JAMES BOND 007: NO TIME TO DIE Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Craig, Rami Malek Movie HD

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • JAMES BOND 007: NO TIME TO DIE Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Craig, Rami Malek Movie HD
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    Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

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Comments • 4 353

  • shahrulnizam zain
    shahrulnizam zain 6 hours ago

    I love bond movie its inspirated mee 😍

  • Mirshad Aakif
    Mirshad Aakif 7 hours ago

    what i see hans zimmer

  • S M
    S M 14 hours ago

    I swear to god if they think they are going to kill off the MALE bond character after this one with a black female it will be a gillette ghostbusters oceans 8 colossal FUCKUP!

  • micl gldbrg
    micl gldbrg 15 hours ago

    Bond vrss htlr

  • Karisma Aditya
    Karisma Aditya 16 hours ago

    Last final craig as Bond ! Can't wait to watch !!

  • Mike Carone
    Mike Carone 17 hours ago

    Austin Powers do I make you horny

  • david wyn-jones
    david wyn-jones 23 hours ago

    new one out next month...."no time to act"

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Day ago

    Skyfall the best.....

  • Kamil Łysik
    Kamil Łysik Day ago

    better watch this thexvid.com/video/PNG0XZrUfBU/video.html

  • Liam Thomson
    Liam Thomson Day ago

    Why did they have to suck all the fun out of bond movies.... they turned it into a humdrum stone-face-killer role. Sad.

  • Patoad64
    Patoad64 Day ago +1

    Wait... Shouldn't you be dead from f*cking aids?

  • Frank Soutar
    Frank Soutar 2 days ago +2

    not feeling it, something doesn't feel right, it feels affected.

    • S M
      S M 14 hours ago +1

      feminist cunts have their eyes on it! and they better lose the black chick before the next one!

  • Nelsonba Win
    Nelsonba Win 2 days ago

    April 2?... Ugh..... 😵😵

  • Muhammad zainal Ahmad


  • Matthew Barr
    Matthew Barr 2 days ago

    I was never a fan of James Bond (loved Nightfire for PS2 though) and this trailer doesn't make me want to become one anytime soon.
    James Bond looks like he doesn't want to be there, and I am unsure whether or not this strategy of antagonizing the fans with a female 007 will make them want to see it. But perhaps I could be wrong. Only time will tell.

  • Peter Truong
    Peter Truong 2 days ago

    bang tidy sfx

  • Taroneg
    Taroneg 2 days ago

    Richard Madden? Henry Cavill? Idris Elba? Who’s gonna be the next???

  • Taroneg
    Taroneg 2 days ago

    Who’s gonna be the next bond then?

  • si h
    si h 2 days ago

    James Bond: No Time To watch it 😂

    PRINCESS P 3 days ago +3

    Who’s here to try hear a sneak peek of billies song

  • فتاه - cutekey
    فتاه - cutekey 3 days ago

    hope 007 movies will not die

  • Mr. Sholay
    Mr. Sholay 3 days ago

    Die another day featuring Daniel Craig

  • Bernard Sandan
    Bernard Sandan 4 days ago

    This is his last film.

  • Bernard Sandan
    Bernard Sandan 4 days ago

    I will not

  • Bernard Sandan
    Bernard Sandan 4 days ago

    If they change the tradition that sucks andon will not watch and buy the bluray disc.

  • Bernard Sandan
    Bernard Sandan 4 days ago


  • Bernard Sandan
    Bernard Sandan 4 days ago


  • eferszeged
    eferszeged 4 days ago

    Matthew Goode for new Bond!

  • Msx Grg
    Msx Grg 4 days ago

    I can´t wait to see the film. With Billie Eilish singing the theme song it will be a masterpiece!

    • Msx Grg
      Msx Grg 6 hours ago

      @S M What do you mean? Do you think Billie is bad?

    • S M
      S M 13 hours ago


  • lorena sliffe
    lorena sliffe 4 days ago


  • lorena sliffe
    lorena sliffe 4 days ago

    A, que no te atreveszX. Soy Orkkkah His. I do wherever he HjuanXsznes. Yes? And Now?

  • Marone
    Marone 4 days ago

    elliot what the FUCK

  • Bobby Ricigliano
    Bobby Ricigliano 4 days ago

    There is a lot of love for Daniel Craig as Bond and it is well deserved. He has been masterful. But I can remember not that long ago when he was introduced as the "new" Bond and people melted down over it. Once the fans warmed up to him, everything was roses and now we can't imagine anyone else in that role. This process will happen again when the next Bond takes the stage, so people should not panic, no matter who the actor is.

  • Eric G. L. PINZELLI
    Eric G. L. PINZELLI 4 days ago

    Oh please do retire the worst actor to play James Bond ever already!!!!

  • Sfia Bong
    Sfia Bong 4 days ago


  • Josh Hamlin
    Josh Hamlin 5 days ago

    Tom Hardy
    Tom Hiddleston
    Idris Elba
    Jude Law
    Henry Cavill

    • S M
      S M 13 hours ago


  • Айбек Палванов

    l love you daniel 😙🙅✌👌✊👊👍👆👍👏👏👏👏👏✋✌

  • colintx800
    colintx800 5 days ago

    "Stay in your lane" Bitch please lol.

  • Drason Meerrkat
    Drason Meerrkat 5 days ago

    Freddy Mercury as a bad guy

  • Oldřich Vykouk
    Oldřich Vykouk 5 days ago

    James Bond and The Big banana heist.

  • Amiga Remixers
    Amiga Remixers 6 days ago

    not bad for a old timer.

  • Brooke Soutar
    Brooke Soutar 6 days ago

    Really fucking hard to tell which girl he really falls for lol

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 6 days ago

    Awwwww stronk and beautiful double 00. She is gonna teach JB how to be real agent. Slaayyyyyyyyy Kquiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn

  • White Heart
    White Heart 6 days ago +3

    I’m just for my Egypt prince

  • razvit
    razvit 6 days ago

    After this trailer It seems like I've seen the movie. It's full of spoilers and it seems like I know 70% before I go to the cinema. Trailers should not be a resume (of the best parts) of the movie.

  • may shin
    may shin 6 days ago

    no more bond movie longer than queen lives

  • jeandiai tonyyeyo
    jeandiai tonyyeyo 6 days ago

    Th I is going to be absolutely amazing
    Billie sings the theme song

  • Việt Lê
    Việt Lê 6 days ago

    đm jame porn toàn chén e ngon

  • Mario Live Gaming
    Mario Live Gaming 6 days ago

    Good news from the producer..... not a woman as James Bond. Nothing against woman in a action movie but James Bond is a man and must stay a man. The ritter of James Bond must be honorerd. Atomic Blond is a woman and that must stay a woman. Understand what i mean to say 😎🤙

  • Alex Madden
    Alex Madden 6 days ago

    It's crazy this movie is rumored to be 2 hrs 54 mins

  • KeNiko Molonda
    KeNiko Molonda 6 days ago

    Too bad Dave Bautista won't reprise his role as Hinx 👀😓😶

  • wacko f
    wacko f 6 days ago

    more pathetic propaganda , aka reeducation

  • Séby Go
    Séby Go 6 days ago


  • TFE niname
    TFE niname 7 days ago

    Dedicated To... James Bond - Let's mix Spectre and Skyfall

  • 엇먹어ᄉᄇ
    엇먹어ᄉᄇ 7 days ago

    Lea is gonna be in this movie ❤️

    • S M
      S M 13 hours ago

      who cares

  • Marc Towers
    Marc Towers 7 days ago +1


  • Muhammad Bintang Adyaksa

    so in england he was MI6 agent and in the states he was kentucky boy private detective

  • K20p9
    K20p9 7 days ago +1

    This new villain looks so cool! Really makes me want to go see this movie!

  • God Save The queen
    God Save The queen 7 days ago +12

    I kinda want James bond to die a badass death and the series ends forever

  • Mike Dane
    Mike Dane 7 days ago +1

    Spectre and this is just shit.