If Students Were HONEST With Teachers

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • Have you ever wanted to say something to your teacher but you just couldn't? What If Students Were Honest With Teachers? What would happen? What would students say? Enjoy this funny video on things students say or would honestly say to their teacher!
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  • Dan and Riya
    Dan and Riya  Year ago +3691

    What Would YOU Say To Your Teacher?!

  • Leonard Lona
    Leonard Lona 3 hours ago

    Hey can I go now

  • Bigsexee Beautee
    Bigsexee Beautee 3 hours ago

    My dog ate my homework

  • JoyspillingBig NEWS
    JoyspillingBig NEWS 6 hours ago

    I would say F**K YOU ALL I HATE YOU to all the teachers I hate

  • #Ellie #Adam
    #Ellie #Adam 15 hours ago

    How u doin from friends any one else now friends

  • Michael Soriano
    Michael Soriano 18 hours ago

    Snap Math cool!

  • rockfist 63
    rockfist 63 Day ago

    Just to let you know I'm not here because of the thumbnail

  • peter Wigginton
    peter Wigginton Day ago


  • zombie jelly
    zombie jelly Day ago

    This was the most unfunny thing ever

  • chadagap
    chadagap 2 days ago

    Is the bell there for backround music or something

  • Ashana Khatun
    Ashana Khatun 2 days ago


  • Jash
    Jash 3 days ago

    If i was honest with my teacher and she said Are you sneaking candy into my class i would be like yes i am i need it to survive so.... Shoo

  • Ralfyfady
    Ralfyfady 3 days ago

    Here is a lot of stuff

  • Gachagurl _playz
    Gachagurl _playz 4 days ago

    The way she said ,” pOP qUIzz “😂😂

  • nevaeh Johnson
    nevaeh Johnson 4 days ago

    Miss Nord can you help me with this question please and that's what I would say

  • Duncan Esson
    Duncan Esson 4 days ago

    Soorryy I quit school I am out

  • heart fam
    heart fam 4 days ago

    Shut up 😁

  • Daniel Muleta
    Daniel Muleta 5 days ago

    “Excuse me, I know my rights, If you take my phone without my consent it’s stealing”
    Me:Why don’t teachers get in trouble for that

  • Joanna Linares
    Joanna Linares 5 days ago

    Can I skip this class I hate it I can literally go see a reading bone teacher I don't know anything about body type

  • Ka'Miyha Solomon
    Ka'Miyha Solomon 5 days ago

    I would tell my teacher I DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!!!

  • qeenlover2422 bff friends with Beverly

    TeAcHeR:dId YaLl StUdY
    mE:nOpE I WaS wAtChInG bLeSiV

  • Mala Brijmohansingh
    Mala Brijmohansingh 5 days ago

    I would tell them fu

  • Blake Games
    Blake Games 5 days ago

    I hat school ok get out of here boy you dumd

  • Maddi
    Maddi 5 days ago

    I will say that I love them and they’re very nice teacher Miss Bush is a very nice teacher and miss baby and miss you miss on oh and I really love my teacher like I love my teacher

  • Maddi
    Maddi 5 days ago

    I will say that I love them and they’re very nice teacher Miss Bush is a very nice teacher and miss baby and miss you miss on oh and I really love my teacher like

  • Gharam Mohammed
    Gharam Mohammed 5 days ago

    If she say why do I hear talking tell her because you have two ears

  • Gisselle Rivera
    Gisselle Rivera 6 days ago

    Me:sorry I'll listen and not get in any more troble

  • Mya Freiburger
    Mya Freiburger 6 days ago

    It wouldn’t be pretty I will tell you that

  • Ali falcoubeast
    Ali falcoubeast 6 days ago +1

    Can I go to the bathroom !

  • Alyssa Leung
    Alyssa Leung 7 days ago


  • Gamer Playz
    Gamer Playz 7 days ago

    Thumbnail: Dan holding a book the opposite way you’re supposed to

  • Vinceyah Burton
    Vinceyah Burton 7 days ago

    Teacher: is that a phone
    Me: Yes it is deal with it and also you can't take it I have my mom on speed dial.
    Teacher: ...

  • Natalie Cox
    Natalie Cox 7 days ago

    Teacher: who can find x ?
    Riya:I don't want to find my ex he cheated on me
    Teacher:Riya you need help go to the guidance counselor

  • Norma Vieyra
    Norma Vieyra 7 days ago

    I was sick

  • Neongirl NW
    Neongirl NW 7 days ago


  • snowballteen family
    snowballteen family 7 days ago

    I would tell my teacher suck on balls

  • Ashly Amador
    Ashly Amador 7 days ago

    When I tell her what's the answer what is the question she's like I don't know I didn't listen either and I would really stand this is what I would say I would say if you didn't listen that really doesn't make sense because you're the one who read in the question

  • Rhonda Williams
    Rhonda Williams 7 days ago

    Dan, hey baby how you doing teacher, please take a seat

  • Ailiya Jaffry
    Ailiya Jaffry 7 days ago +1

    Teachers suck 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alyssa H
    Alyssa H 7 days ago

    I would say bich you need to stop being mean

  • Martha Chavez
    Martha Chavez 7 days ago


  • Kaitlynn Wilde
    Kaitlynn Wilde 7 days ago

    To stop making us have tests

  • Martranika Holmes
    Martranika Holmes 8 days ago

    To shut up Stupid 👩‍🏫 teacher

  • Marha Lopez
    Marha Lopez 8 days ago +1

    Riya:havent you herd of letting things go
    Me:yes i can always watch frozen

  • emily murray
    emily murray 8 days ago

    If my teacher said stop talking)me:well what else am I going to do in life

  • Dave Gade
    Dave Gade 8 days ago +1

    Kid: sit on me baby. Teacher: call me once you hit puberty

  • Stephanie Walsh
    Stephanie Walsh 8 days ago

    Teacher are you talking in my class YES IM AM

  • Liz Nicolson
    Liz Nicolson 8 days ago +3

    Anyone else

    Cuz that's me 😂

  • Savannah Brown
    Savannah Brown 9 days ago

    I love your videos`

  • Mark Luis
    Mark Luis 9 days ago

    The phone one and hand up or down

  • Mark Luis
    Mark Luis 9 days ago

    The phone one

  • Dayanara Martínez
    Dayanara Martínez 9 days ago

    You know the thumbnail where daniel is holding a book its upside down

  • Starixx UwU
    Starixx UwU 9 days ago

    9. Anyone?

  • texting mania
    texting mania 9 days ago +1

    i would say tats my phone u can flipping take it away because its steling

  • madilynne Williams
    madilynne Williams 9 days ago +1


  • TootieThomas1083
    TootieThomas1083 9 days ago +1


  • Mèmès Łàdÿ
    Mèmès Łàdÿ 10 days ago +2


    I was laughing so hard cause of his voice lol

  • HaunterGacha
    HaunterGacha 10 days ago +2

    ‘How you doin’?’-Joey Tribbiani

  • Chocolate_ Milk
    Chocolate_ Milk 10 days ago +2

    Teacher:*talks realy close to me*
    me:i can smell every thing you ate for breakfast