    Is he or did kante fall over

  • inad jensen
    inad jensen 2 months ago

    take a breathe Arsenal wankers.. he scored because Kante made a steve G and decided fall over.
    you are all calling him world class because he scores on a 1v1 against the worst GoalKeeper in premier league hahah

  • swordfishK2
    swordfishK2 2 months ago

    Martinelli was lucky Kepa hasn't got a clue. Statistically the worst GK in Europe.

  • Mr Ree
    Mr Ree 2 months ago

    weve defiantly turned a corner under arteta....last season we go 1 down.n a man down we lose 4 or 5 nil.he needs backing in the transfer market n he could take us back tonthe top 4 where our great club should be

  • Petter Ballin
    Petter Ballin 2 months ago

    hello, first of all good ebening at 0:00

  • Jamal Mohamud
    Jamal Mohamud 2 months ago +1

    Did Arteta ssay "good ebening" at the start? LMAO

  • Tyrone McIntyre
    Tyrone McIntyre 2 months ago

    Martinelli is the only player at the club that has me excited. He is a proper gem, no two ways about it.

  • jc Carter
    jc Carter 2 months ago

    Love ❤️ Arteta ⚽️

  • Thomas Ma
    Thomas Ma 2 months ago

    Martinelli needs to get tied down for the long term and build this kid up to be the World's best player as a Gunner. Balon d'or in Arsenal shirt, it's possible. 👏👏👏
    Mustafi showed why he won the WC with Germany in 2014 tonight when it comes to his efforts. However, his mistakes in both conceded goals is still a concern. Someone in the club, need to show him all his mistakes thus far in Arsenal with a collective video and point him to things to avoid, minimising costly mistakes.

  • J V
    J V 2 months ago

    Gud ebening

  • Luke Allen
    Luke Allen 2 months ago

    Next season we gotta buy a while back four

  • Ahmed Abdo
    Ahmed Abdo 2 months ago

  • Adriatik Karrabecaj
    Adriatik Karrabecaj 2 months ago


  • Jangoballs
    Jangoballs 2 months ago

    Good evening

  • HappyBrownies
    HappyBrownies 2 months ago +1

    Martineliiiiiiiiiiii, He is beast

  • OT maz
    OT maz 2 months ago

    Arteta one simple thing you have to do drop Ozil from the first 11 he doesn't contribute attacking or defensive either the team plays good without him in it.

  • Budi Setiawan
    Budi Setiawan 2 months ago

    Anyone tell me why we cant recall Saliba?

  • See Ya
    See Ya 2 months ago

    In all honesty if you look back at all games that Arteta managed you see his stamp. The determination, the desire, the spirit. There's been a lot of change within a short period of time. We were very unlucky in some games and VAR is not our friend.
    On a different day this is what the outcome would have been if we managed games better:
    Bournemouth (a) - D
    Chelsea (h) - D
    Man Utd (h) - W
    Crystal Palace (a) - W
    Sheff Utd (h) - W
    Chelsea (a) - W

  • Esperance Ineza
    Esperance Ineza 2 months ago

    I love so much Arteta,Gd manager for ever....Alsenal will shine soon....

  • Rob Solomon
    Rob Solomon 2 months ago

    That's the spirit , results to follow but this felt like it's been missing along time ... gutsy

  • relishjack
    relishjack 2 months ago

    Unpopular opinion I haven't been impressed by Arteta. He was actually going to take off Martenilli before the first goal even tho he's literally Arsenals best player. Plays Ozil he's finished and you surrender the midfield it doesn't dominate games. The only improvement I've seen is Arsenal are slightly harder to beat they're organized better and harder to break down. Attacking wise tactically Arteta has been woeful.

  • DH
    DH 2 months ago

    I was at the game and he really wasn’t amazing. Silenced the whole game and scores a goal where kante slips. Not really amazing.

    • Bervyn Lee
      Bervyn Lee 2 months ago

      Drizz13 found the butthurt Chelsea fan, would like to see you do what he did

  • Vivek Maru
    Vivek Maru 2 months ago

    Arsenal showed great character, they didn't panic and were able to get a result away from home. It has been proven that even a 10-men team can snatch a victory. Overall this is the right direction that Arsenal is heading in. I am happy with Arteta, he is definitely showing signs of progress with every match. Let's hope arsenal can manage a top 6 finish - I know it sounds highly improbable, but I'm keeping my faith...

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G 2 months ago +1

    That was a bit awkward at the end lol

  • justin carroll
    justin carroll 2 months ago

    I think we did well considering we had 10 men for an hour .we would have won with 11.

  • Tushy Ranx
    Tushy Ranx 2 months ago

    The Gunners gave a good account of themselves

  • Jonathan Ndlovu
    Jonathan Ndlovu 2 months ago +2

    Arteta you give everybody opportunities why not Ceballos?

  • Jonathan Ndlovu
    Jonathan Ndlovu 2 months ago

    Now we need Arteta to play Ceballos
    he is the only player Arteta does not like

  • Mike Bambur
    Mike Bambur 2 months ago

    Arsenal would be at least in 5th place if they were playing whole season with 10 players. They were on the field like bunch of lions.

  • Larry
    Larry 2 months ago

    Is it normal that we just sign a player of Martinelli's talent for only $6 million? The hunger he has is contagious....can't hide that personality from massive clubs with extensive scouts. I believe someone out there is giving Arsenal a much needed lifeline :D

  • Cryptic Views
    Cryptic Views 2 months ago +4

    5:03 wow exactly what I’ve been saying.

    • Erivaldo Teixeira
      Erivaldo Teixeira 2 months ago +1

      Cryptic Views there are fans That Don’t understand his contribution is pivotal.

  • gportech
    gportech 2 months ago +1

    Jesus he sounds like he just won the Champions League...

  • Mola Mafouzou
    Mola Mafouzou 2 months ago

    the match is better but try to push Mustafi out of the group

  • Marcelo Cavalcante
    Marcelo Cavalcante 2 months ago

    Italians, Martinelli is Brazilian, not Italian. Don't try to steal our players!

    KONA ZOTE 2 months ago +2

    drop Ozil, play Gabi n Laca as a 10, mad ting that Mustafi just secured his starting eleven place with that Luiz red

      KONA ZOTE 2 months ago

      @OXYMORON another Ozil Stan, did you watch the shift Matteo put in the team after Ozil came off!?

      OXYMORON 2 months ago

      Only one game ozil not perform loser

    • relishjack
      relishjack 2 months ago +1

      The fact that he's playing Ozil is a red flag for me. That midfield can't dominate games and he keeps picking it. I'm not sure if it's because it's just what he's got or if he wants to play with 4 attackers it's not working...

    • Sodee
      Sodee 2 months ago +1

      KONA ZOTE been saying this for a long time

  • Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda

    Mikel arteta is really improving arsenal
    You can see the improvement
    It is a huge and difficult and time taking task
    and hopefully arsenal fans understand this and appreciate him
    I started liking arsenal after he took the job

    GAME ON YOU GAMERS! 2 months ago +8

    Arteta Era so far;
    1. Xhaka revived his career at Emirates and became more solid.
    2. Torreira is all over the pitch every games.
    3. Pepe was exciting to watch. Giving him more game times literally boost his confidence.
    4. We are no longer only rely on Auba as Martinelli was already score 10 goals in his first season as teenager since Anelka. He is absolutely proven striker. Keep him at all cost!
    5. Bellerin should go back to his young days hairstyle. His hairstyle seems effecting his performance. Otherwise he should change his career to fashion designer.
    6. Ozil most of the time was MIA. His glory days with Ramsey and Sanchez already gone.
    7. The love hate of Mustafi.
    8. Arteta definitely need new signings especially at the back and middle.
    9. Kroenkes are not very supportive.

  • meor shahmer
    meor shahmer 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but Pepe need to step up his game. He need to learn from mo Salah.

  • meor shahmer
    meor shahmer 2 months ago

    We have right manager. Unfortunately we still have stingy clueless kronke and the board .

  • Ali dubabaxaka zoom.
    Ali dubabaxaka zoom. 2 months ago

    At 18 he ran down Chelsea defence and kill them gv him first 11 and put his clause at 200million

  • mustafa hussain
    mustafa hussain 2 months ago

    My coach ♥️♥️

  • Arjun KP
    Arjun KP 2 months ago +1

    Bird leno does the job again 👌👌

  • filbymung
    filbymung 2 months ago +1

    We are shouting for a new Defence but in Mustafi we have one....😂😂😂

  • sarad matthew tigga
    sarad matthew tigga 2 months ago

    Where the hell is Sean Lee , An Arteta Hater. 😂😂😂

  • Odain Gayle
    Odain Gayle 2 months ago

    Arsenal best not let Gabi leave #keepgabiatarsenal #gabiisagunner

  • Kermiki Pdang
    Kermiki Pdang 2 months ago

    Does Marti > Auba😀

  • Dave Ayo
    Dave Ayo 2 months ago +1

    martinelli is wat i call WONDER KID

  • Gd2knw
    Gd2knw 2 months ago

    Just woke up. Haven't seen it yet but wished it was a win instead 🤦‍♂️

  • Sai Pawiroredjo
    Sai Pawiroredjo 2 months ago +3

    For one honderd precent,Arsenal will win the next game.

  • coryzma11
    coryzma11 2 months ago +4

    I used to love to listen to wengers post game interviews. I loved his analysis and class. I know feel the same about Arteta. I’m excited about him being the manger and the future of the team.

  • Arif Hidayat
    Arif Hidayat 2 months ago +1

    Shot : 2
    Shot On Target : 2
    Goal : 2
    Player : 10
    But still can draw vs 11 player, good mentality boys and Amazing Martinelli make solo run GOAL. 👏

  • manny salar
    manny salar 2 months ago +7

    the good evening at the very start of the video nearly gave me a heart attack, the emery flashback gimme night terrors to this day

  • Dylan Bailey
    Dylan Bailey 2 months ago +1

    Poundland pep

  • John Wesley
    John Wesley 2 months ago

    Martineli joga muito

  • Expribz Wybes
    Expribz Wybes 2 months ago +15

    Martinelli is world-class and a complete forward he's not afraid to tackle, he runs at the opposition defense with confidence and at will.lovely team game

  • Behizy
    Behizy 2 months ago +1

    Hopefully he doesn't get backed and Arsenal can keep sucking. We all need Arsenal shite it's what we're used to

  • Seun Arowosafe
    Seun Arowosafe 2 months ago +3

    I cry for arteta to work under this board. You can see he's a top manager pls give him his first choice let him give you rest. Pls #kronke. I can't criticize edu because they working with the fund given to them by kronke

  • Gary Hairith
    Gary Hairith 2 months ago


  • Radjouh Akram
    Radjouh Akram 2 months ago

    With him Arsenal will be able to win any team

  • boost junkie
    boost junkie 2 months ago +2

    arteta is trying but the defense line is pure shit
    xhaxa as a center defensive played better than mustafi and luiz combined

  • Nasko Tsekov
    Nasko Tsekov 2 months ago

    Really touching speech , but ye. For 2-3 years we didnt have proper manager , but i am glad we have Arteta. Results might not be the best , but he is trying and as an Arsenal fan i appreciate all he is doing to get the club on higher level after Emery. Good Ebening.

  • Moses Kapinga
    Moses Kapinga 2 months ago

    Big up my team arsenal

  • Gabriel Benjamin
    Gabriel Benjamin 2 months ago +1

    Now can the board back him 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Gabriel Benjamin
    Gabriel Benjamin 2 months ago +6

    If that was emery we would’ve lost 2-0

  • Benon Kityo
    Benon Kityo 2 months ago +1

    Why would you even entertain a thought of taking off martinelli?