• Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • "๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ @miketyson throws drink at Don king at the BHOF event when don tried to touch him as if they were friends," wrote Akin "Ak" Reyes, sports radio personality on SiriusXM rush 93 and host of The Sweet Scientists on thisis50.com, who recently took to social media and posted a video of heavyweight legend Mike Tyson throwing water on his former promoter Don King. Check it out!
    Video courtesy @boxingwithak, @phriedmans_phitness, @randy.c.gordon & @gerryacooney
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  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith 8 days ago

    Mike you did not have to apologize for that. You should have whipped his ass. You took it easy with the water.

  • dblackmusiq
    dblackmusiq 12 days ago

    Next time tell the organizer who's planning the fake water attack to stfu' shit! The Jig was up after he told everybody what was about to happen' 2nd wtf was the water? Too scripted out

  • Larry 1993
    Larry 1993 14 days ago

    I feel like I've been done in too. What Mike did was small.

  • George Jungle
    George Jungle 15 days ago

    Don king is a piece of shit.

  • Tony Mcgrath
    Tony Mcgrath 15 days ago

    Mike got even meaner looking as he got older

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor 16 days ago

    Don King is a disgusting human.

  • Cowboys & Indians
    Cowboys & Indians 16 days ago

    He stole so much money from Tyson I would of did the same thing bit his ear some em haha

  • xxxdieselyyy2
    xxxdieselyyy2 17 days ago

    Mike Tyson shoulda handled don king like how mullah halkinullah handles a goat.

  • big homie
    big homie 19 days ago

    should of been acid

  • Jeremy Tucker
    Jeremy Tucker 20 days ago

    The devil never dies. That old vile slime ball is still slithering about looking for his next victim.

  • Duane Hamilton
    Duane Hamilton 21 day ago

    Yes don king screwed tyson out of alot of money. But iam tired of the sob story tyson blew 300 million on drugs mansions women cars tigers all kinds of crap. So thats his own fault also don king was a great promoter and helped tyson get alot of money for fighting easy fights that he knew he could win. He avoided foreman bowe lewis evander for yrs to keep mike winning and to keep the cash rolling in. Its not kings fault tyson stoped training hard and started partying either. We all know king was a snake in the grass but all promoters are and cus had to of told tyson to stay away from don king but tyson got involved with him anyway so stop crying a river for someone that had 300 million and never had a real 9 to 5 job in his life. Plus something about don king just makes me laugh i mean for real a guy that screws over that many fighters for that many generations and they still get him to promote them anyway kinda have to hand it to the guy thats funny

  • Kenan Bajramovic
    Kenan Bajramovic 22 days ago

    He should have thrown some hands instead

  • nostrand lulu
    nostrand lulu 24 days ago

    Don kings net worth is like 150 mil....Iโ€™m no genius but 90 percent of that should be mikes.... maywesther is so little coy that his father and family built his foundation....smh I feel bad for mike.

  • Banzan Buddhist
    Banzan Buddhist 26 days ago

    Don has made Millions off Mike, And Mikes net worth is only around ยฃ1 - 2 Million.

  • paspula sreedhar
    paspula sreedhar 26 days ago +1

    I love Mike Tyson whatever he is. He is like God to me.

  • Nels L
    Nels L 27 days ago

    Once more please Mike

  • Wreck a Car
    Wreck a Car Month ago +1

    Jailhouse move on Don Kings part and Tyson wasn't having it. He wanted to make it look like, hey we are all good you see world how could I have done something wrong to my good friend Mike it's all lies. Tyson wasn't going to be used again by Don with a shameless disrespectful I dont give two shots about how you feel or think as long as I complete my objective move and he reacted perfectly that's why I live Tyson hes smart!

  • Daniel bedenbaugh - cortes

    when mike tyson throws water on you and you can't do shit about it

  • Fox 8ball
    Fox 8ball Month ago

    Don King is a cunt but tyson is a fucking rapist

    • 009
      009 Month ago

      and WTF are you a cunt bitch troll behind a keyboard
      don't diss the champ like that dipshit

  • jasper fatty
    jasper fatty Month ago

    I love Mike Tyson, he'll always be one of the real good guys to me.

  • Mac N Cheese
    Mac N Cheese Month ago

    The way mike got spook then shoves water on that scum bag

  • Ace Alvarez
    Ace Alvarez Month ago +1

    King is trash

  • james burrell
    james burrell Month ago

    To be fair that old buzzard did look dry.

  • Pura Magia Soy
    Pura Magia Soy Month ago

    Tyson hates that guy, Who wouldn't? Hahaha. ..

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower Month ago

    Fuck don king

  • Jayru Da damaga
    Jayru Da damaga Month ago

    Mother fucker ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • 5winder
    5winder Month ago

    He should have punched him in the balls on the way by.

  • armando b
    armando b Month ago

    l love mike tyson mike is cole

  • Poeticbladezero
    Poeticbladezero Month ago

    Fuck Don, he's lucky it was just that rather than taking a swing at him. Hope that POS dies a painful death

  • Abu Sufyan
    Abu Sufyan Month ago

    Don king is a nasty evil bastard

  • Abu Sufyan
    Abu Sufyan Month ago

    Mikes a legend

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    "Touch me, and I'll sue"

  • The Glorious One
    The Glorious One Month ago

    Why is this asshole still alive

  • Dino Tube
    Dino Tube Month ago

    Tyson did a "Catholic" water baptism to the Evil and crooked Don King.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • 84 Tubbs
    84 Tubbs Month ago

    Same reaction as if a faget touches you.

    GOLDEN LADY Month ago

    Throw a bucket of water on him next time Mike... Don king is despicable. He owe Mike millions! Fuck Don king

  • noise
    noise Month ago

    Fuck don king , should threw a flaming bag of baby shit at em .

  • Foureyez 77
    Foureyez 77 Month ago

    Mike wants to eat his children.

  • S Dew
    S Dew Month ago

    don king is lucky dat mike is such a gentle kind soul outside the ring!!!.

  • mr don't do it
    mr don't do it Month ago

    Better be glad mike didn't get up and uppercut his ass

  • Charles Crump
    Charles Crump Month ago

    Don King is a demon.

  • Christopher Leung
    Christopher Leung Month ago

    If Mike Tyson threw holy water on Don King, he would've burned to ashes.

  • Jordan Arnell
    Jordan Arnell Month ago


  • Arnold Bliss
    Arnold Bliss Month ago +1

    "Kid Dynamite!"

  • Eric Mendez
    Eric Mendez Month ago

    Shouldnโ€™t apologize mike! Scum bags should fear all good guys PERIOD!

  • kikayei
    kikayei Month ago

    When Don King dies, no one will care.

  • Respect Seasoning
    Respect Seasoning Month ago

    Hasn't Don King heard don't taunt the animals

  • Eric Hope
    Eric Hope Month ago

    Don King is, and always has been, a piece of shit, and a crook. He's lucky Mike Didn't rip his head off. It would have been justified.

  • Ricardo Delacruz
    Ricardo Delacruz Month ago

    At least it was water not a fist lol

  • uncle Watt
    uncle Watt Month ago

    He fucked Tyson out so many millions but on real mike need let it go he was young and dumb and ripe for the picking ๐Ÿ’ฏ Don was his mans so itโ€™s his fault for fucking with King in the first place hate to say but charge to the game Mike

  • Daniel Balzs
    Daniel Balzs Month ago +1

    Don king is a f...ken crook stealing money from boxers like Chavez , Tyson and others....mike Tyson is a bad ass and will always be remembered as a champ ....

  • # Guiltless
    # Guiltless Month ago +5

    Don King is the biggest ๐Ÿ in boxing.

  • Ethiopian Sunz TV
    Ethiopian Sunz TV Month ago

    He was right to throw the water!

  • Iwon
    Iwon Month ago

    Mike is a fucking legend!

  • Nick der Schlitzer Mc Gurk

    Who Mike say,Don King would buy his mother for a Dollar.

  • Andrew Loner!
    Andrew Loner! Month ago +1

    Got Him ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿคœ

  • scott crabtree
    scott crabtree Month ago +1

    Mike Tyson has really grown into a very wise man. I love listening to him talk these days! It's quite a shame, how he was manipulated by that crook, Don King. Don King better be glad that it was only water, Tyson threw at him...!!!!

  • Dark Side83
    Dark Side83 Month ago

    Don king deserves it for been greedy and a crook

  • Clyde Cromey
    Clyde Cromey Month ago

    Mike looks like holyfield. now

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness Month ago

    I heard Mike knocked his ass out back in the day ๐Ÿ˜ Don king is a thieve and a murderer by his own hands and by setting fighters up to fail.

  • LUM
    LUM Month ago

    Mike Tyson was training to water bend

  • SuperFutureTrunks1
    SuperFutureTrunks1 Month ago

    Yo if Mike Tyson wanna fight me I'm 26 years old and don't know how to box for shit, but I'd still love to fight Tyson (and probably get ktfo ๐Ÿ˜‚)

    WILD CHILD Month ago


  • MrAtown3057
    MrAtown3057 Month ago

    Don't touch me mudafuka



  • dood poop
    dood poop Month ago

    I'd bet that boxers are much more powerful in the special Olympics.

  • SS
    SS Month ago +1

    He's only going to one place when hes gone.

  • brass knucks
    brass knucks Month ago

    Looked like the glass was empty.

  • Gil Terrero
    Gil Terrero Month ago

    Mike is an Autistic retard.

  • Gil Terrero
    Gil Terrero Month ago

    White "People" Brainwashed that Goon to hate Don King, when Mike fucked his own self up with retarded decisions after his Pedophile Gay Slave Master Cus D'Amato died.

  • David D
    David D Month ago

    What a pos D. King is n was.

  • Delois Allen
    Delois Allen Month ago

    Great video!!

  • deejaydfc
    deejaydfc Month ago +1

    I love Mike Tyson...FUCK DON KING! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • AlphaWave
    AlphaWave Month ago

    Don king sue mike for all his money over that water being thrown on him lol

  • JaggedRecordsVa
    JaggedRecordsVa Month ago +1

    Fuck Don King!

  • RAS reggae
    RAS reggae Month ago


  • Jerรณnimo Rodrรญguez

    Well done Mike!
    This man has been the cancer of boxing for decades.

  • ACE
    ACE Month ago

    Lmao he didn't think twice about that shit!!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    Don king could have ended up like stu in hangover ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • garial marsh
    garial marsh Month ago

    Mike was the biggest thing in the world, did not need don king after the first deal...he needed his own promotion company etc. DAMM where is TMT when you needed them.

    JIM RICHTER Month ago

    Don had that same jacket 35 years ago

  • moto1p1
    moto1p1 Month ago

    Amazing how much Tyson is starting to look like Hollyfield.

  • Ervin Simmons
    Ervin Simmons Month ago

    You right Mike he and 45 made a Lot off u

  • Derek K
    Derek K Month ago

    I dont think anyone would have said boo if tyson beat his ass right there. Fuck don king

  • John Connors
    John Connors Month ago

    I love Mike!!!!

    DON KING Month ago

    Should have done more than throw water at him.

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P Month ago

    Tyson has to be the only dude who can make me flinch from a TheXvid video๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. When I saw that shoulder move I was like watch out watch out watch out

  • Last Action Hero
    Last Action Hero Month ago


  • M H
    M H Month ago

    Mike should have thrown a punch

  • Joe Alvarez
    Joe Alvarez Month ago

    Don is a Con. Scum bag

  • donny russell
    donny russell Month ago

    don king robbed so many great boxer's!! Holmes, Ali, Foreman, Tyson just to name a few! fuck don king

  • Shaynel Ahmed
    Shaynel Ahmed Month ago +1

    Love Mikey! One brutally honest really tender guy...

    • Shaynel Ahmed
      Shaynel Ahmed Month ago +1

      Redfield 100% ..sorry lol 'Mikey " is just a British tenderism for MT. Not a friend.. But really pleased his life got on track.. And he didn't spiral into oblivion..

    • Redfield 100%
      Redfield 100% Month ago

      Mickey? Your a personal friend then I take it. Wow what's he like in person??

  • William Solia
    William Solia Month ago

    Should've smashed the shit outta the cunt

  • Tonia Crawford
    Tonia Crawford 2 months ago

    White Man a crook 2 the biggest crook

  • Ocean T
    Ocean T 2 months ago

    Don't feel bad about it!? That Don King shoulda had acid thrown on him

  • 773steve
    773steve 2 months ago

    Tyson= great man. Then great boxer
    Much love 4 that guy

  • Jonathan James
    Jonathan James 2 months ago

    I've been in boxing all of my life, and people like Don King are the reason I never made a career in it. I still train and train other boxers. But when it comes to professional promotion, that's when I stay out.
    Don King is a scum bag, piece of shit, and he belongs in jail! He is the most corrupt and back handed person I've ever met. He will charm you, and if he thinks he can get something out of you, he will use you dry, and leave you broke on the side of the street. Don King is one of the biggest problems with boxing today!
    Again, I strongly think he should die in a dirty prison cell, never able to see the light of day again. I do not like to 'Hate". But that's the only feeling I have towards this piece of shit!
    If Don wasn't so "Protected", I wish Mike could have beat the life out of him, like King has done to men before!

  • Chris Cobb
    Chris Cobb 2 months ago

    Ahhhh thit

  • Cornel West
    Cornel West 2 months ago

    Tyson is a mans man.

  • fpineros22
    fpineros22 2 months ago

    Don's a scumbag