Kyle Kuzma Full Highlights 2018.4.4 LA Lakers vs Spurs - 30 Pts, CLUTCH! | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • Kyle Kuzma Full Highlights | April 4, 2018 | Los Angeles Lakers vs SA Spurs - 30 Pts, CLUTCH! | FreeDawkins- NBA Video'
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Comments • 435

    8KOBE BRYANT24 5 months ago


    VIGHNESH RAMESH 8 months ago

    Unfortunately Kuzma may never have another 30 point game now that Lebron is on the team, he won't get as many touches and the Lakers will play hero ball like all the other Lebron led teams

  • Chirayu Desai
    Chirayu Desai 9 months ago

    Love this mans demenour. Win at ALL COSTS. Hes gonna be super good..

  • Corey Mccoy
    Corey Mccoy 10 months ago


  • real life83
    real life83 10 months ago +1

    Bron going to the finals with this team they put toghether. Haters gone be sick but i see magic vision!

    • Acee ✓
      Acee ✓ 10 months ago +1


    • real life83
      real life83 10 months ago

      Bron.Ingram beasley kuzma Stephenson magee rondo pope deng even lonzo gone be a few steps better then last year. His defense was on point as a rookie already. Plus the young freshleg long body shooters/ forwards they got thats being overlooked. With Bron leading. This Bron best team ever yall watch and see!

  • Albert C
    Albert C 11 months ago

    Kuzzzzmaaaa! That Sky Hook’s sweet!

  • King Kendrick Goat
    King Kendrick Goat 11 months ago

    Nobody can stop the hook and hardly anybody does it.

  • Gee Dumars
    Gee Dumars 11 months ago

    Reminds me of a young Carmelo..

  • Mike Larry
    Mike Larry 11 months ago

    He knocked down that sky hook all season and I love his go to spin move that shit be clean AF every time...

  • Nnamdi
    Nnamdi 11 months ago +2

    Everybody saying the Lakers might not make the playoffs are crazy... They are gonna be a top 4 seed watch.. Top 6 at the lowest.

  • Tahir Baksh
    Tahir Baksh 11 months ago

    These lakers need to sign Lebron or Boogie. They need help finishing games.

  • kevin young
    kevin young 11 months ago +8

    U giving Lebron this are u serious????

  • Pablo Camilo Nuñez Acuña

    Very Pour defense by the Spurs, what a shame...

  • Charles Stevenson
    Charles Stevenson 11 months ago +1

    This is why want to trade for him

  • Drigoo RangAa
    Drigoo RangAa 11 months ago


  • Paul Gurrola
    Paul Gurrola 11 months ago +1

    I swear they better not trade kuzma to the spurs for kawhi or to anybody period he's the franchise for years to come I promise

  • richard escobar
    richard escobar 11 months ago

    Steal of the 2017 nba draft. He should be starting this year.

  • Chuckwusolu Obiorah
    Chuckwusolu Obiorah 11 months ago

    Great game by Kevin Knox... sorry I meant Kuzma

  • mufalme
    mufalme Year ago

    kuzma super good....

  • Cool Azz Kobe
    Cool Azz Kobe Year ago +1

    2019 playoffs confirmed

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay Year ago +1

    REALLY good rookie class this year!

  • edworld 97
    edworld 97 Year ago

    Whats the song on the background at 1:05???

  • ahiai barnes
    ahiai barnes Year ago

    If you watch only the coaching staff for both teams, you'll notice the Lakers and spurs are thinking kuzma, K Leonard trade.

  • Ever Quintanilla
    Ever Quintanilla Year ago

    Kuzma is going to special with the lakers he will be their go scorer

  • Brad Lamb
    Brad Lamb Year ago +1

    How is he not considered ROTY?

  • mikey lighty
    mikey lighty Year ago

    Low key roty

  • Luka doncic best player in the NBA already

    Trade Lonzo ball and Brandon Ingram for a higher draft pick draft Sexton or that point guard from Kentucky

  • Mitchell Kmatz
    Mitchell Kmatz Year ago

    I cant wait to see what he will do next year with a healthy lakers team im so excited to see young talent on this team and hope they all stay here and healthy LETS GO LAKERS!!

  • Chrisswangs
    Chrisswangs Year ago

    If you wanna see a mixtape of kuz hit up my channel and comment your thoughts please id mean alot🙏

  • LaDodgers 51
    LaDodgers 51 Year ago

    I watched kuz in college at Utah and he was never this good.. lol.. good to see his hard work and dedication paying off

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez Year ago

    what if make him the SF then Ingram at SG? then sign a rim protector at center

  • TabbyBoyy
    TabbyBoyy Year ago

    It’s crazy how I’ve never seen that josh hart game winner attempt till now.

  • Lebron Kobe
    Lebron Kobe Year ago

    Kuzma!! making kobe proud KUZMAMBA!!

  • Imperious Rex
    Imperious Rex Year ago

    Kuzma is a darker and more athletic version of Larry Joe Bird

  • Dana Parker
    Dana Parker Year ago

    This kid have been impressive .He is the real deal.

  • bumdog
    bumdog Year ago

    People were mocking him a couple months back...but he found that 2nd wind and looks like he might actually be for real. Big summer ahead!

  • Epic Sanchez
    Epic Sanchez Year ago

    This is what y’all lakers fans are excited for? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez Year ago

    Lonzo and Kuzma have great chemistry.

  • peternothof
    peternothof Year ago

    We finally have our star.

  • Chris Paul point god

    "My son gelo would have dropped 30 steals"
    -the chinese goverment

  • Solid Steez
    Solid Steez Year ago

    This is Kareem with a jump shot

  • Green Runs Deep
    Green Runs Deep Year ago +1

    Kuzma > Tatum

  • Mage
    Mage Year ago

    one of my favorate video on youtube.
    good go dear you are only person
    that making amazing video
    first ever thanks on

  • Dylan Gray
    Dylan Gray Year ago +2

    Kuzma tryna be the GOAT

    • Dylan Gray
      Dylan Gray Year ago +1

      Right after lonzo this my mans. I might have to go with KUZ

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page Year ago

    San Antonio Spurs we're surprised by 19 points from former Cleveland Cavs' old guy, Channing Frye. The 30 points by Kyle Kuzma was accounted for because of Brandon Ingram & Lonzo Ball not available. 😎😎😎

  • T.K Jenkins
    T.K Jenkins Year ago

    Yea I know kuzma not a pg but all the hype he gets he's not better than kuzma

  • number1 2
    number1 2 Year ago

    Alright, so whos better. Zo2 or D'lo?

  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge Flores Year ago

    Kuzma needs to make that baby sky hook a more frequently used primary move

  • Rei Rei
    Rei Rei Year ago +9

    If Kuz stays in the lakers just like Kobe did, then maybe he can be one of the greatest

  • Brock Krushlucki
    Brock Krushlucki Year ago

    This guy plays with Heart.

    PG 13PACERNATION Year ago

    Kuz got that sky hook locked in shh

  • Milan Jovanovic
    Milan Jovanovic Year ago

    u can really see he finished college, game is so polished

  • kyle kuzma
    kyle kuzma Year ago

    Thanks for the love yall #kuzcontrol

  • Brandonwun
    Brandonwun Year ago

    Real ROTY kiss my ass

  • Yung Padawan
    Yung Padawan Year ago

    It's so amazing to see a Rookie using the running sky hook in 2018! Bringing a classic back to it's rightful place in the game of basketball. That aside, this kid Kyle Kuzma has all the signs that he's going to be one heck of a pro for a long time coming. I can't wait to see how much better he is next year and the year after, and...well you get the point. He's brought a lot of excitement back to this Lakers squad and him accompanied by the other youth if they stay healthy, they will all be a ton of fun to watch as they all grow and get better. Especially if this is how good these guys are playing in their Rookie, Sophomore and in the case of Randle 3rd year, and KCP 4th year. So I mean imagine the younger guys getting better, and staying together. We might see KCP let go, and possibly Randle. Although, I'd hope they'd keep Randle after the year he had, but I'm not the one who has to make these tough decisions. Probably good too, I might make some based off heart rather than logic. Still you can't argue with tha fact Kuzma is going to be a really good basketball player, and most likely a Lakers player for the forsee-able future. I mean why would they let this gem go.

  • Mix Master
    Mix Master Year ago

    All we need now is Anthony Davis

  • tubenachos
    tubenachos Year ago

    Take a shot for every 'Steal of the Draft' comment

  • Jaired Link
    Jaired Link Year ago +1

    He wants to be the guy so bad.

  • Andres B
    Andres B Year ago

    Why is Bust not playing??? I mean ball

  • Matthew Pierce
    Matthew Pierce Year ago

    that boy gon be a problem

  • Matthew Borlaza
    Matthew Borlaza Year ago

    Hes a dog

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC Year ago +1


  • razzonan
    razzonan Year ago

    last 10 games: 21.9 pts 48%fg 37% 3pts

  • Trevor Hernandez
    Trevor Hernandez Year ago +1

    Even if we strike out in FA that lineup will be DEADLY.

    • Messiah Gholston
      Messiah Gholston Year ago

      Trevor Hernandez I agree. Just let them develop and grow with each other!

  • Roshea Grays
    Roshea Grays Year ago +1

    Kuzma reminds me of a young Melo just dominate from everywhere.

  • Trevor Hernandez
    Trevor Hernandez Year ago +13

    Crazy how we drafted a 6’9 lightskin Kobe with a late first

  • Li Lin
    Li Lin Year ago

    All-Rookie Team for sure

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful Year ago


  • kwalex
    kwalex Year ago

    bruh how he keep making that running skyhook?

  • Wolf.
    Wolf. Year ago


  • Li Lin
    Li Lin Year ago

    Next season: LB, BI, Kuz, Kawhi, PG, Lakers gonna be goooooooooooood!

  • Emilio Orejel
    Emilio Orejel Year ago

    Kuzmamba 💯

  • TheGoldenhill
    TheGoldenhill Year ago

    1st team all rookie for sure! Simmons, Mitchell, Tatum, Kuzma, Markkanen. The real question is who makes the 2nd team. I don't think lonzo deserves it.

  • Waylan Ngu
    Waylan Ngu Year ago


  • Ka Black
    Ka Black Year ago

    Damn my boy KUZZZ CONTROL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jah Motion
    Jah Motion Year ago

    the only player to master the sky hook since Kareem, kuzma is such a polished scorer

  • Death
    Death Year ago

    Give this dude a nickname

  • Quincy
    Quincy Year ago

    I know Simmons is ROTY... But Kuzma is my favorite rookie

  • Death
    Death Year ago

    This dude needs a nickname.

  • Death
    Death Year ago

    The media can no longer hide this young man no more.
    Kuzma > Lonzo, he's the future of the Lakers.

  • J-Kay
    J-Kay Year ago

    Looked like Magic's Skyhook in the Finals Game! FreeDawkins is my MVP!

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 Year ago

    future star

  • Henry Van
    Henry Van Year ago


  • Paulo Gessinger
    Paulo Gessinger Year ago

    Kuzma ON FIRE

  • D-NBA
    D-NBA Year ago

    He will be a Spur next year, Pop will make him into a true superstar.

  • Kelly Jocelyn
    Kelly Jocelyn Year ago

    Pop gonna want to trade kawhi for kuz and hart😟but they lakers better say no or lonzo might bail out since kuz is his bff and probably his only true friend on the team behind ingram

    • Kelly Jocelyn
      Kelly Jocelyn Year ago

      mat man that sound like a good deal for lakers lol. Then they would have enough money for PG13 kawhi and lebron. Spurs can do that or they can trade him to celtic for brown and tatum. Let hope magic just wait til FA to persuade kawhi instead

    • mat man
      mat man Year ago

      Kelly Jocelyn I'M scared they might ask for kuz and hart, and to sweeten the deal, they might get the deng contract..

  • DrunkFromBud
    DrunkFromBud Year ago

    Tyler Ennis has low key been pretty good this season, especially for a guy easily could have been out of the nba this season. Injuries to lonzo and ingram have given him some minutes, and he's done good.

  • De’Aaron Rose
    De’Aaron Rose Year ago +1

    The play at 3:16 was when I knew Kuzma was the REAL DEAL. lookin like young Carmelo Anthony

  • Bladadah _45
    Bladadah _45 Year ago

    Kyle kuzma is the best rookie from 2017 draft besides Donovan Mitchell

  • Vincent Jr
    Vincent Jr Year ago +4

    The best futur big 3 of the league : Zo - Kuzz - Ingram

  • EL Chapo
    EL Chapo Year ago

    That Kuz sweeping running hook is smooth and unblockable. If he also develop that using his left, He's gonna be a problem.

  • Sandy Benitez
    Sandy Benitez Year ago +2

    Unblockable sky hook

  • Dom Cobb
    Dom Cobb Year ago

    Kyle Kuzma is the greatest thing happen to lakers this year. the rest is trash.

  • Cartie King
    Cartie King Year ago

    Kuz>donavan mitchell just hasnt had to be first option

  • The Hoop Lab
    The Hoop Lab Year ago

    Best rookies so far:
    1. Simmons
    2. Mitchell
    3. Kuzma
    4. Tatum
    5. DSJ
    6. Jaylen Brown

    • tubenachos
      tubenachos Year ago

      Simmons is NOT a rookie.

    • The Hoop Lab
      The Hoop Lab Year ago

      T Lessa y’all sleep on him

    • T Lessa
      T Lessa Year ago

      Samir Singh jaylen??😂😂😂

  • jrsam21
    jrsam21 Year ago

    Ingram, Kuzma, Ball, and Randle is a damn good core to build around. Why mess it up with signing a non elite player like PG to the max?

  • butch bauzon
    butch bauzon Year ago

    Kareem, magic, shaq, gasol, now kuzma with the unstoppable hook shot!

  • Raidori17
    Raidori17 Year ago

    The next face of the franchise and great laker. And he was picked near the end of the first round? Insane!

  • Brandon MrTurnoverTrash Ingram

    I want everyone to notice, that almost all these highlight videos of has "CLUTCH" in the title....let that sink in