VFX Artist Explains What's Wrong With Modern CGi

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
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    This Episode ► Wren takes us down the visual effects rabbit hole to explain why CGi in modern Hollywood Movies doesn't always have the realistic impact it deserves.
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Comments • 4 118

  • EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded

    WAKANDA! thexvid.com/video/UE05lEEOcSA/video.html

  • Tony Blinds
    Tony Blinds 2 days ago

    Dude, respect to you, there are a lot of professions that are invisible to the public, but they put a lot of work into movies or ads, and people who watch it don't even know they exist. You guys rock, love your videos

  • László Tóth
    László Tóth 3 days ago

    "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." - God in Futurama.
    My favourite quote of all time. It sums up my job as well, but I believe it is true for lot of people.

  • Jumble Drops1029
    Jumble Drops1029 3 days ago

    It's with video games as well. People put their time and effort into these games, like Anthem for example. People HATE that game but the visuals are stunning! Lighting is beautiful, he world is vibrant, and full if color. Like he said, appreciate the world these people make for you to watch and play in!

  • mila
    mila 4 days ago

    If is bad is bad, if there's no time they problem not mine if a actor cut lines because there's no time to learn them we are going to still criticise because was a bad work you know what I mean. Need more time? Take it if you don't handle the pain

  • MrCipasa
    MrCipasa 6 days ago +1

    the real question is, why Wren is so likable.

  • F
    F 6 days ago

    Too preachy

  • ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
    ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 7 days ago +4

    "No everyone is just a movie, it ever gets comment section."

    - finished, 2019

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 7 days ago

    this video is just his ted talk

  • 5stardave
    5stardave 7 days ago

    Last time I went to the cinema there wasn't a pause or rewind button to check the effects.

  • Jacob Matthews
    Jacob Matthews 8 days ago

    Really love the passion you bring to explaining your craft!! Also, Brandon Sanderson is fantastic.

  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes 8 days ago

    Whats the name of the first song? :O I've been looking for it on Epidemic Sound for days :/

  • CaptainAmericYang
    CaptainAmericYang 9 days ago +5

    Crew: Black Panther mostly had amazing CGI! The third act was wonky because the CG team had a matter of weeks to complete the CGI!
    So next time you see visual effects, appreciate the artists and their hard work!

    • CaptainCherryz
      CaptainCherryz 3 days ago

      I think that's acceptable because it's a face.

  • LyleDeYounges
    LyleDeYounges 15 days ago

    I don't get what you're saying... when that T-Rex breaks out, that's a fucking living dinosaur!
    So what are you saying?

  • Raj Harshit Srirangam
    Raj Harshit Srirangam 15 days ago

    I just saw his ted talk and its the exact same😂😂

  • Thomas Kerrigan
    Thomas Kerrigan 16 days ago

    I came here because TedX screwed the pooch with syncing the audio.

  • Shark Shorts
    Shark Shorts 16 days ago

    This is his script for his ted talk or at least 85% expired by it

  • Hood Boi
    Hood Boi 18 days ago +1

    Wren is the best

  • Yanay Mor
    Yanay Mor 20 days ago +1

    cracked me up

  • aerin
    aerin 21 day ago

    you dont notice this but wren is entirely a cg replacement throughout the whole of this video

  • Nathanael Raynard
    Nathanael Raynard 21 day ago

    Ahem wakaliwood is by far the greatest studio

  • David Chong
    David Chong 21 day ago

    Can you do a video explaining why CGI helicopters are almost always wrong in that the rotor blades when spinning/flying droops, while in real life the blades flex upwards when flying but only droops when it is not flying.

  • Vibes
    Vibes 21 day ago

    this is the updated rocketjump video

  • klipser66
    klipser66 22 days ago

    The only thing worse then bad CGI is when film companies, who are greedy and lazy to start with, decide to push political/social agendas into their movies in order to sell their product by virtue signaling. That just crushes the experience of movie making. I hope they will stop doing it soon!

  • G. Lucas
    G. Lucas 23 days ago

    11:25 this is why I liked to shake things up every few years. Did Han shot first? Did Joh Yowza not really perform with the Max Rebo band? Was there more than one AT-ST at the battle of Hoth?
    You see I like to shake things up and add some extra spices to my Star Wars

    YANGJUN ZHOU 24 days ago

    VFX-HDRI Ball(gray ball and a chromium ball)
    Dimensions:12cm/20cm/25cm/Custom diameter

  • Sharp Design
    Sharp Design 25 days ago

    They think we press a button..
    As a graphic designer, I identify with this. There's no keyboard shortcut to:
    Make music
    Make design
    Make movie
    I think people forget that sometimes. Took hours to recreate a specific doodle of an idea to only be rejected because he/she said, "not what I asked for...too simple, too complicated, etc.." then, I was left with time wasted I could have used on another project.
    Ps. I feel bad for whoever edited his Tedtalk.

  • Vivitsa 13
    Vivitsa 13 25 days ago

    As long as the script is good and it's visually appealing. Count me in.

  • mrcapello
    mrcapello 25 days ago

    poor black panther dudes that had to crunch hours during christmas time

  • Thomas Kornerup
    Thomas Kornerup 25 days ago +1

    You guys just copied this video by Freddie thexvid.com/video/bL6hp8BKB24/video.html

  • Cory Pham
    Cory Pham 29 days ago

    What’s the movie at 4:52

  • abi gail
    abi gail Month ago

    omg i want more videos like this i love this

  • Died Liu
    Died Liu Month ago

    This version is waaaaaay better than TED's unsync version.

  • James Bemis
    James Bemis Month ago

    Cut your nails though. Cool video.

  • Ramtin Hosseini
    Ramtin Hosseini Month ago

    wren I admire this video and your hard work for your ted talk. I'm sorry ted ruined your video brother. its sad to watch that you are talking on the stage and there are things shown on the screen behind you that proves what you're saying and you are making jokes and examples with that screen. but FUCKING TED WAS SO IRRESPONSIBLE TED STAFF DIDNT BOTHERED TO MOVE THE CAMERA.

  • JoHakablE 3001
    JoHakablE 3001 Month ago

    Tedxtalks wren
    Tedxtalks ma friend XD

  • tap836
    tap836 Month ago

    Wren's Audible ads when he talks about Sanderson are pretty much the only ones that sound real out of all the youtubers I've heard promote Audible.

  • spleen pirate
    spleen pirate Month ago

    I sure do like the part when Wren just took information from KaptainKristian's video on David Fincher without credit :/

    9:35 - Title of Kristian's video is "Invisible Details"

    9:37 - Just a rearranged version of exactly what Kristian says about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo's Blood VFX.

    9:47 - The Social Network having more VFX shots than Godzilla (2014) (this is the really annoying one)

    Wouldn't be as much of a problem if he hadn't also presented this as his own info during a Ted talk. I like you man but get your own info.

    • spleen pirate
      spleen pirate Month ago

      @Galaxied Out I also have diarrhea so poo funny xd actually

    • Galaxied Out
      Galaxied Out Month ago

      Implying that 'information' is owned. This was a ted talk, even if he did get those bits of info from KaptainKristian, you want him to whisper the source during the talk? Get outta heeeeere

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor Month ago

    How is nobody talking about Dorothy saying oh my in time with the drop?

  • Veli Karppinen
    Veli Karppinen Month ago

    There are two we know kind of great special effects: those which make you awestruck by showing something which is impossible and those which you never notice. Jurassic Park is example of first style and despite being awesome display of VFX Blade Runner and its sequel (just as good) is great example of both. Alien is example of both styles being used with success.

  • Durable
    Durable Month ago

    Dude please make one on VFX reveals the true size of the uss enterprises from star treck

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon Month ago

    It's called the Uncanny Valley.

  • Nix
    Nix Month ago

    You forgot Procedural animation. It's hard to explain the difference between Simulation and Procedural, so I understand why it may have not been mentioned, still, if someone's interested... Simulation usually relies on heavy computations that try to replicate real world rules and physics and calculate behaviour of something frame-by-frame. Most of the time to speed things up they use a lot of random numbers so it's hard to get exactly the same result each time you run the sim. It HAS to go frame by frame, because it needs to calculate the behaviour, velocities and such. And they are slow.

    Procedural is mostly based on math and logic and seeds. Each time you run it it will spit out the same result, unless you change the seed value, if it was implemented at all. A lot of the time it just relies on input parameters. It's often times a lot faster. Mostly it does not need to know about previous frame data or next frame data. You can jump into any moment in the scene and it should spit out the correct pose\end result without calculating the whole timeline.

    For example procedural walking animation for spiders only needs to know which frame you're at as an input, and maybe it's position in the scene and above the floor to know where to place his legs. Procedural level design in gamedev only needs an integer number to spit out a new unique level. Where's for example ragdoll simulation, it can't just give you the correct pose of a ragdoll on frame 100, for example, it has to start at frame 0 and calculate how ragdoll falls from 0 to 100 until it can show you the result on that frame.

    I guess there should be an easier explanation, haha

  • Steven Borg
    Steven Borg Month ago

    Those Planet of the Apes movies have some of the most incredible CGI & Motion Capture I have ever seen. That shot where Caesar is talking to Woody Harrelson and crying near the end was not only one hell of a performance from Serkis but an incredible achievement from VFX crew to convincingly carry it through to the final render.

  • grennysohail
    grennysohail Month ago

    watching both the official TedTalk and this, this is waaaay better. It is still amazing that wren was able to give a tedtalk, but this just sounds better. Maybe he is calmer, more prepared, has his notes with him, or maybe the music beats and visual helped. Either way, well done Wren for giving all the VFX artist the shoutout that they deserve.

  • Supraman1987
    Supraman1987 Month ago

    I can concur with everything said in this video. I'm not a CGI artist, but I went to school for computer hardware engineering and have subsequently written programs for the IT industry. Sometimes you get truly lucky and can complete a working and fully functional program on a time crunch. But most of the time, you see much better results if you have a time crunch for the initial launch, then you get to work on it and tweak it over another, much longer length of time. I wrote a program for a hospital back in 2013, it did a very specific job, but I also included a couple of other tweaks to make the experience better for the users of the workstation. It did everything behind the scenes and cut our calls down immensely at the IT help desk. Over the following year, I tweaked and perfected the program, even adding in new features that would help diagnose, fix, and document other issues with the computer. I ended up leaving in 2015. In the end, the program did so much work that the IT department forgot that it was there until they went to install new machines years later and wondered why their call volume increased by 5x until they realized the issue. The best programs or GCI are the ones that go completely unnoticed. A+

  • Crazy Blaster
    Crazy Blaster Month ago

    This video feels like more than 20 mins! Lol.. nice one

  • Em Custard
    Em Custard Month ago

    Watching Star Wars, the thing that indicated to me that yes, these are CGI, is the eyes. They don't dart around like a normal human's. Our eyes don't move smoothly, but they also move rather frequently, so smooth or infrequent eye movements are a dead giveaway.

  • Anshath Mohammed
    Anshath Mohammed Month ago

    He used the same dialogues in his TED talk.

  • Davin Kum
    Davin Kum Month ago +1

    This is basically his TEDtalk. Oh wait, it is.

  • TheFathusky
    TheFathusky Month ago

    You just blew my mind with the Blade Runner thing...I had no Idea she wasnt real..

  • Rocket Number 9
    Rocket Number 9 Month ago +1

    Who is the supreme dunce that thinks computers make CGI without artists?? The willfully ignorant deserve to be ignored.

  • Greenskate7
    Greenskate7 Month ago

    When this gets almost 10x as many views as the original ted talk

  • Fil More
    Fil More Month ago

    *uploads his talk
    Ted talk audience: am we a joke to you?

  • MeekGroundhog21
    MeekGroundhog21 Month ago

    I think you forgot fast and furious 7

  • tomatodamashi
    tomatodamashi Month ago

    You say that it's not about less CGI, it's about suspension of disbelief, but I disagree. CGI has made directors lazy. Why film outside in the jungle where there is rain and logistical issues when you can just use a green screen in an airconditioned studio. Why built fully formed sets when it can just be replaced digitally. Look at the finally fight scenes in Justice League and Batman v Superman. There was NO REASON why those fights could not be filmed outside. Real sets, props and locations cannot be overlooked. No matter how good the CGI is today, it WILL end up looking fake. SEE: Phantom Menace. This is why the predator movie from the 80s still looks amazing, despite almost no CGI and the new one already looks like crap.
    CGI is just overused and promotes laziness, which the audiences can recognize.

  • fonzcorp
    fonzcorp Month ago +1

    Wren. You are very passionate, talented lead. Got a tear in my eye. Thank you for this Talk.

  • Assinjo
    Assinjo Month ago +1

    3:03 wash your fucking nails

  • Ariel Tavori
    Ariel Tavori Month ago

    "...Movies are never finished, just released".
    This is very cute but it is still a paraphrased quote, and should have been noted as such.
    "Art is never finished, only abandoned." Is often attributed to DaVinci and Picasso, though according to Wikipedia is actually a paraphrase of Paul Valéry...
    Thanks for a great talk btw, very nice to see all those slides that TED chose to deprive us of! 😉

  • JC Corbes
    JC Corbes Month ago +1

    Wtf this is the ted talk