Kanye West - Follow God

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • kanyewest.lnk.to/JesusIsKing
    Director: Jake Schreier
    Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
    Producer: Cody Ryder
    DP: Jason McCormick
    Production Company: Park Pictures
    Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
    Additional Post: SetNet
    The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
    Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.
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  • mfp mfp
    mfp mfp 37 minutes ago

    I can only hope it not too late for this entire Sham Act he has going on.

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 49 minutes ago

    These comments are great

  • iixiperii
    iixiperii Hour ago

    I’m loving the new songs💕 I used to not care for him, but lord did my mind change😊

  • Austin Johnson
    Austin Johnson 2 hours ago

    How did he get Tesla tractor

  • Fireman
    Fireman 2 hours ago

    Love it

  • MrBrown
    MrBrown 3 hours ago

    Tell me what you want, but Kanye is a genius, he is 10 years in the Future

  • Margarita Martinez
    Margarita Martinez 4 hours ago +1

    I need Warriors Prayers for Miracle for to buy My Dream Home! Amen👼💝👼

  • Auto Buffs
    Auto Buffs 5 hours ago

    I didn’t know if this was real at first but wow this is amazing I’m happy for you Kanye Jesus Is King

  • a l
    a l 5 hours ago

    Why isnt the christian life working for me? ? Nvm

  • Tony Hernandez
    Tony Hernandez 7 hours ago +1

    Kanye really pulled out the vehicle from one of the GTA heists 💀

  • James Sullivan
    James Sullivan 7 hours ago

    That last part is hilarious. 4000 acres. A black man? LOL. I say, "why not?" Glad you have been so successful and even more glad that you came to faith in Christ my brother!

  • Samuel Helms
    Samuel Helms 8 hours ago

    Yo Kanye , Keep doing what ya been doing. Much love.

  • Magic Sorcerer
    Magic Sorcerer 8 hours ago

    yall realize he's conscious of the fact he's standing on the future grounds of yeezyland

  • Wolf King
    Wolf King 9 hours ago

    I love this Video!!

  • Carlocarlo0
    Carlocarlo0 11 hours ago

    Oh my god this video had 666,999 likes! And I liked it to save him cause 666!

  • Carlocarlo0
    Carlocarlo0 11 hours ago

    This is the song kanye west goes to church with

  • maxxpayne309
    maxxpayne309 12 hours ago

    Kanye 🖤

  • cinisty
    cinisty 12 hours ago

    when you done something wrong and that gets home from work 2:13

  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson 13 hours ago

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve seen, I didn’t think Kanye was low enough to give into some horse shit like Christianity.

  • Lois Butler
    Lois Butler 13 hours ago

    666k views. Hmm something's in the water 🤔

  • Tutanekai Morrison
    Tutanekai Morrison 14 hours ago

    666?.. This song about GOD? This is strange

  • Josias Neves
    Josias Neves 14 hours ago

    LIT 🔥

  • aethestiiic
    aethestiiic 14 hours ago


  • Lil Prowl
    Lil Prowl 15 hours ago

    Didn't Kanye call himself God/Jesus in past? Do leopards change their spots?
    Are you all brought by a man himself to worship him???? Yal worshipping Kanye???

  • Taco-Joe
    Taco-Joe 15 hours ago

    666000 likes? That ain't Christ-like

  • Jonathan Chavez
    Jonathan Chavez 15 hours ago

    1:09 I wish I could see Kanye going off but ig not

  • choco634
    choco634 16 hours ago

    666 k likes. dope

  • bleached apple
    bleached apple 17 hours ago


    IIXCHRISS 17 hours ago

    666k likes .... uhhhhh

  • Amy Lou
    Amy Lou 17 hours ago

    He sold his soul!

  • Amy Lou
    Amy Lou 17 hours ago

    I'm so angry! I havent evwn watched the full video! This is pathetic garbage they ate trying to win people over and make you think they believe in jesus christ! They DO NOT!!! This is BULLSHIT OPEN YOUR EYES. THIS IS A DEMONIC REPTILIAN DEMON. HE IS LYING THROUGH HIS GOLD TEETH. WAKE UP PEOPLE. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF BEFORE ITS TOO LATE SAVE YOUR HEART AND SOUL GOD BLES AND SAVE US ALL

  • bianca
    bianca 18 hours ago +1

    there's 666k likes I'm-

  • SpyNetwork
    SpyNetwork 18 hours ago

    666k likes ain't very Christ-like

  • Ricky LozoC
    Ricky LozoC 19 hours ago

    Those 666k likes ain’t Christ-like. Keep liking to change it 😅😅😁😁 🙏🏽

  • Molester
    Molester 19 hours ago

    This really has 666k likes lmao

  • Maria Stoica
    Maria Stoica 20 hours ago

    Te amo

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado 20 hours ago


  • Javi Alonso
    Javi Alonso 20 hours ago

    666k likes jesus cure my eyes from such sitanic symbol🙏🏾

  • Layla Caraballo
    Layla Caraballo 20 hours ago

    Kanye great job from going from rap to worship

  • Karan Khatana
    Karan Khatana 21 hour ago

    Follow god is at 666k likes everybody stop liking the vid.

  • Clear Blue Skies
    Clear Blue Skies 21 hour ago

    Those 666k likes aren't Christ-like lol

  • RyZe Jupiter
    RyZe Jupiter 21 hour ago

    Bro god bless you your most likely getting a lot of hate but I love your music and your so special god gave you a talent and I love the way your using it god bless 🙏🙏🙏

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 21 hour ago

    That beat is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Justin Laprise
    Justin Laprise 21 hour ago

    Yo It’s at 666k likes right now, we are fricked

  • tlgmso
    tlgmso 21 hour ago

    Kanye: follow god
    Like counter: 666k

  • Frank White
    Frank White 21 hour ago


  • Gabriel Valdes-Ramos
    Gabriel Valdes-Ramos 22 hours ago

    Bruh the likes on this video are 666k.

  • Captain Comments
    Captain Comments 22 hours ago


  • Rico Aguilar
    Rico Aguilar 22 hours ago

    It’s kinda funny that there’s 666k likes on this vid now

  • Alexi Papapetrou
    Alexi Papapetrou 22 hours ago

    666k likes aint christ-like

  • EliTried
    EliTried 22 hours ago

    This has 666k likes, this is unacceptable

  • Redy4zed
    Redy4zed 22 hours ago

    "Follow God"

  • Pedro Scatter
    Pedro Scatter 23 hours ago +2

    666k likes ain't Christ-like

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 23 hours ago

    666k likes.... that’s real Christ like

  • Flipps
    Flipps 23 hours ago


  • Grant Beverley
    Grant Beverley Day ago


  • Juan Martínez
    Juan Martínez Day ago


  • Keko
    Keko Day ago


  • A.J TM
    A.J TM Day ago



    MYG SQUAD Day ago

    Is it ironic that this video has 666k views?