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  • Published on Nov 25, 2019
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    It may be getting cold out, but it'll all be heating up this Winter in Hollyoaks! 😱❄️🔥 Check out the Winter Trailer, right here, right now... Oh, and just a quick one... It features Hollyoaks Later scenes! Get in! 🙌🙌
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Comments • 736

  • Hollyoaks
    Hollyoaks  2 months ago +12

    Watch Hollyoaks on All 4:

  • Sara Ail
    Sara Ail 19 days ago

    Y’all remember the part where olly says he miss “him” I just realised while tlking to my sister now his not talking abt his dad his talking abt the baby Brooke is carrying

  • Ella Leaming
    Ella Leaming 24 days ago

    Why is Tony in a cage he doesn't deserve it

  • Deadlock 698
    Deadlock 698 26 days ago

    Oh my god mercedes finds Tony I bet breda will kill mercedes

  • Princess Angel
    Princess Angel Month ago +1

    If u haven't watched the episode on all4 dont click read more SPOILER ALERT

    Theres so many plot twists
    Peri and juliet
    Liam and James
    Toby is mitchells brother
    Sylver and grace
    Yaz and Tom
    Nancy is pregnant and marries kyle

  • xStackzz
    xStackzz Month ago

    What episode does warren return?

  • Nottingham Ghost Investigations

    Wow, just about revealed everything 🙈🙈

  • Carl Rees
    Carl Rees Month ago +1

    Yep, show still looks terrible. I stopped watching when Warren & Brendan left a number of years back then I gave it another chance when Warren returned on his last spell but even he couldn't save it & I don't expect it to get any better on his latest return either. Dead show.

  • Junq Honey
    Junq Honey Month ago +5


    Juliet is saying she loves peri in the flash forward

    • Junq Honey
      Junq Honey Month ago +1

      The New Years flashforward episode

    • arvie
      arvie Month ago

      how do ya know? is it in the trailer?

  • iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet


  • S Brown
    S Brown Month ago

    Seen most of this already waiting for warren to return and the Breda and Mercedes story line to kick off🥳

  • Summer Jones
    Summer Jones Month ago

    2:15 it kinda looks Like someone's holding a gun behind her 😨

  • Daniel Ewenkhare
    Daniel Ewenkhare Month ago +1


  • Sara Mohamed
    Sara Mohamed Month ago

    Darren should stop and Leave Nancy to live a happy life like his alwys hurting her, cheated on her so many times, he needs to move on and let her live his life

  • Sara Mohamed
    Sara Mohamed Month ago

    Am I the only one who keeps rewatching the trailer to get clues and to understand shit djfnd

  • set det Patterson
    set det Patterson Month ago +1

    Good chiams

  • José Celado
    José Celado Month ago

    It been a long time since I saw the last episode of this serie.

    • 12 34
      12 34 Month ago

      U should watch

  • José Celado
    José Celado Month ago

    Where's Ste?

  • TFG_ CM
    TFG_ CM Month ago

    Anyone else notice nico came back??

  • Andy S
    Andy S Month ago

    Yay! Warren's back,...i've missed him! 💔


    what's the song at 1:58?

  • Leandra Sadd
    Leandra Sadd Month ago

    Amazing can't wait

  • Chelsey Linden
    Chelsey Linden Month ago +1

    When does the #HollyoaksLater come out?

  • Susan Jewitt
    Susan Jewitt Month ago +4

    Yay John Paul is back and does Darren ever change? Creeping around Nancy, again.

  • Darkskinnn Kemi
    Darkskinnn Kemi Month ago

    if the breda storyline continues in 2020 best believe i ain’t watching hollyoaks. been dragging it on for wayyy too long

    • 12 34
      12 34 Month ago

      It ends starts of January

  • Jason Harvey
    Jason Harvey Month ago


  • Lacey
    Lacey Month ago

    Who’s John-Paul ?

  • Fornite Legend
    Fornite Legend Month ago

    Lets go everyone tony has to kill Breda needs to go

  • kay marie
    kay marie Month ago


  • Chris P
    Chris P Month ago +1


  • Chris P
    Chris P Month ago

    Hollyoaks's most horrid KILLERS
    Breda Mcqueen
    Nico Blake
    Ryan Knight
    Mac Nightingale
    DS Armstrong
    Milo Cunnigham

    Anymore? Let me know by replying and like if you are LOVING these storylines because I definitley am!

  • EXo Cept
    EXo Cept Month ago

    The Breda story line is so strechted
    I wish it would end already
    I know she's a good actor and all but the story line has been going on forever

  • jcsgrrl
    jcsgrrl Month ago +2

    They still haven't caught that lady that killed Harry? This is what bugs me about HO. They take forever to wrap up a storyline.

  • Ma Va
    Ma Va Month ago

    I think Tonys dad shot Mercedes :p

  • Dastiel4ever
    Dastiel4ever Month ago

    Is Luke okay??? Why is he in the hospital?? Am I missing something?

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee Month ago

    How do people watch this shite? 🤣

  • essie finch
    essie finch Month ago +1

    silas was a little bit before my time watching hollyoakes .I remember he kill lindsey..he need to come back and kill breda.

    • GLBizzie
      GLBizzie Month ago

      Shame u Missed Silas run.. It dragged a bit But never became boring or annoying coz of good Twists and Turns! He even had someone on to him and their cat and mouse games were amazing..

  • The Bloody wolf lol

    Laurie + Stuart + Breda = worthless storylines

    • The Bloody wolf lol
      The Bloody wolf lol Month ago

      GLBizzie too be fair Laurie storyline was boring but yeah it did make sense other then Breda she is annoying hope she dies in hollyoaks later

    • GLBizzie
      GLBizzie Month ago

      At least Laurie/Sinead made sense and was wrapped up great But Breda is annoying asf

  • Derek VBZ
    Derek VBZ Month ago


  • Angie D
    Angie D Month ago +2

    Warren and John Paul have had more come backs than take that! Lol, hope Warren doesn't stay for long but don't mind John Paul! That said I love Hollyoaks!

  • Duricas
    Duricas Month ago


  • Kpop_ Nicole
    Kpop_ Nicole Month ago


  • Carl Whitehead
    Carl Whitehead Month ago +1

    Hollyoaks is so predictable

  • Michal M
    Michal M Month ago

    Now warren will save tony

  • Seonaid Finegan
    Seonaid Finegan Month ago

    Going 2 watch it all

  • Miah O’neill
    Miah O’neill Month ago +1

    Was that Juliet at 2:18 ?

    • 12 34
      12 34 Month ago +1

      Yes it’s her one year later in December 2020.

  • Jimmy Kray
    Jimmy Kray Month ago

    The sienna storyline is ridiculous

  • Jimmy Kray
    Jimmy Kray Month ago

    Looks shit no offence

  • Katie Griffiths
    Katie Griffiths Month ago

    Did I just see lily?

  • Tnt Mist
    Tnt Mist Month ago

    So excited! :D

  • Damian sings
    Damian sings Month ago

    woah hold on juliet pregnant too ??

  • Cool Cool
    Cool Cool Month ago +1

    what if Breda kidnapped Mercedes bc she blamed silver for shooting her? and thats how she found Tony

  • jenchulichaeng
    jenchulichaeng Month ago

    John Paul is BACKKKK

    SLY SPORT Month ago

    I walked into James Sutton aka John Paul on 7th ave. (New York City) on my lunch break. This was sometime in July or August of this year. He told me that he was doing a play on 58th street, I believe. He mentioned that i should go see him in his new play but unfortunately, i couldn't make it. He's really handsome in person and tall.

    SLY SPORT Month ago

    i thought John Paul was gone for good.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi Month ago

    I feel so sorry for Luke. He can't seem to catch a break.

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi Month ago

      2:11 Ugh she better not become an abusive girlfriend and hes scared of her because I’m over that storyline

  • Taylor Jay
    Taylor Jay Month ago

    It’s about time !

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi Month ago

      The best soap opera in the world by a million miles

  • Michelle Marshall
    Michelle Marshall Month ago


  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi Month ago +5

    I’m gonna make a deal with Mercedes: If she saves Tony , I won’t see her as a b*tch anymore and instead , I’ll see her as a saviour!

    • Daggerz x
      Daggerz x Month ago

      Never make a deal with the devil 😂

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu Month ago

      YES MERCY!! SAVE TONY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!😱

  • BrnzGaming
    BrnzGaming Month ago

    I thought sienna was fostering sid

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi Month ago

      YES MERCY!! SAVE TONY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!😱