This Gadget Does What?

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • Welcome once again to the weird zone of gadgets.
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  • Evandro Mendonca
    Evandro Mendonca 2 days ago

    good night! where can i buy? thank you

  • Saif Mdraj
    Saif Mdraj 3 days ago

    the Aceton is the best ::::)

  • Kshitij Jande
    Kshitij Jande 5 days ago

    Epic intro

  • SM HN
    SM HN 5 days ago +1

    this review is incomplete unless you stick it to your forehead and witness all of your neurons sing altogether... haaaaaaa

  • Phack Phack
    Phack Phack 6 days ago

    put it on a satellite disc...

  • Jeff H.
    Jeff H. 8 days ago


  • MindPower0
    MindPower0 9 days ago

    Should do the SoundSHIFT 360 from soundvibe! I can’t find a single video of it anywhere.

  • Sin'gularity
    Sin'gularity 17 days ago

    ..and u didn't try to stick it into your forehead? wft is wrong with u?!

  • theaccountwitha really long name

    **Puts it on body**
    *gets cancer*

  • trublgrl
    trublgrl 22 days ago

    What does it sound like if you put it on Deadmau5's head?

  • Kyle Gardner
    Kyle Gardner Month ago

    Please do like 20 of those together

  • Mark Ekkart
    Mark Ekkart Month ago +1

    i think the best Vibration speaker is the WHD soundwaver+

  • ShamansMystery
    ShamansMystery Month ago

    i truly hope you got the windshield mount for it.

  • João Carlos
    João Carlos Month ago

    Stick it to Jack! :D

  • Harish Shrivastava
    Harish Shrivastava Month ago

    why did they not try something containing liquids, wave patterns will be super cool

  • F B
    F B 2 months ago

    Please do an unbox video of the Sony LSPX-S2 speaker!

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh
    Jo-Anne Pfoh 2 months ago +1

    I think this is remarkable. I love soundvibe products. The idea to daisychain !!

  • G Prock
    G Prock 2 months ago

    Whats the name of the song at 3:31 ??

  • Shannon Conley
    Shannon Conley 2 months ago

    Put it in the trash can lol

  • ben heinz mohele
    ben heinz mohele 2 months ago

    next time try stick it on willy's head and see what happens

  • Elias Robles
    Elias Robles 2 months ago

    Where can I get a sound vibe

  • Vadim Novakovich
    Vadim Novakovich 2 months ago +4

    Buy about 10-20 of these and put them on the table!

  • Jim Evans
    Jim Evans 2 months ago

    I work in a machine shop this would most likely sound awesome on the housing of a the CNC

  • Sadiq Khan
    Sadiq Khan 3 months ago

    5:11 Hawas ka pujari Lew 😅

    PHILIP MURPHY 3 months ago


  • Tim L
    Tim L 3 months ago

    Should have put it on your ass cheeks :)

  • Treasure Smith
    Treasure Smith 3 months ago

    I was hoping to see you stick them together to hear what kind of sound it will produce.

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 3 months ago +1

    You know when the magic begins. Is this a good product? Thunderlips or Thunder clap, yikes!

  • Tariq Ali Shah
    Tariq Ali Shah 3 months ago

    No homo.. But.. I wonder whatll happen if you stick to the butt cheek..

  • immortal sheep
    immortal sheep 3 months ago

    the only problem when you reviewed speakers or headphones or anything related to music i heard the same thing in every product :')

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee 3 months ago

    Where can I find this item

  • kakk akakaa
    kakk akakaa 3 months ago +1

    I see Dolores, I click.

  • Rufaro Kembo
    Rufaro Kembo 4 months ago

    I want one of those

    HAPPY PIGS TV 4 months ago


  • Marfinator And Merp
    Marfinator And Merp 4 months ago

    Where can you get this amazing product I would love to try it one day

  • Ze Wize CaucAsian
    Ze Wize CaucAsian 4 months ago

    Hey I think I want to buy......yyyeow, 109..... maybe next year 😅

  • sam_ v32
    sam_ v32 4 months ago

    what this music title 4:35

  • Acars
    Acars 4 months ago +1

    these are just real life noteblocks guys

  • Tσxıη
    Tσxıη 4 months ago +1

    What if u give it to a Perv girl? 🤔

  • Tommy Cahill
    Tommy Cahill 4 months ago

    Why is it when you go onto the speakers website it says”warning cancer & reproductive harm”😂

  • trabbi0603ify
    trabbi0603ify 4 months ago

    Song name 3:31 please, shazam can´t find it ^^

  • Koy Richardson
    Koy Richardson 4 months ago

    On another speaker video play, No Sad No Bad By Killy

  • EYE
    EYE 4 months ago

    When you have gas put it to your mouth and bend over it will come-out.

  • Jose Puente
    Jose Puente 4 months ago


  • Abir Rafe
    Abir Rafe 4 months ago

    If you put this on a street, does this mean that the whole neighborhood can hear?

  • Get to Da Choppa
    Get to Da Choppa 4 months ago

    Great if like rattle in your music....NOT!

  • CBR 1000RR
    CBR 1000RR 4 months ago

    Klee Kai??

  • Raymond Strunk
    Raymond Strunk 4 months ago

    Will it stick to a window?

  • Deep Jagda
    Deep Jagda 5 months ago

    Please review on Bass Evaluation headphones they Amazon's choice and new in the market please if you can

  • Bojan Ralic
    Bojan Ralic 5 months ago

    2:50 That sound is pure rubbish

  • Jakhongirmirzo Ibrokhimov

    Try with your face

  • Yoda sans
    Yoda sans 5 months ago

    Stick it to your hand

  • Shawn Lovett
    Shawn Lovett 5 months ago

    That's pretty awesome

  • Joseph Cooper
    Joseph Cooper 5 months ago +13

    forget the speaker, I need his playlist now!

  • Naqeeb Amri
    Naqeeb Amri 5 months ago

    Where to buy this lou????

  • Shubham Mestry
    Shubham Mestry 5 months ago

    Attach both of them to each other.....what will happen

  • Tristan Chen
    Tristan Chen 5 months ago

    where to find those bgm...

  • Travis Newcombe
    Travis Newcombe 5 months ago

    Wonder if you could stick it to your commode and rattle out a poop!!

  • Peter Arnold
    Peter Arnold 5 months ago +4

    I've never seen anything like it. Imagine going to a party and saying, "Can I just put this on top of your fridge?" BOOM! High decibel food!

  • Heather Westhill
    Heather Westhill 5 months ago +1

    "This is just glass, it's just an iPad..." Apparently not JUST an iPad!

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez 5 months ago

    Where can I find this?! I need one!

  • dylan green
    dylan green 5 months ago

    Lou had that JimsReviewRoom type look "3:24"

  • Uzi Corn
    Uzi Corn 5 months ago

    Plz track

  • q3aryoko
    q3aryoko 5 months ago

    I wonder how it sounds on the hood\trunk of a car man. more bas?

  • Loc Kri
    Loc Kri 5 months ago

    It's actually 110$ and you can customize it with text,picture,material and color.

    • Fernando Gonzalez
      Fernando Gonzalez 5 months ago

      What site did you find this at? I have been looking everywhere and can't find it

  • Hoang Son Nguyen Dien
    Hoang Son Nguyen Dien 5 months ago


  • Iamfree Areyou
    Iamfree Areyou 5 months ago

    I don't know if those are left and right or just both single channel, but they seem cool. I don't know what's with companies now making single speaker things and claiming it's stereo but stereo has 2 channels minimum, left and right, if there's only one speaker there's only one channel output even if left and right are combined and output through the same speaker. It's cool though. I've made similar with normal speakers. I just cut the outer cone off and attach something to the coil part then touch the speakers to something solid. The bottom of paper coffee cups is pretty loud.

  • N0V3M
    N0V3M 5 months ago

    T H U N D E R F U C K

  • Brayden
    Brayden 5 months ago

    Minecraft note blocks

  • Tyron Powell
    Tyron Powell 5 months ago

    What song is at 4:04?

  • Nícolas Kim
    Nícolas Kim 5 months ago

    2:30 - a new meaning for ''basshead''

  • rohit humbre
    rohit humbre 5 months ago

    Preety cool product

  • ziad ashraf
    ziad ashraf 5 months ago

    Lu, try these on glass table with sand on it and see the magic of the different shapes of tunes and melodies.

  • Dino knowsss
    Dino knowsss 5 months ago +1


  • Rohit Pai
    Rohit Pai 5 months ago

    where's the links