10 Jessie Dark Secrets Disney Tried To Hide

  • Published on Aug 16, 2017
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    Starring Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson, “Jessie” was a popular Disney Channel sitcom that also ended up getting a spinoff show called “Bunk’d.” But do you know that the show actually has several dark secrets that Disney tried to hide?
    Let’s start with Debby Ryan, the star of the show. If you’ve followed the news, you are probably aware of the feud between Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson. As of 2017, the feud still seems ongoing. Skai claims Debby was rude to her, Debby claims it’s the other way around, but the two shared a lot of subtle shade on social media. In a throwback photo on Instagram, Skai actually blurred out her co-star’s face!
    Debby Ryan also went through a rough friendship while the series was still filmed. Debby never noticed how unhealthy their friendship was, but officially ended it when he threatened to take his own life after the star didn’t want to spend more time with him. Can you believe this was all happening while they were filming “Jessie?”
    Cameron Boyce moved on to other Disney Channel TV shows after “Jessie” was over, but did you know that he actually got offered a role in “Bunk’d,” the show’s spinoff? He turned it down and accepted a different Disney role instead!
    Who was your favorite on “Jessie?” Was it Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar or Skai Jackson? Make sure you watch our video to find 10 “Jessie” dark secrets Disney tried to hide!
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  • Evelynn Tabbert
    Evelynn Tabbert 7 hours ago

    Jessie was my favorit show😭😭

  • Evelynn Tabbert
    Evelynn Tabbert 7 hours ago

    I love Jessie and if adults wrecked jessie then i hate parents 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠

  • Maylia Siphan
    Maylia Siphan 13 hours ago

    Do you know that kids would stop watching Jesse because of this

  • Elizabeth Gilbert
    Elizabeth Gilbert 14 hours ago +1

    the narrator sounds like a robot

  • Bhekuzulu Khumalo
    Bhekuzulu Khumalo 16 hours ago

    Im a fan

  • Park Jiimiin95
    Park Jiimiin95 17 hours ago

    Those parents seem like the kind of people that would say "I aM friEndS wiTh tHe oWner aNd i cAn geT yoU fiRed"

  • Mihla Mazolwana
    Mihla Mazolwana 17 hours ago +1

    Yoh people people your kids watch chucky parents:😊 , Jessie:😠😡 , yoh you suffer from mental illness and why does the show have to have life lessons, we have life to teach us those for reason like why, I just think those parent must have been having one of those "days" to hate in such a good show. Jessie practically raised me (* nah just joking*) but not the point , you see why Disney's running out if stuff because of those parents that all treat their kids like eggs, flipping eggs yo.😑😑😑😑 so disappointed in parents but then again they are old so😑😑and the car accident, why the f* people she is a human being, a young flipping adult and she did community services after , I repeat after the show 😑 you all must be some smart arse parents😑 I need you in my life_not😑uhmmm what about nanny macphee, nobody complained 😑

  • Ife Alawode
    Ife Alawode 20 hours ago +1

    My mom loves Jessie, when ever im watching it my mom joins me

  • MysteryMicrowave
    MysteryMicrowave 22 hours ago +1

    Parents got bullied when they were younger so they made them pull the episode

  • best military
    best military Day ago


  • Just Braylon
    Just Braylon Day ago

    Y’all rlly be acting like Debby is a bad person I mean like she doesn’t write the scripts she just reads them

  • kaili Pierce
    kaili Pierce Day ago

    Who likes looking at the comments in ever vid

  • Tom Ngature
    Tom Ngature 2 days ago

    On stan there is only 4 seasons

  • Patience Baldwin
    Patience Baldwin 2 days ago

    Cole and Debbie can’t date Debbie is getting married to josh Dunn

  • Drippy_dtx 11
    Drippy_dtx 11 2 days ago


  • Kung Tita
    Kung Tita 2 days ago

    The kids couldnt stop watching cuz they love it

  • E's Workout Channel
    E's Workout Channel 2 days ago

    And thank you "under the stars"

  • E's Workout Channel
    E's Workout Channel 2 days ago

    I never was a fan it just came on and I would watch until it was over but I never knew it stopped weird. So now I know it stopped

  • Nadhari Campos
    Nadhari Campos 3 days ago

    Who is Jessie?

  • Angela Bent
    Angela Bent 3 days ago

    suff lol

  • Angela Bent
    Angela Bent 3 days ago

    they make her say this sff

  • Classic icons
    Classic icons 3 days ago

    those parents are way too sensetive and there were probably only a few anyways.

  • Fam0us. Tyy
    Fam0us. Tyy 4 days ago

    Its life live ittt

  • Devon Dawg
    Devon Dawg 4 days ago

    This bitch sounds soft as hell with these reasons

  • Dajah Wiltz
    Dajah Wiltz 5 days ago

    My parents didn’t care what I watched and ever watch some show with me like Jessie and south park lmao

  • lil one
    lil one 6 days ago

    My mom likes Jesse and I'm watching Jesse right now

  • Sassy Emilija
    Sassy Emilija 6 days ago

    My mum didn't care she loved Jessie too I wrote a letter to her when I was 4 she was my FAAAAAV

  • Mara Tv line
    Mara Tv line 6 days ago

    I hate Disney

  • Mara Tv line
    Mara Tv line 6 days ago

    Y’all are doing to much

  • Mara Tv line
    Mara Tv line 6 days ago

    Yes Disney is taking it to far

  • Mara Tv line
    Mara Tv line 6 days ago

    Lies they tell

    MO_PRO_GAMING 7 days ago

    I loved the show jeesi

    EAE BEE 7 days ago +24

    I loved Jessie but now it’s not here anymore
    Like if you watched Jessie!

  • Cassandra Garingan
    Cassandra Garingan 7 days ago

    At 2:42, that moment made me laugh a lot because the parent is squishing the babies' face with the parent's fingers and the babies' face... LOL > u

  • Nashi Winchester
    Nashi Winchester 7 days ago

    And no it could not beat That's So Raven or Wizards of Waverly Place

  • Nashi Winchester
    Nashi Winchester 7 days ago +1


  • Nashi Winchester
    Nashi Winchester 7 days ago

    Wow someone got arrested, that never happens right? People don't get arrested like ever? People are so fucking stupid. I bet tons of those parents who complain about it have gotten arrested before. And I swear people need to stay out of the lives of these kids' lives. Its fucking ridiculous

  • Nashi Winchester
    Nashi Winchester 7 days ago

    All of the parents over reacted way to fucking much. People are sk ignorant, you can't always protect your kid. And it's a FUCKING SITCOM they're made to make fun of shit

  • Addysun Blevins
    Addysun Blevins 7 days ago

    I miss Jessie. It’s was one of the best shows EVER

  • Lego city Masters
    Lego city Masters 7 days ago

    So everyone say it a kid show so why dose the adults watch it

  • Sailor Patterson
    Sailor Patterson 7 days ago

    Get mad all the time
    Jeez like I hated that they ended the show like omg

  • Brianna Earl
    Brianna Earl 8 days ago +2

    When I see Cole Sprouse, I dont think about suite life on deck, I think about jughead, anybody else hope that Riverdale will go on? RIP luke perry

  • Ravegamer 54
    Ravegamer 54 8 days ago

    Jesse is inspiring!

  • Alisa Grollmes
    Alisa Grollmes 8 days ago

    I loved and still do love jessie

  • slime swirl slime girl
    slime swirl slime girl 8 days ago +1

    OMG i always wondered why my mom made me stop watching it!!!

  • Glaze {•læzį •}
    Glaze {•læzį •} 8 days ago +1

    I remember watching this!!!

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 8 days ago

    just bring jessie back, it's pathetic that the parents over react so much

  • Micheal Reese
    Micheal Reese 8 days ago

    My mom love that show

  • Poatato Head
    Poatato Head 9 days ago

    Wait how do you even know this stuff?

  • Renee Saling
    Renee Saling 9 days ago

    Not bad

  • GUSGAMER 62310
    GUSGAMER 62310 9 days ago +1

    My friends mom doesn't let her watch Jessie after she saw the episode when Mrs. Kipling has eggs

  • MythicalCrystal
    MythicalCrystal 9 days ago

    I loved this show! But when I asked my cousin why they ended it she said because Jessie's actor wasn't a good person :/

  • Fhatu Jane
    Fhatu Jane 9 days ago

    I love jessi

  • Zachary B
    Zachary B 10 days ago

    I HATE THIS VEDIO SO MUCH!! I love Jessie is hilarious I think you people might be the problem

  • Flowee animation
    Flowee animation 10 days ago

    cole and lili 4 life

  • Wicyk Family
    Wicyk Family 10 days ago

    Your lieying

  • Wicyk Family
    Wicyk Family 10 days ago +1

    How dare they!!!

  • Denis Avila
    Denis Avila 10 days ago +1

    Jessie is NOT good she is in the dark side because I am seeing this and she is wearing black dress and shirts and she’s even wearing gray and those are bad colors 🤯

  • Shamailah Hossenbaccus

    I think the parents are over reacting 🙄 Jessie was a good show and it’s not like children are going to pay attention to words or actions that are for older people

    And no Debbie and cole WILL NOT BE A THING! He should be with lili Reinhart

  • Lia and Danaly Geen
    Lia and Danaly Geen 11 days ago

    Wow parents need to stop acting like their kids a two.

  • AriesGrill
    AriesGrill 13 days ago +2

    Don't think they realize that all shows are taken off after 4 years

  • Night Light Gaming
    Night Light Gaming 13 days ago

    parents need to calm down, and just watch or don't watch it the kids will learn in school!

  • Tracy Rosales
    Tracy Rosales 13 days ago

    Wait but my parents used to watch this with me while I was watching and they never noticed anything

  • Tracy Rosales
    Tracy Rosales 13 days ago +1

    Me sees title: wait jessie had dark secrets!?! HOW!?

  • Mia plays gacha
    Mia plays gacha 13 days ago +1

    You sound like a anti-vax soccer mom named Karen

  • Bella
    Bella 14 days ago

    It didn't get cancelled it ended all Disney shows end at 4 seasons

  • Kennedy Logan Morgan
    Kennedy Logan Morgan 15 days ago

    why do people keep saying Jessie got cancelled? It didn't. disney shows only go for four seasons max.

  • Tebogo Sakhile
    Tebogo Sakhile 16 days ago

    This is so stupid. It's a show why are y'all over reacting. Omg u have time to do such stupid things aren't you tired of talking. There is no need to talk a lot. People did not even notice till u pointed it out omg u just bored me🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Lori Carter
    Lori Carter 16 days ago

    They shud have brought back raven

  • Starz Lutz
    Starz Lutz 16 days ago +1

    Are u serious IT'S JESSIE I live on this show so be quiet😑😑😑

  • ZoZo
    ZoZo 16 days ago

    Why are all these secrets about Jessie?

  • Charite Mesa
    Charite Mesa 17 days ago

    I love jessie if you don’t like her well you should

  • Charite Mesa
    Charite Mesa 17 days ago +1

    This show is one of the best shows that I’ve seen

  • Demo Demo
    Demo Demo 17 days ago


  • Jada loves Mammoths XD

    5:30 Are you kidding me? Bella thorne, Miley Cyrus, Demi lavato, Lindsey Lohan, Raven Simone. ALL THOSE PEOPLE HAVE DONE DRUGS AND THEIR UPSET BECAUSE DEBBY CRASHED HER CAR!?

  • zac5806123
    zac5806123 18 days ago

    This is so stupid parents got bored and needed something to complain about

  • Foxey Wolf
    Foxey Wolf 18 days ago


  • David-russell Mott
    David-russell Mott 19 days ago

    My mom loved it

  • Keila Maria
    Keila Maria 19 days ago


  • MehPotatoDoes Gacha
    MehPotatoDoes Gacha 19 days ago

    Frick my mom loved the show....

  • 14
    14 20 days ago

    I don't know why people are getting offended about an Indian character joking about samosas. I have spent months in India and every joke/stereotype about Indians that has come up has never been taken seriously.

  • Brooklyn Nicole
    Brooklyn Nicole 20 days ago

    longest airing disney show? ever heard of hannah montana?

  • Fan Tube
    Fan Tube 20 days ago

    My parents loved this show

  • Natalie Robinson
    Natalie Robinson 20 days ago

    They spelled feud wrong when talking about the Debby and skai feud

  • Lay lay 082307
    Lay lay 082307 21 day ago

    Lily Rihart and Cole are dating and so yeah lol

  • Sasha Playz
    Sasha Playz 22 days ago

    It got cancelled
    Me:Umm I thought Disney shows only get 4 seasons

  • DrummerBoy_08
    DrummerBoy_08 22 days ago +2

    Well she is actually engaged with the best drummer josh dun!

  • Tya
    Tya 23 days ago

    My mom is fine with this show there’s no problem with it

  • Alfie Taylor
    Alfie Taylor 23 days ago

    My mom said she hates Jessies voice, HOW?! Her voice isn’t bad it’s a good voice

  • Shopkin’s World
    Shopkin’s World 23 days ago

    2012 that’s so raven-2019 Ravens Home...

    Get it?

  • Tianna Cope
    Tianna Cope 23 days ago

    *Nooooo COLE BELOnGs WiTh BeTtY FrOm RiVeRDaLE (he is on Riverdale 2!!)*

  • Amora Robinson
    Amora Robinson 24 days ago

    I did not get this video but interesting🤔

  • Ned is cute and that’s the tea

    Well they want debby and cole to start dating, well now her and Josh Dun is engaged 😂

  • Belén Bengochea
    Belén Bengochea 24 days ago

    Finally, someone who says it. Jessie was a terrible, TERRIBLE show. I was 100% against my siblings watching it.

  • • Stärłïght •
    • Stärłïght • 24 days ago

    I always knew There was a dark side to this show.....

  • mal west
    mal west 25 days ago

    I don’t think she deserves Cole Spouse. (Betty does) 😂😂😂😂 lol it’s a joke don’t come for me 😂

  • Sofia grig
    Sofia grig 25 days ago

    Hey no talk this on The jessie

  • Neda Awad
    Neda Awad 25 days ago

    6:36 no because she already got engaged to josh dun

  • Kayla's Channel
    Kayla's Channel 26 days ago

    I love Ema she is so pretty 😍

  • Makeup By Eva
    Makeup By Eva 26 days ago

    Does no one realise that this was a 12+ show??