• Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • Super Ultra Nick
    Super Ultra Nick 2 days ago

    :Alex: my horse is called horse friend idk what to call him
    :me: the heck you called him

  • Marsels
    Marsels 2 days ago

    like the comment if you saw when hee opened his chest he had a villager totem?

  • beamish
    beamish 2 days ago

    Common everyone subscribe to Alex so he hits 1 mil

  • MD Fortnite Clips
    MD Fortnite Clips 3 days ago +1

    Do a regular survival series

  • Antoine Phutully
    Antoine Phutully 4 days ago

    Do it!

  • Mason Isolda
    Mason Isolda 4 days ago

    Alex I can not mine
    Alex mines tree

  • crowez s
    crowez s 4 days ago

    Just fill your inventory then stand over a hopper leading into chests WHAM afk auto item coleector

  • Abdullahi mohamed
    Abdullahi mohamed 6 days ago

    i know u can not pronounce that .

  • Abdullahi mohamed
    Abdullahi mohamed 6 days ago

    my name is abdullahi btw

  • xay alv
    xay alv 6 days ago

    Do this video mixed with minecraft but every block is random

  • Katio Yang
    Katio Yang 7 days ago

    You can put banners on shields

  • Arnold Clarington
    Arnold Clarington 7 days ago

    I kinda want him to redo this seris

  • Alice The Idiot
    Alice The Idiot 7 days ago

    Make this a skyblock

  • RamenRyan
    RamenRyan 8 days ago

    Please continue!

  • alaa mouh
    alaa mouh 9 days ago

    New afk farm for every item in minecraft
    Just hold Q

  • Purevsuren Ariunbold


    beetroot-bing bang bong

  • JackDDS
    JackDDS 10 days ago

    I did this before u

  • gdob9099
    gdob9099 10 days ago

    A hay bale I’ll take the free bread
    Skips the probable stack of hay bales

  • Agusto Holguin
    Agusto Holguin 11 days ago

    Plz do series

  • Logan Valdez
    Logan Valdez 11 days ago

    Do more

  • Zay on heightシ
    Zay on heightシ 12 days ago


  • Tabitha Lowery
    Tabitha Lowery 12 days ago


  • Ven Rros
    Ven Rros 13 days ago

    Pls make this a series

  • Guinea Pig Guy
    Guinea Pig Guy 13 days ago

    Do a redo

  • patrice io
    patrice io 13 days ago

    i can’t mine anything... as he’s mining a tree

  • Mr _crazy
    Mr _crazy 13 days ago

    4:55 villager of undying

  • Supernova
    Supernova 14 days ago

    What is that totem of undying that looks like a villager

  • finley Mcknight
    finley Mcknight 14 days ago


  • finley Mcknight
    finley Mcknight 14 days ago

    #no name

  • Hero btw
    Hero btw 15 days ago +1

    So his a walking house?

  • Dave Bellotti
    Dave Bellotti 15 days ago

    You can use Firework rockets with the Elytra to “boost” it and give you more height and speed. ;)

  • Finley_ Firefly
    Finley_ Firefly 16 days ago


  • Termex_Revolt
    Termex_Revolt 16 days ago

    He got 5,290 items in this episode

  • wolf gaming
    wolf gaming 16 days ago

    Make every 5 second there is a crepper jump in your face
    Or just diamons

  • Jamief64
    Jamief64 17 days ago

    At 5:00 does anyone know what that villager item is?

  • Daeg Cooper
    Daeg Cooper 17 days ago


  • Daeg Cooper
    Daeg Cooper 17 days ago

    Put a shucker box in a shucker box infinite storage

  • XxxAaronLexxX118
    XxxAaronLexxX118 18 days ago

    You should of done this with mods like every 5 second stop get a modded weapon

  • Anastasia Pettersson
    Anastasia Pettersson 18 days ago +1


  • Callum Day
    Callum Day 18 days ago

    He dropped pumpkins

  • T. Mager
    T. Mager 18 days ago

    You are the worst pls delete yourself

  • Life of a Morales
    Life of a Morales 20 days ago

    What mod are you using AlexAce please tell me this mod

  • Tobacacchu
    Tobacacchu 20 days ago

    0:00 - 10:58 😂

  • xX hotboi Xx
    xX hotboi Xx 20 days ago +1

    Create video End skyblock whit random item in 10s and 1 fill heart

  • Wet Puddle
    Wet Puddle 20 days ago

    How do you name shulker boxes

  • Luifrosty 124
    Luifrosty 124 21 day ago

    Oh no the boots

  • Iammaxitaxi
    Iammaxitaxi 21 day ago

    One thing

    Fortnite is Gay

  • ItzGinny
    ItzGinny 21 day ago

    Can you do it again because I enjoyed it

  • A G
    A G 23 days ago

    I got a condom add on this vid

  • That Kid
    That Kid 23 days ago

    You should put every random mod together

  • Mr lighting Playz
    Mr lighting Playz 23 days ago

    Imagain he gets the elytra at the first item he gets edit:he gets it i just watched thehole thing

  • Shaved Beast
    Shaved Beast 23 days ago

    Here since 10k overwatch days

    MEL GIAN ANOG 24 days ago

    Where do you get this mod

  • Puppy luppy Nuppy
    Puppy luppy Nuppy 24 days ago

    You had a totam of undieing u bot lol

  • The Brother’s Club
    The Brother’s Club 24 days ago

    He is in hardcore

  • Creation Animations
    Creation Animations 24 days ago

    You should make it so that if you get a command block you’re aloud to summon one item of your choice.

  • Creation Animations
    Creation Animations 24 days ago

    You should make it so that if you get a command block you’re aloud to summon one item of your choice.

  • Kobeloso Playzs
    Kobeloso Playzs 24 days ago

    O that’s sad man

  • Jack Splat
    Jack Splat 24 days ago

    I hope you know you can put a shulker box in a shulker box

  • Kittexye_
    Kittexye_ 25 days ago