Weekend Update: Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi - SNL


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  • SugoiRyan
    SugoiRyan 3 hours ago

    1:53-1:55 loop it and then make a remix of it someone

  • Carly Booth
    Carly Booth 12 hours ago

    It's Bethany from Girl Defined!

  • Qwerty Asdfgh
    Qwerty Asdfgh 18 hours ago

    She has an old woman's face.

  • R Molas
    R Molas 18 hours ago

    Incredibly funny accurate stuff there

  • D'andre Chesterfield

    ugh this hits home

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade Day ago

    I love her skits!

  • Jennifer Turner
    Jennifer Turner Day ago

    hilarious fantastic episode

  • SanFrancisco PatriotGroups&GOP 90,000Strong

    the only Weekend Update I liked

  • superpal43
    superpal43 2 days ago

    The perfect video for anyone sad about being single!

  • King Ijaz اعجاز


  • Bryan Chipps
    Bryan Chipps 2 days ago

    What great characters! 😂 😂 😂! Hope to see them many more times!

  • Jason Blakemore
    Jason Blakemore 3 days ago


  • Monique Ayala
    Monique Ayala 3 days ago

    I feel like you can see this argument outside of any random bar or club at 1 am

  • Tickety Blue
    Tickety Blue 3 days ago

    We need more of this.

  • gjozefi
    gjozefi 3 days ago

    When she started singing...it was over for me lol

  • Kay Jay Mua
    Kay Jay Mua 3 days ago

    I need more of Nico and Brie this was amazing

  • Andre Jenkins
    Andre Jenkins 3 days ago

    I’m certain this skit aggravated a lot of PTSD

  • SweetBabyJames78
    SweetBabyJames78 4 days ago

    Instagram couples make me puke 🤮🤪

  • kambermusic
    kambermusic 4 days ago


  • kambermusic
    kambermusic 4 days ago

    I hope this Instagram account is real

  • hrrsn bgy
    hrrsn bgy 4 days ago

    When Nico widens his eyes.

  • One Girls Travels
    One Girls Travels 4 days ago

    This is an accurate description of those couples that have just met and are about to get married

  • Joseph Lane
    Joseph Lane 4 days ago

    Real ones know......quite literally every girlfriend ever.

  • Rogelio Guerra
    Rogelio Guerra 4 days ago


  • GiVer
    GiVer 4 days ago

    Heidi is so talented, I would love to see her in a good comedy movie.

  • Johnte Price
    Johnte Price 4 days ago

    When she said she was buzzed I fell out!

  • Siân
    Siân 4 days ago

    I love Heidi

  • Dougla82Airborne
    Dougla82Airborne 4 days ago

    her hat falling was perfect lmao!

  • America Growing
    America Growing 4 days ago

    My married friends are like this, and make me glad I am single. 😳

  • J.P. Pelzman
    J.P. Pelzman 4 days ago

    I honestly think Gardner is a very talented performer, but all her Update characters seem to be pretty similar. They talk in a high-pitched, sing-songy voice, they start out keeping it together but disintegrate by the end of the sketch, and they're more cringey than funny. Either she needs better writing or she needs to diversify her characters. She's talented enough to do more than cringe

  • Junior Vafai
    Junior Vafai 4 days ago

    I know exactly who these people are

  • logano 17
    logano 17 4 days ago


  • Swish13x20
    Swish13x20 5 days ago

    Stellar performance

  • Heckzotica
    Heckzotica 5 days ago

    This makes me feel much better about being alone valentine's day.

  • Merely Mortals
    Merely Mortals 5 days ago

    Yikes I know these people

  • migrantson
    migrantson 5 days ago


  • Remington Joe
    Remington Joe 5 days ago

    Heidi is perfect in these kind of roles.

  • briibennett
    briibennett 5 days ago +1

    My name is Bri & my better half is Niko 😅 so weird for him to say our names. 😳 😅

  • chris olson
    chris olson 5 days ago

    "What's wrong? Why are you mad?!?" The WORST thing you can say to a woman because we know that you know. Just leave us the hell alone for an hour and everything will be okay. Trust me.

  • Poetic Poems
    Poetic Poems 5 days ago


  • Jessica Fajardo
    Jessica Fajardo 5 days ago

    Nico feeling the song as she’s singing is so funny.

  • Jonathan Miller Music
    Jonathan Miller Music 5 days ago +4


  • HailG3
    HailG3 5 days ago

    i'M nOT cRazY

  • Travis Baker
    Travis Baker 5 days ago

    This hits home....in so many sad ways

  • RARA Tv
    RARA Tv 5 days ago

    The one time i didn't laugh at snl😕😕.

  • Julia_aaa
    Julia_aaa 6 days ago

    The acting in this is so spot on

  • Emily hancock
    Emily hancock 6 days ago

    This is CRAZY REAL

  • trugangsta4real
    trugangsta4real 6 days ago +1

    Perfect millennial humor. Nailed it

  • ana arias
    ana arias 6 days ago

    lmao i love this. i want more of this. this couple is sooo real. theyre like the present day version Needlers(the couple that should be divorced, seth meyers and amy poehler).

  • Jitka Manová
    Jitka Manová 6 days ago

    Michael is so done, I love it

  • Macht Nichts Sei Mann

    Mikey Day is indispensable at playing "sensible" and "outraged" and "clueless" characters. SNL better keep him around for a while.

  • Paul Ho
    Paul Ho 6 days ago

    Too fucking real.

  • Clif Carothers
    Clif Carothers 6 days ago

    great skit

  • Brandon Davidson
    Brandon Davidson 6 days ago

    Okay but it makes more sense that they got together in 1st grade? And in they still interact in the same ways.

  • Avrumi Frankel
    Avrumi Frankel 6 days ago


  • Carlos Gregory
    Carlos Gregory 6 days ago

    I'm almost in this relationship, I hope to see these characters again

  • Jahmela Barlow
    Jahmela Barlow 6 days ago

    “Spaghetti and meat fries “ 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Antonio Perea
    Antonio Perea 6 days ago

    Dear Emmy Awards: Please give Heidi the previous Emmy’s that were awarded to Kate... Kate ‘Middleton’? Please and thank you 🙏
    The Christian God

  • My Ego Likes Tacos
    My Ego Likes Tacos 6 days ago

    YEAHH! Funny

  • Jackie Dawson
    Jackie Dawson 6 days ago


  • fredEVOIX
    fredEVOIX 6 days ago

    reminds me of the french starlet Nabilla who stabbed her boyfriend and now are back together

  • Maenad Green
    Maenad Green 6 days ago


  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas 6 days ago +1

    Che looked genuinely annoyed

  • Rachel Thomas
    Rachel Thomas 6 days ago

    This is literally how middle school relationships go lmao

  • Scorpio Moon
    Scorpio Moon 6 days ago

    They are freakin annoying

  • Hunter Winslow
    Hunter Winslow 6 days ago

    Heidi is my favorite 😂

  • Val Kaeoss
    Val Kaeoss 6 days ago

    "Real mature, you're in your hathole."

  • Nga Han
    Nga Han 6 days ago

    That's a helluva lot of likes. I mean is that even possible?

  • Ross Hurst
    Ross Hurst 6 days ago

    God I hate them

  • Richard Ian Tracy
    Richard Ian Tracy 6 days ago +1

    Legit. Happy to be gay. And older! :-p

  • Actheman1978
    Actheman1978 6 days ago +4

    I’m going to say it here: Heidi is the most talented actor I’ve ever seen on SNL.

  • Dead End
    Dead End 6 days ago

    That was amazing.

  • gee cee
    gee cee 6 days ago +1

    Their acting is so good omg this skit was seriously flawless

  • Michael Donald Pietrzak

    This one is good

  • Elijah Pasco
    Elijah Pasco 6 days ago

    Thank god. I just deleted my Instagram account.

  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park 6 days ago

    They should do a skit with her playing Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes 🙊 OR Amy of Amy’s Baking Company OR ... BOTH!

  • Victor Ortega
    Victor Ortega 6 days ago

    Who doesn't love girls that wear pharell hats....hahahahahha

  • Brad DeYoung
    Brad DeYoung 6 days ago

    Che’s face after that Shrek impression is all of us when we are around.....that......

  • Michael Covel
    Michael Covel 6 days ago

    @3:00 There's something so funny about Heidi's struggle to be in front to explain - XD!

  • Angela
    Angela 6 days ago +3

    heidi gardner's acting is next level. i truly believe she is who she is playing and she never breaks character!

  • kikiwest2001
    kikiwest2001 6 days ago

    I know a couple like this

  • Personal Acc
    Personal Acc 6 days ago

    She slept with my friend Ryan!!
    (Who we also met at Whole Foods buying Rose)

  • Spencer J Elliott
    Spencer J Elliott 6 days ago

    When snl (or south park) makes fun of you, time to quit.

  • OAT351
    OAT351 6 days ago

    This is exactly me and my high school girlfriend. She demanded minute-by-minute validation of our undying love. It took 45 minutes to end a phone conversation, because a single utterance of factual information being exchanged required the entire goodbye love you love you love you sequence to be restarted. She also cheated every chance she got. And propositioned me after she married someone else. Amy, I'm sincerely sorry I didn't have sex with you and ruin your marriage to get revenge. Not sure what I was thinking there.

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 6 days ago

    Weird comment but this is sooooo how me and my mom act around each other. Too bad we can’t take a break

  • Aa Nur
    Aa Nur 6 days ago

    I was buzzed 🤣🤣

  • Andrey Forero
    Andrey Forero 6 days ago

    Nothing say one cheated like a joint social media account .

  • ashante
    ashante 6 days ago +1

    they killlled this, love it 😂😂

  • sicDaVid
    sicDaVid 6 days ago

    The Update Desk has long been the test ground for new bits. This one was a 6. Sadly the trend is putting down haters because we are hating a lot. If we had a media that didn't have hatred as a business model this bit would have been a 7.4.

  • Brianna Rene
    Brianna Rene 6 days ago

    God they're like the 2019 version of The Needlers lmao heidi and mikey are strong as hell w writing characters

  • Person McPerson
    Person McPerson 6 days ago

    OMG every person who is on Social media (facebook and instagram)

  • Marianne HappyBubble
    Marianne HappyBubble 6 days ago +3

    Wauw, Heidi is soooo goood!

  • Alex Morel
    Alex Morel 6 days ago

    LOL,This is GENIOUS!

  • kikiwest2001
    kikiwest2001 6 days ago


  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez 6 days ago

    Win me back! oh... I remember that

  • koayogi
    koayogi 6 days ago

    Just like Trisha Peytas.

  • palker4
    palker4 6 days ago

    god this was awful

  • Keith Carpenter
    Keith Carpenter 6 days ago

    Nico may not want to be with Halsey but I do.

  • Op2misstyk
    Op2misstyk 6 days ago +1

    “Hat hole” 😅😂🤣