UK Dash Cameras - Compilation 2 - 2020 Bad Drivers, Crashes + Close Calls

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Comments • 80

  • The Flatcap From WN5
    The Flatcap From WN5 22 hours ago

    1:04 Holy shit! Thats Wigan! Weird as hell, seeing my own hometown on this video. And to be fair, I've had close shaves with numpties at that place like this before.

  • AJ Yeah
    AJ Yeah 2 days ago

    Nekuth is a right tosser

  • Chris Williamson
    Chris Williamson 3 days ago

    Patrick H, have you ever heard of Hazard Perception? Use your head you clown and your brakes!

  • Ray Daley
    Ray Daley 4 days ago

    Neketh" I didn't let you in" but they did.

  • EzucaGaming
    EzucaGaming 5 days ago

    kyle M, Knobhead

  • Res Non Verba
    Res Non Verba 6 days ago

    Nekuth - The roads aren't just for you. Driving with a little consideration would be appreciated.

  • TakerKaneanite619
    TakerKaneanite619 8 days ago

    With the Motorcyclist in Jane T's clip, I would have stopped, asked if he was alright, then asked him if he has learnt his lesson.

  • lee mathieson
    lee mathieson 8 days ago

    Cliff J clip could have been avoiding with defensive driving techniques. Yes the van driver should have looked in his blind spot, but the 3 cars all put themselves In the danger zone with no escape route. Mindless driving.

  • Alex Boorman
    Alex Boorman 11 days ago

    ha! Kyle M - Such a Kyle.

  • 2000grv
    2000grv 12 days ago

    7:15 I think he nearly shat his pants

  • Dan 15
    Dan 15 12 days ago

    Archer you absolute bellend

  • NYVB
    NYVB 13 days ago

    Man, out of all english accents, Brits have the worst one.

  • C _
    C _ 15 days ago

    The BMW can park there the double yellow line stopped behind the BMW and it was parked up against the curb. The problem was the council didn’t think about the issues this would cause because of where the lines stopped. So the bus driver had no chance because of this.

  • chewy bacca
    chewy bacca 16 days ago

    Nekuth needs to look at his standard of driving - be nice

  • Victor Strelok
    Victor Strelok 16 days ago

    HX16 XTE leaning out the car because he thinks he's a big man for having little to no braincells.
    Notice how he does that to a woman because sure as fuck, a man would lay him out.

    TAMILCLAN 18 days ago

    4.55 proper english gentleman , who dont help others

  • emma atkins
    emma atkins 19 days ago

    Motorbikes do over take even if the conditions are bad but I don’t care even if you thought he was a dickhead, I would’ve still stopped to check if he was okay.

  • Jack Tucker
    Jack Tucker 20 days ago

    British people see a potential hazard... Speeds up and makes a situation worse...
    Ah yes, a roundabout, let's enter that at 40mph and then wonder why someone pulls out on me. Just slow the fuck down, you are taught to approach juntions, roundabouts etc with care, it is even signposted and painted on the road, but Nah, fuck it, speed through.
    Most cam cars just bring it on themselves, most of these videos are avoidable, yes there are some idiots don't get me wrong but the British crave a bad situation.

  • ninjo binjo
    ninjo binjo 22 days ago

    Love it , NO GIVING, ALL TAKING.😉, only winner INSURANCE 😂😂

  • Andrzej Łyczewski
    Andrzej Łyczewski 22 days ago

    song names please
    8:20 and 8:31
    much appreciated

  • William Love
    William Love 23 days ago

    So many bad drivers down in England 😂

  • Frazer Telford
    Frazer Telford 26 days ago

    8:13 at least do your part and indicate

    • Halo Wanna
      Halo Wanna 25 days ago

      Not all car indicators make a noise and the other vehicle should have done his part and use his eyes and look for any vehicles he needed to give way to

  • Frazer Telford
    Frazer Telford 26 days ago

    6:00 if you look at the yellow lines the car can be there. I’m guessing when the lines was painted it want a bus route

  • raymond ree
    raymond ree 26 days ago

    8:27 I realised he's a pompey fan when I'm a Southampton fan

  • ianevans67
    ianevans67 27 days ago

    I think everyone agrees Kyle M is an utter twat but in some videos he's Scottish and in some he's a Yorkshireman. Make your mind up

  • Tbizzle 139
    Tbizzle 139 27 days ago

    So many people leaving the scene of a accident should be carful that they don’t get done for it

  • Stephen Blundell
    Stephen Blundell 27 days ago

    The DVLA should use some of these clips(with the owners permission) and show them in the theory test to make people aware of the dangers while driving. Another great collection of clips!

  • Luke Mettam Gaming
    Luke Mettam Gaming 29 days ago

    Jane T sounds like a lovely woman, voice is a bit deep for my liking 😂

  • scrapyardwarrior
    scrapyardwarrior Month ago

    8:17 - Longwater retail park at Norwich, it seems that this roundabout doesn’t exist for a lot of people - I’ve had this happen to me a lot!

  • PhaNtoM 1C3MaN
    PhaNtoM 1C3MaN Month ago +2

    Kyle M He was in the roundabout well before you, there is no argument here, you were in the wrong

  • Ben Dobbing
    Ben Dobbing Month ago

    8:25 always check your left quickly as well before changing lane as cars adjacent will usually be in your mirror’s blind spot

  • Rob The Squire
    Rob The Squire Month ago

    as a biker i can't blame the guy who was doing around 40-45 mph on an icy road. even i slow down a bit on wet/icy roads.

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson Month ago

    Fail to see how Talek is blaming the parking of the BMW... It's close to the kerb and not on the double yellows, I think that's down to Bristol's Highways and Planning authorities to extend the yellow lines rather than blaming the BMW's parking.

  • Anthony Brazil
    Anthony Brazil Month ago

    He WAS LetTIng YoU I DiDnt..what a wanker

  • Zach Grady
    Zach Grady Month ago

    What song at 9.56?

  • Tommy Hedge
    Tommy Hedge Month ago

    Please stop with the music omg

  • Wet Cock Sock
    Wet Cock Sock Month ago +1

    Kyle M must have the reaction time of a dead cow. Fuckwit.

  • Thomas Dumange
    Thomas Dumange Month ago

    Honteux de ne pas porter secours arrêter la voiture les anglais garder le vélo c mieux kasos

  • notinuse
    notinuse Month ago

    Archer70 clearly not paying attention in the first clip

  • Levy2k9
    Levy2k9 Month ago +3

    The driver at 5:01 manages to keep their cool with both drivers being in the incorrect lane and then to be brake checked and gestured at- their composure is something to adhere to.

  • Koalabaer123
    Koalabaer123 Month ago

    all of these are just idiots if they could use their brakes as fast as the horn ....

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago +1

    Had Kyle M hit the van who was already on the roundabout before he had passed the give way I would not bet on him winning a claim

  • Barmy Twubble
    Barmy Twubble Month ago

    Gawd. Same old bollox.

  • Callum Barnes
    Callum Barnes Month ago

    Still would have stopped if I was Jane T like

  • CapHowdy
    CapHowdy Month ago

    Nekuth, what a bell end you are.
    I hope nobody ever lets you out of a turning again, you selfish prick.

  • fieldstvl
    fieldstvl Month ago

    Do people actually use the term ‘knobhead’ in their real lives outside of these dashcam videos? Never hear it other than here. Also I’m convinced every driver has the same voice

  • Jon O
    Jon O Month ago +1

    Kyle M idiot. Van was on the roundabout first and had right of way. Go back to school.

  • Mad Maxx
    Mad Maxx Month ago

    Twats with cameras uk.

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 Month ago +3

    5:02 Fun fact: 242,000 people have just seen a roundabout that's literally 5 minute drive from my house.
    Another fun fact: You probably don't care.

  • Jake Black
    Jake Black Month ago

    Funniest shit is when you fuck up and get tooted and then you toot them back. Bantz

  • evilbiker84
    evilbiker84 Month ago

    Jane T your a complete wankstain.... bet if your car had slid and he didn't stop to check you were ok you'd be the first to complain!

  • Ben Breeze
    Ben Breeze Month ago +1

    Guy at 8:34 the van was on the roundabout before you even got to the roundabout... you clearly didn’t look because you just felt the need to go really fast up to the van

  • T1
    T1 Month ago

    The thing at 5:03 is in Telford on the asda in donnington to m54 roundabout

    • Cpr1234
      Cpr1234 Month ago

      It is indeed! I don't live very far from there!

    ANDY VAN KERKHOVE Month ago +1

    lots of impatient drivers i see....many times the ones with the dashcam

  • Fionn mac Cumhaill's Mammy

    I’m driving 30 years and NEVER get involved in these type of incidents

  • Soul Searcher
    Soul Searcher Month ago

    Amazing how a proportion of these dash-cam owners use their cameras as an excuse for their own lack of defensive driving and only show up their aggressive attitudes on the road.

  • Peterscraps
    Peterscraps Month ago

    5:05 Holy shit what a clusterfuck. Right car lane drifts twice and brake checks and the left car doesn't give way while getting into the wrong lane, then cutting off the cammer. Not to mention the spicy attitude.

  • Willy Wacker
    Willy Wacker Month ago


  • Eragonewild
    Eragonewild Month ago

    Does anyone recognise the song at 8:58 ?

    • Halo Wanna
      Halo Wanna Month ago

      The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey Month ago

    Guess what, just went passed that road in Ashley Down, Bristol, yesterday and the silver BMW 1 series was in the same place again.

  • Michael Wallace
    Michael Wallace Month ago

    Just as many times the guy in front is at blame as the guy with the dashcam . Some get upset because of what, their incourteous driving. Some even cause the accident they’re griping about. Grow up and learn how to drive.

  • Chris Bailie
    Chris Bailie Month ago

    Should be called "video of shit drivers over reacting"

    AGCARMY Month ago +1

    Watching these videos is like watching autistic people try to drive, these dash cammers are a special breed. The important word being 'special'.

  • Baz
    Baz Month ago

    Nekuth clearly dresses like some sort of roman emperor giving the thumbs up and down to his fellow road users as to weather he "let's them" use the road. Utter bellend but oh well Karma is very real!

  • Afdass
    Afdass Month ago

    I love when all of the clips involving roundabouts just shows how people just 'floor it' and nothing else matters. "Al right, I'm just about to enter a roundabout but there is a car in the next entry ready to enter it aswell. Gotts floor it and reach his space first so I can live in peace.'
    That or the '3 cars entering a roundabout and we just floor it as it was a race to the next exit'.
    I guess there is no need to say anything else

  • TheShiningKoW210
    TheShiningKoW210 Month ago

    Half of these drivers with the webcams are idiots.

  • Jarrus Killa
    Jarrus Killa Month ago

    jane t smashed it hahah had to laugh hard

  • Andy Mitchell
    Andy Mitchell Month ago

    I think Jane t has balls

  • James Auty
    James Auty Month ago +1

    Nekuth biggest prik on the roads

  • johnny 3shoes
    johnny 3shoes Month ago +2

    Kyle M you are an arsehole. The van was on the roundabout BEFORE you. BTW in UK you go around a roundabout in a clockwise direction.

  • Peakrider
    Peakrider Month ago +2

    This episode made me feel sick. Sick at the state of country. Sick for the kind of people we have in our supposed "civilised" society. Case in point, the motorbike rider. Yes he was going too fast, yes it was inappropriate for the conditions, yes I suppose he got what was coming by riding in that way. But the reaction of the car driver was disgusting. Laughing at the fact he had crashed, and then casually driving by and saying I'm not going to stop to see if you're seriously injured, or your bike is smashed up and you may be stranded on this cold dark road. No! Drive on by because you're a pathetic little man whose pride was injured and let the poor biker die. Or how about the two knobjockeys reviewing cctv footage and laughing about some poor cyclist getting taken out. Bosh, should be sound of somebody knocking your two heads together.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson Month ago +4

    Jane T is a knob for not stopping, irrespective of what happened that person could be stranded in the cold. prize one bell end.

  • Krotzata A.
    Krotzata A. Month ago

    Yo Nekuth .. you are such a bad driver di*khead ..

    • Halo Wanna
      Halo Wanna Month ago

      @Krotzata A. If you don't think he was cut off you need to get your eyes checked that was way to close
      If I'm in the wrong lane I will change when it's safe to do so without cutting someone off
      If it's not safe I would go around the roundabout I wouldn't dangerous cut someone off and potentially cause an accident

    • Krotzata A.
      Krotzata A. Month ago

      Halo Wanna for me that wasnt a cut off .. and cammon be honest you wanna tell me you never take a wrong lane by mistake

    • Halo Wanna
      Halo Wanna Month ago

      @Krotzata A. But the van still cut him of
      It doesn't matter how long his indicator was on for that doesn't mean you can just move over
      And as shown in the video he didn't need to be in that lane

    • Krotzata A.
      Krotzata A. Month ago

      Halo Wanna lol seriosly van was with indicator for 5 sec after that start slightly switching the lane and this idiot jump on the horn ... there was a lot of time to let him in or to accelerate to release the lane .. poor driver

    • Halo Wanna
      Halo Wanna Month ago

      How is he the bad driver when it was the van who cut him off

  • zenthri
    zenthri Month ago

    The first clip is a prime example why we in Germany put on our hazards if there's even the slightest traffic jam!

  • Pat William
    Pat William Month ago +1

    nekuth - you are an knob

  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey Month ago

    Nekuth, hand in your license bellend.

  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey Month ago +6

    Kyle M it's a blind cornered mini roundabout. Try your brakes instead of your horn you bellend.

  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey Month ago

    That Bus clip, I drive that way quite often, it's by Ashley Down.

  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey Month ago +1

    CD66 trying to kill people? 🤔 What an idiot.

  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey Month ago

    Archer got proper sucked in to that stationary traffic thanks to the van. He reacted after 2 seconds, but 2 seconds braking only halfed his speed.