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  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
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  • Человек Кактус

    Anneyong Cleopatra, sezo blablablabla ji

  • Libby Johnson
    Libby Johnson 12 hours ago

    Okay but Changbin sitting on Hyunjins lap during the lunch scene and Hyunjin feeding Changbin was the cutest thing

  • Mary ann Villarosa estrada

    Nimils oi wahahaha, distruction🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zoe Star
    Zoe Star 15 hours ago

    Dingo; 'Regardless of age, the members treat each other like family'
    Said members; *screaming and fighting each other*

  • winiston lol
    winiston lol 17 hours ago


  • winiston lol
    winiston lol 17 hours ago

    HYUNJIN 😂💚💚💚💚💚

  • winiston lol
    winiston lol 17 hours ago

    I. N 💕💕💕💕

  • dreamiesjk
    dreamiesjk Day ago

    chan being a creep lmfao

  • dreamiesjk
    dreamiesjk Day ago

    what is y/n doing here

  • olivia rblx
    olivia rblx Day ago

    the cringe is real

  • Audrey Gavagan
    Audrey Gavagan Day ago +1

    Dark aura?! Felix?! I laughed out loud

  • Cryztal
    Cryztal Day ago +1

    Wow... they're all so handsome. 😍 Dang, Dingo is lucky. 😂

  • whacc macc
    whacc macc Day ago

    this is so dUMB EYE-

  • sitinor daud
    sitinor daud Day ago

    They so romantic and funny😂😂😂😂

  • sitinor daud
    sitinor daud Day ago

    Why Bang Chan liked that😂😂😂😂????

  • sitinor daud
    sitinor daud Day ago

    Why they freaking handsome😭😭😭😭

  • sitinor daud
    sitinor daud Day ago

    The girl was really not suit with them😂😂😂

  • it's not youngk it's brian

    Me after seeing this: *mum I'm going to Korea!*
    Me after spending a whole day with these crack heads: *mum come and pick me up!!*
    Stan stray kids for a better life everyone!!

  • Johanna Ayudia
    Johanna Ayudia Day ago

    LOL when jisung, seungmin, minho talk, felix be like:
    Can you guys shut the f up please i want to eat this chicken

  • LunaJoline
    LunaJoline Day ago

    No one:
    *Y/N has entered TheXvid*

  • rholéne
    rholéne Day ago

    dingo, this is the reason why Chan is always in my dream.

  • rholéne
    rholéne Day ago

    this is when i decided to choose seungmin as my bias then there's chan. I-

  • Teena Rawat
    Teena Rawat 2 days ago +1

    Woww what a dance she likes 😍😍😂😂😂😂😂

  • _MychlFrncs Humiding


  • JungkooksThighs
    JungkooksThighs 2 days ago

    I.N's entrance was the best thing out of this. Change my mind.

  • cumberbetty
    cumberbetty 2 days ago


    • Llumiina
      Llumiina 2 days ago +1

      cumberbetty an ad for JYP’s organic food lol

  • Lexi Hoskins
    Lexi Hoskins 2 days ago

    I am in movie acting and that’s a stress. But their job is even more stressful I would assume. I love Felix and I.N.

  • Cassidy Grace
    Cassidy Grace 3 days ago

    Y/n made it on to yt

    ЛЮБЛЮ KPOP 3 days ago


  • AnNa MaRiA
    AnNa MaRiA 3 days ago

    Wow...so the organic food is the secret of being so handsome 😀

  • AnNa MaRiA
    AnNa MaRiA 3 days ago +1

    Dingo: Felix....what a dark aura
    Changbin: Am I a joke to you ?!

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk 3 days ago


  • LadyStella99
    LadyStella99 3 days ago

    What the hell are Minsung doing in the background???
    I want Jisung to promote his stuff on a shopping channel
    "Momo, I'm eating well here"
    *eats a lettuce leaf*
    Me: *cracks up and dies of laughter*

  • Heart Spades
    Heart Spades 3 days ago

    Is he saying im not smart enough-

  • sihoon needs to debut

    minho just told me that im ugly

  • sihoon needs to debut

    3:03 but can we talk about minsung at the back though

  • sihoon needs to debut

    i can FEEL hyunjin judging while she was dancing LOL

  • Daily Sprite
    Daily Sprite 4 days ago +2

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a should to be heard:
    Han: PoTaTo ChIp
    Dingo: YaAaH pOtAtOoOoO cHiIiIiPp

  • Squishy K-pop
    Squishy K-pop 4 days ago +1

    I forgot this existed.

  • Kai
    Kai 4 days ago

    Seungmin biggest clickbait in history

  • Ayat Tea
    Ayat Tea 4 days ago +1

    10:05 *Its looks like Felix is on a tv show when they show the charactors doing something*
    Like Friends! Or Family House.

  • Ayat Tea
    Ayat Tea 4 days ago +3

    *Felix* : Dark Aura, Deep Voice, Death Stares
    *Chan* : Creep, Father Figure, More stares
    *Austraila is a dangerous place y'all*
    _Nah, M'ate just kidding_

  • jagriti 12
    jagriti 12 4 days ago

    No one in this Video is normal human beings and I'm one of those soooo m one of their family LOL,

  • Vinuo Lese
    Vinuo Lese 4 days ago +1

    So the purpose of this video was to promote JYPs organic food huh

  • Ella Whitlock
    Ella Whitlock 5 days ago +1

    dark aura my butt Felix is a cute Lil baby

  • spooky taehyung
    spooky taehyung 5 days ago

    Ahh straykids

  • queen crystal
    queen crystal 5 days ago

    IS THAT DYLAN WANG?!!!??????!!!????!!!!!? (if it is i will die!!!)

  • Elizabeth Clarke
    Elizabeth Clarke 5 days ago +2

    Hollup guys.....

    I had to make sure I was still at home cause I was damn sure that was me

  • kim tae-hyung hyung
    kim tae-hyung hyung 5 days ago

    stray kids jajajajjajajajajajjjajajajajjajajajajajajja

  • mochei frappei
    mochei frappei 5 days ago +2

    being in an elevator with felix and jeongin,, she’s living the dream.

  • PrincessSakuno
    PrincessSakuno 5 days ago +1

    lmfao i think Hyunjin is a pretty good actor, I can see him beginning to act in dramas afasfasfasfas

  • okqy so
    okqy so 5 days ago

    That was just a advertisement
    *What the----*

  • pauline houllier
    pauline houllier 5 days ago

    i feel so awkward omg i can't watch it until the end..im sorry but it looks so cringy

  • Zienna Lee
    Zienna Lee 6 days ago

    5:54 When she started dancing my face just cringed so hard.7:17 Dang literally all the guys are so cute and she's the only girl, Lee Know is so sweet.8:20 That little nod though, is he actually advertising or something lol. 8:50 One of the guys feeding the other lol they remind me of BTS, but seriously why is she the only girl out of a ton of cute guys.9:38 Lol all of a sudden starts advertising. Is there another episode after this?

  • Zienna Lee
    Zienna Lee 6 days ago

    2:45 Lol it would be awesome to work in a place like that with friends! Dang why are there so many cute guys and why is she the only girl?5:24 Lol I think he knows that she thinks he's handsome.

  • akie tapel
    akie tapel 6 days ago

    why does it feel like this is a commercial for jyp’s organic food did i really just sit here to watch a whole commercial 💀💀

  • Sugaakookiesxx
    Sugaakookiesxx 6 days ago

    Like no one at all:
    Hyunjin: you know what? Im just going to tilt my head a lot...I mean why not?

  • BTS is more beautiful than you

    Am I the only one laughing because of Bang Chan being the creepy one?

  • chris_exxe
    chris_exxe 6 days ago

    I’ll just leave this here if you want to click on it.

  • kpop _of_turkey
    kpop _of_turkey 6 days ago +3

    Seungmin and han is too cute. (But my bias lee know) lee know like a kitten. He is father of his cats

  • Hannah Winter
    Hannah Winter 6 days ago

    on the one hand it's funny as fuck but on the other hand it's kind of cringy because it seems she stepped out of wattpad

  • Miranda Torres
    Miranda Torres 6 days ago

    Is it bad that I was shaking for her?

  • sugainurtae
    sugainurtae 6 days ago +1

    *y/n life*

  • Uni corn
    Uni corn 6 days ago +2

    5:46 it's me on physical education!😂😂😂😂
    5:50 it's me and my friend on P.E
    6:54 it's me on the lesson of music

    no offense to a girl and Hyunjin))))🤗

  • nur ramadhani
    nur ramadhani 6 days ago

    I see this many time,but I make reaction like first time😂😂😂❤❤😘😘

  • XxPink_ LoverxX
    XxPink_ LoverxX 6 days ago +1

    Who blushes even though your not even part of this even close.....

    Just me? Oh well

  • Noni Monica
    Noni Monica 6 days ago

    Felix's voice is really heavy, sexy aahhh 😁😄

  • Creamy Dubu
    Creamy Dubu 6 days ago

    I only know Stray Kids from my friend, but i love this video. It's so funny👏😂

  • joonie noodle soup™
    joonie noodle soup™ 6 days ago +1


  • Maysee V
    Maysee V 7 days ago +2

    when felix and showed up, I was like oh my ❤ lmao as a noona, he's cute why he gotta be younger than me 😭 he's my bias, then lee know popped up lol like ok who's ruining my bias list rn lolol

  • Nat t
    Nat t 7 days ago +2

    don't watch this at 3:00 am, a wild Chan will appear and tell you to stop procasinating

  • A.C Jam And Soda
    A.C Jam And Soda 7 days ago

    4:17 Same Kim Dingo, same

  • Jefferson Laylo
    Jefferson Laylo 7 days ago

    Title please?

  • K Watson
    K Watson 7 days ago +9

    Got7: 15 minute contact lens advert
    Stray kids: 10 minute organic cafeteria food advert

  • Bulletproof Diamond WINSTAR

    Imagine being a noona but calling a young idol sunbaenim. Why didn't that girl and STAYs swoon over Lee Know's princely visual, sweet voice and warm attitude there?!!! I've seen many Lee Know clips but this one had me dying! He looked SO good with his forehead showing and black hair! Even his back looked good! The girl said she thought he would be cold but he had a good bright personality. Actually I have a similar first impression! I thought he was serious but since his aegyo at the concert, I looked more into him and found out he's really cute and goofy!

  • park cherrypie
    park cherrypie 7 days ago

    Me when started stanning SKZ; Who is Hyunjin? Let´s-

  • neocity
    neocity 8 days ago

    they're trading charms smh

  • i.nsalad9
    i.nsalad9 8 days ago


  • Dilara Kasirga
    Dilara Kasirga 8 days ago

    Im dying at stalker bangchan😂😂😂😂

  • Liam DeeCee
    Liam DeeCee 8 days ago +2

    I wish this was longer!!!!:(

  • Mikayla M
    Mikayla M 9 days ago +2

    It's almost been a year and I still can't get over Han's face at 9:21

  • syazwa auni
    syazwa auni 9 days ago +4

    Hahahahah it soo funny with bang chan that appear anywhere and being that creepy that character is suit him with his face i cant and laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nadia Mulyadin
    Nadia Mulyadin 9 days ago

    Halu kan jadinya

  • Jacky Baduria
    Jacky Baduria 9 days ago +5

    Bang Chan just popping out of nowhere is the creepiest thing ever😂 but then he goes back to normal....

  • Jacky Baduria
    Jacky Baduria 9 days ago +1

    I've always wanted to become a K-Pop idol because music and K-Pop is my life! I can't imagine living without it. I've always loved singing since 9 years old. Now I'm 16 so it's been 7 years already! The top company I want to train in is in JYP because of how JYP treats his artist :( He's such a sweet person! Also, the JYP fam is just the sweetest to each other! They're always so supportive of each other! JYP family is so close! I love seeing them together! If I were to have this life, I would honestly die! I can't even imagine talking to the JYP groups because I love them so much but especially Stray Kids?? They literally own my whole heart😭 Living the y/n life😕

  • your daily dose of suga-r-

    ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴀᴜʀᴀ ғᴇʟɪx ɪᴍ ᴄʀʏɪɴɢ

  • B Baekkie
    B Baekkie 9 days ago +1

    9:53 I die laughing at Seungmin saying things omg😆😆afterwards, he got shyyyyy

  • *•*•Magic Shop•*•*


    just chan

  • tahmina Siddika
    tahmina Siddika 9 days ago +7

    Minho and his bundle...
    i died

  • Mavis Mayores
    Mavis Mayores 10 days ago +1

    is it just me or i want seungmin for kdramas??????

  • 寿司Mochi
    寿司Mochi 10 days ago +7

    *_"He's giving off a fresh charm!"_*
    That's *I.N* hon. He's *evil.*

  • Delaney Lewis
    Delaney Lewis 10 days ago +2

    This is second hand embarrassment at its finest... I literally had to look away sometimes😂😂

  • chxrrysoda
    chxrrysoda 11 days ago +2

    this was like one of the first vids i watched from skz lmaoooo

  • randon._.lyrics
    randon._.lyrics 11 days ago

    7:04 Han looks so disgusted😂😂

  • hyungwonz
    hyungwonz 11 days ago


  • Drex.
    Drex. 11 days ago

    Her name really be _dInGo_ huh

  • Faith Elizabeth
    Faith Elizabeth 11 days ago

    Me: wow this is going great
    Chan @ 9:12 : Just wait I'll scare the soul out of you

  • LINH
    LINH 11 days ago +1

    8:30 skz’s first reaction of minho lmaoo

  • Rose장미
    Rose장미 12 days ago +1

    Why does Chan look so Australian?
    And why is being a creep?

  • Kim Huynh
    Kim Huynh 12 days ago