Best Friend - Animation Short Film 2018 - GOBELINS

  • Dans un proche avenir, un homme solitaire est accro à un produit appelé «Best Friend» qui lui offre des amis virtuels parfaits.
    In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called ‘’Best Friend” which offers him perfect virtual friends.
    Réalisateurs / Directors : Nicholas Olivieri, Shen Yi, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu
    Contact :
    Musique / Soundtrack : Arthur Dairaine Andrianaivo
    Producteur associé : MEDIAWAN
    Awards :
    - The best Student film Award in View Conference 2018
    - Runner up of the best 2D animation student film at Spark Animation
    Année de production / Production year : 2018
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image, Moïra Marguin :
    Contact festivals : Miyu Distribution, Luce Grosjean -
    Société de distribution : L'Agence du Court Métrage
    Site internet :
    Facebook : gobelins.ecole
    Twitter : gobelins_paris

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  • Bloke Jr
    Bloke Jr 6 hours ago

    Reminds me of the Netflix show, “Altered Carbon”

  • Emmy Garcia
    Emmy Garcia 13 hours ago

    Wow thats powerful gosh

  • Neha Shrestha
    Neha Shrestha 21 hour ago


  • Aline Nobre
    Aline Nobre 22 hours ago

    Isso foi muito profundo! Realmente estamos muito dependentes de tecnologia para não nos sentirmos sozinhos.

  • Josh Weber
    Josh Weber Day ago

    Subject: HELP ME PLEASE. I don't have time to read through all the comments, so would someone please enlighten me what this is about? I thought it was about chemical dependency, but the end threw me for a loop, through a loop, in a loop, and left feeling like a fruit. I'm in recovery and I'm struggling with so much. Little videos, sayings, things that challenge my way of thinking, and perceptions - any small thing that can help me stay clean another day, or even hour to hour, makes a huge difference in my life right now. What can I learn from this short film?

  • Pradipta Tyaga
    Pradipta Tyaga Day ago

    Yeah it's sad yet interesting

  • Asif Mohammed
    Asif Mohammed Day ago

    Never understood such short flim....

  • bugman bugman
    bugman bugman Day ago

    lets be honest, this is probably going to be reality with in the next 50 years. if not something similar.

  • Henry Nguyen
    Henry Nguyen 2 days ago

    Next level VR

  • BiG VinniE
    BiG VinniE 2 days ago +1

    Social Distancing Will Turn Into This!!

  • Erdoğan Keleş
    Erdoğan Keleş 3 days ago +2

    - Hey, Arthur.

  • lou bou
    lou bou 3 days ago +1

    I think this video is about todays world addiction to the internet , people use it to feel less lonely to aquire some kind of connection , u see them here on youtube , on social media , on blogs ... what people dont realize is that 90% of their activity online is to feel linked to someone whoever that might be " an influencer, an audience , a virtual best friend, a circle ..." by consuming information from these people. .. the cut is the hurt they do to themselves by being addicted n missing out real connections which gets accumulated over the years with the addiction getting stronger n stronger , the agressivity peaks as well a symbol of frustration n unmet needs , the thing in their head symbolizes the use of internet n tech for connection purposes, it is bound to leave a scar sooner or later. so everyone dont let this fake connection u feel online cause u to disregard real connections

  • E L
    E L 3 days ago

    Set to happen to 2032. Too soon. Hopefully, coronavirus set it back.

  • Sydney Knybel
    Sydney Knybel 3 days ago

    I see a lot of comments about how this I’ll be us in like 3019 or whatever but at 0:58 if you look it says this takes place in 2032

  • Peach Jam
    Peach Jam 3 days ago

    Black mirror copied this concept.

  • Ashraf Kimi
    Ashraf Kimi 4 days ago

    Remind me of the blade runner movie somehow.

  • Nicholas Tiew
    Nicholas Tiew 4 days ago

    This is so fucked up like this is some damn scary shit like his friends are non existent

  • Eco Family
    Eco Family 6 days ago

    Totally modern loneliness

  • Ml Gamer
    Ml Gamer 6 days ago

    Who looking at 2020?

  • chewin gbleach2
    chewin gbleach2 6 days ago

    addiction is powerful

  • Subbu RS
    Subbu RS 6 days ago

    Drugs are one hell of a drug

  • BontocMPS MPSMT
    BontocMPS MPSMT 8 days ago

    sana di naman darating sa point ang ganito 😄

  • Mark Angangan
    Mark Angangan 9 days ago

    Drugs is your bestfriend

  • Nurul Zunuraini Mohd Zamni

    This guy didn't learned his lesson..

  • Gayatri
    Gayatri 11 days ago


  • Fabiano Barbosa
    Fabiano Barbosa 11 days ago

    Thought he would get free of friends!

    • Fabiano Barbosa
      Fabiano Barbosa 11 days ago

      Sometimes friends are like drugs. Need to get free of them and get close to CHRIST, THE BEST FRIEND! And then get real friends and convince the other ones to Join. 🤔

  • Andrew S Musa
    Andrew S Musa 12 days ago

    I would be the guy, if this technology was possible.

  • Diego Yobe
    Diego Yobe 12 days ago

    Is not needed an implant.
    It just happens in real life specially in modern life. People just be with you because you have something they dont.
    And I dont mean about confidence, power or any other virtues.
    Just because you offer something for them.

  • Icy Cake
    Icy Cake 12 days ago +1

    is this considered drugs?

  • Cathy K
    Cathy K 12 days ago

    He needs a dog.

  • E S
    E S 12 days ago

    Black Mirror + Blade Runner 2049

  • Supreme Swaraj
    Supreme Swaraj 12 days ago

    Dude make a episode for Black mirror. The last season was bit disappointing

  • Jarvis Fleming
    Jarvis Fleming 13 days ago


  • Amine Moughanime
    Amine Moughanime 14 days ago

  • Not A Mapper
    Not A Mapper 14 days ago

    technology bad

  • Harpreet Singh Harry
    Harpreet Singh Harry 14 days ago

    This video reminds me of Blade runner 2049

  • Koneko Sakura
    Koneko Sakura 15 days ago

    Yeah plz dun make dis in reality..

  • cup.
    cup. 15 days ago

    this is sad

  • Anushka Anand
    Anushka Anand 15 days ago

    I only want to say it was scary ..and this day in not very far

  • Sagar Eliyas Jacky
    Sagar Eliyas Jacky 16 days ago

    Why all women are lesbians?😳

  • Sanjana Faria
    Sanjana Faria 16 days ago

    the man was arthur himself

  • Kentavian Lemons
    Kentavian Lemons 16 days ago


  • Purva P
    Purva P 16 days ago

    This thing will take my day dreaming to another level

  • Muntasir Zia
    Muntasir Zia 17 days ago

    That was dark

  • Ary Cahya
    Ary Cahya 17 days ago

    Creepy , true definition of loneliness

  • Carl The Bear
    Carl The Bear 18 days ago

    Bruh 60 bitcoin for the the thingy

  • Kalpana Singh
    Kalpana Singh 18 days ago

    Mindblowing concept
    People know that they are wrong but like other addiction still the fear the habit which leads them to the same path again

  • kritika bhandari
    kritika bhandari 19 days ago

    The video shows us how in coming future , we are going to lose all our frndships and bonds with everyone due to technology. And then we'll be so lonely that each and every person will have to have a virtual friend so that they don't feel lonely or anything.
    The future Aurther is trying to help his own young self to not to get addicted.. his scars show that he has tried it so many times on himself but has failed because of loneliness.
    Guys stop isolating urself from every person in ur life because u r more interested in ur phones and laptops. Dont let lonliness get uh..

  • Tanvi Chaulkar
    Tanvi Chaulkar 19 days ago

    This is looking like my future self

  • QTee
    QTee 19 days ago

    Creepy as hell but the people of today are headed right in this direction

  • 김새린
    김새린 20 days ago

    일종에 마약같네요

  • Love Heals
    Love Heals 20 days ago

    Wow!!!! Mindblowing! Thank u.

  • Minchi The Hedgehog
    Minchi The Hedgehog 20 days ago

    Kamis movements remind me so much of perfect blue omggg 😦😦💕

  • Hailfighter
    Hailfighter 20 days ago



  • Uthimna-Yena Kwatsha

    Oh damn. The emphasis on yellow

  • EchoArt
    EchoArt 21 day ago

    There are so many people around but they still rely on their do called 'best friends' instead of just socializing with the real ones

  • First name Last name

    Too real

  • 3MM
    3MM 21 day ago +1


  • Abu Ahesan ইফাজ

    Main point??? 🤔

  • BANK
    BANK 21 day ago +1

    Superb ...super duper awesome.. love from India

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 22 days ago

    Wonder why people are so afraid of being alone

  • Abhishek Ashoka
    Abhishek Ashoka 22 days ago

    Omg it's like future of homosapiens

    FooFoo ANIMATIONS 22 days ago

    Don't do drugs kids

  • Ruthless Rico
    Ruthless Rico 22 days ago

    Another way you can look at it is don’t have female friends 😂

  • Susie McCalister
    Susie McCalister 23 days ago

    Thanks to therapy today I was able to share the part of my story where I attempted suicide without crying or losing composure. That means a lot.
    It hurts to say my Mom looked me in the eyes and said, "If you're so sad all the time why don't you just kill yourself?" I took my whole script of flashback meds and she handed me a big bottle of red wine and said, "Might as well drink up since it's your last night." Fuck man.
    I internalized all the times my Dad said "All you will ever be is a worthless drug addict." And my parents didn't try to save me that day so I didn't try to save myself because I didn't think I was worth saving.
    I was though and so are you. I share this because it's powerful and my mental illness and addiction brought me to my fucking knees. No family to turn to. On the street. Ready to take my life. Dying.
    Today I am myself again. I am at peace. I'm the most chillest. My name is Kyle and I am an addict. Thanks for listening.

  • only romance & love
    only romance & love 23 days ago

    The world is moving slowly towards this situation

  • Auto Ride Tipper
    Auto Ride Tipper 23 days ago

    Such an awesome film!

  • Luis Cavalcanti
    Luis Cavalcanti 23 days ago

    I couldn’t barely breath as I was watching. The script itself is much more telling than the animation per se. I assume we’re already living this experience . With one simple difference, there’s no technology nor virtual fiends.

  • Кристина Трумпер

    Эм.. Что? :/

  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar 24 days ago +2

    That was scary

  • Biribiri biru
    Biribiri biru 24 days ago

    These would be very addictive in real situation.... scarily so.

  • SethX Zero
    SethX Zero 25 days ago +1

    Did you see 20:56 alternate ending

  • Agente Piter
    Agente Piter 25 days ago

    Black Mirror in the nuttshell

    TAMIKA JOHNSON 25 days ago


  • Marta Boavida
    Marta Boavida 25 days ago


  • Spicy Potato:3
    Spicy Potato:3 25 days ago

    Needa get me one of those

  • prakhar dubey
    prakhar dubey 26 days ago +2

    When will they make SAO in real life??

  • ultimation666
    ultimation666 26 days ago

    notice how the cake is not entirely real....

  • Haroldo Payares
    Haroldo Payares 26 days ago


  • Milouru ._
    Milouru ._ 26 days ago