Week 3 Power Rankings!

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Week 3 NFL Power Rankings!
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Comments • 1 419

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez 28 days ago

    Texans beat the chargers how the chargers better

  • Chrollo134
    Chrollo134 28 days ago

    The Rams look like cheeks this year (compared to last year).

  • Dustin Newman
    Dustin Newman 29 days ago

    Shouldn’t wins equal power rankings? Just asking

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L 29 days ago

    Cant believe the Lions are at 20 seems really low

  • Gerardo Meza
    Gerardo Meza 29 days ago

    As an eagles fan, HOW TF ARE WE RANKED 8th !!!?

  • NoNameTerin
    NoNameTerin 29 days ago

    I’m happy with 12 I’m actually surprised they were not dumb enough to put us in the 20’s

  • Aaron Flynn
    Aaron Flynn Month ago

    Now how does this work 31st? U serious

  • Gandhi the Terrible


  • Gravcon
    Gravcon Month ago

    #Americasteam ⭐️

  • NBA4 G
    NBA4 G Month ago

    how is detroit number 20 when they beat the number 11 and 8 😅

  • King Flacko
    King Flacko Month ago

    The saints beat the Seahawks on the road without drew brees

    • Landon Cooper
      Landon Cooper 29 days ago

      King Flacko i was thinking the same thing then I realized this is from a week ago

  • Jace Colling
    Jace Colling Month ago

    The dolphins are wayyy too low, I think some nba teams could beat em

  • Zach __
    Zach __ Month ago

    The rankings are ASSS

  • MossyCastle
    MossyCastle Month ago

    Lions shouldn’t only be 20

  • ZAYF Rocket
    ZAYF Rocket Month ago

    This is so bull😂

  • lemon
    lemon Month ago

    Wait since when did the dolphins become an NFL team?

  • JdubPierce
    JdubPierce Month ago

    Garrett Bolles more like Garrett Holds

  • Catherine Adair
    Catherine Adair Month ago

    It’s good to be the king. Go Pats!

  • Gamer14031 Studios
    Gamer14031 Studios Month ago

    My opinion: why tf are the Seahawks higher than Green Bay when Seattle barely beat the bengals and barley beat Pittsburgh btw the bengals are terrible and the Steelers are meh while Green Bay had beaten the Vikings and bears who according to the nfl are 9th and 10th soooooooooooo wtf when the Steelers are 19th and the bengals are 26th like what? So yea according to the NFL 26,19>10,9 like what 😂

  • Platinum Platypus
    Platinum Platypus Month ago

    The only likes from this are patriots fans

  • Just another O.E.F. Combat Vet

    The Seahawks are way too high. They’ve BARELY won their games.

  • Cryptic Scum
    Cryptic Scum Month ago

    49ers should be higher cuz they put beat teams in higher ranking then them

  • Franchise
    Franchise Month ago

    Packers should at least be top 5 🚫🧢

  • David Crawford
    David Crawford Month ago

    honestly new england finds a way to be #1 no matter what... its kinda stupid

  • Zeekee Reen
    Zeekee Reen Month ago

    Aaaahhhh yyyeeeaaahhh!!!!!!

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago +1

    The best play by the dolphins this year was a force fumble to Sony Michel...

  • Benjamin Diaz
    Benjamin Diaz Month ago

    The disrespect that the nfl gives the 49ers when they have 2 blow out wins

  • Blah BlahBlah
    Blah BlahBlah Month ago +1

    Damn Browns are better than more than half the teams in NFL. It's going to be a good season for them.

  • JayzWrld
    JayzWrld Month ago

    Hard disagree In the top 10. Ravens about two spots to high and the Seahawks shouldn’t be over the packers. They barley beat the BENGALS and Steelers without Big Ben.

  • Metal Steel
    Metal Steel Month ago

    I don't think the ravens, chiefs, seattle deserve those spots

  • Depressed Nevada Fan

    We already know Miami is tanking for Tua.

  • Pool Shark
    Pool Shark Month ago +1

    The only rankings that are accurate is the dolphins and the Patriots 😂

  • Curtis Reinas
    Curtis Reinas Month ago

    and of course the New England Patriots are ranked #1. Im happy with the Eagles rank.

  • Julian Neris
    Julian Neris Month ago

    How are the Titans ranked higher than the jags pls explain

  • BigEMcfarland
    BigEMcfarland Month ago

    God the bears should not be top 20

  • Loy Skywalker
    Loy Skywalker Month ago +1

    they have the browns higher than the steelers... never thought id see the day...

  • Captain Capri
    Captain Capri Month ago

    The browns suck

  • Gothicguy
    Gothicguy Month ago

    Fake list

  • jeffhardy181371
    jeffhardy181371 Month ago

    They put the Falcons at 21? lol that's a joke. They are at least top 12.

  • Lonnie Temple
    Lonnie Temple Month ago +3

    Vikings are N. 10 👏 not bad, SKOL!

  • Jimmi Stone
    Jimmi Stone Month ago

    You put my hawks at 6 lmfao

  • Jimmi Stone
    Jimmi Stone Month ago

    Go hawks

  • Johnny Eckel
    Johnny Eckel Month ago +1

    Falcons easily top 15. And Lions for that matter too

  • Coolbluetv kids
    Coolbluetv kids Month ago +1

    So this is a random comment

    AARON BROWN Month ago

    Bring back Harrison

  • Tracti0n
    Tracti0n Month ago +1

    3 of the top 10 teams are NFC North. Really the toughest division

  • Debate you? No, I'm going to Ether you.

    The Bears being overrated like always lmao

  • yolo yeet
    yolo yeet Month ago

    Seattle 6th heck yea😂

  • Seger Beer
    Seger Beer Month ago

    packers too high, steelers too high, bills too high, lions too low.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1 Month ago

    The redskins and cardinals are better than where their at here. Skins aren’t a great team but Keemum statistics wise has played well 5td 0 picks. They had a healthy eagles team against the ropes and were up on Dallas early. As good as the bears D is their offense has looked terrible after two weeks I wouldn’t be surprised if the Redskins upset them this week. Not saying they are gonna make any legitimate runs here but I think in the next few weeks they will be up closer to 20. The cards are getting their rhythm together they have some weapons here with a young Q.B I expect them to start making some noise as well.

  • Jazz Jay
    Jazz Jay Month ago

    How r the Falcons so low ? They beat the Eagles even if injuries were involved and they're gonna win that division for free. U can't tell me the Steelers and Titans r better than them come on now wtf

  • irvin jimenez
    irvin jimenez Month ago

    Once I saw the Browns over the saints I knew this list was bullshit

  • ddawgg23
    ddawgg23 Month ago

    Week 3 Picks
    Last Week: 9-7
    Season: 21-10-1
    49ers 30, Steelers 23 (Niners survive a sloppy first half)
    Chiefs 33, Ravens 27 (A point off from from exact)
    Falcons 12, Colts 9 (Vinatieri has a perfect day after a rough two weeks)
    Packers 27, Broncos 13 (Green Bay keeps doing things the right way)
    Titans 20, Jaguars 7 (Exact score, but wrong winner)
    Texans 19, Chargers 16 (Deshaun Watson outplays Philip Rivers)
    Vikings 20, Raiders 15 (Vikings shut down Raiders)
    Eagles 17, Lions 13 (Lions improve to 2-0-1)
    Patriots 36, Jets 13 (Pats engineer another blowout)
    Cardinals 26, Panthers 23 (Panthers win in Cam Newtown’s absence)
    Giants 26, Buccaneers 20 (Daniel Jones leads comeback from 18 down in first career start)
    Bills 30, Bengals 17 (Bills hang on to start 3-0)
    Seahawks 27, Saints 14 (Hawks get rocked at home)
    Rams 38, Browns 24 (Browns loss finishes 0-4 day for the AFC North)
    Bears 21, Redskins 20 (Bears finally win a game by a comfortable margin)
    Cowboys 45, Dolphins 10 (Dallas takes care of business yet again)

  • Original Slim
    Original Slim Month ago

    How are the vikings in the top 10 if cousins cant beat a team with a winning record?

  • Jakob Arnarsson
    Jakob Arnarsson Month ago

    Chiefs should be number one

  • Andrew buffalo Mclaren

    Dont agree with the rankings but the format is much better again

  • J.R Cody
    J.R Cody Month ago +4

    I get that the packers aren’t great, but some of the teams ranked above them have beat mediocre and bad teams.

  • benjamin greyber
    benjamin greyber Month ago

    How are the raiders 26? They have a win and held up well against KC

  • ctgstudios421
    ctgstudios421 Month ago +2

    I’m still pissed the Falcons beat us but they should easily be 15 or higher, at least above the Saints

  • Malai Samy Ramamoorthy

    RedSkins are working hard to beat Dolphins to take the #32. Wait for just 1 or 2 more weeks.