We Have Some More Amazing News!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Our book is based on this 😊 thexvid.com/video/ugOF3OMcowk/video.html

    Sherpas Travel and Health fund


    amzn.eu/doK7sya (Sherpa's Amazon Wishlist)

    www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/... (VAN Wishlist)

    If you like to see Longer videos please have a look at Sherpas second channel which uploads every Sunday 😁

    Sherpa, Po Box 158, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 9AR, England


    Purchasing off of Amazon?? (even for yourself) it would help us massively if you went through to them on this link :)

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  • B Graham
    B Graham  +336

    Sherpa should do a book tour…people would totally come out to hear him do a book reading and get his pawtograph 🥰

  • Dark
    Dark  +72

    I also ordered Sherpa's book to donate to my local library, so that everyone in my community can experience Sherpa's joy and beauty if they haven't already.

  • riarock 76
    riarock 76  +106

    Jamie: "Never for love, only for food"

  • BetweenTheSheets

    Ooh! A Halloween one, with dark forests and tunnels, 'Sherpa and Jaime' Spooky Halloween Adventures'!

  • Jon A. Scholt

    Maybe Sherpa will someday be a New York Times best seller!

  • Janine Rutherford

    Jamie, the next book should be called

  • The Sand Queen

    I ordered Sherpa's book to donate to my local library too. That way, everyone in my area can know the joy and beauty of Sherpa if they don't already.😁

  • My Space

    Aw...great news...sherp deserves billion sale... My best wishes...

  • Raghava Reddy

    Sherpa should get Nobel Prize or most influential person in the world award for his achievements and getting countless fans

  • A. Green
    A. Green  +87

    This is so wonderful and well deserved!! Everyone loves Sherpa!!

  • Terry
    Terry  +70

    It's definitely well deserved for the pair of you especially with all the quality content your putting out on a regular basis 💙💪

  • Brigit Nunez

    Congratulations on the book Guys. Well done to you both.

  • Janice Taylor

    OMD - Sherpa's face suddenly appearing at

  • Mark Philpot

    Sherpa’s such a Wally today and that’s one reason to love him. He’s taking and telling us his story. He brings joy and love in great abundance. It’s just his way and we reap the blessing thereof. Cheers Jamie for bringing Sherpa, joy and love into our lives! Stay safe my mates!😊💖😷

  • Hedgehog Power

    Sherpa's book: we will teach how to be a good boi and love every hooman you see

  • K'eyush and Boo

    Definitely worth getting Sherpa's book :)

  • Treebeardshome

    What about “Sherpa Saves Christmas”? Where he helps Santa & the reindeer deliver gifts to all the good dogs & pets around the world.

  • Donna Rice

    I ordered one for my niece for Christmas! Should be here December 7th. I'm looking forward to reading it first! I love Sherpa! Can't wait for the second one!

  • Liz Downing

    So happy for you that the book is doing so well!! Given your kindness and generosity, it is wonderful to see blessings come your way and I wish many more to come for you and Sherp. Look forward seeing to the next book

  • Waifer Thyme

    Congratulations on the success of your book! That's so cool! And really nice to donate it to the library!