Gordon Ramsay Served Stuffed Clams With No Clams | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • "Looks like a dog sh*t in my plate"
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  • Lacie Frazee
    Lacie Frazee 10 hours ago

    The sound effects are hilarious

  • Xikuzame Akatsi
    Xikuzame Akatsi 14 hours ago

    if he comes to Romania than 80% of the restaurants would be rip

  • Bert Smith
    Bert Smith Day ago

    Insepid, that's a new one, if you're going to use big words at least know how to pronounce them.

  • Oscars Mama
    Oscars Mama Day ago

    Does this guy ever like anything?

  • Claire Chen
    Claire Chen Day ago

    Tbh that salmon dish is looks kinda gross to begin with😶

  • Birdy
    Birdy Day ago +1

    So this is the clam?
    Well yes but actually no

  • The LEGEND
    The LEGEND Day ago +5

    If you want to see some real good ass food then watch Shokugeki💯🤐❤

  • unityyy ENT
    unityyy ENT 2 days ago

    Gordan the clams are up your ass

  • Smug N*bba Boiii
    Smug N*bba Boiii 2 days ago

    That's why I eat at buffets

  • Brian Glass
    Brian Glass 2 days ago

    Please stop with the slime sound effects!!!

  • Kimlichi frost
    Kimlichi frost 2 days ago +1

    How can I watch the whole episode guys?

  • YoogiNation
    YoogiNation 2 days ago

    Lmao at him blowing the parsley off the plate 😂😂

  • Steven Ciechan
    Steven Ciechan 2 days ago

    Absolutely dreadful (English accent)

  • Steven Ciechan
    Steven Ciechan 2 days ago

    My goodness I am very surprised at restaurants and how so called “chefs” don’t know how to cook worth a shit!!! You don’t microwave food in a restaurant, if you do you’re wrong.. disgusting.

  • They’re great
    They’re great 2 days ago +1

    “Looks like a dog shat in my shell” I love how colorful his descriptions are

  • JubJub
    JubJub 2 days ago

    "were about to get raped right now"

  • Jon Greenleaf
    Jon Greenleaf 2 days ago

    The salmon goes from cut to uncut to cut

  • Jon Greenleaf
    Jon Greenleaf 2 days ago

    What no more of angry lesbian midget

  • Marc Koshy
    Marc Koshy 2 days ago +1

    2:25 Gordon can tell it's stone cold in the middle just by touching it with his fork
    Oof man's a legend

    • Marc Koshy
      Marc Koshy 15 hours ago

      @DeathnoteBB yep

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB 15 hours ago

      Marc Koshy I mean if it’s still raw it’s gonna be cold too

  • louay playZ/animations and gameplays

    Gordon: *drinks water*
    Also gordon: *ITS WET AND SOGGY*

  • John Agelakis
    John Agelakis 2 days ago +2

    Whoever cut the waitters hair should be locked up for murdering his hair

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 3 days ago

    Waiter sounds just like Leonardo DiCaprio 😳😳

  • M_Zx H_Di
    M_Zx H_Di 3 days ago

    Is that new episodes?

  • katie v
    katie v 3 days ago

    If you can’t prepare for GORDON RAMSAY to come to your restaurant to eat your food, you don’t deserve to have a restaurant

  • frere jacques
    frere jacques 3 days ago

    Meatball salad! lmao

  • Mrigank Gurudatt
    Mrigank Gurudatt 3 days ago

    Honestly the Meatballs looked fine and Tasty until Gordon started Roasting them...

  • Yes or Yes
    Yes or Yes 3 days ago

    3:02 Tony Soprano coming.

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt 3 days ago

    Crap under there dreadful,
    Thanku ..as its so casual ahahaha

  • dms 4999
    dms 4999 4 days ago

    Lol meatball salad? 🤔

  • Paula Harris
    Paula Harris 4 days ago +1

    I wonder if anyone has ever served him actual shit on a plate just to see if he notices.
    Gordon "this is shit"
    Waiter "yes it is"

  • Kortney Collins
    Kortney Collins 4 days ago

    I like at the end u get 16 seconds to stare Gordon in his eyes deeply

  • James Watson Atheist Gamer

    These are my bedtime sleep stories.

  • Amy Esselborn
    Amy Esselborn 4 days ago

    Why do people open restaurants and serve food from Costco and Gordon's food service microwaved shit and think they can charge $50 for a plate. Are rich people stupid or something or just too lazy to cook their ownfood.?

  • Jamieson Donnell
    Jamieson Donnell 4 days ago


  • DarthSinistris
    DarthSinistris 4 days ago +1

    All the added sound effects are COMPLETELY unnecessary. That's how stupid the producers think we are, they have to add sound effects to make sure we know how gordon feels about the food.

  • NeutralAtJSP
    NeutralAtJSP 4 days ago

    Where's the clam sauce

  • hector lopez
    hector lopez 4 days ago

    Ma boi ramsey is so blunt he never holds back any punches

  • Rayan Ould-Kaci
    Rayan Ould-Kaci 4 days ago +1

    This mans says sauce is disgusting 😑

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnson 4 days ago

    Nino wouldn't forget to put clams in the stuffed clams & he would provide the pictures.

  • B-A-M F-A-N
    B-A-M F-A-N 4 days ago +1

    I thought we were having steamed clams

  • Jor Mac
    Jor Mac 4 days ago

    Were about to het reamed!
    He heats everything he’s eaten.
    Cuz it’s crap!! And you charge people five times what it’s worth.
    or not worth, for that matter.

  • Simon Mosca
    Simon Mosca 4 days ago

    Feel bad for the waiter lol

  • emo elyse
    emo elyse 4 days ago

    waiter looks like the Dolan brothers

  • Lizzie's Lukas
    Lizzie's Lukas 4 days ago

    "how much sound effect do you want?"

  • JustShel
    JustShel 5 days ago

    The waiter came ready with the fork😂😂😂

  • Joey Chung
    Joey Chung 5 days ago

    People swear they a cheeseburger but they walkin around with no cheese

  • Kaitlin Hudson
    Kaitlin Hudson 5 days ago

    That slimy sound effect when he rakes through the food kills me 😂😂😂

  • Angelique
    Angelique 5 days ago

    Ah fuck yesterday 😂 these chefs can’t be serious day old food and everything microwaved 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Squid Master
    Squid Master 5 days ago

    "We're about to get raped right now. "
    Well at least you know he's not going in raw..

  • Kel-C
    Kel-C 5 days ago

    That’s not stuffed clams....that’s stuffing balls! Lol I’ll make them for thanksgiving 🙂 thanks for the idea chef!

  • Lionel Hutz
    Lionel Hutz 5 days ago

    3:02 "ba-da bing ba-da boom, I'll fix this fucking limey"

  • rick conrad
    rick conrad 5 days ago

    stuffed clam shells...

    WHERE!! ARE!! THE!!

    CLAMS!!! and another thing, what is the definition of rape in this day and age?!!

  • Kemonni Poitier
    Kemonni Poitier 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey = Skip Bayless

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 5 days ago +2

    Remember to keep comments respectful...ummm im watching Gordon Ramsey 😂😂😂😂

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 5 days ago +1

    No clams🤣😂

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee 5 days ago

    Shoulda brought the asshole scrambled eggs.

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316 5 days ago

    Why is the good part always cut off? I want to see how it ends!

  • soupy games
    soupy games 5 days ago

    The sound effects r unnecessary

  • Kabuse Guusman
    Kabuse Guusman 5 days ago

    Wtf $21 for leftovers? That's rediculous

  • Justin Jake Ashton
    Justin Jake Ashton 5 days ago

    The waiter seems like a cool guy.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 5 days ago

    Hi im 19 and i have never tasted Crab and Lobster my entire life

  • thesteelworm crawl
    thesteelworm crawl 5 days ago

    In italy i can eat 2 days with 21 dollars. Fuck those scammers.

  • iamhida
    iamhida 5 days ago

    “I was scared he was gonna stab me with the fork if I said no” lol yea I would have stabbed him back 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Steph Steph
    Steph Steph 5 days ago

    Honestly these people are so arrogant. There is a reason why this professional successful guy is helping. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ahsen Imtiaz
    Ahsen Imtiaz 5 days ago

    86 the whole damn restaurant !

  • Mr jump in
    Mr jump in 5 days ago

    Ramsay Entering in ramdom restaurant with hes camera man:
    Ramsay to the restaurant : I'm about to end this man's whole life career !

  • Phillip Rodriguez
    Phillip Rodriguez 6 days ago

    I bet this kid looked forward to what Gordon was going to say.

  • E Laurole
    E Laurole 6 days ago

    21 dollars for microwave food smh

  • emilio alaniz
    emilio alaniz 6 days ago

    If your doubting your own food then don’t make it dreadful loll

  • darkheartlightsoul
    darkheartlightsoul 6 days ago


  • Eli Fulgium
    Eli Fulgium 6 days ago

    Me: Looks amazing
    Gordon: Look at that! Disgusting
    Me: Umm... disgusting

  • Keanu Reevs
    Keanu Reevs 6 days ago +1

    No offence Americans but in my country worst Fish store has fresh and fine cocked food...

  • Tendernuggett 360
    Tendernuggett 360 6 days ago +2

    I love how he says
    Its dreadful
    Then right after
    tHaNk YoU

  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe 6 days ago

    Is that waiter on 16 and pregnant....

  • Aziz Zitoun
    Aziz Zitoun 6 days ago

    did he fucking roast an italian mob