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  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
  • As the Twelfth Doctor begins his escape, the First Doctor gets a glimpse into his future, as "the Doctor of War!" Subscribe to Doctor Who for more:
    Series 10:
    The Twelfth Doctor:
    The Thirteenth Doctor:
    From the 2017 Christmas Special "Twice Upon A Time"
    Two Doctors stranded in a forbidding snowscape, refusing to face regeneration. A British army captain, seemingly destined to die in the First World War but taken from the trenches to play his part in the Doctor's story. In the final chapter of the twelfth Doctor's epic adventure, he must face his past to decide his future. Along the way he realises the resilience of humanity, discovering hope in his darkest frozen moment. It is the end of an era, but the Doctor's journey is only just beginning.
    Starring Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), David Bradley (The First Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts) and Mark Gatiss (The Captain).
    Written by Steven Moffat
    Directed by Rachel Talalay
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Comments • 968

  • Claudia Alejandra Garcia Mendoza

    All that scenes from the past of the doctor are memories of all companions or people who once met the doctor, and all are in that ship

  • Ashan Bhatoa
    Ashan Bhatoa 12 hours ago

    Don't forget The Doctor was the 'Time Lord Victorious' when he temporarily went insane with his powers over time itself.

  • Lionel Chikuru
    Lionel Chikuru 5 days ago

    Flexing at it's finest

  • evilynice Nava
    evilynice Nava 10 days ago

    his face at 1:13 lol when ur being ratted out to ur parents...

  • RockingTundra28
    RockingTundra28 17 days ago +1

    I wanna know why 1st acts like he’s never met a future incarnation of himself. It kinda makes sense how other doctors wont remember encounter, cuz they’re a different incarnation. But before this, chronologically, the 1st has met doctors 2, 3, 5, and god knows how many others if that’s not all. So why does he seem so surprised about meeting a future version of himself?

  • TheShad0w
    TheShad0w 24 days ago

    Shame you guys sullied William Hartnell’s legacy by constantly making his Doctor constantly say outdated things about women.

  • Namoth
    Namoth 27 days ago

    what gives the doctor the right to refuse being held prisoner for others 'good' ? ....simple... genocide by one entity or by a thousand working together is all the same aslong any force targets only him instead fully conscious of ther Genocidal facilitating actions , catalysts for war such as the darleks..well....
    Will you condem the one teaching the natives how to use a gun to survive yet stand idle and watch the horde burn village after village ?

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen 28 days ago

    1:31 the genuine horror in 1s face. He really did set out with nothing but curiosity

  • HelloDepthProduction
    HelloDepthProduction 29 days ago

    “Doctor? exterminate!”

  • Avis Studios
    Avis Studios Month ago

    WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE-1st doctor 2017

  • Gate M.C
    Gate M.C Month ago

    If decide to watch Dr.Who , can you help me ?What/ Where should i best to watch first ? Theres so many of them.

    • Gate M.C
      Gate M.C Month ago

      @NUMEGA 7 thanks sir . 😅

    • NUMEGA 7
      NUMEGA 7 Month ago +1

      Gate M.C the ninth doctor's first episode, its the first of the reboot

  • Joe’s Model trains.

    Who was even the enemy In this! It could of been so much better! :(

  • gato23
    gato23 Month ago

    to be fair it isn't hard when EVERYBODY makes war on you.

  • Dave Lewthwaite
    Dave Lewthwaite Month ago +1

    Murray Gold is the ultimate Doctor.

  • Eter Puralis
    Eter Puralis Month ago

    Gives me goosebumps every time

  • Carlos Manaog
    Carlos Manaog Month ago +1

    I jist realized that this was 11ths theme!

  • Toridor
    Toridor Month ago

    they look like the beginning of the weeping angels, standing in those arches.

  • The Cryt4
    The Cryt4 Month ago

    Cool that they used "I am the Doctor" :)

  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker Month ago

    I thought it didnt work on wood?

  • EmptyMan000
    EmptyMan000 Month ago

    Imagine the horror of seeing all your worst moments played out before your eyes. To know every failure and pitfall waiting for you and you cannot do a thing about any of it. Pure Horror.

  • The2Coolest2
    The2Coolest2 Month ago

    Pause 3:17 ;D

  • Jyt
    Jyt Month ago

    Escape is inevitable, not impossible. He's standing next to his younger self, so he's already seen himself escape because he was helped by himself when he was younger. If escape was impossible, the rest of his life wouldn't have happened, so there wouldn't be 2 of him., and he couldn't have been shown what his future hold.

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed 2 months ago

    After the Fall of Gallifrey, there will some other races who will rival the Time Lords and the Daleks over the mastery of Time Travel. This scene in the episode proves that another race has master Time Travel. Of the many rivals of the Time Lords, only one race will struggled to use its mastery of Time Travel for good. When this race masters Time Travel, it finds itself in conflict with other members of the same race who used time travel for other reasons Often not for the intentions of good. . To protect time itself from paradoxes and other misuses of Time Travel by others, the race who will replace the Time Lords as the dominant Time Travel Race has learn from the lessons of the Doctor. Of course, the Race who replace the Time Lords as the Dominant Time Travel Race is the Human Race.

  • Dark Autumn Stories
    Dark Autumn Stories 2 months ago

    My hair gets a lot like 12's when it's thicker. The Doctor is as legendary, and as feared, as I. Only difference is I'm 6ft4 and damn good! Had many female friends say "You'd make a great Doctor!" I have the red hair too. Fact.

  • Bmchaney Bmchaney
    Bmchaney Bmchaney 2 months ago

    jungFeynman is not frequentyl sorry, but when he is.... he is very sorry. thnx for saving my life Doctor

  • Time_For_Toast
    Time_For_Toast 2 months ago

    It's too bad, that Steven Moffat ruined this whole thing with the political correctness thing. The First Doctor was much better than what the grand idiot Moffat made him to be.

  • Kosh 963
    Kosh 963 2 months ago

    the doctor of War...

  • MagicKirin1
    MagicKirin1 2 months ago

    Pathetic how they had to make a joke out of the first doctor to build up the worst Doctor Calpaldi.

    • MagicKirin1
      MagicKirin1 2 months ago

      @TechRefreshed1000 As bad as Colin Baker was, Calpadi was worse, Hartnell was during an era when it was children's show. davison has far better acting resume than Calpaldi. And his doctor and McKoy's far better

      Calpaldi was DR pussy whipped

    • TechRefreshed1000
      TechRefreshed1000 2 months ago

      What the hell, Peter Capaldi is one of the best doctors, as for haters Collin baker, William Hartnell, Paul Mcgann, Sylvester Mccoy and Peter Davison are certainly not as good. But Peter Capaldi is certainly in the top 5.

    • Lord Slarr
      Lord Slarr 2 months ago

      Peter Capaldi did the best with what he got and is generally ranked as one of the best doctors. As for eras you have all of the 80s eras to trash but trolls prefer to attack new eras as their hatred is fresh. What is the point in being a troll, why not do something with your life.

    • Christopher3111998
      Christopher3111998 2 months ago

      Funny because most people consider Peter Capaldi one of the best doctors the best actor to play the doctor. Seriously there are worse doctors and eras but you are a troll, you would gain so satisfaction from trashing Collin Baker or Sylvester Mccoy, you need to feed of fresh victims to insult. But no one agrees with you so get out of here,

  • RassilonTDavros
    RassilonTDavros 2 months ago +1

    I just love how the First Doctor reacts to the absolute insanity that is NuWho’s god complex.

  • xaoc
    xaoc 2 months ago

    I’m Malcolm Tucker, now fuckity bye...

  • Harry Videoz
    Harry Videoz 2 months ago

    Who's here in 2019

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu 2 months ago

    I kinda figured out why my country doesn’t have phone booths anymore

  • Daniel Williamson
    Daniel Williamson 2 months ago

    0:55 The First Doctor is shown his future.

  • Alex Musial
    Alex Musial 2 months ago +1

    David Bradley should have his own run as the 14th Doctor

  • Christopher Beckham
    Christopher Beckham 2 months ago

    I just noticed at 1:08 in the background you can even hear the 10th or 11th doctor called himself the oncoming storm

    • DJ V-W
      DJ V-W 2 months ago

      10th Doctor said it.

  • Rage wielder
    Rage wielder 2 months ago

    Shame this was never on Netflix

    • Rage wielder
      Rage wielder 2 months ago

      Woozle 03 Productions ok

    • Woozle 03 Productions
      Woozle 03 Productions 2 months ago

      Rage wielder it's on Netflix right now. The only modern series they don't have yet is 11 because it's too new.

  • der kunstler
    der kunstler 2 months ago +2

    So use to be a great show. =(

  • Stellar Basilisk
    Stellar Basilisk 2 months ago

    Uh what happened to the valyard

  • Rawen1982
    Rawen1982 2 months ago +1

    I got goose bumps as they listed off all his names

  • Atrio Berlyn
    Atrio Berlyn 2 months ago

    Bill is not a very good companion, maybe the worst one, just plain, look i am gay, nope that is my personality
    Political agenda was destroying doctor who and no one see it before but now, just look the USERS critics

  • sabin97
    sabin97 3 months ago +1

    doctor who was such a great show.

  • Overfiend002
    Overfiend002 3 months ago

    'To be fair, they cut out all the jokes'
    Terrible writing. There was an opportunity to have a reflective moment and it gets pissed away on an instant. I'm not sorry to see Moffatt go.

  • A Bag o’ Chips
    A Bag o’ Chips 3 months ago

    One of the best scenes from modern Who, I always love when they go over all of his past like when the eye things were talking to 11 on the roof of that hospital

  • GICking
    GICking 3 months ago

    Being 2019, it's quite weird to read the occasional Dr Who book based on the First Dr, and see that despite his appearance, he'd really quite a newbie. There's so much he doesn't know, and he's not a hard core force for good yet.

    YOU SSH 3 months ago

    Oh cmoon where is the oncoming storm??

    • YOU SSH
      YOU SSH 2 months ago

      @DJ V-W didnt catch that

    • YOU SSH
      YOU SSH 2 months ago

      @DJ V-W oh really?

    • DJ V-W
      DJ V-W 2 months ago

      You need to listen again then, because he said it himself (as the 10th Doctor) in one of the bubbles.

    YOU SSH 3 months ago

    I expected to hear bad wolf in there

    • DJ V-W
      DJ V-W 2 months ago

      @YOU SSH It's said by the 10th doctor between "the Imp of the Pandorica" and "the shadow of the Valeyard".

    • DJ V-W
      DJ V-W 2 months ago

      @YOU SSH The oncoming storm isn't missing, you're just missing it.

    • YOU SSH
      YOU SSH 2 months ago

      @DJ V-W idk why i said that lol, "the oncoming storm" is still missing tho

    • DJ V-W
      DJ V-W 2 months ago

      The Doctor was never called "Bad Wolf" though, so it was never a name he was known as.

    CAUSEGAMEZ 3 months ago

    The first doctor was shuken up when he saw what he had become 🤣🤣 all the names he had accumulated over all of the years 🤣🤣

  • shadow ofboston
    shadow ofboston 3 months ago

    And the healer of all

  • Derek Night
    Derek Night 3 months ago

    You gotta admit, the attention to detail of how the doors change from outside to in from the classic series was really spot on.

  • Mathew Ashley
    Mathew Ashley 3 months ago

    I absolutely love this scene. Shows you don't mess with The Doctor!

  • Pac Attack
    Pac Attack 3 months ago


  • Steve Hunter
    Steve Hunter 3 months ago +3

    0:38 OMG YES! THE CLASSIC OLD “I am the Doctor” THEME RETURNED!!!

  • Sterben 786
    Sterben 786 3 months ago

    3:19 I love the new time vortex effects

  • Nyree Graham
    Nyree Graham 3 months ago

    *the windows are the wrong size*

  • margot denis
    margot denis 3 months ago

    What say you, mary berry 😂😂

  • Franky Finlayson
    Franky Finlayson 3 months ago

    I always say Matt Smith is my Doctor. But Capaldi is also my doctor. I never truly can choose.
    But this scene, the weight you can feel and see on the Hartnells face when he is presented with his own future truly shows the gravity of the doctor's choices.
    Hartnells expression and utter terror stole this scene

  • voteDC
    voteDC 3 months ago

    A good episode ruined by the butchering of the first Doctor.

  • john gurnhill
    john gurnhill 3 months ago

    Love David as the first Doctor

    THE M DEN 3 months ago +2

    This Story is the last story to use any archive footage of previous episodes so far, the only time series 11 addressed past episodes was in “The Tsuranga Conundrum” as various photos of enemies such as the Cybermen, The Oods etc appeared as photos in a blink and you will miss it moment

  • scantopup
    scantopup 3 months ago

    the return of the round things