Making A Game In 48 Hours! - One Big Bossfight - (My First GameJam 2021)

  • Published on Jan 22, 2021
  • I did a game jam, it almost died.

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    Nymano - Sleepover

    aYoNick - Don't Make Me Dance

    Haikyuu (yes the anime) - Conductors

    Def Starz - Switch

    Bill Kiley - You Will Never Know (Katana Zero OST)

    Hotline Miami - Hydrogen

    Katana Zero - Rain On Brick

    All my stock videos are from Pexels, which have many high-quality free stock videos!

Comments • 71

  • The Man In The Back

    Its always that one bug that fudges everything up, but you did it, in 49 hours but who cares :)

  • BWDev
    BWDev  +28

    Great video man! Glad to hear you got the timing issues sorted and finished the game 😁 49 hours is better than 50 too 😎

  • mrbrian
    mrbrian  +5

    I am just now discovering game jam all of these channels that participated in it. I love seeing the whole process of figuring out what works and what doesn't. It's making me want to make some games! Great stuff.

  • Andrew Zi Zhen

    The game looks so freaking fun! Nicely done and also your videos are so good :")

  • Tyler Green

    Looks like you did an awesome job!

  • mongojr 2618

    This gives me a new appreciation for game development.

  • The Jesters Show


  • Xanderwood

    Nice video. Making a game in a short time frame is tough, I just made a game in 60 mins... it was a train wreck 🤣🤣 also you asked... so I subbed 👍👍

  • Roy Schrauwen

    This looks prettig cool! I just started gamedev and wish I could make something like this.

  • 3x3x13

    You’re hilarious, loved the video bro

  • TappedCeiling46

    the game was more fun than I though it would be :)

  • Zetimenvec

    Oh hey, I participated in this gamejam. Awesome sauce.

  • XraiDev
    XraiDev  +1

    😂 “at least im not a Dani clone... oh yeah my game Karlson combat” nice video man! 48 hours is such a short timeline you did well!

  • Skeffles

    For saying this was a failed jam, the game looks very well polished. I guess making 1 boss gives you the time to do that.

  • bamfux

    Great video as always 👍

  • Chadderbox

    This makes me want to do a game jam. But I have work to do. Can I blame you for not doing my homework?

  • qiwik

    Я русский , но твой ролик очень крутой . Ты молодец!

  • Logan
    Logan  +2

    My guy brought a sword to a tank right! :D good job man!

  • Maximus

    What did you use here to create the levels? :)

  • Dark
    Dark  +1

    Eke: It serves his purpose M U R D E R