• Published on Oct 20, 2019
    Check out this video full of cool inventions that will ease your life. You will find ideas on how to use a toothbrush in very surprising ways, amazing clothing ideas, beauty ideas that all the girls should know.
    Here is a collection of jaw-dropping ideas:
    -Attach two toothbrushes to properly clean your teeth
    -Use a toothbrush to easily apply mascara
    -Do you love ponytails? Usually, we face an annoying problem when you have made a flawless ponytail for a party but you find flyaways in your hair. We have a cool trick for this irritating problem-use hairspray and toothbrush
    -Find an easy tutorial on how to make DIY Towel wrap
    -Check out a quick way to make beautiful curls
    -Makeup remover marker is a genius tool to correct your makeup. You can do it at home, just find an old highlight marker. Remove the core piece of a marker and place in water. Let it soak until the color disappears. Take a bowl and pour makeup remover. Place the core piece and wait
    -If your red lipstick looks too glossy cover it with setting powder
    -Get rid of dark circles using tea bags. Watch the tutorial!
    -If you don’t have a face wash, use olive oil to remove makeup.
    -Find out how to store and fold your linens
    -Use vinegar, soda, and a toothbrush to remove stubborn coffee stains
    -Red wine stains may seem to be a real disaster if you don’t know what to do. But we are ready to help! Cover the stain with salt and after that pour boiled water on it. After that, wash as usual
    00:09 Crafts made from toothbrushes
    02:27 DIY Towel wrap
    05:33 Makeup tips you need to know
    07:38 Replace face wash with olive oil
    09:00 How to clean coffee stains

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  • Punjab Kitchen Secrets


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