South Park: The Fractured But Whole: From Dusk Till Casa Bonita DLC

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • Team up with The Coon and Mysterion to defeat a demonic presence at Casa Bonita in the new DLC From Dusk Till Casa Bonita!
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  • Cure Hoenn May
    Cure Hoenn May Month ago

    May: Hey Trey!!! Matt!!! South Park in game Chapter 3 in 2020 NOW!!!!

  • hound122100
    hound122100 9 months ago +1

    Please give us more goth kids episodes and dlc please.

  • DR MC81
    DR MC81 11 months ago

    A remake of the South Park 64 FPS would be awesome!

  • Yugah Rœby
    Yugah Rœby 11 months ago

    Neways it's "I vahnt kaka farts out the rump.." for years...

    • Yugah Rœby
      Yugah Rœby 11 months ago

      Brandon sockcoz the ginger cow..

  • Armerican Bulldog
    Armerican Bulldog 11 months ago

    Poop on south parks grave 💩

  • triple neck d
    triple neck d Year ago

    Why is nobody mentioned it's a from dusk till dawn parody? That movie's fucking awesome

  • mr. Blu lights
    mr. Blu lights Year ago

    This dlc was pretty awesome

  • Cure Hoenn May
    Cure Hoenn May Year ago

    don't blame kyle and kenny!
    kyle have brother
    and kenny have sister

  • Tudor Ozy
    Tudor Ozy Year ago

    Thanks for coming:)

  • CryptoMama
    CryptoMama Year ago

    They killed Kenny! :(

  • Tey Games
    Tey Games Year ago

    You guys are racist

  • Johny King
    Johny King Year ago

    Can you plaese make a video from eric cartman

  • thecoolkid 3737
    thecoolkid 3737 Year ago

    Heres a idea, make a dlc where you fight butters grandma

  • alejandro achicanoy

    Coloquenlo es espanish

  • Big Donuts and Pink Cupcakes

    At 1:01, did anyone else notice that Mike Makowski's name is similar to Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.?

  • Pyrenees Gal
    Pyrenees Gal Year ago

    Henrietta: "What's the difference? Look at us!"
    Everyone: *blinking*
    Henrietta: "I'm smoking a cigarette."
    Weird but I like it

  • MerkinMuffly
    MerkinMuffly Year ago

    Got kids are the best

  • Shadow Boy
    Shadow Boy Year ago

    I wish i had an better PC so i can play this... Or atleast i hope you'll make an version for 4 GB RAM so atleast i can play

  • Ghost gamer Wolf
    Ghost gamer Wolf Year ago

    This reminds me of coco so much

  • Max the fox
    Max the fox Year ago

    Casa bonitaaaaaaaa

  • marissa howell
    marissa howell Year ago

    I just watched Season 7, Episode 11, Casa Bonita. Then I realized that Casa Bonita is the new DLC.

  • 19th globe
    19th globe Year ago

    Is new episode going to be on Hulu

  • Hector Andres Toro Marquez

    viva mexico

  • //toast uwu
    //toast uwu Year ago

    Holy fucking shit dude

  • RiceReaper
    RiceReaper Year ago

    Already 100% fractured butthole. Probably play this too

  • Îsāac
    Îsāac Year ago

    Best Fractured But Whole Dlc Yet?

  • Edwin Benony
    Edwin Benony Year ago

    Funny how Kenny broke character lol

  • Christopher Crossland

    I'd play it, but I can't

  • PikaBlu22
    PikaBlu22 Year ago

    Will this ever come to the Switch version when thats released?

  • neo
    neo Year ago

    How do you get that skeleton costume

  • Melanie Eason
    Melanie Eason Year ago

    Were is ginger kids

  • May
    May Year ago

    1:08 is that karen?

  • Malia Huerta
    Malia Huerta Year ago

    Mysterion is so cute. ♥

  • Leana Q
    Leana Q Year ago


  • Fool Gaming
    Fool Gaming Year ago

    this is fucking awesome ! i did not know it will had dlc about new story

  • buttered Toast
    buttered Toast Year ago

    Please Tell me that we are going to See Damien 😂

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets Year ago

    What about on the switch

  • Shanice Trejo
    Shanice Trejo Year ago

    *Shut up and take my money!* XD

  • Vicente Castillo
    Vicente Castillo Year ago

    I didnt know who have to pay for it

  • Alex McGillvrey
    Alex McGillvrey Year ago +3

    Wonder if Stan and Wendy will play a big part in the next DLC for Fractured But Whole.

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a Year ago

    how many more hours of gameplay is this

  • platster
    platster Year ago

    Welp. Finished this already. Guess i gotta wait for the next one now.

  • Z3RØ
    Z3RØ Year ago +2

    so people speculated right, dlc with Kenny's sister as a goth/vampire, yay!

  • JD
    JD Year ago +1

    Fuck yeah!!! Black vamp kid!!!!

  • Blue
    Blue Year ago

    "Dude nobody here is having fun!" "Yes they are you son of a bitch."

  • Blue
    Blue Year ago

    Ive been waiting for this for SO LONG

  • Yshaikush
    Yshaikush Year ago

    Yes yes yesszz! Finllay i can play with the goth kids!

  • Gean C
    Gean C Year ago

    Damn it I just uninstalled FBH yesterday >:(

  • weneedtodosomething

    I wish it was like the old days when SP was actually funny. It’s lost it’s way and needs to die now.

    • Rangers Fan From Jersey
      Rangers Fan From Jersey Year ago

      And leave Rick and Morty alive? No thx. If there's a show that deserves to die it's Rick and Morty. Let South Park continue for as long as they can.

  • jess
    jess Year ago


  • Cartoon Litschii
    Cartoon Litschii Year ago


  • granny g
    granny g Year ago

    That's a cool dlc and all but what about DAT Canada wall south park

  • Comrade Lorenz
    Comrade Lorenz Year ago

    casa casa casa casa casa casa bonita!!!

  • Obekovbuti
    Obekovbuti Year ago

    That was great.

  • TheSuccubusChan
    TheSuccubusChan Year ago

    OMG!! this is awsome!!

  • Magnificent
    Magnificent Year ago

    Holy fucking balls. I've completely forgot to play the game! I even pre-purchased it. brb!

  • русска освободительная армия

    Привет из России

  • May Lero
    May Lero Year ago

    it's like the movie coco lol

  • Hylian memer
    Hylian memer Year ago

    take my M O N E Y

  • Demon Lord1412
    Demon Lord1412 Year ago

    This really have so much "pitch " and "duck"

  • Alex Kulbitsky
    Alex Kulbitsky Year ago

    But where...Is Randy...

  • MunchyPhil
    MunchyPhil Year ago

    aaaaaa if only my game would open

  • StarTheAngel
    StarTheAngel Year ago

    Karen turned from a sweet naive girl into a hardcore goth im both surprised and shocked about it.

  • CluelessDragoon
    CluelessDragoon Year ago +1

    I live in Colorado and Casa Bonita is a real place and it’s really really cool!

  • WonderCreek
    WonderCreek Year ago +1

    YES! I've been waiting for soo long for this!

  • A Bathing Grape
    A Bathing Grape Year ago

    Ok I like the vampires theme something we never got in the first one, but how long can the mall stay closed

  • El Luigismasher
    El Luigismasher Year ago

    It sucks that I have to wait until the 24th of April to play this...
    Anyone can please freeze myself and then unfreeze me until it's April?

  • mythology2467
    mythology2467 Year ago

    This looks Amazing! and I love the fuck out of the show, BUT MY GAME STILL WON'T FUCKING WORK! I bought the full thing the day it was announced and after months of talking to the support team they sent my request off to the escalation team. And now it's been over a month since that happened! I just want to play my game! .... Sorry about just complaining here, but it's really getting to me and I see it as an adequate place for a justified reason.

    • mythology2467
      mythology2467 Year ago

      I expect it to work perfectly for most people, otherwise you would have heard more of an outrage, just Ubisoft can't figure out why mine doesn't :/

    • Rangers Fan From Jersey
      Rangers Fan From Jersey Year ago

      Weird I also have this game on PC and it works perfectly for me

    • mythology2467
      mythology2467 Year ago

      PC, steam, my account is linked with the Uplay, it doesn't open. I click play, it says "mythology2467 is now playing south park the fractured but whole" for about 3 seconds, then it goes back to mythology2467 is online.

    • Niff Sniff
      Niff Sniff Year ago

      mythology2467 what do you mean it doesn’t work? And you’re playing it on console or PC?

  • Snake Soup
    Snake Soup Year ago


  • Axel Werner
    Axel Werner Year ago

    Make it run on LINUX. Else no money from me.

    • Niff Sniff
      Niff Sniff Year ago

      Zombie Slayer the supercomputers these days use Linux

    • Axel Werner
      Axel Werner Year ago

      Zombie Slayer even you use LINUX, but don't know it yet. Go educate yourself.

    • Rangers Fan From Jersey
      Rangers Fan From Jersey Year ago

      People use LINUX?

    • Axel Werner
      Axel Werner Year ago

      MACOS is more or less a LINUX at core. So if they have a MAC Version it will not be rocket science to port it to LINUX.

    • Niff Sniff
      Niff Sniff Year ago

      Axel Werner from what i know, it costs them a fortune to support linux

  • Juber777
    Juber777 Year ago

    Now I just need some more money..

  • Erick Ruben
    Erick Ruben Year ago


  • Ryvucz
    Ryvucz Year ago

    Their food sucks so bad.

  • who ever
    who ever Year ago