I Tried "Perfect" Customized Mascara


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  10 months ago +8823

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome to the **gasp** second upload of the week! gonna try and make that a thing more often. what do you think of this mascara?? and if you're looking for my dyed hair, wait until the second half of this video (i filmed the "buying" portion about a week before i dyed it!). xoxo, saf

  • Chelsea BreAnn
    Chelsea BreAnn Hour ago

    Ahh Safiyas long hair😭😭😭

  • Katie Tikao
    Katie Tikao Day ago

    Hey Safiya! Just wanted to say thanks for the great content 😊 I’m currently binge watching your videos and I just wanted to say I appreciate all the effort that must go into each video. Your content is great and I especially like how you include links to other people’s videos if your video was inspired by theirs, keep doing what you’re doing ❤️

  • hai. pineapple
    hai. pineapple Day ago

    I love the "little spider videos" too!! Lucas the spider is so cute! 😂😂

  • Bkfgiggles 1234
    Bkfgiggles 1234 Day ago

    Soon to be S.W. or T.N

  • Juliea Steinbeck

    Anyone else thinking that "tubing technology" is just the fact that it's in a squeeze tube unlike most mascaras that are in bottles? No? Just me? Ok.

  • Kristen Lewis
    Kristen Lewis 2 days ago

    It could be the angle you are holding your wand? I usually have to angle the wand.

  • Ells bells
    Ells bells 2 days ago

    saf is so.,,, pretty

  • Alexandria Mariotti
    Alexandria Mariotti 3 days ago

    Are used to never have I have a chance and go up and do a Kalab Shane Dawson

  • Daybreak96
    Daybreak96 4 days ago

    they look identical, the first brush was much nicer thou

  • Joons Crabs
    Joons Crabs 7 days ago +1

    You should try *ipsy*

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert 10 days ago


  • Jill Awesome
    Jill Awesome 12 days ago

    She draws her eyebrows too thick, her eyebrows aren’t that thick 😭

  • Lex’s Life
    Lex’s Life 13 days ago

    You should’ve tried showering with them on saf

  • seth rogen
    seth rogen 15 days ago

    you look really cute in this video!

  • Luz Cordova
    Luz Cordova 16 days ago

    Did she really not get that the "tubing technology" just meant that the mascara came in a tube instead of the classic cylinder?

  • Pops MSP
    Pops MSP 17 days ago

    Legit, saf is so fun to watch and i would prefer saf more than a movie, shes so entertaining!

  • Romilly Davies
    Romilly Davies 20 days ago


  • Jersey T
    Jersey T 20 days ago

    Some of the ingredients are going to be the same cause they are both mascaras!!

  • Lyrics Freak
    Lyrics Freak 21 day ago

    the seal of the mascara's package looks like a letter in some sultan movie xD

  • Bergyn Hanson
    Bergyn Hanson 21 day ago

    I think the brushes are part of the formula. If you pick a curling formula the brushes will help with it. If you pick a non-clumping formula the brush is there to help unclump.

  • Ellie Levine
    Ellie Levine 22 days ago

    I am so thirsty but it’s night and dark and scary and I don’t wanna get up

  • Hi
    Hi 22 days ago +1

    My perfect mascara is anything that’s simplest

  • Mariana Dominciano Frutuoso

    the monograms were such a scam 😩

  • angelgodinez
    angelgodinez 24 days ago

    is it me, or is she so PRETTY when she cries????

  • Nicol Levak
    Nicol Levak 24 days ago

    shoutout to 'Calum Hood' for watching!😂😂😂 5sos fam where you at?!😂😂😏😏❤❤

  • Anna Dupain-Cheng
    Anna Dupain-Cheng 25 days ago

    9:14 that a pride flag? 🌈

  • Reshma Jasmin
    Reshma Jasmin 26 days ago

    customized, more like custom-eye-zed

  • Emily Sheils
    Emily Sheils 26 days ago

    You should've just watched the lion king

  • Katie Munro
    Katie Munro 27 days ago

    You should make a franken-mascara!

  • SammyTheDogee
    SammyTheDogee 27 days ago +1


  • Hannah Hill
    Hannah Hill 27 days ago

    Nap test is a mood

  • Hailey-Rae Spaight
    Hailey-Rae Spaight 28 days ago

    When you said "okay cool" my phone's Google activated

  • BookishLish
    BookishLish 29 days ago

    Idk how she made it that far with the onion without crying, my eyes start running like as soon as I start cutting

  • MeiMcKorrmik
    MeiMcKorrmik 29 days ago

    Tried the quiz out of curiosity and they seemed to have changed it! Can only choose one answer for each question, meaning it isn't as custom as it was when this video was recorded.

  • Cameragirl 12
    Cameragirl 12 29 days ago +21

    Anyone else binge watching Safs vids? Just me I doubt it😉

  • Sophia Norris
    Sophia Norris Month ago +5

    I just noticed that Safiya and I have the same initials

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins Month ago +3

    The part with the ‘you can get a mascara they already sell for cheaper’, does anyone wonder if they did that on purpose? Like, they knew there’d be some people who would dig for a cheaper mascara similar to their quiz mascara, so they decided ‘waste not, want not’ and made their customized mascara easy to swap with another one of theirs? It’d get them more customers, and more likely happier ones who spent less but got what they wanted, or got close.

  • Sarah Neuren
    Sarah Neuren Month ago

    I've been watching you for a while, and only upon watching you pick the monogram, I realized we have the same initials.

  • Jonny Jean
    Jonny Jean Month ago

    what do you think of this mascara??

  • Zachary Butkus
    Zachary Butkus Month ago

    11:50 made my heart twist in a knot

  • Panda Studios
    Panda Studios Month ago

    its not the British is coming its the regulars are coming

  • Totally .E. Squish
    Totally .E. Squish Month ago +1

    the good old inter-webs

  • Pierce Cage
    Pierce Cage Month ago

    um saf is wayy too pretty crying _bye wig_

  • Addison McQuillen
    Addison McQuillen Month ago

    You should have click baited with you crying

  • kk
    kk Month ago

    change playback speed to .5 and to 9:25

  • WëT ŠKÎÑ
    WëT ŠKÎÑ Month ago

    Safiya... Williams... 😭 ❤️

  • Nicky Plays Roblox
    Nicky Plays Roblox Month ago

    Lol!! When I was tapping on the (video since the new update) the words on the bottom said “(funky music intro)” hahaha I was laughing so hard!

  • that one wierd kid no one likes

    *gasps* I have irregular eyelashes too!

  • megalopolis2015
    megalopolis2015 Month ago

    Great results with these mascaras. Very impressive. Of course, your lashes were already pretty rad, so it's hard to see exactly how volumizing they really are because they are already pretty long. At forty bucks I'd really have to save up. The plastic-y ingredients I saw on the tube is concerning, but use now and then should be fine. I prefer more natural ingredients so close to my eyes as an everyday thing.

  • Beyonce Mathew
    Beyonce Mathew Month ago

    “Okay Postmates, Eyeco is coming for ur wig” haha 😂

  • Lesley DeMattie
    Lesley DeMattie Month ago

    This is kinda cool

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    Safiya Williams. AWWWW 🥰
    I CANNOT wait for their wedding. 😍

  • casey bedwell-coll
    casey bedwell-coll Month ago

    you have beautiful lashes!

  • Ava Cross
    Ava Cross Month ago +2

    I love how she says “ all day ery day “ instead of all day every day lol 😂

  • Gianna Hayes
    Gianna Hayes Month ago

    Why do I feel like you did the nao test just because you wanted a nap 😂😂

  • Isabella Aguilar
    Isabella Aguilar Month ago

    is anyone watching after thee proposal video

  • Grace Terry
    Grace Terry Month ago

    What lipstick are you wearing?! 😍🙌

  • N Carries
    N Carries Month ago

    anybody pause the vid at 6:55 with an actual concern about what's going on her face

  • KalexDrawsPizza
    KalexDrawsPizza Month ago

    Safiya: I like my initials! S.N.
    Tyler: I can fix that

  • LoolooArts
    LoolooArts Month ago

    My favourite mascara is an eyeko one !!!!

  • Abigail Bickerdike
    Abigail Bickerdike Month ago +1

    For the tubes..just stick the stickers on the tube!boom!,

  • Paige Vlahopoulos
    Paige Vlahopoulos Month ago

    Never sleep with mascara on!!!

  • Amanda Kelch
    Amanda Kelch Month ago

    I ONLY use tubing mascaras! If you like this formula, try the L’Oreal double extend. Never smudges and lengthens a lot. Touch in Sol has the best one but it’s impossible to get now. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Courtney Ray
    Courtney Ray Month ago +1

    Cutting the center of the onion is what will make you cry. So start off by cutting the onion in half and then cutting in to the halves if you want to feel the burn. Do what you will with this info. Lol

  • -Insert Name Here-
    -Insert Name Here- Month ago


  • Nanhty
    Nanhty Month ago

    Your initials are SN, mine are NS

  • IncrediBelleJessi
    IncrediBelleJessi Month ago +1

    It's the 4th day of 2019.
    I am currently on a "Safiya Customs Spree" while waiting for my pizza order... PLUS SALAD!!!
    Sweet, sweet New Year's resolutions... see you next year

  • Abby’s vlogs
    Abby’s vlogs Month ago

    “Hello what are you doing in there”

  • sarah beek
    sarah beek Month ago

    sorry to judge but, i really didn't like your eye shadow. a lighter brown or golden-ish colour would go nicer with your eye colour

  • Janina Shala
    Janina Shala Month ago +1

    Do a full face of custom makeup products! Please do It!

  • EdiTEd
    EdiTEd Month ago +7

    Lol she payed 88$ for 2mascaras and then there is me who bought a mascara for 2€ and I'm broke... 😂

  • SIS *
    SIS * Month ago

    OMG I’m SHOOKETH we have the same initials!!!😱🤣

  • PinkSheep Gamer
    PinkSheep Gamer Month ago +3

    "Help come save me voldemorts attacking my lashes." Spoke Harry
    - " don't worry we can be there in 90 mins."

  • Grace Parry
    Grace Parry Month ago

    I live in Hong Kong!

  • MLG_ Wolfie1
    MLG_ Wolfie1 Month ago

    "I chose all day erey day" 9:26 I don't know why I laughed so hard at this😂😂

  • SaltyGumDr0p
    SaltyGumDr0p Month ago

    "alright eyeko, coming for postmates wig"

  • YoonSkoot
    YoonSkoot Month ago

    Ngl I can see the difference between the two eyes and somehow it hurts me to see something so uneven

  • karamonsterr
    karamonsterr Month ago

    I wish I could subscribe to your channel 10 times bc I love you so much 😭😍💕

  • Vlogs with scarlet
    Vlogs with scarlet Month ago

    Did u say fedex because my dad works there and it usually takes a while to come in

  • Sadiah Suhail
    Sadiah Suhail Month ago


  • Nuki Howelter
    Nuki Howelter Month ago

    Dammit, ninjas cutting onions.


    on your pillow, what are the pink stuff?????????????????

    • Nuki Howelter
      Nuki Howelter Month ago

      I think it's just her pillow case design

  • Angelina Tsao
    Angelina Tsao Month ago +1

    Why do you still look pretty when you’re crying wnjdjsksjnw I’m like an even bigger mess than I usually am

  • Gloria0222 YT
    Gloria0222 YT Month ago

    Oooooh Hong Kong! I live there :3 (here for me)

  • AmberZou
    AmberZou Month ago +9

    2019 anyone?

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams Month ago

    I could only think of Jenna Marbles doing her “What’s the best mascara to cry in?” video when Safiya was cutting the onions.

  • Demi Mullen
    Demi Mullen Month ago

    "Ok eyeko coming for postmate's wig"

  • Morgan Spencer
    Morgan Spencer Month ago

    You should mix all ur mascaras together and make a Frankinscara then compare the mascara to the ones that u customized.

  • Lizzie Turner
    Lizzie Turner Month ago

    I got one of those in an advent beauty calendar but i can’t be customised to me 😂😂

  • Caticorn Gamer Girls

    That pride flag is beautiful

  • angiewangie 0515
    angiewangie 0515 Month ago +1

    Zyou can differentiate by the wand...

  • Amelia Law
    Amelia Law Month ago

    I live in Hong Kong and I’ve never heard of this

  • Mia 0416
    Mia 0416 Month ago +1

    the sn mascara looks fuller than the tw

  • zebosace
    zebosace Month ago +3

    happy new year🥳💙

  • molly.__.reeves
    molly.__.reeves Month ago +1


  • nicole marion
    nicole marion Month ago

    7:01 Saf, I believe those are eyelashes and not a crown. It is a tube of mascara after all! 😜

  • XoxoAlyssa AnimeXoxo

    All day ara day?

  • Rylan Austin
    Rylan Austin Month ago

    When y were cutting the onion, my eyes started watering just cause I know how it feels to water up from cutting the onions lol