• Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • "😳😳😳 @miketyson throws drink at Don king at the BHOF event when don tried to touch him as if they were friends," wrote Akin "Ak" Reyes, sports radio personality on SiriusXM rush 93 and host of The Sweet Scientists on thisis50.com, who recently took to social media and posted a video of heavyweight legend Mike Tyson throwing water on his former promoter Don King. Check it out!
    Video courtesy @boxingwithak, @phriedmans_phitness, @randy.c.gordon & @gerryacooney
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  • Pete C
    Pete C Hour ago

    That should've been a a full spit bucket thrown on Don.

  • George Puyol
    George Puyol 4 hours ago

    Don King is a piethe of shith

  • zlistcelebrity
    zlistcelebrity 4 hours ago

    Fortunately for Don he threw water and not some punch.

  • Universal Emperor
    Universal Emperor 5 hours ago

    He should have knocked out Don King

  • Joseph JoeJoe
    Joseph JoeJoe 5 hours ago

    Cooney is a sweet guy.

  • Blavasky Petrovska
    Blavasky Petrovska 7 hours ago

    Dont apologize Mike! U are right! All of our love and support for u and ur family..YOU ARE A GREAT CHAMP💞👍

  • You Got Triggered
    You Got Triggered 8 hours ago

    Ironically, both of those niggas supported Donald Trump.
    Fuck em both

  • R S
    R S 8 hours ago

    Don King is one of the biggest crocks of all time. He's like it was just water that hit him.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 hours ago

    way to go mike . fuck don king

  • Johnny Yum
    Johnny Yum 11 hours ago

    He was warned about King like everyone else but would not listen.

  • J J
    J J 12 hours ago

    What water there was like 2 drops left in that glass. Tyson should have thrown a filled glass of water on that prick. Man I couldn’t be in the same room with someone who stole millions from me I would want to break his fucking neck. It shows that Mike has really grown the old Mike would have killed the man n dealt with the consequences later. Much love to the great Iron Mike Tyson.

  • davidson2004fatboy
    davidson2004fatboy 12 hours ago

    U STILL the MAN Mike !!!

  • TheGoldenMacedonian
    TheGoldenMacedonian 13 hours ago

    How is that old bastard still alive

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan 14 hours ago

    Don king is a piece of shit!
    I.m with mike 100%
    And always will be

  • Mattias Nilsson
    Mattias Nilsson 15 hours ago


  • beefy dog
    beefy dog 15 hours ago

    mike tyson still fast as fuck

  • Grizz C
    Grizz C 16 hours ago

    Terrible audio

  • Dan Castle
    Dan Castle 16 hours ago

    Mike said "Succ my dick" dint he?

  • Alan Jankowski
    Alan Jankowski 18 hours ago

    King stole tens of millions from Iron Mike...
    he’s lucky he only got a glass of water thrown in his direction.

  • edubb702
    edubb702 20 hours ago

    Mike's the man!

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 21 hour ago

    You assholes here are complaining about Don King, but King Jew, Bob Arum, rips fighters off as well, but he gets a pass and it's called business when he does it. If Tyson is broke it's his own fckn fault because he should've surrounded himself with a good account and financial advisor.

  • pantsongrnd
    pantsongrnd 23 hours ago

    Imagine Mike if he would of been surrounded by good people, instead of leaches!

  • sneakyazz sneakyazz
    sneakyazz sneakyazz 23 hours ago


  • lords of afan
    lords of afan Day ago

    Tyson don't play that shit 😂😂😂😂

  • 5abivt
    5abivt Day ago

    Fuck Aj vs Wilder. Tyson vs Don King. Wembley in front of 90,000. Let’s make it happen ! ✅

  • Plum 354
    Plum 354 Day ago

    Fuck outta here don lmao. He deserved it mike it’s cool

  • michael krzysiak

    Don should set one last fight up. Mike tyson vs Don king. How many people would watch that

    PISTOLPETE315 Day ago

    I was Right there at the Banquet..That was Funny..

  • Roscoe ElCocko
    Roscoe ElCocko Day ago

    Phuck that scumbag. Someone shouldve shot and killed that piece of filth when he was young.

  • Sausagehappymeal X

    Mike throw water on your dana white

  • Sophia Paea
    Sophia Paea Day ago

    Don, baited Mike, just like the old days he still knows how to pull strings.

  • I use to be Him
    I use to be Him Day ago

    That water Mike threw at him KO'd him. True story.

  • Zapata boxing
    Zapata boxing Day ago


  • Sayeed Siddiqui
    Sayeed Siddiqui Day ago

    Good job MIKE.

  • Alejandro Hernandez

    Lucky he didn't throw those hands though

  • Craig featherstone

    Should've been acid.

  • Butch Essex
    Butch Essex Day ago

    Don King is going to outlive all of us. Evil don't die.

  • I am Hassan
    I am Hassan Day ago

    Don queen is the biggest thief.

  • DaaBoys2138
    DaaBoys2138 Day ago

    Two scumbags and one got the better of the other 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • danzig159
    danzig159 Day ago

    Man, I love Mike Tyson almost as much as I loved Muhammad Ali, he's just awesome!

  • Jakdup Jackson
    Jakdup Jackson Day ago

    Fk Don King... He’s robbed boxers for millions over the years. Wish he would have back handed his old thieving ass.

  • ishedolewz
    ishedolewz Day ago

    Mike Tyson Heavy weight Champion of the World!

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    Tyson is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He's generous to a fault and treats people equally, regardless of status. Just don't f%^k with him, or you're on your own.

  • Myjoyisful
    Myjoyisful Day ago

    Imagine coming up behind mike, tapping him on the shoulder saying excuse me sir....

  • Lost Words
    Lost Words Day ago

    Fuck dick queen

  • Ehrman Traut
    Ehrman Traut Day ago

    What a good guy mike has turned out to be

  • K F
    K F Day ago

    Don King should be in prison... twice

  • barbaric1
    barbaric1 Day ago

    Do you blame him? I’d do the same

  • Robert In der Weide

    Fuck Don King

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster Day ago

    Don King is a real POS.

  • Neo Geoz
    Neo Geoz Day ago

    Take all the man's money, then ack like your friends. Hes lucky the old Mike would of laid him out

  • die hard
    die hard Day ago

    He should just knock that old dude out and be done with it . I'll always have love for MT. Grew up watching him

  • Greg Harris
    Greg Harris Day ago

    Mike showing signs of too many blows to the head.

  • Greg Harris
    Greg Harris Day ago

    I would have more respect for Don King if he wore a mask when robbing Mike of most of his money

  • Lenny Len
    Lenny Len Day ago

    Mike is the GOAT 👍🏻💪🏻

  • Chip Schleichardt

    He's lucky Mike didn't get up and stick him with one of those upper cuts.

  • Simmond Cannon
    Simmond Cannon Day ago

    Why is this white guy trying to talk like Mike Tyson. They bite everything I tell ya. EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Rohan Mishra
    Rohan Mishra Day ago

    Ali and tyson the best of all time Boxers and Flyod is the a bigg fixer 😂

  • K B
    K B Day ago

    He threw water because Don King asked him to suck his cock, backstage.

  • SA J
    SA J 2 days ago

    Mike had every right to disrespect King ! glad Cooney stuck up for him on it

  • Kevin van Dorst
    Kevin van Dorst 2 days ago

    Iron Mike, the best ever!

  • 007 T-5
    007 T-5 2 days ago

    Don King is the epitome of scum. It doesn't get any lower than don king. What a disgusting, I don't even want to call him a human being. Love Iron Mike though....best to ever get in the ring. Him and this lemchanko or how ever you say his name? That Russian dude is unbelievable. One minute he's in front of you then he's on your side. He's just nasty!!!

  • eye
    eye 2 days ago

    He should shoot that parasite

  • Jacob Catona
    Jacob Catona 2 days ago

    He still got it in him #BITE TYSON

  • Keith Bardwell
    Keith Bardwell 2 days ago

    Way to go CHAMP! You should've knocked his ass out, though. You definitely had the right to 👊

  • Lucas Van
    Lucas Van 2 days ago +1

    don was Lucky it was water and not an upper cut to his nuts.

  • Lucas Van
    Lucas Van 2 days ago +1

    he should of stood up and Upper Cutted Dons bitch ass!!!!!

  • Lucas Van
    Lucas Van 2 days ago +1

    Don king should keep his filthy hands off Tyson, even tho he had his hands on his money. don king needs to be in Prison for Life...

  • Angel Camacho
    Angel Camacho 2 days ago


  • Josh
    Josh 2 days ago

    the glass was empty

  • priceless freedom
    priceless freedom 2 days ago

    the anger of tyson towards don king is deeper then boxing, don king made tyson do some evil stuff ny tricking him and lying to him thats why mike tyson became a muslim and changed hisnlife, GOD BLESS U MIKE

  • Derek S
    Derek S 2 days ago

    Mike Tyson is ghetto lol

  • no no
    no no 2 days ago

    Don King deserves allot more I suspect

  • Blue Goose
    Blue Goose 2 days ago

    Mike full of shit lmao today is today I let go of my bitterness 😂

  • Ramble79
    Ramble79 2 days ago

    First of all who invited Don? He’s a a fake bitch. Ripped off Ali, Holmes, Tyson etc. why is king still allowed in boxing? He should’ve been banned from continuing to ruin careers. Shame on boxing not the fighters but the organization. Mike should’ve given him a signature uppercut ripped his off. Message to Don payback the fighter what you owe them. And stay away from Mike unless you want to get hurt.

    xFINISHxHIMx 2 days ago

    OG Mike

  • Roberto Villarreal
    Roberto Villarreal 2 days ago

    Good for u MIKE!

  • Makandada
    Makandada 2 days ago +1

    Disgusting thief, the shit more close to you is always the worst.

  • The One
    The One 2 days ago

    mike still the man and will 1 hit k.o any nigga breathing on my mama 😂 100

  • Phillup DaVoid
    Phillup DaVoid 2 days ago

    shoulda hit em with the uppercut!!! woulda been epic

  • Kral Fitness
    Kral Fitness 2 days ago +1

    A little bit of water wont hurt 😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • stjfv01
    stjfv01 2 days ago

    Tyson had a flash back, n just 1/10th of the sleeping tiger cane out

  • BTA
    BTA 2 days ago

    Video credit: Gerry Cooney?..really

  • rikky-shot
    rikky-shot 2 days ago

    still got it

  • Ali Tha Phoenix
    Ali Tha Phoenix 2 days ago

    Don King is a bitcb

  • Coach McNear
    Coach McNear 2 days ago

    "He really did me in!" #FACTS Mike could have thrown a lot more than water for everything the Crook King stole from him smh

    JON DOE 2 days ago

    Mike still ain't havin none of that.
    Good for him. King should be remembered for who he really was.
    A crook.
    Mike has had to face his demons and own up to past lunatic behaviour.
    When he did, people showed respect for him doing that.
    But not Don King, oh no, he will never own up to his criminal ways.
    He will be a phoney right up to the end.
    There's no one more qualified than Tyson to throw a drink on this unrepentant scam artist.
    He doesn't play that shit anymore.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 2 days ago

    don King And the Rev Jesse should be put in a cage with Mike Tyson!!! Id pay for that pay per view!! Sad thing he would go easy on em now!! A HUNGRY LION WOULDNT THOUGH!!!!

  • Reo Taylor
    Reo Taylor 2 days ago

    He deserved a lot more than that....... 🤭

  • Dragan Soldat
    Dragan Soldat 2 days ago

    Mike u are the greatest f don

  • Mario Meza
    Mario Meza 2 days ago

    I bet yall don't even know wtf happened,,yall just copy the same comment and say fuck don king...stupid dumb fucks are morons..if you don't know stfu..iffy you do then explain your stupid comments

  • Tony
    Tony 2 days ago

    Ma nigga... 💪🤜✊👊

  • W. T. O.
    W. T. O. 2 days ago

    Not a drop of water was in that glass.

  • Mac & Sleaze
    Mac & Sleaze 2 days ago

    Should of threw right hook.

  • Alex a
    Alex a 2 days ago

    Don king is a snake...hope he rots

  • bobbydigital8
    bobbydigital8 2 days ago

    Be careful Mike. There is a reason why you haven't heard about anybody whipping D.K.'s ×ass despite all the dirt he's allegedly done to people. And I think he knows...

  • Salahuddin Ahmed
    Salahuddin Ahmed 2 days ago

    Please treat Mike Tyson with nothing but respect, like this interviewer.

  • dirtytv
    dirtytv 2 days ago

    The guy that started to record... that would of been me if I was sitting up there trust

  • Bo Majesty
    Bo Majesty 2 days ago +1

    Don King deserved that shit.. Im surprised Mike didn't knock his ass out!

  • Blue truth
    Blue truth 2 days ago