The Story of Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 Explained

  • Published on May 27, 2022
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  • Benji Q
    Benji Q 18 days ago +2355

    It's interesting how Mommies pupils get really big when she starts her game of "hide n seek" with you. It's sort of like when a cat is on the hunt and the pupils dialates when it locks onto its prey.

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina 7 days ago

      Also, noticed she's always calling herself "Mommy" most of the time in 3rd person? But then, when she's getting mad she called herself as "I"? She just doesn't care anymore.

    • Shift Gears
      Shift Gears 9 days ago +1

      I agree with you I like the small detail of how when the so-called Darkness takes over the living toys their pupils just get super dilated

    • Coco Luv Koko
      Coco Luv Koko 10 days ago +2

      Same here , It’s terrifying but also cute .

    • Penguin Lover
      Penguin Lover 12 days ago +8

      “Mommy! Such large eyes you have!”
      “Yes so I can see better!”

  • ALV VN
    ALV VN 14 days ago +1542

    The terrible part about Mommy's death is that, her screams actually sounded real and it's horrifying. It's horrifying that scream sounded like it was desperate and scared, that VA job was incredibly well.

    • Prophet of the 8th Legion
      Prophet of the 8th Legion 2 days ago

      “No! What have you done? He’ll make me apart of him!”~ Mommy Long Legs

    • Cupfetti
      Cupfetti 2 days ago

      Elsie Lovelock did good!

    • Eliott Deletraz
      Eliott Deletraz 2 days ago

      This is a tiny bit disturbing, but that scream still sound like a cinematographic scream . If a real person have that such pain, he/she will scream very loudly and swearing the guy who hurt them. Trust me, i have heard worst than that one (and I am the kind of guy who really dislike screams).

    • tam nguyen
      tam nguyen 3 days ago


    • Christopher Reynolds
      Christopher Reynolds 4 days ago

      That's also the moment in the game where I was suddenly thinking: "what have I done?"

  • ScarKat 3p0
    ScarKat 3p0 12 days ago +961

    Mommy said she “died alone” in the statues mini-game, the 1006 experiment log said someone resulted in a causality all alone. What if Mommy is Marie Payne and she was a scientist for 1006. It would certainly explain why she was so scared to become 1006, and why she had a more personal reason to seek revenge on workers for letting her die alone.

    • Die
      Die 2 days ago

      Yep, she knows what 1006 is and so she’s terrified.

    • Evan Bachert
      Evan Bachert 2 days ago +1

      That’s actually a really good theory, which would explain why she is mad at all the workers 🤯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • The Supernatural house
      The Supernatural house 4 days ago +1

      and maybe we play as the one who closed the door? that's how she knew we worked here, or maybe she just saw us working here after she became mommy long legs

    • Ihide
      Ihide 5 days ago

      What if the protagonist was the one who vlosed the door on her🤔

    • Crab pulsar
      Crab pulsar 6 days ago

      Marie Payne/mommy long legs was probably a worker who wanted to be experimented on and become a mother type toy, that’s because I guess she couldn’t have real children? (Infertility or being single) so when she became mommy, she knew about exp.1006 and was the only thing she feared.

  • Cade Terry
    Cade Terry 14 days ago +432

    I feel like Kissy is merely biding her time. Allow me to explain: she appears to be initially putting the protagonist at ease by pretending to be friendly and helpful which is only why she opened the gate for him so he could press on. She's putting a generous and non-hostile persona while waiting for the right moment to make her move and when the opportunity presents itself, she'll kill him. Remembering back to what Huggy did in the first chapter. When we first meet him at the beginning, Huggy remained motionless as a statue and then gave us a key to us in order to process further and eventually attacked and chased the player to kill him. See what I mean? Kissy is probably tricking the protagonist into putting his guard down around her by helping him out and waiting for the perfect opportunity to reveal her true, monstrous colors. At least, that's my speculation, anyway.

    • Christina Williams
      Christina Williams 3 days ago +1

      Well not exactly,the tapes say that huggy wuggy has maximum obedience. This makes me think that the prototype is the one giving huggy orders,that is why he has not made huggy a part of him yet. Kissy could genuinely be trying to help.

    • Nick McNally
      Nick McNally 5 days ago +1

      Idk about that, I feel like that right there would have been the perfect opportunity to kill the protagonist right there, no need to wait, no?

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff 7 days ago +3

      Tbh I don't know if she'll become our ally or just do what Huggy did in Chapter 1. There is a chance she is helping us then attacking us later on but there is another chance of her becoming our ally and in the deleted scene at the ending when we saw the Playcare sign Kissy walked to the train then she gave us a key before leaving again just like she did before. So I guess MOB Games deleted it cause it confirms that Kissy is gonna be a ally to the protagonist.

    • Alt
      Alt 8 days ago +12

      i dont think she has any reason to do that though, we see her in a desolate area and then never again. with how absent she is the rest of the game i doubt she was even associated with mommy or poppy while they did their thing, lest they would mention her. and huggy was assigned as security, he did his job: eliminating trespassers. we dont know what her role was in the company, but if she was assigned a task killing intruders who somehow got past security, she shouldve reappeared

  • Execution Flux
    Execution Flux 11 days ago +170

    Seeing Jack there makes me so happy to see these developers incorporating let's players into there stuff. Subnautica did something for Mark, Jack and even allowed Neebs gaming to voice the Altera message to the player about the escape rocket.

    • NovaFireGalaxy
      NovaFireGalaxy 8 days ago +3

      Yes!! Jack even had an appearance in a Bendy chapter.

  • ◜ᴏʀᴀɴɢᴇ-ᴊᴜɪᴄᴇ◞

    It just is sad seeing how real the cries seemed, and how sad the screams were. She just went against the staff because she wanted to protect the orphans. And they left without, i can't imagine going through something like that. Also, mommy was so scared i could tell by her screams and cries, before she died she also cried out "YOU'LL MAKE ME APART OF HIM!" And by him she meant 1006.
    Also, heres a theory,
    Why did 1006 collect mommy right after she died? So basically what im trying to say here is was 1006 following you the whole time?

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff 7 days ago +3

      Either Exp. 1006 followed the protagonist or he heard Mommy's screams

    • mochamad nagata daf
      mochamad nagata daf 8 days ago +6

      @Plaster boy I think he collected huggy cause you see blood and fur from huggy in chapter 2

    • Cleopatra Cua
      Cleopatra Cua 8 days ago +4

      I think he was following the protagonist
      Since he probably saw how the protagonist killed huggy
      1006 probably went to go to the exact place you would kill MLL

    • mochamad nagata daf
      mochamad nagata daf 10 days ago +21

      He probably heard her screaming and after 10 years he probably knows where all the places are

    • Core
      Core 10 days ago +13

      Prototype 1006 is probably down there (Where huggy fell).

  • LionG
    LionG 13 days ago +155

    isn't it a bit strange that poppy knows where the vents leads to? because she's been stuck in the her case and alot of things happened in the factory

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff Day ago

      @The Network good theory. That might be possible but I'm still wondering about who blocked the hallway to the entrance of the Poppy Flower where we first entered to open Poppy's case? Maybe someone was there and blocked it and Poppy saw or just heard someone while trying to wake the protagonist and then followed them but lose sight of them and just decided to get the power back on so the Game Station would work again and help the protagonist escape.

    • The Network
      The Network 2 days ago +1

      At the end of the Mommy Long Legs commercial Poppy was telling us to wake up. Maybe we passed out after freeing her and she decided to explore around the factory. She’s been trapped for a very long time so of course she’s not gonna wait for us to get up.

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff 7 days ago +3

      Well maybe before Mommy Long Legs locked her up Poppy may have been hiding in the vents to get around the factory

  • DuskoMode
    DuskoMode 9 days ago +81

    Mommy sounds like she’s in pain when she chases you. Those moans and groans sound super disturbing. And she, as you mentioned, looked and seemed twisted.
    And when she got stuck she said “YOULL MAKE ME PART OF HIM” as you stated, and then it made sense. Prototype seems to want to use these parts to possibly escape; or even kill the player.

    • Darkheart
      Darkheart 4 days ago

      Prototype might be grabbing different pieces of chapter antagonist’s to become the new Afton amalgamation

  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. Blue 14 days ago +135

    Personally, I don’t think the very very big spider mentioned in the announcement was Mommy. I think it was the prototype. I guess the staff already knew mommy long legs as they were recommended to keep a length of 20 feet away from her, so why were the staff told that the spider does not exist? Plus, mommy long legs is long, but not really “big”.

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina 7 days ago +3

      Also, the staff said 50 foot tall with so many legs. Maybe it's PJ? Because PJ has more legs than Mommy and looks way longer.

    • Gamer 303
      Gamer 303 7 days ago +1

      True but im pretty sure the higher ups and the scientists who knew about mommy, not the basic workers whom adopted the kids and sent them to the area mommy was at.

    • Joana Carreras
      Joana Carreras 8 days ago +1

      i believe only the “higher ups” knew of her

    • Joana Carreras
      Joana Carreras 8 days ago +1

      i don’t think the staff know of her? because they didn’t know about pj pug

    • Yannis Morris
      Yannis Morris 11 days ago +10

      For a spider she'd be pretty goddamn big

  • C VR
    C VR 19 days ago +9421

    It makes me sad to think that Mommy doesn't seem to know what happened to the orphans. She hates the employees for what they did to her, but when it comes to the kids she only talks about them not coming back and leaving her without any apparent reason. Just imagine the heartbreak she would have if she knew that she unknowingly helped out the company to keep trapping and experiment on the children she loved.

    • Elsie Tlau
      Elsie Tlau 10 hours ago


    • Andra443
      Andra443 Day ago

      Aww, that's so sad ):

    • Mark Bates
      Mark Bates Day ago


    • Nekoszowa
      Nekoszowa 4 days ago

      @Amanda Panda I think she was excited because she could perhaps get her revenge seeing how she hates the employees.

  • SeekerMillan
    SeekerMillan 14 days ago +103

    Also notices that Mommy's voice gets more unstable as she chases you, when the grinder catches her she comes back to her "senses"

  • Kenzie Al-Aufa
    Kenzie Al-Aufa 10 days ago +43

    her eyes are bigger once she’s rescued. If we look at mommy long legs, you’ll see her eyes change when she gets more violent. They are more realistic looking when she’s not violent, but when she turns violent her eyes go black. I saw a video saying that the change in the eyes could represent the change in personality, like a switch in their brain. Maybe all the toys have a dual personality and it is visually represented through their eyes.

    • Deadlystalker
      Deadlystalker 5 days ago

      And huggys obedience and dead personality represents that his switch is always on

  • SlyTy41704
    SlyTy41704 15 days ago +71

    I swear to god this game is EXACTLY like BatIM. Takes place in a factory, has workers or kids turned into toys, and Jacksepticeye is in the game. Just like Bendy.

    • Penguin Lover
      Penguin Lover 12 days ago +2

      Well, BATIM had workers more than children
      But the difference between them is with the living toys and living animations

  • Malikah Coleman
    Malikah Coleman 13 days ago +28

    Just a thought: what if the Prototype is the one putting the murderous thoughts in the experiments’ heads? Think about it. Huggy is easily influenced which makes him the most ideal one to make sure the protagonist does not get far in chapter one. Kissy was not as utilized therefore has a free will for now. Mommy is not as influenced by the Prototype but is scared of what he’s capable of, because he’s highly intelligent and much crueler than the people who made it. If she didn’t get rid of the protagonist, she knew she would pay for it eventually.

  • NC - JadeSoulKitsune MV
    NC - JadeSoulKitsune MV  15 days ago +2374

    Hearing how Mommy Long Legs would protect the children from the staff members, punched me in the heart. She was trying to protect those kids from the experiments cause she knew what the kids would go through. This makes Mommy Long Legs not a true villain by heart but a villain who was pushed to the limit of insanity through her circumstances

    • The Network
      The Network 2 days ago +1

      Plus we’re technically the villain since we’re an ex-employee of the factory even though we don’t know if we knew anything about the experiments going on. Mommy must’ve thought we were and decided to enact vengeance on us for what we did to the children.

    • Eliott Deletraz
      Eliott Deletraz 2 days ago

      Yes. That is kinda true. But I'm pretty sure she was push by the second effect of the flower used of the project. Remember, every living toys become extremely aggressive when an adult is nearby.
      So I guess the fact that we were a worker of the company is a reason for mommy long legs to get revenge of what she suffered. However, after we beat her games, she starting to lost her cool way and decided to release the monster she kept inside of her.

    • Enishii
      Enishii 5 days ago

      Wait that's kinda sad

    • Matthew G
      Matthew G 9 days ago +1

      Those are some solid facts

    • ⁞⁞~ Nova ~⁞⁞
      ⁞⁞~ Nova ~⁞⁞ 10 days ago +1

      Took the words out of my throat

  • Andrea
    Andrea 14 days ago +26

    The protype hand reminds me of the Beldam from Coraline. Wonder if the final confrontation or overall story draws inspiration from that story at all?
    The Beldam did lure children in with a perfect fantasy world and fun games before consuming them, using their life force to add to her own, making her somewhat immortal, or at the very least able to defy a natural death.
    I also find it interesting that the pupils of the cut outs as well as the experiments when they become hostile seem to over take the whole eye making them look a lot like buttons. A lot of the dead small plushies are also missing their eyes. It's a flimsy comparison, and may just be coincidence, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

  • Vito C
    Vito C 14 days ago +19

    9:32 - If I recall correctly, Pug-A-Pillar moves eerily silently in the Statues Game/Test, which would explain why that unfortunate proctor didn't hear it coming.

    • Yannis Morris
      Yannis Morris 11 days ago +2

      Are you saying that you didn't hear the thousand footsteps when the lights were on?

  • Madison Lewe
    Madison Lewe 11 days ago +17

    The death being his daughter makes the most since. He’s obsessed with eternal youth and all his work with the orphans. Also, it mentions in the video that he’s divorced so I think maybe the death of his daughter might’ve caused it.

  •  ㅤ
     5 days ago +2

    it’s hard to tell whether mommy really knew what happened to the children - but it’s clear she’s angry. after playing her part of the story, i can’t help but feel like she wanted us to go through what the kids went through, since the game center seemed to be a testing area to filter out the smartest kids to use as subjects, and that it’ll be a reoccurring theme in the game. imagine what the kids went through during these tests, how they must’ve felt, and mommy wanted to create that same horror and anxiety for our “protagonist” - he used to work at the factory, so it’s clear he was involved in the testing on some level, not knowing the true horrors of it. but idk lol

  • Shayzie Kàizie
    Shayzie Kàizie 15 days ago +14

    Something interesting that I found on TheXvid is an alternative speech from Poppy at the end of Chapter 2. The audio for her sounded more calm and gives a more sympathetic tone than the audio we are given.
    In the alternate audio, she says that terrible things happened and she was the cause of them, and instructed the player to go to Playcare.
    No one is certain why it was removed, but it was better than the ending we got

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff 7 days ago +1

      Well I checked it out and it does look better than the ending we got but maybe why it wasn't added in because it revealed too much lore. I hope it'll appear in Chapter 3.

  • nate hale
    nate hale 11 days ago +19

    So it said that he, Elliot Ludwig, never left a project unfinished, but he was getting old. So he made a toy of himself and transferred his consciousness into the toy, but he didn't have time to finish it. So, he used humans, just like the human bones in the arm that grabs the mommy corpse, to help him finish it. But he ran out of people, si he began using toys. But the toys had minds of their own, which would ruin his machine of himself. So he takes them when they're dead. That's why when Mommy Long Legs dies she says "You will make me part of him" I think that in chapter 3 Elliot Ludwig will be the final boss in his machine/toy form.

  • FrostbittenGhoul
    FrostbittenGhoul 11 days ago +11

    This wasn’t something that was brought up in the video but I had an idea about who we play as in the game. In chapter 2, after jumping down through the giant hole in the floor and coming out of the slide, there are several other slides that each have a name above it. The name above the slide furthest to the left of the player after entering the room, has fallen off, but there is a collection of letters on the ground. I’m guessing that this might be the name of the character we play as who was once an employee at Playtime Co. That’s just a random little theory I had.

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff 7 days ago +1

      That's a good theory and it might be possible. After watching Chapter 2 there are some other possibilities of who we are. So Imma just write them down on who we might be:
      1. Just another employee
      2. Marcas Brickley
      3. One of the scientist
      4. Another experiment
      5. The slide with the broken letters

  • shmoop
    shmoop 9 days ago +3

    I love seeing Jacksepticeye pop up in games, and I love that in this one they just asked him to sound as Irish as humanly possible

  • 𝐊𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐲𝐑𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐥𝐞

    I have a theory as to why poppy suddenly switched personality: maybe she overheard everything mommy said to us and the fact we were an ex employee who was a part of the experiment and originally she didn’t know and acted nice to us to get on our good side

    • ꧁𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓯𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻꧂
      ꧁𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓯𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻꧂ 4 days ago

      I think the protagonist took the wrong Poppy and it's just a copy that Mommy made but I'm not sure
      And Poppy's voice changes so could it be true?

    • JillieZtuff
      JillieZtuff 9 days ago +2

      Tbh I still think she is good not evil. She doesn't want to keep us to do what she wants, she want us to help her and the souls trapped inside the factory. If you didn't know there was a different version of Poppy giving her speech at the end and it was not used because it gave out to much lore and I hope it will make it in Chapter 3. In the not used one Poppy was less sinister and actually wants our help and she knows why we came back to the factory and it's to look for those missing employees of Playtime Co. Also some of the lines she said matches with the one in the trailer and it sounds the same. So Poppy isn't another twisted villain, she just needs our help to right the wrongs that happened in the factory because of her and she was the one who started it all and she regrets it for existing as a living doll that took many lives.

    • Sofie Arts
      Sofie Arts 12 days ago +5

      I think she's good. In the unreleased version of her speech she says that she can't let us leave _yet_. Because we have to fix everything or something.

    • Luna Grace
      Luna Grace 12 days ago +4

      Is it possible that their are 2 Poppy’s? 1 is the docile and the one who wants to free every in pain and help them and 2nd one is using us for her own twisted plans?

    • Miu Iruma
      Miu Iruma 13 days ago +3

      @Neigel Vi such a good opinion, I think it's a possibility!👍👍

  • Inkpitt
    Inkpitt 11 days ago +7

    So if the Prototype takes parts from the other toys then the more you defeat the stronger he'll be in the end, which is a brilliantly horrifying concept

  • Krieger Lander
    Krieger Lander 7 days ago +6

    Did anyone else notice the change in Poppy's eyes? When we first meet her, they seemed vibrant, but after we rescue her they appear to be dead. This is similar to mommy long legs, while she was alive her eyes were green but when she died they turned to grey.

  • Hat
    Hat 14 days ago +6

    I think it's interesting that Huggy only seems to get aggressive towards the player after they make a toy. Perhaps they're not inherently aggressive towards people though they were aggravated by something making a toy meant?
    It would make sense that Kissy wouldn't be aggressive as they wouldn't have seen the player make the toy.

  • Silver Scorpio
    Silver Scorpio 13 days ago +8

    I have a theory:
    Elliot Ludwig started the company, and spearheaded their experiments into resurrecting souls into toys. Specifically to bring his daughter back to life. But, Elliot died himself, and his colleagues and the scientists he hired continued to conduct their experiments, but this time for profit.

  • rbwizard2
    rbwizard2 19 days ago +1136

    I think the real reason that Huggy was hostile to the player was due to Huggy being a guard dog for the main level of the factory.
    In the first tape the player finds in chapter one, Pierre warns any trespasser watching the video that the factory has various security systems. Such as motion sensors that triggers an alarm, which Pierre states is one of their more tame systems, hinting something much more fiercer.
    In the tape on Experiment 1006 in chapter two, the scientist mentions Huggy Wuggy (Experiment 1170) having maximum obedience and sufficient intelligence.
    It's possible that Huggy was ordered to patrol the factory and deal with any trespassers to prevent anyone outside from learning the horrible true within the factory.
    Now some may wonder why Huggy helped the player with providing the key to the power room in chapter one, only to attack the player later.
    Considering that Mommy Long Legs (Experiment 1222) recognized the player as a former employee, maybe Huggy also remembered the player being an employee when he first sees the player and provides assistance with the key. Perhaps Huggy was initially under the impression that one of the staff members had returned to the factory.
    However, after watching the player wondering around the factory and probably going into places that the player shouldn't have gone, Huggy must of started connecting the dots and eventually realized that the player wasn't actually suppose to be in the factory. Thus attacking the player as per Huggy's original orders when dealing with trespassers.
    Given that Huggy has only adequate intelligence, it might be that Huggy was uncertain about the player upon first encounter. Recognizing an employee, and needed time to observe the player before deciding if the player belonged or is a trespasser, like a watchful guard dog when someone enters their territory.
    So it could be the fact Huggy recognized the player as an employee that kept Huggy from attacking when Huggy first sees the player. Then Huggy only attacks when he figures out that the player is actually no longer a member of the factory staff.

    • Alt
      Alt 8 days ago

      nah, i really think he did it for the thrill of a sport. sure its his job but that doesnt mean he cant have fun, right?

    • Penguin Lover
      Penguin Lover 12 days ago +1

      You wrote a whole damn essay bro

    • Raz
      Raz 14 days ago +2

      A security system like that would be terrifying

    • no
      no 16 days ago +2

      @Zanfitto this is also interesting theory as well

    • Yams💚
      Yams💚 16 days ago +8

      Ngl I’d be upset if this theory isn’t correct.

  • CooperGal24
    CooperGal24 15 days ago +10

    A part of me feels that the death in Elliot’s family could’ve been based on how the creator of the Raggedy Ann lost a daughter and created the doll based on her.
    At least from I remembered from reading the Raggedy Ann fact.

  • •Storm•
    •Storm• 9 days ago +5

    I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but when Mommy Long Legs starts the game of hide and seek, her pupils dilate to the point where her iris is not visible, leaving the sclera. If you have eagle eyes, all the hostile mobs (Not including Kissy Missy) have these same enlarged iris’. Therefore, when the cannot retain their sanity levels at a certain point, their insanity becomes pretty visible

  • Funkay Fox
    Funkay Fox 14 days ago +14

    I find it intresting that mommy longlegs dialate when she says "HIDE AND SEEK" they say "Pupil dilation and constriction are very useful for animals that are active both day and night," but who knows!

  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith 14 days ago +10

    I think that at 24:51- when poppy's message is ended abruptly- I heard a sound similar to that of an alarm clock. In the log regarding the prototype-the strange metal hand- the prototype disassembled an alarm clock. Coincidence? I think not... And also, a hidden poster reveals that 'Mommy Long Legs' was once part of a family, before being left to die, according to the flexible monster. I think that Mommy Long Legs' family included Elliot Ludwig. A member of Elliot's family passed away, and this suggests that Mommy Long Legs was an accidental resurrection of his wife. Without knowing that the 50 feet tall monster is his wife, he abandons it and regards it as a high threat. Still loving her husband, Mommy Long Legs believes that Elliot Ludwig no longer loves her, breaking her heart, and thus twisting her mind into that of a murderer.

  • ♡ 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐎 / ham colored sandwich ♡

    I am personally choosing to believe Kissy Missy doesn't attack solely because she just has better things to do. She's exhausted of all this factory bullshit, her husband is dead and she's done with all the drama. She opens the gate and is going to retire to where she stays and get a drink.

    • gravityshark
      gravityshark 7 days ago +1

      10/10, theory accepted

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina 7 days ago +1

      Or maybe she's like Boris from Bendy's game who is mute friendly supporting character who help the protagonist?

    • Olivia Grace
      Olivia Grace 10 days ago +2

      now this is a solid claim

    • Plaster boy
      Plaster boy 11 days ago +2

      Bro unlocked the reality ending

    • OmegaMarioBros Fury
      OmegaMarioBros Fury 13 days ago +1

      There’s hints to that Huggy is alive

  • A Cat With No Maidens
    A Cat With No Maidens 12 days ago +6

    Damn, they did a good voice acting to Mommy Long Legs. When she was being sucked in the grinder, her screams sounds so real. 19:44

  • Alfie Clarke
    Alfie Clarke 13 days ago +5

    Theory: I think Kissy Missy didn't attack is because she knows what the player has done to Huggy Wuggy and doesn't want the same to happen to her.

  • Shift Gears
    Shift Gears 9 days ago +5

    I like how when the darkness takes over the living toys their pupils get extremely large it's a very good signal that they have gone insane and is very scary

  • Scorpius Venomous
    Scorpius Venomous 7 days ago +1

    I have a small theory of my own for the prototype's arm bones.
    In the audio log at the end of chapter 2, it says how the prototype killed a specialist that was trapped in the room with it. Maybe that's where the bones in it's arm come from.

  • TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom

    Alright, Ill admit, this chapter seems pretty damn good- Even after Mommy's chased and tried to kill you, her desperate cries as shes dragged into the grinder are pretty horrifying and even sad. She seemed to be more than just a killer. Maybe thats just me though

    • TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom
      TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom 8 days ago +1

      @Wolty and Friends uhhh probably lol idk

    • Wolty and Friends
      Wolty and Friends 8 days ago +5

      Am I really the only one that started laughing like a maniac at her death. Especially after she did it to herself by shoving her leg in

    • TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom
      TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom 10 days ago +1

      @Statical Eel I think all of those are probably true

    • lilmoris1
      lilmoris1 10 days ago +2

      @Statical Eel Monsters are villains are almost always not evil by choice, but by their very own nature. Some exceptions exist of course.

    • Statical Eel
      Statical Eel 10 days ago +7

      Some of the things she says makes me wonder 3 things.
      1. Could you have reasoned with her and negotiated letting her live in return for letting her live?
      2. May there be a scary hierarchy that we don’t know about yet? Because she mentions how he’ll make her “a part of him now” if she died. As if her failure justified this entity in taking her corpse and using her for something.
      3. Are these monstrous toys really villains and monsters? Or an uncontrollable result of the traumas that the experiments obviously cause the subjects. A much more violence inducing PTSD if you will.

  • The L
    The L 12 days ago +9

    Something i noticed about poppy is that when she was nice and helpful/friendly her eyes were a bright green, but when “the darkness” took over, her eyes turned to a dark black surrounding dark blue
    Just a nice detail i found cool :)

  • Lucas Rand
    Lucas Rand 12 days ago +4

    Ok hear me out, what if poppy isn’t actually bad? Just because she’s colder doesn’t necessarily mean she’s bad. Think of it this way: someone who has a similar character to Poppy decides to join the US Marine Corps. They get deployed to a war zone, and upon return, they just aren’t the same. They’re a lot colder, and they aren’t the person you knew before they left. This is a common result of trauma. Poppy was stuck away for a while, apparently asleep, therefore she was better when first waking up, but later remembers all the people lost in the factory and decides they need to stay and get them out.

  • reptar dudebro
    reptar dudebro 10 days ago +6

    Can't help but wonder if the person we're playing is in fact the founder Elliot Ludwig. Only reason I have to think that is his face in the tape is either blurred out or covered with a black box and we have yet to see what our faceless protagonist looks like. Also if he was the director then spider betty spaghetti is not exactly wrong when she says we worked there. Just my two cents.

  • M Lupa Noir
    M Lupa Noir 4 hours ago

    I just love Poppy's facial expression while Mommy is toying with her

  • Noah Bonecat
    Noah Bonecat 19 days ago +6845

    When it comes to kissy and huggy, i beleive that Huggy (due to his maximum obedience according to a tape) was actually ordered to kill and stalk anyone who came isnside, from the hands of poppy or an employee that could tell him. Kissy is in a more decrepit zone (perhaps a more abandoned and rarely used zone) and kissy could not have been given orders to kill, she has her own free will but huggy does not, rendering him a helpless killing machine.

    • PeterGriffin
      PeterGriffin 3 days ago

      @DrunkLordI think the point of him not attacking immediately was just so the intruder would have multiple chances to leave, having a dead body in your factory isn’t a good look.

    • PeterGriffin
      PeterGriffin 3 days ago

      @Shelby Bayer
      1006 is not mommy
      1006 is supposed to be male
      1006 is the Coraline-esque thing that dragged mommy away when she died

    • DrunkLord
      DrunkLord 7 days ago

      Okay but the fact that Huggy didn't attack us on the spot in the beginning suggests that someone must've ordered him to hunt us down during the events of chapter 1. We might not be the only human in the factory after all.

    • Sl7h Klzg
      Sl7h Klzg 7 days ago

      Like I am not a big deal but if I am to make any changes I can come to you with your own and 5th floor plans with your friends and all the changes in your friends and all the changes in the future and all the things you can do it 🎶 your life YOS

    • Sl7h Klzg
      Sl7h Klzg 7 days ago

      Yes probably the other stuff Eric and all YOS are doing and all that

  • Rumble Roller
    Rumble Roller 15 days ago +5

    (23:20) Its likely that Mommy said something that pissed Poppy off. They were alone for an extended about of time. So who knows what ideas, or thoughts, were exchanged...

  • fridge.
    fridge. 10 days ago +8

    Maybe huggy wuggy just attacked us because he’s a security measure, and he’s extremely obedient to the staff, this would make sense too

  • JoSuHa0670
    JoSuHa0670 6 days ago +1

    One line that seems a little brushed over was in chapter 1, Leith Pierre says invisible alarms are one of the more tame aspects to their security systems. Was he talking about buggy also being pet of the security technically?

  • 🥀gเgเ ヅ
    🥀gเgเ ヅ 15 days ago +6

    Marie Payne = Specialist that fell victim to the Prototype?
    Also Poppy's need to keep the protagonist could be simply to do with wanting wanting to use them like Marie and so many others were used to create toys.
    Protagonist's personality could be a good fit for a new brave toy or she could just be lonely and want to keep them by her side forever... and ever and ever.

  • Gabby May
    Gabby May 17 days ago +3599

    I’m surprised nobody is talking about this but it seemed Mommy Long Legs recognizes the protagonist. During statues she states how the protagonist used to work their and deserves to die. While we don’t know what the protagonist used to do at the company, the fact that mommy recognizes them is telling.

    • tam nguyen
      tam nguyen 4 days ago


    • Pisces Person
      Pisces Person 5 days ago

      @Leoh Dcp Mommy is experiment 1222…

    • Leoh Dcp
      Leoh Dcp 6 days ago

      @video dude! The prototype (exp 1006) came before Mommy Long Legs (exp 1223) so probably before Daddy Long Legs too. Mommy was the first toy to have success and like Huggy with Kissy Missy, they decided to create a family for her (which might not have been possible, probably because of the escape of 1006 short after, leading to the factory being shut down)

    • E C
      E C 8 days ago

      @Egg Or the protagonist is prominent figure in the facility or works at a division close to mommy so mommy literally recognizes his face and took that personally

    • video dude!
      video dude! 9 days ago

      @Amin Ettman well the prototype is based on the daddy long legs spider

  • Andrea Jane Ulla
    Andrea Jane Ulla 2 days ago

    Well, there's one character they didn't talk about, is the main protagonist of Poppy Playtime. The identity of the player is still a mystery and why no one ever makes a theory video about the former Playtime worker.

  • Kerri D
    Kerri D 5 days ago +1

    *”They called me mommy because I was the closest thing they ever had to one”*
    Yeah. I don’t think it was a daycare for staff. I think it the children used for experiments were orphans DELIBERATELY adopted to be used for experiments. It would be more realistic as it seems like most, if not all of the orphans ended up trapped inside a toy. If the facility was using kids of staff without them knowing, they couldn’t get away with countless kids disappearing at the daycare.
    Maybe some employees didn’t know (like jack) 😂 but definitely alot did

  • Doug Combs
    Doug Combs Day ago

    What I think is really interesting is why Huggy wanted to kill us in chapter 1. In the last scientist log about the prototype, he says that huggy is the optimal experiment due to maximum obedience. I don’t think huggy wanted to kill the player out of pure desire, I think he was instructed to kill us. By who and what for? That remains a mystery.

  • Froggo gamer
    Froggo gamer 10 days ago +1

    man there’s always these really deep story behind these horror games that people find out on like only the 2nd chapter

  • Villager
    Villager 19 days ago +2638

    Quick theory: The living toy experiments and the child experiments were independent of each other. Living toys were heavily used in the testing at the game station(the Wuggys, Mommy Longlegs, PJ) so they already knew how to make living toys by this point. It’s more likely that the children were involved in the experiments to reverse death.

    • Sara Fontanini
      Sara Fontanini 13 days ago

      Yeah that's what I'm thinking, a a lot of stuff in chapter 1 led me to beleive that rather than children the toys were made using the employees, at least at frst and the experiments with chidlren could be etiehr an attempt at making toys that were more adaptable to the transformation comapred to the adults or, potentially, bonding the children with the toys/employees as a way of keeping them udner control, possibly.

    • Czar Bomba
      Czar Bomba 16 days ago

      Villager there’s a bot in the comment section that stole your comment

    • Villager
      Villager 16 days ago

      @Czar Bomba what?

    • Czar Bomba
      Czar Bomba 16 days ago

      Bot stole your comment

    • Emmett Gardner
      Emmett Gardner 17 days ago

      I think playtime corps aren't just content with making plastic friends, they want to make REAL friends

  • Nastia
    Nastia 3 days ago

    I have a little theory my self to add on to this one. At the end of chapter 2, we see the sign "PLAYCARE". The name itself gives us a hint of what to expect, the word "PLAY" meaning that we are obviously still stuck in this endless factory where toys come to life, and "CARE". Care is the state of supervising, protecting, and maintaining the health and welfare of someone or something, MEANING that this next place that we are going to be discovering could be something like a hospital... or a laboratory. If we go back a little earlier before the chase between the protagonist and Mommy Long Legs, we see a sneak peak of the laboratory that was used for testing, and possibly turning children (or staff) into toys. If your theory of scientists testing abilities then taking them away and turning them into toys is correct, then it could be possible that "PLAYCARE" leads us to a part of that exact laboratory/testing room that we have seen earlier, or maybe into a completely different laboratory/testing room. Inside of this new place, we might be able to find the missing employees and possibly... human remains.
    After we defeat Mommy Long Legs, we see a claw reaching out to grab her remains that have fallen on the ground. While she was screaming in pain she had said "He'll make me part of him". Experiment 1006 reaches out for Mommy Long Legs remains, so we already have this belief that experiment 1006 is this huge monster made out of toy and human remains. Going back to what I said about my theory, this could also mean that this "PLAYCARE" could be where the prototype is hiding, since this is most likely a place where there are many potential tools that could help him with attaching remains of toys and humans... onto himself.
    (I know this is a really long theory but I kinda went all in since I just loved the lore we were given and I believe that this theory could actually uncover a lot of things, that is if it is proven to be somewhat correct. But we'll have to wait until early 2023 to actually find out what's going on).
    Thank you for listening to my theory :)

  • Jameson Hardcastle
    Jameson Hardcastle 9 days ago

    I hope you're making a good living for yourself making these videos! You do a fantastic job with everyone I've watched this far! Thank you!!!!

  • Akshaj Jain
    Akshaj Jain 15 days ago +2

    I haven't seen many people notice this so I'm pointing it out, in the Mommy Long Legs toy trailer at the start of chapter two, there is a scene where Mommy Long Legs is in a room which looks suspiciously like the backrooms. Also when you kill Mommy Long Legs the hand which drags her looks just like the backrooms monster's hand. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Cynthia Young
    Cynthia Young 14 days ago

    New here and I have to say, your theory videos are the best I’ve seen by far. 😍

  • Christopher Gibbs
    Christopher Gibbs 19 days ago +1423

    I'm not sure if anyone else has thought of the same theory, but I feel that experiment 1006 is Elliott Ludwig himself. I feel that after the tragic death (which I believe led to his divorce) drove him to throw himself into his work even more than he had done before.
    And failing to find a suitable subject to do human trials on he forced his team to do the tests on himself because he had nothing else to lose. The team stopped experimenting on him because they could see how dangerous he was becoming so they kept him under observation but he manges to escape and it using the other parts of the toys to keep him alive.

    • Christopher Gibbs
      Christopher Gibbs 7 days ago

      @margareth michelina I love the Kissy Missy part! Might be right! Hopefully we don't have to wait long until we find out!

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina 7 days ago +1

      Once again, the owner of the company is the final boss. How clichè. But, then. It all make sense.
      His daughter died a long time ago and if you see in his office, there are a lot of hand drawing pictures of his daughter along with the toys. His daughter must've possesed Poppy and wants to stop her father being berserk. But, Poppy in the end is acting cold all of the sudden because she still has a feeling that her father is looking for her and the protagonist. Probably the Prototype is the one who sabotaged the train because Poppy also sounds surprised when the train jammed as she said "WHAT?"
      And Poppy must've been got locked up for so long because he wants his daughter who possesed the doll safe.
      And I have a feeling Kissy Missy is his death wife who possesed her and that's why she didn't attack the protagonist and helping he / she (we have no idea the gender of the protagonist)

    • alisha peres
      alisha peres 17 days ago +1

      This theory kinda make sense and it reminds me of springtrap

    • Raze Warrion
      Raze Warrion 18 days ago +1

      Actually I thought the same thing!!

    • Blitz-Soldaten
      Blitz-Soldaten 18 days ago +1

      I love how FNAF, BATIM, and Poppy play time, horror games that their creators are turned into abominations, monsters...clearly Frankenstein horror...

  • zeiphoria
    zeiphoria 13 days ago +1

    It’s interesting how Poppy and Stella’s voice actors are the same. Maybe Stella was betrayed and turned into Poppy? It could explain why Poppy was locked in a case, never supposed to be opened as she may have cause havoc in the world outside the factory walls. The management didn’t want Stella to spill their secrets, and ruin their reputation as a company which makes kid’s toys.

  • Sonia M
    Sonia M 12 days ago +7

    im really curious if later on in the game, if the player will venture deeper into the factory, and even into the place where they actually transformed the children into the toys. i think i'd be interesting to see the "surgical room"

  • TheQjad135
    TheQjad135 14 days ago

    Chapter 2 definitely took such a good turn, like we get yo learn more about Playtime it confirms a lot of suspicions and it furthers the story more to

  • BunBunBunnylover
    BunBunBunnylover Day ago +1

    I was literally in tears when I had to kill mommy because I knew she was a human because of the blood and also Marie Payne I heard was a real person because of a video I watched so Supposably Marie was a real human that got kidnapped I heard idk tho I can't remember the rest but chapter 2 was really hard but upsetting at points 💖❤💜✨

  • Veliona
    Veliona 19 days ago +433

    - Mommy honestly just wanted to protect the children and kids, and when she wasn’t able to see them anymore, she grew angry and twisted and possibly knew that they killed them

    • Melon
      Melon 19 days ago +71

      Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mommy knew why the children weren't coming back. The children kept her calm so when they stopped coming it gave her time to fester her hatred even more towards the workers.

    • Danai Sigala
      Danai Sigala 19 days ago +20

      Oh maybe, that's a reason

  • BlazeCraftGaming
    BlazeCraftGaming 13 days ago +1

    The kind of animation in this game is impeccable

  • ZombieZen
    ZombieZen 13 days ago +2

    I was watching this and I saw that poppy’s eyes had gotten darker when we rescued her from mommy but in the beginning of chapter 2 they were normal which makes me wonder if poppy’s darkness might come around and she might become an enemy in future chapters?

  • SickAlasta
    SickAlasta 14 days ago +3

    Does anyone else think the beeping noises when on the train sound like an alarm clock and not like what should be an emergency noise. It got me thinking that there might be some kind of dream aspect to the story. Also consider every time you die, you get told "GET UP" also alot of the death messages imply that there is some kind of entity which is aware the deaths aren't real with quotes like: "Nobody is here by choice", "You can take it", "You can die later", "This isn't about you", "I still have plans for you".

  • Cooper Alex
    Cooper Alex 14 days ago

    There’s just something about this voice that I love to relaxing to listen to when i am in my room minding my own business

  • Railfan #1
    Railfan #1 19 days ago +1570

    I think that the scariest part of "The Prototype" is presumed human-like appearance. If you take a look at the 1st part of it's arm, you'll notice 2 bones twisted, crossing over each other. The very same way a human skeleton arm works. So perhaps The Prototype is trying to look more human.
    Speaking of The Prototype, you know that beeping noise at the end of Poppy's last message to us? A gamer named "Thinknoodles" thought that The Prototype got her. Poppy sounds like she sealed herself somewhere. But with the makeshift laser pointer The Prototype made with "a battery from a *digital alarm clock* as well as other components", The Prototype managed to capture her.

    • First Off Productions
      First Off Productions 8 days ago

      @Ammar Abbas ok but did I ask?

    • Ammar Abbas
      Ammar Abbas 8 days ago

      @First Off Productions no one cares what your reminded of.

    • xiao's almond tofu
      xiao's almond tofu 14 days ago +1

      @gg_lol glad I found someone who’s seen it

    • Mr Saba Gaming
      Mr Saba Gaming 14 days ago

      I think the prototype is Elliot Ludwig. So if Elliot captured her than that’s why she didn’t let us go the prototype would lock her up in that case again so maybe that’s why she didn’t let us go so we could save her again and I think the footsteps of tapping sound at the end was the prototype and I think the prototype has two sides the evil and scary side and fun side. So is mommy long legs and poppy at the end because her eyes were waaaayyy darker at the end and if you could notice mommy long legs had green eyes but when we “cheated” Amanda she offered us to play hide and seek her eyes turned dark witch means that she turned into her dark and scary side and I think poppy did that too so we can’t trust kissy missy that much cuz every doll or toy has a dark side in the factory so I think it will be the same with the prototype. Maybe I am very very wrong so don’t believe me that much.
      But we can be the prototype too but that dosnt have a theory so it will be Impossible
      But surely we are a worker here because mommy only was nice to the kids but would kill the workers. And it looked like she tried to kill us in every game.
      That’s my theory I know it’s like a whole book but I think my theory is right

    • Xander the Hybrid
      Xander the Hybrid 15 days ago +1

      @gg_lol same I loved how spooky and creepy it was

  • Nyx Blood Hunter
    Nyx Blood Hunter 3 days ago

    The way mommy's pupils constantly grow and constrict is just 👌

  • Quality
    Quality 4 hours ago +1

    Marie Payne is actually a person that went missing in 1977. Thought this was cool to just get out there

  • Aki Akari
    Aki Akari 12 days ago +3

    Small question, was the people who wrote on the reject letters children? One of the reject letters wrote "Whoever came up with this idea should feel ashamed -Management" but the others don't write
    "-Management". The writing on the others look very child-like and one of the reject paper's write nothing but "HAHA" and has 3 tic-tac-toe games on the paper. The note from management uses a darker red but the other child like writing is written with a red-ish orange color.

  • Arabella Bunty
    Arabella Bunty 13 days ago +1

    the way mommy says, "You make me apart of him!" makes your theory even true.

  • Newer Republic
    Newer Republic 19 days ago +487

    I’m not even surprised Poppy betrayed us. Being stuck in that box no doubt changed her way of thinking. She’s had her own agenda as I expected and we are just a means to an end for her.

    • Robi Terosa
      Robi Terosa 12 days ago

      @Belle In beta version alpha version of poppy playtime chapter 2 poppy also said this "You have so much potential I know you came to find the ones who had disappeared all those years ago..But they're Gone they've been gone for a long time terrible things happened and I'm the cause . Being able to exist as a doll,it has killed so many people so much is unknown to you... where do I even begin? But you can fix everything! I see it inside you. This train is now heading towards to's the best place to start looking

    • Robi Terosa
      Robi Terosa 16 days ago +2

      @Belle as we can see at the beggining She said I NEED YOU TO TRUST ME BECA---- that was last words we hear before she got kidnap by mommy long legs and remember she said at the end "terrible things that happened I will set things right but I know your capable--------" so capable of what?
      Edit: I just found out poppy is easy to be traumatised

    • LivelyLiv
      LivelyLiv 17 days ago

      @Robi Terosa that could be possible

    • Belle
      Belle 17 days ago

      @Robi Terosa it could be that she was trying to seem "normal" until she could lure us into the train where we couldn't run away from her when she revealed her true intentions

    • Robi Terosa
      Robi Terosa 17 days ago +2

      @LivelyLiv hear me out ok in the beginning poppy sound very normal but when we are about to ride the train he sound like dead inside deep sound and keeps staring at you so maybe the spider prototype that there saying (not mommy long legs) is still controlling her

  • PHEO
    PHEO 12 days ago +1

    i just played it today and i love the design and mechanics of the games! I wish theres an actualy playground lol kids/teens/adults will love it

  • Kxnq Breezy
    Kxnq Breezy 10 days ago +1

    Tbh my 2 biggest questions in this whole series is what happened to Huggy? I know he fell in the first chapter but shoot he could still be alive who knows. And the other is what happened to Poppy at the end of the message when she said “WHAT”? then it cut out.. could have been another toy that captured her for the 3rd chapter

  • XtremelyGamez
    XtremelyGamez 10 days ago +1

    The Prototype could be a new piece of technology that could replace the Grab Pack if chapter 3 comes out (or it could be a part of the new monster that will come in chapter 3), (it's probably false though)
    The dinosaur is the only character that hasn't been introduced yet, so he may be the main character, but a guest appearance could also be made by Huggy-- the two of them could work together to end the monstrosity once and for all---by getting the children back to play.

  • Blarrgiambrony
    Blarrgiambrony 10 days ago +1

    One thing I noticed is that Poppy's eyes change between the beginning and in the end. They are bigger with dark circles under. I'm not sure what it means.. for all we know its her dropping the façade of being the sweet innocent poppy and instead more to their true personality of some bitter who wants to 'make things right'
    Other things I noticed was that suspiciously poppy doesn't talk in front of mommy long legs. Now this is just a speculation but what if poppy isn't a toy but the prototype using a girls voice to pretend to be poppy. If mommy heard the voice she might have recognized it as not poppy.
    Edit: Also wanted to point out a part in the unwanted toys section that mentions that a industrial saboteur named Patty Hall messed up a shipment and was Dealt with. What this means storywise.. I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised if she got used as a guinea pig.

  • dig dog
    dig dog 19 days ago +2358

    Theories about the protagonist
    1. We the player are Elliott Ludwig himself returning to our factory to tie up loose ends
    2. We are Rich (the disgruntled employee) who quit in the first place, but returned after being worried on what happened
    3. We are a test dummy
    4. We are Elliot Ludwig’s theorized dead child that was successful brought back to life and returned to the factory by a key phrase. Similar to Bioshock’s “would you kindly”
    Edit: wow thank you so much for 2k likes I honestly appreciate everyone sharing your theories and whether or not you agree with my theories I know they may be wrong but that’s the point of theories.

    • Assia El Mabrouki
      Assia El Mabrouki 16 days ago

      I don't think we are Ludwig, I think we will rather encounter him later on

    • curtfluff
      curtfluff 16 days ago

      its already said in the beginning we’re the ex employee

    • Ultron the Technological tyrant
      Ultron the Technological tyrant 17 days ago

      None of these works, poppy is suspected to be the dead kid of ludwig, the prototype is suspected to be Ludwig, we are just a random worker who went back to a nightmare.

    • Clever Anonym
      Clever Anonym 18 days ago +2

      I still like the "We are a toy" theory the most. I mean, no voicelines, no breathing, no shaking, nothing. In the first chapter you can also hear how insanely fast our legs move compared to the speed. I think the devs would have payed attention to that kind of detail, I think it is on pourpose.

    • L30
      L30 18 days ago

      I see ourselves more as Leith Pierre or that mystery worker. Btw if you don’t know what I mean by the mystery worker, when we go down to save poppy and fall out Elliot Ludwig’s tube, if you go more to the right there’s a unnamed tube with the letters in the floor.

  • TheSovietUnion
    TheSovietUnion 14 days ago +1

    If you look closely at the border of poppies eyes, you can see they are more human looking eyes than actual doll ones. Also, note that after you save poppy from mommy, the darkness around the colored part of her eye has grown, indicating that she has grown darker, and more sinister.

  • Jessie Phipps
    Jessie Phipps 8 days ago +4

    the way that marie payne is a missing clinds case from like the 1900'ds is honestly pretty interesting to me. (yes i looked her name up and thats what was shown)

  • Sara Fontanini
    Sara Fontanini 13 days ago +1

    it seems likely to me that if the toys were already alive during the suppsoed experiments with children, that means the children weren't the original focus of the experiments and thus more in line with what the game seemed to be setting up in chapter 1 of the employees being the initial experiments, and the experiments with the children came later, possibly trying to deal with the more erratic behaviour of the living toys by finding subjects that could possibly handle the transformation better.
    Alternative theory: they were trying to find a way to make the children bond with the toys/employees to get the toys under control.

  • Jon Rousseau
    Jon Rousseau 14 days ago

    Finally, I was so tired of trying to figure out how to fit all this in

  • Ronald dakin
    Ronald dakin 7 days ago +1

    Mommy longlegs unwittingly helped the malicious company test on the kids.
    It makes me upset to think that the CEO of Playtime Co. had fallen into a cult just to revive his daughter.

    • Arsh Akber
      Arsh Akber 6 days ago

      Elliot is the founder of playtime co not ceo but I do think he’s also the ceo

  • shaded_lazerus
    shaded_lazerus 4 days ago

    finding out jacksepticeye was in poppy playtime, made me interested in it lol tbh the game looks alot different to what i expected

  • Arr0W🐺🥀
    Arr0W🐺🥀 14 days ago +1

    Marie Payne used to be a mother but was forced from her will to become a subject of Playtime. CO. The reason why she was so motherly and warm toward the experiments and protective was because they reminded her of her kids. She was hostile toward the workers because they took the kids away.

  • Ryan Slaughter
    Ryan Slaughter 12 days ago +1

    I was at a decent age when FNAF dropped but I never had any interest in the lore. With Poppy Playtime it's totally a new ball game. The very little details hidden and or given just have me wanting to learn more about just everything. One thing I realized is not too many brought up PJ Pug-apillar because we see a toy of him across from the mural of the toys. I wonder if he'll make a brief appearances in the next chapter

  • ReddCinema
    ReddCinema 19 days ago +2616

    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up! ❤

    • Just End
      Just End 16 days ago

      @electro spectro who bothers saying ”mald” anymore such a lame answer should’ve went for ”cry about it” and who even bothers with this stuff unless they are 7 or younger… not everyone knows the term “mald” and you attacking my mans for asking…

    • NotLoriHere
      NotLoriHere 17 days ago

      @E you too

    • NotLoriHere
      NotLoriHere 17 days ago

      @Coolguystronger uno reverse

    • NotLoriHere
      NotLoriHere 17 days ago

      @Dat guy XD

    • E
      E 17 days ago

      @Dat guy Says the one with a fortnite character pfp

  • Chad Andrews
    Chad Andrews 14 days ago +1

    Go to the time 8:38/8:39 and in the bottom left you can see a branch like hand, reaching to grab someone’s head. It flash’s on the screen as part of the static.

  • Rico Rommel Dumaplin

    Imagine someone decide to turn this game into a movie or tv series

  • PreciousGem912
    PreciousGem912 14 days ago +1

    Before Poppy gets cut off on the train, I heard the sound of a digital alarm clock, I think the prototype found Poppy and tried to hijack the train before we stopped it.

  • Christopher Reynolds

    It's actually likely Huggy Wyggy is still alive. There is a portion of the game where blue fur and bloody Inhuman hand prints are seen going up a wall and over some pipework.

  • Pearl
    Pearl 19 days ago +744

    These games may be very fun to play, and fun to watch videos about them, but if you exhaust yourself with all of this content, everyone would suffer! Please remember to take care of yourself, Mike.

    • Oliver
      Oliver 18 days ago +3

      Well this person cares about mike

    • Lachlan Rodgers
      Lachlan Rodgers 18 days ago

      @Oliver um why are you calling him/her a legend

    • Oliver
      Oliver 19 days ago +8

      Your a legend

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 12 days ago +1

    they were recommended to keep a length of 20 feet away from her, so why were the staff told that the spider does not exist? Plus, mommy long legs is long, but not really “big

  • Moo Chris
    Moo Chris 7 days ago

    The more I hear about the lore of this game the more it feels like the perfect combination of FNAF and BATIM.

  • Michael McGill
    Michael McGill 14 days ago +1

    somebody might of already said this but when poppy says "what?!" at the end on the train, you hear the alarm clock before her cut off, possibly the same alarm clock that exp. 1006 dissasembled in his cell prior to the story.

  • Serenity the Siren
    Serenity the Siren 13 days ago +2

    I don't think Ludwig's daughter (if that is who it is) is trapped inside Poppy. I believe she may be trapped inside Kissy Missy. Poppy, at the end, seems too sinister to be a child. Kissy Missy, however, seems innocent and friendly. And it also makes sense with the lever. A child wouldn't be used to such long arms, so they might slip.

  • Alt F4
    Alt F4 16 days ago +546

    The fact that Jack septiceye showed up in two indie horror games with a tape functionality and both times were in an area with a toy fabricator and or factory is a wild coincidence

    • Artbyte
      Artbyte 5 days ago

      Ikr! I was looking for this comment!

    • Hope Ocean
      Hope Ocean 10 days ago +4

      He also voice acted a janitor in one of the Puppet Combo games.

    • James O'Callaghan
      James O'Callaghan 10 days ago +6

      And both times exaggerating his accent for a character that didnt seem to know what the f*ck if going on

    • epikman
      epikman 10 days ago +5

      @DeathnoteBB if we had a nickel for each time jacksepticeye got in an indie horror game, we'd have two. But it's weird that we have two

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB 10 days ago +4

      If we had a nickel for both times, that would be two nickels

  • ConTheCrow
    ConTheCrow 11 days ago

    This makes me so sad, I see Mommy in a whole new light now and i’m going to now adopt these characters into my loving dork heart 😞 ALSO I ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT THAT WHILE WATCHING A PLAYTHROUGH- POPPY COULD BE THE SOUL OF LUDWIG’S DAUGHTER

  • Moosh.i
    Moosh.i 10 days ago

    When you jump through the hole in the floor to follow Poppy after she’s been kidnapped, we exit to see a row of slides labeled with names of important factory personnel (like Elliot Ludwig). There’s an extra slide with no name and completely decrepit, i think our protagonist might be that last mystery person.