FOUND GAME MASTER while Escaping TOP SECRET Headquarters! (E2 Quadrant Date Reveal)

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours searching overnight for the Game Master!
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    After Rebecca Zamolo went breaking into Top Secret headquarters to help Game Master escape from the Quadrant, we found 3am clues overnight. Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Searching for Game Master at 3am inside Quadrant Top Secret Headquarters! Rebecca, Matt and Daniel split up after finding a mysterious message inside the control room and it turns into a 24 hour challenge. Matt is tricking them by wearing their disguise and thankfully they don’t unmask him. In today’s video they all reunited and found the GM in a secret hidden room. We need to help him escape and do a face reveal in the next 24 hours so we can stop E2. Our cameraman uses spy gadgets and his hacker skills to open the lock but a quadrant member comes before we can rescue him. I hide behind a mystery box while we use our camera to spy on him and reveal information. The quadrant member locks us inside and it becomes and escape room in real life trying to use our ninja training to retrieve the key on the wall. After finally escaping we begin spying on the GM as they ask him questions. Since he’s not taking a lie detector test he won’t reveal any clues about the mystery device they need for E2. I wonder if $10,000 would make him give them the information they need? I hope we rescue the Game Master so we can bring him back to our safe house! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo  Month ago +3358

    Hey ZamFam- What do you think they want the Game Master for & should we do a face reveal?!

  • Libby AnnGrace
    Libby AnnGrace 7 hours ago

    I saw ur RZ twin hacked in ur video and she's look mad

  • Emile Boustany
    Emile Boustany 7 hours ago

    My birthday and my brothers birthday because we are twins is on April 27 on the E2 date

  • Carmen Lothario
    Carmen Lothario 15 hours ago

    For the orange smelling box look at the orange lisence plat

  • Liz Pearce
    Liz Pearce 21 hour ago

    U guys when the quadrant said what's this doing open it sounded like a girl and u guys guess what if you look at the GM he has no face no eyes anyting

  • Aline Moran
    Aline Moran Day ago

    In the treasure chest there's devices

  • Destiny Moore
    Destiny Moore Day ago


  • Bobbie Wilkinson

    The screen glitches every time Daniel breaks the locks and love u becca please give me a shout out I watch every single video.

  • May James
    May James Day ago

    I stopped watching your videos Because they’re not fun anymore you’re all about the game master

    • wwe fan
      wwe fan Day ago

      Um could you find something different to comment

  • May James
    May James Day ago

    Rebecca is so loud

  • Le Hanh
    Le Hanh 2 days ago

    Rz twin just showed up when the power is off

  • Marina Prioteasa
    Marina Prioteasa 2 days ago

    Don't trist daniel

  • Kripton Hunter
    Kripton Hunter 2 days ago

    Great idea

  • Luz Rosas
    Luz Rosas 2 days ago


  • Luz Rosas
    Luz Rosas 2 days ago

    aprIL 27 is the day of

  • melissa kleboe
    melissa kleboe 2 days ago

    Rebecca you are so smart

  • Keydi Ramirez
    Keydi Ramirez 2 days ago


  • Madison Olivia
    Madison Olivia 2 days ago +2

    Hey Rebecca! I love you and all your videos and I just wanted to let you know to stay safe!

  • Evie Berry
    Evie Berry 2 days ago +1

    when they were locked up daniel could of just used the pin and the other thing he had to get out.

    ZHANG HAN JIN HCI 3 days ago


    ZHANG HAN JIN HCI 3 days ago +1

    yOU total should do a face reveal! That'll be so cool!!

  • luisa dungca
    luisa dungca 4 days ago

    If daniel is protending to be a game master whos holding the camera

  • Yenmi Arroyo
    Yenmi Arroyo 4 days ago


  • Kirushnapillai Vijayarajah

    The RZ twin hacked in the video

  • Jennifer Leavitt
    Jennifer Leavitt 4 days ago

    If you are just scrolling through the comments....

    Have an amazing day! 💕

  • Nahrin Chalimoun
    Nahrin Chalimoun 5 days ago

    peppa pig

  • Harley Sirr
    Harley Sirr 5 days ago

    You are the best

  • Hope Mini
    Hope Mini 5 days ago

    Rebecca e2 is not on mid April it's in April 23

  • John Rose
    John Rose 5 days ago

    at 13:42 there's the RZ twin

  • whitneysigler
    whitneysigler 5 days ago

    Need to get the devices and the keys that’s what the game master said

  • Stacy Pretz
    Stacy Pretz 5 days ago

    danyal is a trader he is werking with the qwadren he can not be trustedat all 1234567890 0918

  • Beckstrom sisters
    Beckstrom sisters 5 days ago

    Faze Rug locked you in the storage room

  • Zola Sieber
    Zola Sieber 5 days ago

    You shod have a kide

  • Zola Sieber
    Zola Sieber 5 days ago

    I hope you don't get kate👌👉👈👆👇👧👩💏💏💏💏💏💏💏👪

  • Yves Robert
    Yves Robert 6 days ago

    The hopnotiste machine is like a head band

  • Mica Pretty Thick Nichols

    Hope you get out of there

  • Mica Pretty Thick Nichols

    Did yall get out

  • Laysha Sopnil Adhikari

    no 😱 the RZ twin was on the screen 📺 and I know RZ twin stand for Rebecca Zamolo or robot 🤖 Zamolo

  • Gerry Hope
    Gerry Hope 6 days ago

    You SHOULD do a face revel when you save him I know you can

  • R&R J
    R&R J 6 days ago

    I trust the game master i think

  • Campaign Walkthroughs

    Why are you helping gamemaster

  • Candace Pritchard
    Candace Pritchard 6 days ago

    13 :19 rz Twin hacking the camera

  • Osman Çalkaya
    Osman Çalkaya 6 days ago

    i think you should do a face reaveal

  • Joan Grogan
    Joan Grogan 6 days ago +1

    I miss your old videos😔😢

  • Molly Moynahan Fun Time

    At the end I saw Rz Twin

  • PurplePanda 6
    PurplePanda 6 7 days ago

    Someone tell Rebecca to shut up

  • PurplePanda 6
    PurplePanda 6 7 days ago

    0:30 the sound effects XD

  • Kaelise Daniel - Plum Tree Park PS (1565)

    RZ Twin was hacking your video

  • Cindy Terre
    Cindy Terre 7 days ago

    I hope so.guys be very careful

  • Cindy Terre
    Cindy Terre 7 days ago +1


  • Jennifer Benson
    Jennifer Benson 7 days ago

    the gm is rly tall XD

  • katrina harding
    katrina harding 8 days ago

    I saw your RZ twin Rebecca

  • Kätriin Soodla
    Kätriin Soodla 8 days ago +1

    Hu is Game Master?

  • Kätriin Soodla
    Kätriin Soodla 8 days ago +1


  • I love Sobers
    I love Sobers 8 days ago

    The five letter word is watch

  • lisea dwyer
    lisea dwyer 8 days ago

    What happed to Daniel your cameraman 📹📹

  • Otilia Lesoa
    Otilia Lesoa 8 days ago +2

    Rebecca my dad is the gm i know everthing

  • paingram
    paingram 8 days ago +1

    Roses are red violets are blue
    I like how you hate the Rz twin !!!!!!

  • paingram
    paingram 8 days ago

    We need to know how the game master looks like subscribe and thumbs up

  • Alicia Hartner
    Alicia Hartner 8 days ago

    The quadrant member have long hair I think it might be a girl because it actually sounded like a girl to and her hair was long if it was a girl

  • Alicia Hartner
    Alicia Hartner 8 days ago

    I think Daniel purposely law two guys in there so that way you guys would get caught by the quadrant but it didn't work so he just told you guys to run and hide. Don't trust Daniel because that's where you guys are going to get on the paper because I have watched a lot of your videos because you guys are my favorite TheXvidrs in the world I love you guys stay safe I'll pray for you to keep safe.

  • Valerie D
    Valerie D 8 days ago

    Orange you should check the Florida plate

  • Dermot Carroll
    Dermot Carroll 8 days ago

    E2 means event 2

  • asante asante
    asante asante 9 days ago

    Rz twin poped on the screen

  • Jaylene Lopez
    Jaylene Lopez 9 days ago

    They want the game master to join the quadrend . You really should face reveal the game master since he is on your side

  • Brenda Villalpando
    Brenda Villalpando 9 days ago +1

    I think that they want the game master for the game master to tell them how to open the box
    Game master

  • Shelly Goade
    Shelly Goade 10 days ago

    OMG the GM scared me

  • Layala The cookie;-;
    Layala The cookie;-; 10 days ago

    I saw the RZ twin she is trying to hack in the video

  • sophia hammer
    sophia hammer 10 days ago +3

    The GM is way taller like if u agree

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 10 days ago

    The game master is Joe cameraman Daniel

  • Babygurl_ Nyni
    Babygurl_ Nyni 10 days ago +1


  • Nyima Sey
    Nyima Sey 11 days ago

    Rebecca that's not the Game Master

  • Lidia Carmona
    Lidia Carmona 12 days ago +1

    Exposing project zorgo-game master network activated

  • Lusy Chan
    Lusy Chan 12 days ago


  • April  Watkins
    April Watkins 12 days ago

    This is how many people love Matt and rebecca

  • Mack McCorkindale
    Mack McCorkindale 12 days ago

    You got this Matt and rebecca and Daniel👍👌

  • Kelcie Jack
    Kelcie Jack 13 days ago

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. Like this if you hate RZ twin

  • Kaylah Davis
    Kaylah Davis 14 days ago +3

    It won’t let me reply but I think you should do a face reveal

  • Frances Layfield
    Frances Layfield 14 days ago


  • Frances Layfield
    Frances Layfield 14 days ago


  • Frances Layfield
    Frances Layfield 14 days ago

    Game master is Daniel 😡🤯🤯🤯😰😰😨😨🤔🤫😳

  • Crystal Bowden Hurst
    Crystal Bowden Hurst 14 days ago


  • Colby Juric
    Colby Juric 14 days ago

    This is scary

  • Drew Tian
    Drew Tian 14 days ago

    the game master

  • Drew Tian
    Drew Tian 14 days ago

    pumpkin pach

  • Sofia Estrada
    Sofia Estrada 14 days ago

    Yes do a face rebeel

  • Kai Strothman
    Kai Strothman 15 days ago

    What is E2?

  • Joella Joella
    Joella Joella 15 days ago

    I Dont struts danielle

  • Marinela Lalevic
    Marinela Lalevic 15 days ago

    Rebacca do you haw snapchat

  • Lil Rai ine
    Lil Rai ine 16 days ago

    When they turned up and GM was there was scared to death

  • The Salty Knobjockey
    The Salty Knobjockey 16 days ago

    Take the mask off 😂

  • DIY World
    DIY World 17 days ago


  • Kris Davey
    Kris Davey 17 days ago

    its gonna work

  • Vgz Sss
    Vgz Sss 17 days ago

    Gm and rz

  • Six7OneLove
    Six7OneLove 17 days ago

    I know were the game master is look at Stevens video

  • Melanie Von Wahlde
    Melanie Von Wahlde 17 days ago

    E2 is april 27th

  • Antonella Rojas
    Antonella Rojas 17 days ago

    There is a key were the game master is

  • Antonella Rojas
    Antonella Rojas 17 days ago +1

    The game master has a trap

  • Eternalyoga Stanso
    Eternalyoga Stanso 17 days ago

    i don't trust him doo you