10 Jessie Dark Secrets Disney Tried To Hide

  • Published on Aug 16, 2017
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    Starring Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson, “Jessie” was a popular Disney Channel sitcom that also ended up getting a spinoff show called “Bunk’d.” But do you know that the show actually has several dark secrets that Disney tried to hide?
    Let’s start with Debby Ryan, the star of the show. If you’ve followed the news, you are probably aware of the feud between Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson. As of 2017, the feud still seems ongoing. Skai claims Debby was rude to her, Debby claims it’s the other way around, but the two shared a lot of subtle shade on social media. In a throwback photo on Instagram, Skai actually blurred out her co-star’s face!
    Debby Ryan also went through a rough friendship while the series was still filmed. Debby never noticed how unhealthy their friendship was, but officially ended it when he threatened to take his own life after the star didn’t want to spend more time with him. Can you believe this was all happening while they were filming “Jessie?”
    Cameron Boyce moved on to other Disney Channel TV shows after “Jessie” was over, but did you know that he actually got offered a role in “Bunk’d,” the show’s spinoff? He turned it down and accepted a different Disney role instead!
    Who was your favorite on “Jessie?” Was it Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar or Skai Jackson? Make sure you watch our video to find 10 “Jessie” dark secrets Disney tried to hide!
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  • Danaye Henry
    Danaye Henry Hour ago

    Hi radom person looking through the comments

  • Jordyn DiSilvestro
    Jordyn DiSilvestro 4 hours ago

    i couldn't even finish watching these parents r crazy everything is "offensive" and "outrageous" i thought jessie was fricking hilarious

  • Virginia Bourji
    Virginia Bourji 15 hours ago +1


  • bella
    bella 17 hours ago

    i was more of a Disney XD kid, i did watch regular Disney a lot growing up but as i got older i started to watch Disney XD

  • Mariya Tasnim
    Mariya Tasnim Day ago +1

    *debby Ryan is Jessie and I love how she acts*

  • jayda Timmermans

    That tweet of Debby and her kittens and Cole that was cole and Lilly rainhart

  • Wolfy Playz
    Wolfy Playz Day ago

    I saw that episode

  • grace yellowknee
    grace yellowknee 2 days ago

    I watch that episode

  • Alyssa Lamb
    Alyssa Lamb 2 days ago

    you should never be mean to a little inasent girl. But maybe unfollowing Debbie was the wrong way to handle it.

  • Dabeans 453
    Dabeans 453 2 days ago

    my parents would have to have a password for Jesse when it came on because they thought it caused my bad attitude.

  • Maddison Manuel
    Maddison Manuel 3 days ago

    I CANNOT believe Stewart is TRANS!!!!

  • Çìél Phāñtømhívê

    Famous people sometimes do fake feuds....

  • Çìél Phāñtømhívê

    My last name is Boyce +_+

  • Çìél Phāñtømhívê

    Me and my parents *loved* this show.

  • Grace and Leah Coyner

    Yeah the one about gluten hurts me because my sister is gluten-free. It’s a real thing and hurts people

  • Ivona Merava
    Ivona Merava 3 days ago

    Yeah debby made a # on Twitter about sky dying...

    WILLIAM RIMOVITZ 4 days ago

    Since hearing this, I will never watch Jessie again.

  • lip tutorials and relaxing slime ASMR

    Ok if u would never see the episode anywhere then how did u get it huh?!? Thats what i thought u liar

  • Abbie Levesque
    Abbie Levesque 4 days ago

    Jesse was awesome cant beleive they ended it

  • Blaze van Wyk/Croesbros videos

    Why must they always cancel the best tv shows😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • kimberly grier
    kimberly grier 4 days ago

    Jessie was a great show...sure there was a few flaws but every show has there flaws this is just taking it too far!

  • Chalo chapin 100% Perez

    Oh um :( 😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😖😖😖😖

  • Jaylyn M
    Jaylyn M 5 days ago

    I miss Jessie

  • Aaliyah Hayden
    Aaliyah Hayden 5 days ago

    You're the one that is making it worse than it is.

  • Madison Coyle
    Madison Coyle 5 days ago

    You can find the gluten episode on youtube

  • aesthetic waffles
    aesthetic waffles 5 days ago

    I'm a teenager and I still watch Jessie with my mom and I'm proud of it 👍🏻 Luke didn't pull down his pants in the first episode, AND it's not dark, it's just not for some people...

    • Emma The Unicorn Girl!
      Emma The Unicorn Girl! 4 days ago

      aesthetic waffles ikr. Cameron aka Luke just put his butt in front of Peyton aka Emma saying “I’ll show you a moon.”

  • hannah williams
    hannah williams 6 days ago

    I loved the show Jessie

  • Lara Espinosa
    Lara Espinosa 6 days ago

    As a parent who didn't let my kids watch this show, let me tell you the main reason why. The fact that Cameron Boyce's character was repeatedly sexually harassing Jessie by hitting on her all of the time is why. We didn't watch too many episodes for me to delve further into its inappropriateness.

  • Chris Jess Dougherty

    I LOVE KIM!!!!!!!!!!!😍

  • Doglover123 123
    Doglover123 123 6 days ago

    It’s a SHOW not real life get over it people jeez

  • Cia Audia
    Cia Audia 7 days ago

    i love emea

  • EllieEventing
    EllieEventing 7 days ago

    Sprousehart fans are shaking..

  • Ryan Frisby
    Ryan Frisby 7 days ago

    So basically, parents are way too over protective!

  • Jeffrey Oseyamhen
    Jeffrey Oseyamhen 7 days ago

    JESSE IS ACTUALLY TEN YEARS OLD!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!??!?

  • Hannah Holmes
    Hannah Holmes 7 days ago

    No Because cole sprouse and Madalyn Petsch ( sorry about my spelling )

  • De'Aira Thomas
    De'Aira Thomas 7 days ago

    They really doing to much 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Jackie Medina
    Jackie Medina 7 days ago

    I am 8. years old

  • Emily ____________
    Emily ____________ 7 days ago

    In the bunkd episode when Cristina came Zuri said payed nannys to raise she didnt say jesse and zuri always said jesse was her favorite nanny and Luke was in a few episodes

  • Princess 765
    Princess 765 7 days ago

    Me and my mum always watches Jessie when it aired

  • Jellyfishgirl44
    Jellyfishgirl44 7 days ago

    4:18 that wasn’t even in Jessie, that was in Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • Gabriella Mannix
    Gabriella Mannix 7 days ago +5

    2019 anyone?

  • Grey Oceanic
    Grey Oceanic 7 days ago

    0:22 T-series?

    *i hate you*

  • jake sales
    jake sales 7 days ago +2

    When it says dark i always think its scary buts its not

  • alex lundy
    alex lundy 8 days ago

    Debbie is a very sweet girl and she may have made mistakes but everyone does this whole thing pisses me off they didn't do deep research they mostly likely looked something up and said yeah this looks good. Disney shows almost always have inappropriate jokes. It's what makes it fun for all ages god...

  • MIKE2111ful
    MIKE2111ful 8 days ago

    White parents are all nutjobs

  • Gopika Ravi #Teehee
    Gopika Ravi #Teehee 8 days ago

    1:52 lol Jessie is my mom and dad's fav Disney show

  • Dmaley Maley
    Dmaley Maley 9 days ago +1


  • Jaleah Jones
    Jaleah Jones 9 days ago

    Why are you lieing it's not no one's fault that you don't like Jessie

  • Deziree Hester
    Deziree Hester 10 days ago

    You are just meanI love Jessie and bunked meany

  • steven cabezas
    steven cabezas 10 days ago

    my mum and dad love jessie and so do i

    DANIEL SAMPSON 10 days ago

    I love Jessie a lot...

  • Artist Kay
    Artist Kay 10 days ago

    If Carmen and them would be in bunked then would it really be a new/spin of show

  • Norman Hoznor
    Norman Hoznor 11 days ago

    Its a freakin TV show get a grip

  • Kiley McCaffrey
    Kiley McCaffrey 11 days ago

    my mama used to watch this with me and my momma loved it

  • Ha Le
    Ha Le 12 days ago

    I love jessie💖

  • Chloe Walters
    Chloe Walters 12 days ago +1

    My mom didn’t hate Jessie 😌

  • Elissa De Leon
    Elissa De Leon 12 days ago

    I don't think Jessie is a bad show

  • Priscilla Vargas
    Priscilla Vargas 12 days ago

    I don't believe you

  • Hilda Jok
    Hilda Jok 13 days ago

    How do you no then

  • Randa Roddy
    Randa Roddy 13 days ago +2

    I am starting to hate disny because I miss the old shows

  • Yo krew
    Yo krew 13 days ago

    I heard there is a show called bunkd staring almost all the way cast of character kids and teens but only luke
    has not appeared how weird

    • Cloey Gonzales
      Cloey Gonzales 13 days ago

      Yo krew Luke does appear but only in to episodes

  • Jeas DeMars
    Jeas DeMars 13 days ago


  • Jeas DeMars
    Jeas DeMars 13 days ago

    Now in 2019, stuart is living lookinv like a girl...

  • Marlie Richgls-nord
    Marlie Richgls-nord 14 days ago

    My dad HATED jessie

  • Zaara K
    Zaara K 14 days ago

    How many eyebrows do parents have

  • Alejandra Irizarry
    Alejandra Irizarry 14 days ago

    This is so wrong because this is the best show i ever seen if you are with me like it

  • Magnolia
    Magnolia 15 days ago

    I was born 2011

  • Milo Milo
    Milo Milo 15 days ago +1

    Disney shows end after season 4...

  • Alexandria Angelone
    Alexandria Angelone 15 days ago

    I'm a sprousehart fan and as soon as i saw lilli in the 3 bottom pics during 6:51 i freaked sksksskkssk

  • Diarrhea max Cupcakes todoroki

    Dude I friggin loved this show I actually cried when it ended

  • Nikachii
    Nikachii 16 days ago

    “Skai unfollowed Debby on Twitter”
    Wow so sad 😑
    Guys just because someone unfollows someone, it doesn’t mean they hate each other

  • Windy
    Windy 16 days ago

    Damn, l people are so easily offended about everything...

  • Anushe Spahija
    Anushe Spahija 17 days ago


  • toygirl06
    toygirl06 17 days ago


  • toygirl06
    toygirl06 17 days ago

    i hate that they are saying this so flip u disney channel

  • Papa Wuise
    Papa Wuise 17 days ago

    They look like the mannequins from nuketown in the photos

  • Aurora Carney
    Aurora Carney 18 days ago

    Parents always over exsaderate...it's Disney if they don't like it...dont watch it😈😠😡

    • Aurora Carney
      Aurora Carney 18 days ago

      Seriously stop being so negative...You aren't perfect!!!

    MINECRAFT CAT 18 days ago

    In bunk'd at the spot they say kids can be a pain in the...neck

  • Rebecca Lowe
    Rebecca Lowe 19 days ago

    People on Jessie say one thing about Agatha's looks
    Overprotective parents: RACIAL STEREOTYPING

  • kalynisme
    kalynisme 20 days ago

    why cant you just suck it up parent's

  • Macy Monical
    Macy Monical 20 days ago

    1. I used to like Jessie and now I hate it because it’s super stupid and stereotypical.
    2. I hate this channel because it’s super stupid and factually incorrect.

  • Esmeralda Natalee Vida Torres

    They did not cancel it the crew went to bunkd

  • dorothy mckinnie
    dorothy mckinnie 21 day ago

    I love Jessie

  • God is Salvation
    God is Salvation 21 day ago

    Over exaggerating

  • Gamblers 14
    Gamblers 14 21 day ago

    Parents need to calm the fuck down

  • Kaya J.
    Kaya J. 24 days ago

    My parents LOVED watching Jessie with me when I was like 6.

  • Cbear
    Cbear 25 days ago

    So many adssssss

  • Art noob .stutios
    Art noob .stutios 25 days ago

    When I figured out that it jersey was canceled I stayed in my room for four days straight

  • Jacob Greene
    Jacob Greene 26 days ago

    One of the pics in your vid is from diary of a wimpy kid

  • Saniya Brown
    Saniya Brown 26 days ago +1

    Why are you making so many lies about Debbie Ryan she is a great woman don’t do that . That not ok seriously from saniya

  • Leah Pearl
    Leah Pearl 26 days ago

    Can you look at liv and maddie

  • erika west
    erika west 26 days ago

    My last name is Stewart

  • Regina Callion
    Regina Callion 27 days ago


  • Bizarroboy
    Bizarroboy 27 days ago

    I saw that episode

  • Dominic McGuire
    Dominic McGuire 27 days ago

    2019?? Anyone?

  • ッ ッ ッWolfyPlayz
    ッ ッ ッWolfyPlayz 28 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Hoàng Nguyễn
    Hoàng Nguyễn 29 days ago

    Why is actor/actress's life important to thr show?

  • Ellie Morris
    Ellie Morris 29 days ago

    Cole is dating Lilly from Riverdale