Is AMD a Good Option in 2018??

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
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    In April of 2017, AMD blindsided Intel by launching brand-new Ryzen series of processors. How does second-gen Ryzen stack against the competition in 2018?
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Comments • 9 475

  • xStain
    xStain 13 hours ago

    Red for cpu, now thanks navi, gpu red too :).

  • MadHaze1
    MadHaze1 Day ago +1

    Always a slight bias towards Intel , even though you try not to make it obvious . Go team red :)

    • Randall C
      Randall C 19 hours ago

      It's like the rich mob boss who you don't directly work for but also don't want to offend.


    South will ryzen again

  • Vincent Koech
    Vincent Koech 4 days ago

    Unzipping the files 😆😆😆

  • p m
    p m 4 days ago

    AMD for cooking eggs on a laptop

  • Scott Singley
    Scott Singley 5 days ago


  • Scott Singley
    Scott Singley 5 days ago

    These videos are DUMB. INTEL HAS NEVER BEEN SUPERIOR TO AMD. AMD has just stayed out of the consumer base for DECADES to focus on gaming and superior technologies. They have 64 core processor you can buy if you're rich enough to do so and are developing a 128 core as well. INTEL HAS EVERYONE BRAINWASHED....
    Intel couldn't even run easy games on their shit chipsets until this last DECADE. AMD is a gamers processor and we don't care about your arguments. ;)

  • alvin rasher
    alvin rasher 6 days ago

    At least we can overclock with amd not stupid intel

  • YouTube Commenter
    YouTube Commenter 6 days ago

    Because He mostly talked about gaming, I wanted to know is AMD better for rendering, especially in inventor, a high end industrial engineering software?

  • Catherine Navarro
    Catherine Navarro 9 days ago

    ryzen 7 then rtx card upgrade

  • Ayush Raj
    Ayush Raj 9 days ago

    amd ryzen 5 2500u vs Intel core i3 7020U , which is better?

  • Faevian gonsalves
    Faevian gonsalves 9 days ago

    Amd is the ONLY OPTION now in 2019

  • Fantasy
    Fantasy 10 days ago

    Confucius said, AMD are smarter choice.

  • dacn_on_ fire
    dacn_on_ fire 10 days ago

    Amd 🤘🤘 dont forget.... Cpu and gpu

  • vuhsace highrolla
    vuhsace highrolla 11 days ago

    AMD is a much more superior processor. More cores , threads and better graphic card. Intel even leases its 64 bit instructions from AMD

  • Tegen Joyce
    Tegen Joyce 12 days ago

    Is Ivan single?

  • Can i have 100 subs with no vids?

    bUt caN It RUn CRysis?

  • Powchow
    Powchow 13 days ago

    7:38 I hope that there was nothing in that box


    Amd is better than Intel

  • Capital D
    Capital D 13 days ago

    In 2019
    Is Intel a good option?

    • Eduardo Leite
      Eduardo Leite 13 days ago

      Fuck no
      Wait sor AMD new release of Ryzen 3000
      Thank me later

  • Quakezz
    Quakezz 17 days ago +1

    Should I get the i5 9400f or the ryzen 5 2600? For gaming

  • Giancarlo G.
    Giancarlo G. 17 days ago

    Can someone help me ? I wanna buy a 8gb ram hp laptop with amd processor for $400.. but i haven't use in my life a computer with that processor... Should i buy that one or intel? I just need it for music production and web browsing.. thanks

  • deminybs
    deminybs 19 days ago

    I have Ryzen 7 2700x and RTX 2080, most games I play (both tomb raiders, BFV, borderlands, overwatch etc) MSI afterburner records that both CPU and GPU reach 100% utilization, but I never have any performance issues...what gives?
    Rest of build is ASRock fatal1ty 470x k4 MOBO, gskill RAM @ 3200mhz, cooler master AIO , CORSAIR 850 PSU , Samsung Evo pro 970 nvme SSD (main) , 850 Evo, some other cheap SSD, 144hz 1080p monitor
    Also GPU is on curve oc , CPU on auto OC, temps never exceed 65°c on either under load

  • Jeremiah Angelo Oquendo

    It sure as hell seems like it as of now.

  • Braden
    Braden 19 days ago

    when intel made there i9, it was still crap lol.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 19 days ago

    I have a game console, but I'm still torn

  • Pooja Yadav
    Pooja Yadav 20 days ago +1

    But Linus and Amd have heating up while playing games and Intel doesn't Intel have high cache memory and have high efficiency the motherboard of highly cache memory and has heating up by the cpu have 6 cooling fans and Intel only 2

  • MaurizioEmanueleFerri
    MaurizioEmanueleFerri 20 days ago


  • Glenda Urminita
    Glenda Urminita 22 days ago

    Man, this guy is terribly good at endorsing! "After we tell you about GlassWire!!"

  • Sayan Bhattacharya
    Sayan Bhattacharya 24 days ago

    Ryzen 5 2400G + GTX 1050ti D5
    How's the combination??

    • Flarbles
      Flarbles 24 days ago

      Sayan Bhattacharya don’t get a 1050ti

  • Jerryc 17
    Jerryc 17 26 days ago

    Ryzen 3 3rd gen has 6 cores and maybe 6 threads for 99$

  • Kim Louie Castillo
    Kim Louie Castillo 28 days ago

    give me pc ryzen 3 pc please

  • Biggie Yeast
    Biggie Yeast 28 days ago

    i accidentally deleted my ram so now i have to use my cpu cache

  • Potato
    Potato Month ago

    AMD = for people who can't afford Intel.

    • Potato
      Potato 29 days ago

      @Alfredo I rather spend 100 dollars more and get the best gaming CPU. That 100 dollars spread out over 4-5 years is nothing.

    • Alfredo
      Alfredo 29 days ago +1

      AMD = Being smart with money and saving 100 Bucks, put them into a better Graphics Card

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Month ago +1

    👨‍💻🔦There's Not alot diff 😳 ryzen r6x to i5-8400 i5-9600 some games 10% diff battlefield 3 buy the faster RAM 3400 not 2066 gain 20% + in alot really from a series 4 i5core to new 2019 models better any cpu is great ->$ 30$ dont stop me fronm the 1 thats a bit better

  • ShootyMC
    ShootyMC Month ago


  • PhantomsHyper
    PhantomsHyper Month ago

    Ryzen and every amd roduct in general is shit

  • PhantomsHyper
    PhantomsHyper Month ago +1

    No its not, nvidia and intel are the best

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan Month ago

    Aww man I thought AMD would be great but nope Intel better thank you I had no Idea

  • Dave A
    Dave A Month ago

    Just ordered parts to build a new system. I went with the 2700X. In May 2019 the 2700X is now about $120 cheaper than the 8700K, plus the boards are significantly cheaper, and it comes with a HSF. My personal mix is about 70% games, 30% productivity, so I'm looking forward to the huge increases in both over my i7-3770. I'll be pairing it with either a 1070 TI or a RX 580. I own both already, and just need to see if having Freesync and therefore ~4ms less input lag on the AMD (my TV supports it, but is HDMI only, so no go on the 1070 TI) is worth the drop in performance from the 1070.

  • Lekks25
    Lekks25 Month ago

    Relax, he is talking about the quality of the products themselves, head to head, at the top end (which is overkill for the vast majority of gamers anyway). If money is taken out of the equation, and you are really really pushing it, then yeah Intel might be better (especially fort E-sport tournaments etc.). But if you consider money, and the average consumer, then AMD is the winner. You will be able to afford more with your money when you go AMD. Both are great CPU's and we should be thankful that they are competing with each other to make better and m ore affordable products for us.

  • undi
    undi Month ago

    Im new to pc building. Is the ryzen 2400g good?

  • Redmi Note
    Redmi Note Month ago +1

    I have a Ryzen build

  • Robert F
    Robert F Month ago

    I've always said screw the intel tax.

  • Me Nature
    Me Nature Month ago

    my rayzen 5 still kicking games in 1080p with 40fps so I'm buying the intel next time hahaha

  • ermocrate
    ermocrate Month ago +1

    First, you are gonna pick a Ryzen 7 2700 that is $210 instead of the uselessly more expensive 2700x, that's $150 less expensive than a i7 8700K and includes a $40 CPU cooler, so I would trade down to the i7 8700 that is just $295 and comes with his $10 cooler, anyway you can't overclock ithe cpu so who cares. Ryzen would be 85 dollars cheaper. Another matter is the MoBo, yes at higher specs the may seen similar but the one used for intel doesn't support 2nd gen 3.1 USB, a z390 chip would be a better comparison so that's 20 dollars more. Overall we are talking about $400 AMD setup vs a $505 intel setup (and if we go with your processors of choice would be $482 vs $610). Finally, if it was my choice, I would go for a Ryzen 5 2600x and a B450 chip MoBo, it's really difficult to beat that priceXperformance we are talking of half the price with what? 5 to 10% less performance in gaming?

  • vince
    vince Month ago

    AMD all the way!!!!

  • Bogart Gaming & Tech

    So odd question, I have the MSI x470 motherboard, with a Ryzen 5 2600, but I have the stock cooler, and want to play SWTOR, which only uses 2 cores, so is it possible to shut down 2 cores (slowest in each CCX? and OC the 4 fastest cores to say 4ghz and still be within safe temps for long term?

  • Anurag Ji
    Anurag Ji Month ago +7

    10-15 more fps doesnt matter !
    But 100-125$ matters !

  • T W
    T W Month ago

    Ryzen 5 2600x, Msi Tomahawk, 16 GB DDR4 G.Skill Flare X B-Die, Red Dragon Vega 56 in 2019 this great system kicks intel-nvidia systems in the balls at the same price point!

  • Irish Ninja
    Irish Ninja Month ago

    Not surprised that this channel would still shill for Intel. I bet they'll say the same shit when the new 3k series Ryzen drops.

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo Month ago +1

    So...Intel is better? I JUST WANT CLEAR ANSWERS not annoying statistics. Who does run Unreal Engine 4 at 120fps??? >;OOOO

    • Manuel Camelo
      Manuel Camelo Month ago

      @Stingfire But the problem with AMD is that It's not clear which FOCKIN' AMD Card is actually good. I mean it's easier to correlate i7 = powerful.
      AMD = ? Ryzen5 equals to i7? :0

    • Stingfire
      Stingfire Month ago +1

      Better ONLY for gaming, also keep in mind the HUUUGE price difference.

  • Min Jeong
    Min Jeong Month ago

    wonderboy~~~ ty for nice video

  • Eniz
    Eniz Month ago +2

    Im thinking to buy ryzen 7 2700x with msi tomahawk mother board and rtx 2060 what you think?

    • I'm thanos
      I'm thanos Month ago

      Ain't that bad it's actually pretty good for not being bottle necked that much! But maybe get a rtx 2070 or wont bottle neck

  • Darmin Axel
    Darmin Axel Month ago +2

    AMD is for poor people who dropped out of school and ended up working at Burger King for a living. They live off food stamps and Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup.
    Stay in school kids, or you're gonna end up owning an AMD processor and your games will bottleneck.
    By the way, PC gaming is not cheap. If your PC is under 2600$, just throw it in the trash or go back to consoles. Budget PCs are not worth it. If you own a budget PC, you will have to upgrade the hardware everytime. It makes sense to buy a beefy PC, so you won't have to upgrade in a long time.
    All these AMD people are poor and they're on a budget. Their PC cant keep up lol

  • Mucsic Channel for Young Generation

    I really really wonder, is it better for AMD while matching with RADEON than NVIDIA

  • George Davis-Marks
    George Davis-Marks Month ago +1

    Not mattering about money, what should I get ryzen 5 2600 or 2600x ???!!!

  • tarikbih gamer
    tarikbih gamer Month ago

    threadripper AMD 2970wx KILLED intel

  • Twiggy
    Twiggy Month ago

    He would probably slag Intel off but he can't because they are supporting him.I prefer AMD.

  • Gaizer TV
    Gaizer TV Month ago

    i have an important question please don't bash me. I just try to build
    myself something decent.. and it is the first time i do this...
    Until now i bought this :
    CPU : Ryzen 7 2700 X
    Motherboard : Asus ROG Strix x 470-F Gaming
    Does someone know WHICH DDR4 RAM should i get? I was about to buy 64GB
    DDR4 with 3600MHz
    Is this setup a waste of money? I mean does this mainboard and the CPU
    even support this much memory? i have no clue and you are my last hope
    because no ome seems to know this..
    Thank you in advance :D

  • Shahriar Gallery
    Shahriar Gallery 2 months ago +1

    I love intel. I don't know, Rayzen processor is long lasting or not? Can anybody tell me, It's long lasting processor? I'm using intel cor i5 till 2013 and still now using this cpu without problems.

  • Generator
    Generator 2 months ago +6

    Intel support you Linus , that's why you talking about 5 fps difference....

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin 2 months ago

    Ryzen 5 2500u or i5 8250u?

  • Terence Nabbs
    Terence Nabbs 2 months ago

    I'm using Ryzen 2700x..... it's ridiculously good..... just buy it

    ZTEAMZR_ YT 2 months ago

    I wanted amd man i wish but i have gtx 640

  • aslr_o On a instagram
    aslr_o On a instagram 2 months ago +1

    Oh so this is like PS4 vs XBOX
    K im always with the blue:)

    • shuerzz
      shuerzz Month ago +1

      @aslr_o On a instagram I know, i was being sarcastic. You said "i'm always with the blue", because it's better, yet the Xbox is better than the PS4, and it isn't blue, "smh".

    • aslr_o On a instagram
      aslr_o On a instagram Month ago

      shuerzz PS4 not xbox smh

    • shuerzz
      shuerzz 2 months ago +1

      Xbox isn't blue.

  • [GD] Pythonbites
    [GD] Pythonbites 2 months ago

    i never have understood why people think AMD are the 'Poor man's option'. Yeah it's cheaper but it offers much better performance than intel if we're talking on a Pound to Performance (Pounds are my currency) and people can use that money to afford a better GPU and at this level the GPU matters more than the CPU in gaming or more RAM which would go further in media creation.

  • LindgreN-
    LindgreN- 2 months ago

    I wish these prices was true in Sweden, in sweden the 8700k is about 120-130$ more expensive then the 2700x (about 520$ for 8700k and about 400$ for the 2700x) To me it's an obviouis choice to choose amd. Always been a Intel fanboy, always hated on AMD untill i learned how good it actually is.

  • M Oczakow
    M Oczakow 2 months ago

    GTAV, people still test with that? ... didn't it come out in sept 2013?'s a grand-pappy with a walker software, no wonder it don't support any modern features.
    Burry it 20 ft under and never look upon it again.

  • Secretcodrin
    Secretcodrin 2 months ago

    Why everyone is about who makes the best cips and nobody speaks about price for performance? If you want to go for strong cips buy a server dual socket setup with 2 thread rippers and there you go.

  • Surelye Ohr
    Surelye Ohr 2 months ago

    intel is for gaming

  • Ani-mate
    Ani-mate 2 months ago

    2:02 Isn't going commando free though?

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy 2 months ago +1

    i dont understand anything

  • syed saadqain zaidi
    syed saadqain zaidi 2 months ago

    who understood anything

  • xt x
    xt x 2 months ago

    amd yes

  • graceoverall
    graceoverall 2 months ago

    It's NOT all about speed. I'd GLAAAADLY take a speed hit to keep my data out of the grubby hands of big brother and other bad actors. Intel has many more hardware vulnerabilities in the silicon than AMD. At this point, after many MANY years with Intel, I'll be making the switch. AMD has won back my heart.

  • Kalix 14
    Kalix 14 2 months ago

    Which is better in gaming. Can someone tell me please

  • Russle
    Russle 2 months ago +1

    My fx 6300 is still a blast to use, does everything i need at a more than acceptable speed. Will be moving to Ryzen very soon.

    • E.LA.O
      E.LA.O Month ago

      4th gen i7 user here.

  • Mehdi Tabatabaee
    Mehdi Tabatabaee 2 months ago


  • Jonathan Baughman
    Jonathan Baughman 2 months ago

    It is REALLY HARD to find motherboards for am4 aka

    • Secretcodrin
      Secretcodrin 2 months ago

      B450 tomahawk and the X370 or X470?

  • pulkit pandey
    pulkit pandey 2 months ago

    Intel inside kidney outside

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 2 months ago +1

    What a plot twist

  • Vertiz
    Vertiz 2 months ago

    so i don’t know buy RYZEN 7 or Intel core i7 8700k

  • Delain124
    Delain124 2 months ago +1

    AMD for CPU Nvidia for GPU.

  • Goratchthemule
    Goratchthemule 2 months ago +2

    My real name is Linus, can I get a 50% off?

  • roscoe baram
    roscoe baram 2 months ago

    test ryzen 5s and 3s

  • HipsTone
    HipsTone 2 months ago

    need help im about to buy RYZEN 5 2600X is it worth?

  • Aaron Stel
    Aaron Stel 2 months ago

    Wy whut i pay €400+ for i7 when i can get ryzen7 2700x for €100less this is bs that you shut buy a ryzen if your more with productivetie

    Ps. Sorry if my engles is a bit bad😅

  • BenAqua
    BenAqua 2 months ago

    so pretty much ryzen is about 15% better? im so confused :O

  • Youcef Aloui
    Youcef Aloui 2 months ago

    for me 8700k is around 175 euros more expensive than a 2700x which still runs games just great at max settings, granted it's not as good as intel but the performance difference isn't enough in my opinion to justify the cost, especially when you factor in that ryzen's cooler is actually usable if you don't plan on overclocking and that ryzen cpu seem to handle work station tasks better than intel, easy choice for me really...
    that spare 175 can be spent on a better cooler / more budget for other parts.
    this video feels slightly biased towards intel (not an intel or amd fanboy just a regular dude trying to put together a decent system without breaking my wallet)

  • Santu Das
    Santu Das 2 months ago

    Tnx brother

  • WeirdKid ThatLovesPokemon

    #Intel Blue Team!!

  • Smiley Boi
    Smiley Boi 2 months ago

    I5 8400 or Ryzen 7 2700 for gaming?

    DESTROYER64 2 months ago

    Who else is waiting for athlon 128

  • Fullmetal Alkami
    Fullmetal Alkami 2 months ago

    8700K is better for gaming? Yes. Is it also £100 more expensive? Yes

  • Nils-Åke Nordström
    Nils-Åke Nordström 2 months ago

    No we know how a hard-core nerd looks like...

  • 1000 subs without any videos

    I basicly take because it's cheaper

  • Saylavii 1K
    Saylavii 1K 2 months ago

    If you don’t care about price intel is better and it’s not even an argument. That’s literally the only point people have when they say to get AMD.

  • Todor Tr.
    Todor Tr. 2 months ago

    Thank you

  • Qheety
    Qheety 2 months ago

    I have amd