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  • Cavid Veliev
    Cavid Veliev 3 days ago

    bigbang 💙💙💙💙💙

  • DURIANS Channel
    DURIANS Channel 11 days ago +3

    Hope they all together in one concert for yg reunion .. it will be the best concert

  • Rosiane Viegas
    Rosiane Viegas 14 days ago


  • KーPOPオタ
    KーPOPオタ 22 days ago


  • bbbp gives me strength

    idk but i still root for this fam even after everything

  • Dead Wood
    Dead Wood Month ago



    Blackpink and İkon
    2NE1 and Bigbang
    Brother And Sister

    • elsaputri
      elsaputri 22 days ago

      WINNER, Blackpink, & iKON.
      2NE1& BIGBANG.


    2:20 Sehun and Suho??


    0:34 Fortnite? HYPE DANCEEE??

  • Nyca Lagman
    Nyca Lagman Month ago +3

    Please bring back YG Family. We need it. Let Blackpink interact more and do collab with Ikon and Winner like Bigbang and 2ne1 before.

  • exo -baeareback
    exo -baeareback Month ago +4

    I really do miss YG family 😭😭 after suengri, YG and bi left I really have no hope that there will ever be YG family again... Just hope that bb, bp, winner,akmu,remaining 2ne1 members and ikon complete this family once again along with treasure 13

  • Nicole Cruz
    Nicole Cruz Month ago +1

    i want to have a yg family concert again

  • Daisy Snøw
    Daisy Snøw Month ago +2

    its not family anymore

  • Sheina Franky Macasadia

    Yang Hyun Suk's laugh is the same as Bts Jimin's laugh Haha lmao

    MULTI FANDOM Month ago

    omg the ending hahahhaahahhaha

  • Trần Nhã
    Trần Nhã Month ago +3

    I cried when I watch this video. I just hope that wasn"t any awful things. OMG give my YG family back!!!!!!!!

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago +1

    That everyday one lol

  • Eaint Ko Ko Moe
    Eaint Ko Ko Moe Month ago +3

    4:59 The best part
    I want YG family interactions like that

  • Zahra Tanggapili
    Zahra Tanggapili Month ago

    2:07 who is she?

  • 91 91
    91 91 2 months ago +1

    1:44 please tell me where it is?
    1:44 пожалуйста скажите где это ?

    • Eruna
      Eruna 2 months ago

      Award show in 2016 I believe

  • My pham
    My pham 2 months ago

    Nhớ bố Yang quá huhu

  • 이지원
    이지원 2 months ago

    Bitch what family.

    SB MATE 2 months ago +2

    I miss them😭😭😭

  • Celeste Urreta
    Celeste Urreta 2 months ago +156

    BigBang 🖤
    Blackpink 💗🖤
    YG family 💘

  • Astrid Hanna Asyifa
    Astrid Hanna Asyifa 2 months ago +2

    They're sooo cute.i just think,they are is a big family.not much:)

    DAİKİ 2 months ago +5


  • Yagmur Cetinkaya
    Yagmur Cetinkaya 2 months ago +19

    YG idols are crazy

    IOLA IRENE 3 months ago +68

    I missed YG FAM so much , now seungri is already out, b.i , and even yang hyunsuk too , YG is a great father he treat his artists just like his son or daughter , i hope all the best for YG , YG YOU ARE JJANG 👍👍👍

      IOLA IRENE Month ago

      @Jessica Nguyen i know 😭😭

    • Jessica Nguyen
      Jessica Nguyen Month ago +3

      bbesribssgn kpop YGfamily is like destroyed. Psy left, 2ne1 is done, seungri is our, One left. The only groups that seem to know each other pretty well are Ikon and Winner because they like trained and competed with each other. Sigh.... don’t even think we’re gonna have another YG family concert

  • Dana Cher
    Dana Cher 3 months ago +111

    Yg sajangnim😭 i was hoping that old yg fam will be back but now i dont think it will happen again

    • champagne mami
      champagne mami 16 days ago +3

      Jessica Nguyen I think Blackpink and winner know each other pretty well too

    • Dana Cher
      Dana Cher Month ago +1

      @Jessica Nguyen facts:(

    • Jessica Nguyen
      Jessica Nguyen Month ago +3

      Dana Cher yg family is literally destroyed and broken. Yea I miss the old days when 2ne1, Big Bang, Psy, se7en, and Gummy we’re all together. Then came Winner and Ikon. Now that artist have left, there’s really the artist don’t really seem like family tbh. Not like SMEnt. I tbh only think Winner and Ikon are the ones that know each other pretty well

  • Theresia W
    Theresia W 3 months ago +11

    i miss YG family :")

  • netizen budiman
    netizen budiman 3 months ago +13

    Protect Hanbin Oppa:"(

  • Aura Milkovich
    Aura Milkovich 3 months ago +19

    I don't know his name. But I love how he encourage Lisa to talk more😊

  • C aja
    C aja 3 months ago +7

    LEE HI ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jazmin Beltran :3
    Jazmin Beltran :3 3 months ago +8

    AKMU 😍😍

  • Jinu
    Jinu 3 months ago +5

    5:03 what that variety name?

  • Budi lestari
    Budi lestari 3 months ago +39


  • Jeaven Pabrua
    Jeaven Pabrua 4 months ago +65

    I miss the old seungri, he doesn't even bother blackpink and just wave like a normal senior.

    • WE
      WE Month ago

      Aaand Sprite sorry if I misunderstood u but I kid u not the amount of times I had to explain to people his situation is countless , I apologize

    • Army Blink
      Army Blink Month ago +1

      WE Well someone doesn’t grasp what sarcasm is, damn. I don’t seem to understand why calling someone pathetic on the internet is a smart idea for some y’all. If there’s something you do not understand, just ask wtf I mean, not sike yourself out and go crazy in the comments with reasons why someone is ‘pathetic’.

    • WE
      WE Month ago +1

      Aaand Sprite you know people like u are just pathetic and u know why ? U said it yourself “wasn’t known” he wasn’t known but now he is known but u didn’t say that for a FACT , u didn’t even bother to read about his case and just kept thinking what everyone is thinking , there is no official statement stated that he raped someone , seungri scandal isn’t about rape , please get F’ing educated because Iam sick of seeing people like u , u hate him that’s fine but don’t ever dare to claim things about someone , enjoy the video Susan

    • Sudenaz Yıldız
      Sudenaz Yıldız 2 months ago +1

      He was only act.

    • Army Blink
      Army Blink 3 months ago +4

      Plus he ya know, wasn’t known as a rapist piece if trash.

  • Shxxbi _292
    Shxxbi _292 4 months ago +5

    4:56 what reality program is that?

  • 블랙핑크리사
    블랙핑크리사 4 months ago +5

    0:33 song please

  • Kpop is life
    Kpop is life 4 months ago +34

    YG Entertainment

  • roaa jamal
    roaa jamal 4 months ago +5

    What show was it in 1:52

  • Leah Rodil
    Leah Rodil 4 months ago +23

    What show is around 4:36... I really wanna know...

  • Jekki Forever
    Jekki Forever 4 months ago +7


  • Liany news
    Liany news 4 months ago +108

    I really miss bigbang 😫

  • Hanh Thao Nguyen Duc
    Hanh Thao Nguyen Duc 4 months ago +3

    3:32 like
    Hoony: Jennie go with me
    Jisôo: Bye
    Then Jisoo: What
    Jisoo: Hey Hoony, her my wìfe

  • 허철영
    허철영 4 months ago +2

    승리 왜껴있누

  • Nhã Trần
    Nhã Trần 4 months ago +13

    Love GD
    Love BigBang

  • Hanh Thao Nguyen Duc
    Hanh Thao Nguyen Duc 4 months ago +20

    they have APINK, we have IPINK!!!!

  • eunsong lyric
    eunsong lyric 5 months ago +31


  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 5 months ago +9

    You guys better watch winner's animal show on kritter club. Mino stepping on oteu poop😝😝😝😝

  • Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic
    Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic 7 months ago +19

    4:27 where was that from?

    WONHOE CHILL 9 months ago +105

    *the intro* 😂😂