David Tennant & Sara Pascoe On Whether Funeral Ads Are Offensive? | The Last Leg


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  7 months ago +4

    Watch the episode on All 4: goo.gl/EzvtvN

    • The Winspear
      The Winspear 7 months ago +1

      Channel 4 (The Last Leg) if you die in a fire do you get a discount on a cremation?

  • Finbar Lyons
    Finbar Lyons 15 days ago

    poetry Paralympics, dyslexic poetry (i am dyslexic don’t worry)

  • Steel Xcaliber
    Steel Xcaliber 24 days ago

    "And all they've just done is a bit of reading."

    Fucking idiot.

  • No One
    No One 3 months ago +1

    Saw an ad for a funeral home once, "Drink and drive, it's good for our business".

  • Georgia Gray
    Georgia Gray 5 months ago +1

    Adam’s ball tampering poem 😂🏏

  • Marissa Smith
    Marissa Smith 5 months ago +4

    David Tennant is click bait

  • PoppyCorn144
    PoppyCorn144 6 months ago +3

    Is it just me or are Alex and Josh Adam’s two unruly children?

    • Zach Brookes
      Zach Brookes Month ago

      Unruly and poisonously unfunny children. Having them as permanents on Last Leg was NOT a good idea.

  • James Hill
    James Hill 6 months ago

    Did he call it a dick leg? Is that what they're called in England? Why are we not talking about this?

  • NefariousPorpoise
    NefariousPorpoise 6 months ago

    Sara's looking old, lol.

  • Hannah Jordan
    Hannah Jordan 6 months ago +21

    My finace died in an accident 4 years ago. Suddenly I had to find $6000 for a cheap funeral, I was earning $19AUD at the time. I would have had no way to pay for it if it wasn't for several generous donors. I felt completely blindsided and have since realized how much people insist it's never a polite time to talk about death and the practical considerations until you have no choice. When IS a good time?

    • blaise marcc
      blaise marcc 6 months ago +6

      Hannah, so right.
      Sorry for your loss, but glad you had help.

  • Karen I
    Karen I 7 months ago

    I'd like these mushroom funeral suits

  • Gordon Aitchison
    Gordon Aitchison 7 months ago

    What I find offensive is adverts for women's period products coming on right when I'm eating my tea.

    • egnoog
      egnoog 7 months ago

      this a joke?

    • egnoog
      egnoog 7 months ago +1

      hope this is a joke lmao

    • IT3210
      IT3210 7 months ago +1

      Poor baby. Are nappy ads okay? I hate those.

  • simplekaty
    simplekaty 7 months ago +15

    it's funny how death is still a massive taboo. Had a conversation about making wills and suddenly realized what a horrendous stress/ expense dying is! Yet another thing they don't teach you at school yet somehow we all need to prepare for if we don't want to give our loved ones massive stress :-/ Sad me.

    • Illuminati
      Illuminati 3 months ago +1

      simplekaty why would u be taught about that in school thats just dumb

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan 7 months ago +1

    the co-operative gave me a voucher for a few hundred off a funeral plan with them...... only trouble is that it has a starting date, and an expiry date...... boy is my grandma going to be unlucky if she dies before the voucher becomes void.

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn 7 months ago

    The title shouldn't end with a question mark, as it ain't a question.

  • Jb ook
    Jb ook 7 months ago +1

    In America we have this wonderful place called The Body Farm. Not its technical name but look it up. It was actually featured in Fry's America series. Its a forensic study place where you can donate your body and its left to the elements to decompose naturally and they use it to study decomposition rates in different circumstances. No burning. No burying. Just a body left out in the woods.

  • Vicky Mc
    Vicky Mc 7 months ago

    Don't fall for the pay for it before idea. Those bonds often don't cover anything when you've passed away.

  • Ces Gra
    Ces Gra 7 months ago +1

    Of course , in ancient Greek poems were written for the Olympics

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 7 months ago

    The cost is certainly offensive!

  • Alcaseiver
    Alcaseiver 7 months ago

    Oh John you shouldn’t be watching this

  • Luca Dynamo
    Luca Dynamo 7 months ago +1

    True story- on the day I found out my grandad had died, I got a wrong number from a company offering funeral care

  • rah ali
    rah ali 7 months ago +24

    I see David Tennant and Sara Pascoe in the same title ---> I scream with joy ...then click

    • Zach Brookes
      Zach Brookes 26 days ago

      Definitely! Shame the others on the panel are two of the unfunniest comedians on the planet.

  • SpartanWolf 01RA
    SpartanWolf 01RA 7 months ago +62

    Funnily enough, they joke about the Funeral thing.. after my dad died, my mom said she didn't want us to have to deal with all the messing around she did, so she has paid for her own funeral. picked out all the bits.. so there is no financial strain, nor stress over 'what she would've wanted' as we will simply know... some people really DO like to plan ahead :P I think it's a great idea.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson 22 days ago +1

      It's not as uncommon as you might think. Churchill had planned his own State funeral down to the last detail.

  • Ellen Murphy
    Ellen Murphy 7 months ago +26

    Any Whovians watching this? David Tennants shirt is definitely a shout out to Jodies Doctor!Just his stripes are vertical hers are horizontal.Very cool Doctors!!!

    • truediva18
      truediva18 5 months ago

      Which was a take on Sarah Jane Smith...

  • Katie Dodd
    Katie Dodd 7 months ago +1

    The poetry was bought in by a Roman leader who wanted to win things in the Olympics so he had to win the contest

  • Christopher Ward
    Christopher Ward 7 months ago +66

    David Tennant, confused or hungover?

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 7 months ago +5

    I personally would suggest that ads for funerals shouldn't be near highspeed vehicles where people sometimes jump in front of, to die.

  • Joseph Boyette
    Joseph Boyette 7 months ago +2

    I like David’s jacket, anyone know where it’s sold?

  • Ducactus
    Ducactus 7 months ago +12

    Painfully unfunny, it actually hurts

  • Fred V
    Fred V 7 months ago +12

    Let me guess. It costs 100 pound to burn, probably 300 to bury (you have to pay the people that dig). Why is dying so expensive?
    I think it doesn't matter what happens with the dead, it's about the people that are left behind. If my insurance is worth 2500 pounds and the burial costs 1000 I want the rest to be spend on the people who attended my funeral to get drunk and think about their lives. And if there are three friends that will think about me for the rest of their lives, I think I've done well. I belong to these three now for some others that are gone.

    • Jb ook
      Jb ook 7 months ago

      Fred Versteeg / thats not even a shadow of the cost in america. An obit, online obit, casket with funeral and whatnot costs 5 grand and up atleast. You can have a cremation and get a cardboard box full of a plastic bag with ashes for maybe 700$.

    • Fionna McCormick
      Fionna McCormick 7 months ago +2

      Fred Versteeg it's just an actual mortician promoting death awareness, answering questions about anything to do with death, and offering information on things like natural burial on her TheXvid channel. She's trying to be entertaining to get the word out and break the taboo of talking about death. Sorry for making you feel pressured. Here's two videos where she talks about awareness and unnecessary expense:

    • Fred V
      Fred V 7 months ago +2

      Sorry for your loss, I thought you were revering to a tv-show I missed. I live in the Netherlands, so lots of English and American books and tv-shows are lost on me. I hope you'll know that grieve and sadness goes along with pleasant memories, which doesn't make it easy,. (Wish I could write this in my own language, it would make it so much easier especially when it concerns these great things). Hope for the best and thank you for making me think.

    • Fionna McCormick
      Fionna McCormick 7 months ago +3

      Fred Versteeg sorry I wasn't trying to preach. I thought you might be interested. She has a lot of suggestions that help people with costs and knowing what you're paying for. That's a big part of her decision to be so public. One the aims she has is to help people who have trouble affording funeral care. My father has also died and it is a really difficult time, I'm sorry for your loss.

    • Fred V
      Fred V 7 months ago +1

      I've buried my father and stepfather. I don't need tv shows or writers, priests or moviemakers or who ever to tell me about grieve sadness or mourning. I only know that I, or anyone else who lives after the death of a loved one, has to live on. And that's when you are lucky to have three friends. (Anyway, I reacted to the costs of burying or cremating, which causes a lot of problem for people who are poor.)

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 7 months ago

    This was on QI so long ago

  • Joseph Bloggs
    Joseph Bloggs 7 months ago +2

    Pascoe is a Labour Party member and Tennant has voiced ads for the Labour Party and is a long-term supporter.

    • Sidney Lin
      Sidney Lin 6 months ago

      And what about it who gon beat their ass about this lmao

    • egnoog
      egnoog 7 months ago +1


    • Joseph Bloggs
      Joseph Bloggs 7 months ago

      GlobalNomadPete it defines how they think

    • Jb ook
      Jb ook 7 months ago

      Invent a better party.

    • BrewPunkPete
      BrewPunkPete 7 months ago +3

      That doesn't define who they are as people or who they are as artists. I like gravy but that doesn't define me as a person.

  • Miki Anderson
    Miki Anderson 7 months ago +7

    As an american, I am super excited to see the Seahawks play in london, but what I really hope that the one player who is missing his hand on the team, goes on The Last Leg

    • truediva18
      truediva18 5 months ago

      +gracie a American football team from Washington state.

    • lamboman68
      lamboman68 7 months ago +1

      Miki Anderson well most people in London don’t really give a fuck about nfl

    • Lisa Osborne
      Lisa Osborne 7 months ago

      Gracie they play for Seattle

  • OriginalPiMan
    OriginalPiMan 7 months ago +20

    You can't really judge what makes an Olympic sport by looking at St Louis 1904. That one was a mess.

    • TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland) Day ago

      Case in point: Thomas Trueblood. thexvid.com/video/DQztJBFYIcE/video.html

  • Alexander Goldthorpe
    Alexander Goldthorpe 7 months ago

    I thought they were going to talk about how funerals cost so much, and then the funeral companies go and spend that on advertisement.

  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom 7 months ago

    They can put me in a cardboard box or flush me down the toilet when I die I will be dead who gives a fuck. You have to pay for everything else in life not paying to die as well.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 7 months ago

    I just want to fry when I die, nuke me Now!!! it's an old one from the Cold War

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 7 months ago +6

    here in Denver, we have a local funeral home that does comparative pricing in a commercial on television. it usually comes on during the dinner hours 1630 - 1930, when the most old people are watching telly. Death doesn't have to be an expensive burden to your loved ones when you come to Horan McConaty, come to Olingers, come to Wren's. Die easy knowing the End is already taken care of.

    • Nathan Clark
      Nathan Clark 7 months ago

      Personally I'd go with Bullock's off old Hampden. Family owned for 3 generations

    • iheartheenim
      iheartheenim 7 months ago

      RIXRADvidz Nice

  • millerhxc
    millerhxc 7 months ago +5

    If he means Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedingfield, that randomly popped into my head yesterday... What a tune!

    • EternallySecureInChrist
      EternallySecureInChrist 7 months ago +1

      +MyrtlePGot it on vinyl, classic. Blended into UK garage seamlessly.

    • MyrtleP
      MyrtleP 7 months ago +1

      OMG!! I was JUST in a conversation with my hubby about that song this past weekend.

  • Harrison Clark
    Harrison Clark 7 months ago +23

    The Last Leg are not talking about Trump or gun bans in this clip.
    edit - They probably are (not watched till the end).

    • Nathan Clark
      Nathan Clark 7 months ago

      God dammit Harrison this is why no one wants you at family Christmas

    • Cosmic Steez
      Cosmic Steez 7 months ago +1

      No they didn't but you still got triggered like the cucked little bitch didn't you? Aww it's OK I've called for a whaaaaahhmbulance to come and rescue you bbz

    • NR Davis
      NR Davis 7 months ago +10

      No, in this clip, they talk about the Paralympics and funeral advertisements. The clip with Tennant speaking truth about Trump was from a different part of this episode.