Racer X Scarified 1988 (Paul Gilbert)


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  • Fabrizio Roggeri
    Fabrizio Roggeri 11 days ago

    scott travis immenso

  • lucid phreak
    lucid phreak 17 days ago

    Fantastic freaking song... Honestly I like BB’s tone WAYYYY better.

  • Chuck Barnett
    Chuck Barnett 18 days ago

    Someone skipped arm day.

  • Yves Bajulaz
    Yves Bajulaz Month ago

    Guitar god...

  • Fredrik Olsson
    Fredrik Olsson Month ago

    Scott travis on drumms?

  • Victor Vinicius Carmona

    the demons of this thing!

  • Debbie Athy
    Debbie Athy Month ago +1

    Taking me back to my 20s in high school . 48 years old now and I still love metal like this

  • Mohamad Saiful
    Mohamad Saiful Month ago

    Alien : Man, show us what's interesting in your world
    Me : Alright...


    Im watching this for more than 50 times and u guess why 🤘🤘

  • Burning Rescuing Spirits! GoGo V

    Much faster than the version we are all familiar with.

  • Bernard - Music
    Bernard - Music 5 months ago

    This is sooooo Good!!!

  • Yosh 愛 39
    Yosh 愛 39 5 months ago +1

    Finger power on bass 🙌🏽🖤


    This is what we called 'Killing Machine' 🤘🤘

    AJD OLD CHANNEL ARCHIVE 6 months ago +4

    Still amazing, I can't think of any modern-day bands that could pull something like this off so tightly and cleanly.

  • Peter O
    Peter O 7 months ago +1

    This band was so AWESOME!! .Most of us know that Scott has been with Judas Priest
    For ever since this band.

  • Octavio Saavedra
    Octavio Saavedra 10 months ago

    Is that Juan Alderete on bass????

  • termsofusepolice
    termsofusepolice 11 months ago


  • Bryson Baker
    Bryson Baker Year ago

    which pixel is paul?

  • irmasil3
    irmasil3 Year ago +13

    Like this song is not difficult enough in regular speed.......

    • Arthur Kitchen
      Arthur Kitchen 2 months ago +1

      But I’m sure you’ll agree, this song and most, sound best super fast!

  • Paul Poche
    Paul Poche Year ago

    Juan !!!!

  • Julio Ocasio Albino

    This band and cacophony were the best

  • ミツヲ
    ミツヲ Year ago

    すげぇ( ´∀`)

  • Felipe Aguena
    Felipe Aguena Year ago

    Who's the other guitar player? Guy's a fucking beast. Well, they all are

    • Fort
      Fort 11 months ago

      That's Bruce Bouillet.

  • Sergio Jimenez
    Sergio Jimenez Year ago

    in gran recital de estos genius....

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Year ago

    Sh*t, that's harder and faster than space ship 1 version.
    Maybe Wolf Hoffmann will help me get even.
    Not in the unfriendly way Paul, you know I wouldn't do that to you.
    I would punish you with buckethead but only in a private room with nobody watching and strictly off the record.

  • Kelly Decker
    Kelly Decker Year ago

    sick fucks !!.................when we had to work for our supper !

  • David Hull
    David Hull Year ago

    I was at this show I was 19 yo..

  • klistarf
    klistarf Year ago

    Serious! \m/ (:o)

  • Jason Kruger
    Jason Kruger Year ago

    Hair metal is not g a y

    • 80sGuy
      80sGuy Year ago

      It is if you listen to Vinnie Vincent.

  • Ed Rhone
    Ed Rhone Year ago

    Dat camera person though........

  • Joef Guazon
    Joef Guazon Year ago

    DAMN! Surely... this music will be the soundtrack of my nightmare tonight... f***ing awesome!!

  • Nigon Kouk
    Nigon Kouk 2 years ago +2

    Will they be warmed up by the next video? :[) LoL

  • Keven Klayne
    Keven Klayne 2 years ago

    I had never realised there was another guitar player in the band. I always thought it was just Paul, the drummer and the bassist.

  • aaronbergAPB
    aaronbergAPB 2 years ago +2

    Astounding band. I saw them at Ibanez booth in Chicago, NAMM '86-'87. They were incredible and loud too

  • yan ya
    yan ya 2 years ago

    which one is pg ?

  • brad b
    brad b 2 years ago

    is this the Omni in Oakland Ca?

  • rattlecage666
    rattlecage666 2 years ago +16

    I read an article where Juan said he was practicing 14 hrs a day. Juan also said that scott was always playing this drum riff to warm up, so Paul wrote a song around it.

  • jacob freemans
    jacob freemans 2 years ago

    Its alright,but after half an hour you start losing the will to live.You get me.

  • Vit Alvarado
    Vit Alvarado 2 years ago

    Scott Travis!!!!!

  • Luigi Pati
    Luigi Pati 2 years ago

    v cool track

  • TheTrueFortress
    TheTrueFortress 2 years ago

    Before I read some comments, let me make a prediction. So-and-so is better and Guthrie is on a "whole other level". Bloody retarded. All hail Racer X.

  • Karthik
    Karthik 2 years ago +1

    Is this vid sped up? Or were they this crazy back then??

    • WMD 88
      WMD 88 Year ago

      The studio version is actually slower than this.

    • Jim Hinson
      Jim Hinson Year ago

      this was 1980's guitar playin!

    • Intense Cure
      Intense Cure 2 years ago +4

      guitarfreak 901 that crazy.

  • uncle skeeter
    uncle skeeter 2 years ago

    fast noisy crap

    • Iprodeltaelite
      Iprodeltaelite 2 years ago

      vinskeeter elevator music is probably too complicated for you. Better stick to listening to nursery rhymes

    • S18 Hilarious
      S18 Hilarious 2 years ago +1


  • Kavindra Nikhurpa
    Kavindra Nikhurpa 2 years ago +13

    Every single thing about this song is INSANELY PERFECT. Ahh, those bass lines, drums, guitar licks and their tone is pure EARGASM. These guys are legends. \m/

    • Victor Sage
      Victor Sage 6 days ago

      @Break free full metal jacket reference?

    • Break free
      Break free 3 months ago

      Kavindra Nikhurpa whoever invented the word ‘eargasm’ needs their head to be ripped off and someone take a shit down their neck.

  • Skeptical Narratives
    Skeptical Narratives 2 years ago +4

    Bruce Bouillet's vibrato is sick

  • Sblinger
    Sblinger 2 years ago +1

    bassist kills it

  • 陳柏安
    陳柏安 2 years ago

    the other guitarist is also very good, not sure why not as famous as PG

    • Kürşat Ç.
      Kürşat Ç. 2 years ago

      陳柏安 Bruce had carpal tunnel syndrome and tinnitus problem. So he had to stay out of stages and started to doing studio stuff(audio engineer, producer ) for Racer X and several bands including Motörhead. He even won a grammy with Motörhead stuff.

  • kombi k
    kombi k 2 years ago +17

    You can definitely see who Dragonforce were influenced by.

  • Lou Sassoul
    Lou Sassoul 2 years ago

    It's similar to old video game music from the 80's and early 90's

  • A Tabish
    A Tabish 2 years ago +1

    Scott went on to the Golden gig with Judas Preist

  • Faith Factory
    Faith Factory 2 years ago +5

    Many thanks for the upload I have always want to see this since I was 15 that would be 30 years ago!

  • kim jongun
    kim jongun 2 years ago +4

    thats really good concert and the hair

  • Daniel Brooks
    Daniel Brooks 2 years ago +6


  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G 2 years ago +3

    It would be so epic if they were still together. \m/

  • Dan Martin
    Dan Martin 2 years ago

    Best Live Band EVER And I've seen em all. Such in your face in stereo guitar shredding. Holy shit. Stellar bass and drums,
    so glad someone captured these amazing musicians.


  • Paco Valencia
    Paco Valencia 2 years ago +32

    Incredible bass performance!!

  • MrMetalzeb
    MrMetalzeb 2 years ago +14

    uuuhhhhh....... what a couple of monsters. umbelivebly I have to discover such a pearl of old style metal 30 years later.. better than never.

    • Jim Hinson
      Jim Hinson Year ago

      Racer-X and Cacophony were the top of the heap with this harmonized madness.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 years ago

    Who is the other guitarist playing with Paul Gilbert?

  • Patrick Mao
    Patrick Mao 2 years ago

    cant fucking believe the guy finger picked the whole song...

    • Painkiller DCXVI
      Painkiller DCXVI 2 years ago

      all god like bassist names I know of never touched a pick lol

  • burroaks7
    burroaks7 3 years ago +1

    im so glad i got to see bruce with paul on that g3 tour