How much did Liverpool miss Mohamed Salah vs. Manchester United? | Extra Time

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Craig Burley, Steve Nicol, Frank Leboeuf and Dan Thomas of ESPN FC answer fan questions during Extra Time, including: How much Liverpool missed Mohamed Salah in their draw with Manchester United, (2:38) why Man United only play with intensity in big games, (4:06) if it's hard playing a match when the calls aren't going your way, (5:52) and how Frank Leboeuf is dealing with France's loss in the rugby world cup.
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Comments • 424

  • Saputra ahmad
    Saputra ahmad 17 hours ago

    Salah no goal to manchester united

  • The Motherfucker
    The Motherfucker 20 days ago

    :-D what i know, before that salah join in liverpool. The players name such as:
    Trent Arnold
    Their are looks so death, and the club will a same level as my favorite club "WHU" 😀hahaha😀

  • Kkk Lll
    Kkk Lll 23 days ago

    حد عربي بترجم؟؟ 😂😂

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky 23 days ago

    They didn't miss him as much as United missed Pogba & Martial there 2 best players...

  • Reza Atabaki
    Reza Atabaki 23 days ago

    How much did Liverpool miss Salah? I’m sure not as how much United missed Shaw, Martial, Pogba, and Tuanzebe...

  • Smoky Donuts
    Smoky Donuts 23 days ago

    They missed him a lot. Man U could lay off Origi because he was off, so it gave their defense more ability to focus on Mane and Firmino. Salah is essential because it draws the defense out.

  • Nurjahan Khatun
    Nurjahan Khatun 23 days ago +1

    What about pogba!😂😂

  • Mohamed Said
    Mohamed Said 23 days ago +2

    If any body does’t want him , let Mo Salah to go other Club, then you will feel ......

  • Relocation Dohavets
    Relocation Dohavets 23 days ago

    if you look at Mo movement during the game ,you will realize how smart is he,personally i would like Mo to play as free player,move between left,middle and right, keep Mo on the left is not that effective,specially Trent always attack from the left side and send cross ball to the goal keeper area,if there is a kind of play maker who can provide Mo in between cross ball,that will make Mo scores a lot of goal,we miss Coutinho

  • jack bolt
    jack bolt 23 days ago +1

    Not even a Liverpool fan but had enough of Stevie nicol and his criticism towards origi as if his goals didn’t deliver big things last season

  • Maria Veenema
    Maria Veenema 23 days ago +1

    Comparing the two teams, Liverpool should've won that easily.

  • DopeReggae S
    DopeReggae S 23 days ago

    well yes they need salah because mane was man marked and firminio had one of his days

  • Marian M
    Marian M 24 days ago +2

    Liverpool are divers. They finally faced a fair referee.

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker 24 days ago +1

    Just a reminder there... Mo Salah is not all about scoring goals you know... Barring all his record breaking numbers Mo Salah brings to the table much more than goals and those so many times TIA rated him 5 and 6 for not scoring like that Leicester game ask any decent football pundit he will tell Salah was infact MOTM that day despite of not registering any goals on the night and such is actual value and impact of the Egyptian King who was labeled all sorts of negative names to overshadow him yet once he went missing you could clearly see for yourself how much different our attack looks in his absence... Some would strongly argue on the basis of that 2nd leg Barca CL game last season as if that is a bench mark for all to come forgetting all the elements that existed that day that helped Liverpool achieve the impossible and big part of that is how Barca arrogantly approached that game and we managed to punish them big time for it but this is not an every day kind of situation on the basis of which you could easily say we could function normally against any team without Mo or any of the other front three who get their absolute power from playing togather all 3 on the pitch and once one goes missing you get what we got today an almost non existant attacking force!

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 24 days ago

    Not at all. Too many players were off their game and Salah would have regressed to that mean. He hasn't been an individual game-changer since that home drubbing of AS Roma!

  • Mohd Hassan
    Mohd Hassan 24 days ago

    It was'nt handball. VAR show a shot from wrong angle which loik like handball. Why english football hates liverpool? Last season a goal against MCI was also denied by this VAR.

  • jad jo
    jad jo 24 days ago +13

    Without Salah, you would not have dreamed of reaching the fifth place or participating in the European Championship

  • Samuel Mann
    Samuel Mann 24 days ago

    I just feel like if the music is really that important, at least turn it down. In fact turn it down completely.

  • CJayJM
    CJayJM 24 days ago

    Salah has played 3 Games against United, and has scored 0 and Assisted 0 ............. so what is this "Oh, definitely" from Stevie 😒😒🤡🤡🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • LM10
    LM10 24 days ago

    A lot

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 24 days ago

    this was a good draw for LFC

  • Liie Ziie
    Liie Ziie 24 days ago

    uselessssssss captain

  • Juhel Miah
    Juhel Miah 24 days ago +12

    Arent these people the same guys who slaughter salah for having one bad game?

  • Hero love
    Hero love 24 days ago +11

    Liverpool missed salah so much

  • Paul McNamara
    Paul McNamara 24 days ago

    If Sala was there we would of won Utd did nothing all game just park the bus shite team the goal they scored should of been ruled out as well very lucky team.

  • Jesus Cena
    Jesus Cena 24 days ago +1

    Would’ve been pocketed by Young anyways

  • Hisham Medhat
    Hisham Medhat 24 days ago

    Manchester united wouldn't played three at the back if Salah is in

  • Damie Praizy
    Damie Praizy 24 days ago

    It was manu to Liverpool

  • Shirish Bhat
    Shirish Bhat 24 days ago

    Stupid VAR doesn't overturn refree then why do we have it...i felt it is introduced to correct human errors and also if we can't make decision in a second.

  • Red Lavish
    Red Lavish 24 days ago +3

    Henderson’s an absolute waste of a player, yes he has the Desire and passion but he doesn’t add anything more. If I were Klopp I would play Fabinho wijnaldum and keita or chamberlain.

  • Spiked Cactuar
    Spiked Cactuar 24 days ago +1

    I just want to send a massive L to steve who basically said man u have no chance......... sorry but this was amazing and I'm so happy that liverpool didnt win woop woop :) :) :)

  • Satyam Sandrasegaren
    Satyam Sandrasegaren 24 days ago

    Stevie Nicoll made his life in England ... now he hates it.

  • RasenRendan
    RasenRendan 24 days ago

    I cant wait for the league cup match vs United we can Smash them and they can stop talking about the 4-0 loss.

  • Olando Howell
    Olando Howell 24 days ago

    If United has everybody fit and LFC had everybody fit
    The game would have been way open which I think we would have won

  • Olando Howell
    Olando Howell 24 days ago +1

    I won’t make a U-turn on Coutinho but the way he’s playing at Bayern 😱 LFC need a player like that

  • DCU&Marvel Champions
    DCU&Marvel Champions 24 days ago +1

    Liverpool were poor because of the United’s set up. Why never give United credit?

  • Hong J
    Hong J 24 days ago +1

    Man utd miss howard webb so much buy martin atkinson turn up :) the fergie days where refs are so bias

  • Bu Rida
    Bu Rida 24 days ago

    Origi plays a LoT better as CF than a winger.

  • Forever Gooner
    Forever Gooner 24 days ago

    Liverpool for 3 games been riding there luck. They haven't been great but as good teams do they are getting results.

  • LuckyMe
    LuckyMe 24 days ago

    South Africa will win!

  • jermaine tobin
    jermaine tobin 24 days ago +9

    It was a massive miss but no excuse for how bad we was in the first half

  • BestStyle
    BestStyle 24 days ago +1

    As much as man utd missed pogba.

  • Josh Payne
    Josh Payne 24 days ago

    People need to stop making excuses for liverpool and klopp, this was down to poor management should've started with keita or ox and brought origi on at 60 mins. We had no pace, no creativity, no grit, no motivation, it was like we swapped clubs for a day. This makes me angry more than losing 4 nil wouldve, klopp knows how important this game is and he should've gone all out for it, where had the gen gen press gone? We don't see it in clutch moments anymore we just spread play which we know doesn't work against these low block teams. We used to be dynamic now we look so 2 dimensional it's either cross the ball or a firmino flick. Klopp needs to play keita or sell the kid and buy someone he actually trusts.

  • King Jonathan
    King Jonathan 24 days ago

    It seems like Liverpool missed that Egyptian diver a lot.. but he never scored at Old Trafford.. oh well

  • Suiram82
    Suiram82 24 days ago

    Origi has come in and done well at times as we all know. The problem is that he can't fill the role of any of the three starting regularly. Liverpool would have been more comfortable if Shaqiri was available when Salah was out. Such a shame he's injured right now.

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon 24 days ago +30

    Salah is probably the most important player in that Liverpool squad. Whenever he's on the pitch, defenders mark him and when he gets the ball, they panic and create space, because he's the only one in the front three who can score or set up a goal outside the box. When that space is created, Mane and Firmino can score. Salah could be having a bad game, but his presence and rival players reaction to him is what makes him so great.

    • DeVecle
      DeVecle 6 days ago

      Summed it all up! perfect.

    • anthony a
      anthony a 22 days ago +3

      You said it perfectly

  • Luis Toomey
    Luis Toomey 24 days ago

    lets go New Zealand

  • Kwadwo Hilton
    Kwadwo Hilton 24 days ago

    The disappointment on their faces esp. Steve and Craig Burley's . Such W ....!!

  • Gejamugam Latsoomanam
    Gejamugam Latsoomanam 24 days ago

    Hope this is the start of Liverpool form going to the toilet and man city taking over to restore status quo

  • Chijioke Gerard
    Chijioke Gerard 24 days ago

    You men are very sentimental, what is how much Liverpool miss salah ? Give united young team credit,

  • Daniel Sabino
    Daniel Sabino 24 days ago

    music off

  • kevin segers
    kevin segers 24 days ago +1

    United had mutch more injuries! Talk about that !

  • Joseph Ofori
    Joseph Ofori 24 days ago +1

    Did united miss pobga nd matial?

  • miyahtallulah
    miyahtallulah 24 days ago

    How much did MU miss Pogba? The truth is given MU's multi-layered issues, this was an excellent result. "Playing like MU of old" is irrelevant. This will come. The fact is, the Liverpool TEAM is greater than the sum of their parts. This is Kliverpool. Nothing wrong with that, but their midfield is weak.

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long 24 days ago

    Im a liverpool fan no player excuse. The ref would have still gave Man U the ball. It was a hand ball so iam not mad at that

  • Dank Doggo
    Dank Doggo 24 days ago

    “How much did Liverpool miss Salah?”
    Are you fucking dense?

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 24 days ago


  • array s
    array s 24 days ago +2

    Liverpool missed one player, big deal. How about united who lost many players due to injury?

  • Speedy
    Speedy 24 days ago +1

    Salah miss? I mean if u can beat barca without salah and firmino then it won't be a problem against man utd but the thing is Liverpool are average in away games against good teams. Totally average. Firmino was the worst player yesterday. Absolutely shambles.

  • LateGamerReacts
    LateGamerReacts 24 days ago

    U said you would turn united over you cant blame var if you said you would score 3-0 in us