Reviewing Christmas Gifts For Foodies

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • What does a foodie want for Christmas? GOOD QUESTION. Sorted review a load of options SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. How great is that? Ft. edible bouquets, advent calendars and an entry from the Sorted Club. Eek…..
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    Get the gifts mentioned in the video here:
    Pocket Sriracha -
    Marshmallow S’mores Kit -
    Curry Advent Calendar -
    Velvetiser -
    Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat -
    Christmas Pudding Gin -
    Donut & Corona Bouquet (Central London only) -
    COMMENT BELOW! Which of these gifts would you like to see come down your chimney?
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Comments • 1 145

  • Bob Wareham
    Bob Wareham 2 hours ago

    Why have you got brown sauce in your fridge????

  • jonmon454
    jonmon454 7 days ago

    Barry is totally the kind of guy to wear multiple rings

  • emjayay
    emjayay 10 days ago

    Corona and donuts????? Makes no sense at all.

  • Frankenstein's Dealer
    Frankenstein's Dealer 14 days ago +1

    It makes me so happy that the only other person in the world who hates s'mores is a chef. Thank you, Ben! I'm in good company. 😁

  • Rick H
    Rick H 16 days ago +1

    Hershey’s isn’t good chocolate - it’s vomit in a bar.

  • Trevor Campbell
    Trevor Campbell 16 days ago

    An advent calender is one of the worst possible christmas presents.

  • Casandra Hampton
    Casandra Hampton 16 days ago

    Hey, Jamie loves Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, too!

  • Mason Norasing
    Mason Norasing 17 days ago

    Can I just date Ben please?

  • Sue Robinson
    Sue Robinson 17 days ago

    Hot sauce in your bag, swag!

  • Andrea Lopez
    Andrea Lopez 18 days ago

    my dad takes chiles from our garden to restaurants so Jaimes hot sauce travel bottle gift is sups handy

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu 20 days ago

    The velvetiser seems like a nice gadget but I'm in no way going to buy it at £100.

  • Stephanie Bray-Voorhes

    Thank you Sorted team. Because of you all, I learned about a product I did not know I needed. I could not wait and ordered the velvetizer straight away. It was worth the exchange rate and power converter(im in the states). Absolutely can not thank you enough.

  • Laura Phelps
    Laura Phelps 22 days ago

    The s'mores construction was right on but the phrase "graham cracker biscuit" is completely unacceptable

  • 42RosyRosie
    42RosyRosie 23 days ago

    2:52 - “...good quality chocolate” (as they zoom past a Hershey bar 🥴) lol

  • Ann H
    Ann H 24 days ago +1

    As an American who works at a summer camp I say s'mores are really about the experience of doing it over a real fire, in the dark, with at LEAST 6 whiny children😂

  • Food. Glam. Life
    Food. Glam. Life 26 days ago

    Congratulations on coming this far guys!

  • Rosa
    Rosa 26 days ago

    “It’s so stupid but-”
    “I love it”
    me explaining why i love baz so much

  • OpatheOne
    OpatheOne 27 days ago

    Damn, the Velvetiser isnt available in Germany. I now want one ;(

  • Reehana Taj
    Reehana Taj Month ago

    Loved the Velvetiser.

  • lliisann
    lliisann Month ago

    CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME why Jamie pronounces Copenhagen "Copenhaagen".... why!!

  • Rebecca Kreidler
    Rebecca Kreidler Month ago

    That moment when it's all good fun...and you want to share it?
    That's how S'mores became an American tradition.
    That's it. The flavor profile isn't much (it's better with fudge covered Graham crackers for the sweet to smoky to crunchy ratio - even then, it isn't amazing).
    Honestly, though, S'mores are all about the experience. Who doesn't love open flame? Food made slowly but playfully? And with a sky packed full of stars like the Colorado Rockies on a clear night?
    That is what is in a S'mores. They are more memories and good fun than actual food.

  • Korean to American
    Korean to American Month ago

    If you live in the southern US, a gift of a hot sauce key ring is quite useful....for all the tacos. ;) Happy Christmas, Sorted!

  • Cindy
    Cindy Month ago +2

    Jamie's singing at the end was so pure and lovely.

  • Shy Galadriel
    Shy Galadriel Month ago

    I want all of these.

  • Peaches Jackofski
    Peaches Jackofski Month ago

    I just found this channel and I’m going back watching all the previous one, what a great show! Well done guys 👍😘

  • UpwardDuke55847
    UpwardDuke55847 Month ago

    I saw the hotel chocolat machine

  • xxLONEWOLFxx
    xxLONEWOLFxx Month ago

    Never heard of Indonesian opor ayam? 😭😭 try it! You'll love the spices in that food

  • Jamie Webster
    Jamie Webster Month ago

    I want the cocoa maker. :3

  • Vicky Lee
    Vicky Lee Month ago

    I wonder if the boys play the audio guides when they miss each other

  • Geekophelia
    Geekophelia Month ago

    Love the vid, per usual, but absolutely CRUSHED when I arrived at the Velvetiser link to find "this item does not ship to the US." WAAAHHHH

  • Trevor Tibbits
    Trevor Tibbits Month ago

    James would make a very nice gift indeed, but I’ve been too naughty this year.
    Merry Christmas all you gentlemen and the crew that helps you throughout the year.

  • Dejah
    Dejah Month ago

    Ben!!! Lol he's so happy!

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson Month ago

    Okay velvetiser...I need to be able to purchase you in the US

  • Dejah
    Dejah Month ago

    That hot chocolate maker 😍

  • Dejah
    Dejah Month ago

    I definitely want that s'mores kit lol

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    you use like half the chocolate bar

  • Socken
    Socken Month ago

    The pack looks so cool, but is definitely out of my price range for gifting this year. Will the book be available on its own to non-club-members at some point soon?

  • Kaimana916
    Kaimana916 Month ago

    I most definitely do not have the budget for the velvetiser but I certainly want it.

  • Gracie Vallee
    Gracie Vallee Month ago

    important to note that it is not a s’more without hershey’s chocolate

  • MsCherade9
    MsCherade9 Month ago

    I'm just about to buy Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat for myself, it's £14.99 on Amazon UK right now!

  • Catherine Jimerson
    Catherine Jimerson Month ago

    ahhhhhhhhh a starter pack?!?!!? Yes please!

  • Laura Miller
    Laura Miller Month ago

    aarggghhh the velvetizer doesn't ship to the US. 😢😢

  • thisisnotatest
    thisisnotatest Month ago

    Ben, you’re so... loose! 😳

  • Larwood
    Larwood Month ago

    Shame that smores thing didn't come with chocolate included.

  • ShyBaby Stair
    ShyBaby Stair Month ago

    please tell me that someone knows where i can find/buy the jumper with all the penguins and stuff on it?!

  • 1337azaltuth
    1337azaltuth Month ago +1

    video: mentions Hotel Chocolat
    me: -incoherent excited screams of pure joy-

  • B molitor
    B molitor Month ago

    the scarf goes with his jumper something fierce. well done ye!

  • Charles Rider
    Charles Rider Month ago

    I have had the two pack of the sriracha keychain items for about two years. I don’t leave home without it. The smaller of the two is small enough that you can even take it on a plane. It’s amazing if you are a fan of proper rooster sauce. It’s even approved by the only valid, the original, cock sauce.

  • Sabine
    Sabine Month ago

    Oh my God I want that Velvetiserrrrrrr it looks AMAZING.

  • thegamingdragon
    thegamingdragon Month ago

    p pls make the into less loud every time i have a good volume for the entire video click on next video and the into defeans me

  • ojiojioji
    ojiojioji Month ago

    for 30 pounds, it's better to just make the curries from scratch lol

  • Rúna á Steinamørk

    Speaking of curries, where is James?

  • jodynh
    jodynh Month ago

    Donuts and BEER???

  • rosen583
    rosen583 Month ago

    If you ever come to Denmark, you have to visit a few places, amongst here in Aarhus. There are several specialities all over the country, depending on what you want.
    There is something called "Stegt flæsk med persillesovs og kartofler" which, roughly, translates to: very thick cut bacon with parseley sauce with potatoes.
    Then there is "Bøfsanwitch" which is beefsandwitch. That is a burger, with a thick patty, a lot of fillings, and then brown sauce all over it. Can also come as a "Flæskestegs sanwitch" which is a burger, with roast pork, pickled beets, mustard, and of cause, some brown sauce.

    Those things are fatty, but so delicious!

    If you want some pointers about food here in Denmark, moreso here in Aarhus where i live, i would be more than happy to show you.

  • Katie H
    Katie H Month ago

    I'm super proud that you didnt wrap everything in paper and tape in an eco-vein and found other ways to wrap all the pressies. Good on you guys!!

  • Rachael Quarcoo
    Rachael Quarcoo Month ago

    Love the gift review vids! Also nice to see everyone in the holiday mood❤️

  • Kylie Brewer
    Kylie Brewer Month ago

    You can’t imagine my disappointment when I learn that the Hotel Chocolat Velvitizer doesn’t ship to the US...

  • emma kai
    emma kai Month ago

    I'd be disappointed for me, and sorry for the gifter if I received that "smores package." You can get all that gear for $5-$10 at the dollar store.

  • oyinolavic
    oyinolavic Month ago

    The sorted starter kit!!! 💕

  • Shandi Walthall
    Shandi Walthall Month ago

    Def asking for the kit for christmas!!!