• Published on Mar 9, 2019
    This one was UNREAL. Hope you enjoy the video, feel free to share your opinions with me in the comments!
    Join me on my journey as I follow Manchester United round Europe in this year's Champions League Competition! SPECIAL THANKS TO PLAYSTATION UK FOR THE TICKET HOOK UP!
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Comments • 2 326

  • Kamen Stoyanov
    Kamen Stoyanov 3 days ago +1

    Why you just don't go watch the game in the away sits!?

  • Jollof Boy
    Jollof Boy 10 days ago +2

    3:08 I'm rolling my man

  • DSRReacts
    DSRReacts 12 days ago


  • Jan
    Jan 20 days ago

    I was crying when PSG lost if neymar was playing they might of win

  • Ellie Gowlett
    Ellie Gowlett Month ago

    Man united forever

  • Taze Riftz
    Taze Riftz Month ago

    Kiembapa can not spell but he should of been sent of and then pogba was sent of

  • loganda boy!!!!
    loganda boy!!!! Month ago

    I was there

  • chicken nugget man
    chicken nugget man Month ago


  • Noah Carlsen-Rausch

    Every dislike is from PSG fans

  • Samuel Ireland
    Samuel Ireland Month ago

    As a Liverpool fan I recon we should of easily won that game 2-0 or more

  • sreamer btw
    sreamer btw Month ago

    Like if uatffstisot

  • Lf 11
    Lf 11 Month ago

    Man U is the best club in the world

  • Yuqii
    Yuqii Month ago +11

    Who’s here when Barcelona won 3-0 against United

    • Nami San
      Nami San 16 days ago

      Who's here when liverpool won 4 - 0 against barcelona

    • Fort Swag
      Fort Swag 25 days ago

      Exotic Zendoes im ready

  • Colin Cagampang
    Colin Cagampang Month ago

    Too bad that man utd got eliminated by fc barcelona

  • Abed Fayad
    Abed Fayad Month ago +5

    I want tbjzl to make a video of Man U exit 😂😂

  • Samuel1127 Lee
    Samuel1127 Lee Month ago +2

    You lost 3-0 to Barcelona
    HA HA HA!

  • messi179 romero
    messi179 romero Month ago


  • Brayden Playz
    Brayden Playz Month ago +1

    I’ve been in the same situation, having to be in the Chelsea end when I’m supporting Man Utd, and it was Chelsea vs Utd that day.

  • Ryan Osullivan
    Ryan Osullivan Month ago

    Love man utd

  • Mary Fitzgerald
    Mary Fitzgerald Month ago +1

    That was the best day of my life too

  • Gabriela s
    Gabriela s Month ago

    Tobis reactions in front of PSG fans tho

  • yxng strxngs
    yxng strxngs Month ago

    Dat is such a nice coat! I'm jealous af

  • Eazi Testimony
    Eazi Testimony Month ago

    guy u a Nigerian right
    ur name is tobi

  • Assassin Gamer 365
    Assassin Gamer 365 Month ago

    Not a handball

  • Rebjok Albino
    Rebjok Albino Month ago

    I can’t help but notice how much tobi looks a lot like Ousmane Dembele

  • Abdirahim Hussein
    Abdirahim Hussein Month ago

    And you play Barca today....
    Series ending soon

  • Grill Jocinha
    Grill Jocinha Month ago

    I am from Porto so I support FC Porto and it is very surprising how we are in the quarter finals

  • Xander Lakin
    Xander Lakin Month ago


  • القرءان الكريم

    Rementada Historical Lovers Demons of wine For Aike Thank you😍⁦✌️⁩

  • Top meam
    Top meam Month ago +1

    I support Manchester United

  • ItsDanny
    ItsDanny Month ago +1

    * Accidentally celebrate too loud in front of PSG fan *
    *Run* *Run* *Run*

  • SoggyHighlanders
    SoggyHighlanders Month ago

    I screamed so loud haha couldn't believe it

  • Rob Riley
    Rob Riley Month ago


  • Benito Azagoh-Kouadio

    I support Man Utd

  • Inggris Modal YouTube With Adam

    Your silent celebration just hilarious man,LOL

  • Jack Bragg
    Jack Bragg Month ago

    9:53 why did the cheering sound like a China symbol thing

  • เกรียน แมน

    ดีใจกลางดงตีน สุดจัด555

  • Julian Perrone
    Julian Perrone Month ago

    Go united

  • May M
    May M Month ago +1

    Barca are gonna destroy man united. Sorry toby 😬

    • May M
      May M Month ago

      +Idjdjd Jrr ayyy barca fam

    • Idjdjd Jrr
      Idjdjd Jrr Month ago +1

      Ayeeeee barca

  • bailey-rae woolley
    bailey-rae woolley Month ago

    I’m glad kimbempe wasn’t sent off

  • Alexander Briones
    Alexander Briones Month ago

    I like Man Utd

  • Mr Mayo
    Mr Mayo Month ago +1

    at 3:00 you can hear someone say you f***ing c*nt

  • Jamal Edwards
    Jamal Edwards Month ago

    @tbjzl what's that coat you have with the black fur

  • Nathan_11
    Nathan_11 Month ago

    Why did he sit on psg end?

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan Month ago

    Just if only ..... you could show the match😭

  • TJGaming
    TJGaming Month ago

    I saw you on the news Tobi😂

  • Ma name David
    Ma name David Month ago

    Great video,just wanted to say when you talk spanish you sound like Gustavo fring from Breaking Bad.

  • Messi Suarez
    Messi Suarez Month ago

    Woah woah woah , Toby has toilet paper on his bed side table?

  • ninja_ X
    ninja_ X 2 months ago

    You mean Manchester City to Madrid

  • geri andi
    geri andi 2 months ago

    i can feeling the atmospher dude !

  • accuURated
    accuURated 2 months ago


  • BafrAd GIz
    BafrAd GIz 2 months ago

    When Ashford scores that I had my phone in my pencil case during english and literally screamed

  • Strenqth07843
    Strenqth07843 2 months ago

    Where is the wolves vs Man Utd

  • Kanker Aap
    Kanker Aap 2 months ago

    Where did you get that jacket its fire

  • Han zo
    Han zo 2 months ago

    Well you got Barcelona next 😂

  • Arian Mangal
    Arian Mangal 2 months ago +4

    I just want to mention that this is the best intro song I’ve heard on TheXvid

  • Dstriker 500
    Dstriker 500 2 months ago

    Tobi can you restock your clothing line

  • Fifa Mark
    Fifa Mark 2 months ago

    If we go out can u do videos like this throughout the competition please

  • Sgthulley 247
    Sgthulley 247 2 months ago

    All the man united fans y'all got a challenger approaching 'Barcelona' rip

  • Sgthulley 247
    Sgthulley 247 2 months ago

    Im a Liverpool fan and I have no comment on that match

  • Sayan Soccer 7
    Sayan Soccer 7 2 months ago +1

    Yessss united know Barcelona

  • Harlem King
    Harlem King 2 months ago

    Man utd won I am a spola

  • Liv Cahill
    Liv Cahill 2 months ago

    United for life🔴⚽️💙

  • Losian Plays
    Losian Plays 2 months ago +1

    I hope you win against barcelona

  • Kaylum mcdonagh
    Kaylum mcdonagh 2 months ago

    Imagine being a PSG fan rip lol back to dominating the farmers league

  • TFG Kurtis
    TFG Kurtis 2 months ago

    Tobi I love your vids and Man U for the win

  • Sanchit Gupta
    Sanchit Gupta 2 months ago

    thexvid.com/video/uSCCJwAWF3E/video.html Watch this if you are a United fan

  • 田中圭介
    田中圭介 2 months ago


  • Rustam Kohestani
    Rustam Kohestani 2 months ago

    Anyone knows what coat brand TBJ wearing ???

  • Damso Macarena
    Damso Macarena 2 months ago +3

    I'm french ans i love Man United

  • Heddder Whether
    Heddder Whether 2 months ago

    How are u so good at the triivela

  • Bodhi Taylor
    Bodhi Taylor 2 months ago

    That’s why united are the best with ole

  • Luis Morgan-smith
    Luis Morgan-smith 2 months ago +1

    I support Manchester United

  • Aviraj Singh
    Aviraj Singh 2 months ago

    Man Utd for life

  • Exot1c_ Nova
    Exot1c_ Nova 2 months ago +19

    Where my Manchester utd fans at

  • Jallal
    Jallal 2 months ago

    rah love this dude

  • Rexahs
    Rexahs 2 months ago

    looses to Arsenal then Looses to Wolves but can beat PSG okay budddyyy

    • Rexahs
      Rexahs 2 months ago

      +IAZ Gaming messi gon get a hatrick on us

    • IAZ Gaming
      IAZ Gaming 2 months ago

      Rexahs yeah then we beat Barca 4-0 away

  • Rizwan Kabir
    Rizwan Kabir 2 months ago +1


  • Rizwan Kabir
    Rizwan Kabir 2 months ago +1

    And Then u lose to Wolves...

    • IAZ Gaming
      IAZ Gaming 2 months ago


    • IAZ Gaming
      IAZ Gaming 2 months ago

      Rizwan Kabir yeah before we beat Barca 4-0 away

  • Liverpool
    Liverpool 2 months ago

    Would of celebrated if that was Liverpool me

  • Konstantinos Ravanis
    Konstantinos Ravanis 2 months ago

    +1 if you support man u

  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 2 months ago

    And then comes Barça lmao

  • Michael Wootton
    Michael Wootton 2 months ago

    And yet you lost to Wolves Yesterday

  • Fajar Adzani
    Fajar Adzani 2 months ago +6

    when you watching your fav team around enemy fans

  • Chris Halpo
    Chris Halpo 2 months ago

    Hated the game should’ve won against mancs

  • ZingyGuy
    ZingyGuy 2 months ago

    Why didn't you celebrate in front of the french fans? What are they gonna do, throw baguettes at you?

  • Hayden Lane
    Hayden Lane 2 months ago

    Pls don't have a go at me when I say Tobi I'm a wolves saport er so just saying good look to day (Saturday)

  • Turn Down For Juan
    Turn Down For Juan 2 months ago


  • Ya Boy tries
    Ya Boy tries 2 months ago

    Support Leeds and I’ll sub(;

  • Javier Enciso
    Javier Enciso 2 months ago +1


  • James Craik
    James Craik 2 months ago

    The atmosphere is rubbish

  • Alexander Doney
    Alexander Doney 2 months ago


  • Zachary CHEN
    Zachary CHEN 2 months ago


  • Mashed Chap
    Mashed Chap 2 months ago

    Yoooo the girl on Tobi’s left... gf confirmed???

  • Essa K
    Essa K 2 months ago

    Psg are better than Manchester United FC

  • Fluid_JemZ
    Fluid_JemZ 2 months ago

    black goalie

  • LB Movies
    LB Movies 2 months ago

    I couldn't believe seeing that scoreline ether tobie come on the reds

  • Viiolated
    Viiolated 2 months ago

    Pree how quiet he was ahahahah

  • Emir Mateen Halim
    Emir Mateen Halim 2 months ago

    I am a Liverpool fan I don’t hate PSG but although they are a big team, Man Utd REALLY deserved to win. This was very controversial.

    • Z. V
      Z. V 2 months ago


  • Ricky Dwijaya
    Ricky Dwijaya 2 months ago

    Since u r a United fans I sub then