Coronavirus: UK to open temporary hospital with military help - BBC News

  • A new hospital is to be established in the ExCeL centre, an exhibition centre in east London, Mr Hancock says.
    The new NHS Nightingale Hospital will consist of two wards and hold up to 4,000 patients, Mr Hancock says.
    In response to the UK's call for retired medics to return to the NHS, Mr Hancock says more than 11,500 have come forward, including 2,660 doctors and 6,147 nurses.
    He adds that more than 18,000 medical students will also join the NHS workforce.
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    BIHAR KHABRI 5 hours ago

    Nic #Biharkhabri news

  • Katarína Lizúchová
    Katarína Lizúchová 7 hours ago

    absolute stupidity allows people to go out to exercise. What is different between go for walk or exercise. Virus stay in the air up to 3 hours and those are serious studies from US John Hopkins uni. You must be absolute idiot allowing it. You are asking for that shit which is coming our way.

  • Prabhat Vats
    Prabhat Vats 9 hours ago

    chiennse vyrus fuck

  • Street Roady
    Street Roady 16 hours ago

    1000,0000000 dead pigeon

  • TB1M1
    TB1M1 22 hours ago

    It's really going to shake up the "wretched excess" and twist the capitalist system in UK and US on it's head to quote Charlie Munger. It's also clearer to see the underlying motivations of each nation. I wonder what the depression generation of the 1930's think about it.

  • GunTechWorld
    GunTechWorld Day ago

    Hello to all! On the channel disassembly and assembly of various firearms from around the world in an amazing format!

  • Kerry Abrams
    Kerry Abrams Day ago

    People are asking when will . The virus stop... how long is a piece of string. Don't take any notice of these experts they don't know at all they're just guessing your guess is as good as theirs experts . just keep a thought for them working on the Frontline putting their lives at risk

  • Katie Haitchison

    Nightingale.....mocking jay.....

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D Day ago

    By the way we're bringing in more immigrants. You're welcome

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D Day ago

    Wear a mask. Go back to work. Problem solved.

  • Caine Mac
    Caine Mac Day ago

    Who does (doesn't) the sound for these things. lord

  • Smile Yes
    Smile Yes Day ago

    Concentration camp ?

  • Amanda Satterthwaite

    NZ has full lockdown only essential workers can work with precautions. All rest of us told stay at home only one person leave for food or medicine. Only walk on sitting down. I think you need to be pretty strict. Next 4 weeks. Can get the dole if need and banks giving mortgage holiday.

  • Charlie Finch
    Charlie Finch 2 days ago

    I work as a delivery driver and I don’t feel safe going to loads of different shops over different county’s but I’m classed as a key worker feels more like I’m expendable if he’s saying you should be going to work I can’t avoid people in my line of work

  • sergio gabriel cerezo

    03/26/2020 Argentina Bs.As
    For Mr. President Fernandez
    Treatment for Coronavirus
    Apparently it is a toxin called Botulinum that has mutated and transformed into a virus, but due to its characteristics it must be a derivative of the toxin and it is necessary to do tests under the microscope and with infected rodents and see its reaction to the next one. treatment.
    May God enlighten us with his divine forgiveness.
    • Firstly, trivalent antitoxin a and b should be administered intravenously
    • The Coronavirus have hemagglutin and neuroaminidase that covers their leather and that helps their multiplication and to avoid these characteristics, the following drugs, Inh. From Hemagglutinin and Inh. Of the polymerase or also with vinegar the Inh. From neuraminidase.
    • Ending the current treatment that they are trying and that has not given results to the scientific gentlemen of the world with the administration of Lopinavir + Ritonavir, Interferon, not oseltatamivir or amantadine.
    Let's get to work and not lose faith, if it is possible to achieve it.
    Higher Cardiology Technician
    Sergio Gabriel Cerezo
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  • Michael 4u
    Michael 4u 2 days ago +1

    As well as a temporary hospital they should also build a temporary prison to hold all the F.....S who think its Ok to drive around for no reason, go for walks in groups and who don't keep the 2 meter rule, my wife is a NHS nurse and the ward she works on is being turned into a covid 19 ward now people out there have a good think before you step outside your front door if it was your loved one in this position

    • First Name
      First Name Day ago

      You're allowed to go on walks witj the people u live with

  • Khadija Kamus
    Khadija Kamus 2 days ago

    Thanks for good speech but give more pay to nhs staff and people should appreciate the staff of nhs and not abuse them

  • FifeHanny
    FifeHanny 2 days ago


  • Nikki123
    Nikki123 2 days ago

    Since when do BBC tell the truth??? Hospital or death camp??

  • KEAS
    KEAS 2 days ago
    An English couple traveled to Taiwan were required to self in-house quarantine. Our government gave them information of housing, which they claimed that they had no money. So my government helped them with a place to stay charging them 250 NTD a day including meals, about 7.5 euro., for 2 persons.
    They complained to your media saying that the “quarantine” environment in Taiwan is like a jail, no hot water and so on...” The hot water of this hostel was out for a short time but was back in service 2 am the day they check in. You can see the housing environment in this video.
    The reporter asked “if they don’t have money for staying, why not just put them back on plane and send them away?” Our official replied “No. the period of time (15th) these couple from Europe have to be in-house quarantined for 14 days. No traveling should be in progress.” which from where I stand my government is using tax payer’s money doing a right thing for the international community.
    I’ve been to the UK twice. I paid my own trips, accommodation and foods. 50 ponds I spent for a Bed and a made up shower corner in London just for one night.
    I only have a question. The couple said they don’t have money for staying in hotel. If not for the requirement of self in-house quarantine, our precaution method for this virus, where were they going to sleep? What were they going to eat?
    To be honest, I’ve traveled to the UK. If the place they stayed is like jail, their own house in the UK probably looked like 5 star hotel. If so, why didn’t they have money and my government needed to give them food and housing charging only 7.5 euros a day? The clip here you can see the picture of the place where they stayed. For my own people staying in this place for traveling, it costs about 15 to 24 euros per person per day without food like your hostel. Is this so called whatever color supremacy? Imagine you helped a couple of strangers to your house because of a snow storm, and they complained your house is like a jail.

  • Nalg Nacalg
    Nalg Nacalg 2 days ago

    Supermarkets and shops must organise outside queuing with distance foe safety of everyone
    Allow entering per groups

  • ahmad mehar
    ahmad mehar 2 days ago

    India has locked Kashmiris at home no one realizes now the whole world is closed now everyone is crying

  • JD
    JD 2 days ago

    Prepare for severe lockdown until June

  • Monty Gill
    Monty Gill 2 days ago

    Stay safe 🙏

  • grussell903
    grussell903 2 days ago +1

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    THE HAPPY COMPUTER 2 days ago


  • Flippinektucker
    Flippinektucker 2 days ago

    Please watch TheXvid channel rfb, just type rfb. His latest interview with Dr Kaufman, he has government paper about truth of Corona. Open your eyes and help save our countries. Please!!!!

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 2 days ago

    Due to labours open door/mass immigration policy there are now at least 10 million people in the uk than there should be,so now the virus is spreading like wild fire and the NHS is struggling to cope..........thanks you labour morons,you have the nations blood on you’re hands

  • Kevin Lord
    Kevin Lord 2 days ago

    What I want to know not for my self when they get this under control how on earth r they going to keep it under control and that it won't just start up all over again

    BIG HAIR PRO 2 days ago

    Who else shivers when they see the word 'military' used?

  • arilza porto
    arilza porto 2 days ago

    A bit later for Brits..How It did take so long to implement obvious measures?

    • Paul Taylor
      Paul Taylor 2 days ago

      arilza porto we use science not quess work

  • jones smith
    jones smith 2 days ago

    Oi Boris and priti Patel this why the NHS is DOOMED to STRUGGLE!
    Dozens of illegal migrants are given GOLD PLATED CARE coronavirus tests before being detained by immigration officers in Dover as 169 people are intercepted trying to cross the English Channel
    The migrants were on six boats and they were taken to the Port of Dover today
    Before being handed to immigration officers, they were tested for coronavirus

  • Hvalpikk
    Hvalpikk 2 days ago

    Take your time, no rush, it has only been a month of inactivity, denial, political posturing and none organization..

  • Rosa Bessa
    Rosa Bessa 2 days ago

    I would like to say a special thank you to all the personnel cleaning and sanitasing all the areas where all of us need to work.

  • I P
    I P 2 days ago

    Hope NHS staff are getting free travel? In China, all doctors, nurses, paramedics etc get boxes with a buffet of free meals delivered to them from the government. Here they have nurses crying because they can't get any food form the empty shelves at supermarkets. Our amazing NHS staff don't even have proper protective clothing or enough staff or equipment. The Prime minister and Tory MP's aren't short fo cash and neither are their mates. They could quite easily donate some of their own funds to support the NHS if they weren't so greedy and self-centred and don't get me started on that Richard Branson. Jeez! Also, where are all the Narcissistic celebrities that could be making videos to raise money for the NHS instead of raising their own profiles through their at-home gigs?

  • Mwanzia William
    Mwanzia William 2 days ago +1

    to clear this disease for all nation to compersary test there citizen every one get tested..ones comfarmd thos who r corona positive...they immediately taken far from none affected people like somewhere in the bish "n" build ahospital n treat them from there....thos who will make it they will allowed to join other people's in the cities...those who will not make it will get barried there.....

  • Lucus Harden
    Lucus Harden 2 days ago

    Please if anyone can see this,
    Can you send seeds and tools!!
    So we can cultuvate the land!
    If we servive this!
    We may not have famin and starve in the streets,
    Please please
    Seeds seeds seeds

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 2 days ago

    DON'T DIE OF IGNORANCE people claim to be clever well educated streetwise time to put it to the test STAY AT HOME

  • Uncharted Serendipity

    Therapeutic treatment and management of severe respiratory viral infections.
    Please see the peer reviewed article on:
    Lei Zhang and Yunhui Liu. 2020. Potential interventions for novel coronavirus in China: A systematic review. Journal of Medical Virology. 92(5).
    Based on this and other recent literature, here is my take on:
    Therapeutic treatment and management of severe respiratory viral infections.
    Supplements for adults:
    Vitamin D (250 micro grams/day; 0.5mg)
    Zinc (50-100 mg/day)
    Vitamin C (3000mg/day)
    Flavanoids (200mg/day)
    Vitamin A (3-6mg/day)
    Vitamin E (500mg/day)
    Vitamin B6 (100mg/day)
    Green leafy vegetables and fruits
    Turmeric Milk (with pinch of pepper)
    Ginger-garlic-turmeric-pepper- concoction
    Sun bathing
    Breathing exercises
    Take rest
    Drink only warm liquids
    Thank you.

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  • Ronan Max
    Ronan Max 2 days ago

    Washington! you're Next!

  • cadstic cadsticc
    cadstic cadsticc 2 days ago

    Please spread the information ..
    try to use only digital payments, money will be being transferred the most at this time and will become a vector for the spread of covid 19 please spread this to anyone who can reach the most people

  • Rastaman Ralph
    Rastaman Ralph 2 days ago

    4000 people in one place in London 2 metres apart from be a huge place! Where is this place?

  • Steve O'Boyle
    Steve O'Boyle 2 days ago

    Make a channel for the deaf

  • Mr
    Mr 2 days ago +1

    Matt Hancock is a sociopath and probably a reptillian as well.

  • william ivory
    william ivory 3 days ago

    Wrong strategy from the start, too little, too late. Lack of leadership, over reliance on “advisers” and hiding behind “experts”. Thank God for the NHS and brave Doctors and Nurses.


    2:00 💛💗

  • 温婧
    温婧 3 days ago

    DO NOT BUILD “CONCENTRATION CAMP”, it’s just a common flu! 😏 You need human right and freedom more than life, remember?

  • Emeka Edward Onugha
    Emeka Edward Onugha 3 days ago

    this problem is for the life sake of every one . help according to the power given to you by God he will bless you more.. no discrimination remember the poor and the needy. now that virus wants to wipe away every body. for what shall it profit us to have money and power then every body keep dieing.

  • R
    R 3 days ago

    You need to know that the banks are funding the mainstream media. The banks are the main beneficiaries from this that is why there is so much hysteria from them.

  • R
    R 3 days ago

    Has anyone noticed the freemason /numerology in many of the figures and people involved, so many people aged 33, numbers adding to 6 or 3 x 3s, numbers adding to 7. Numerology is part of these peoples religion and how they talk to each other.

  • R
    R 3 days ago

    Many parts of this bill are designed to never be rolled back so be careful what you wish for. You are being played bigtime.

  • R
    R 3 days ago

    We have a government of occupation.

  • Kay Tee
    Kay Tee 3 days ago

    The government are following orders from the phyllodynamic modelling of Imperial College London (funded by Bill Gates and his WHO) was responsible for the terrible decisions made during the foot and mouth disease, loss of cattle and many farms. It predicts dire consequences if its orders are not followed and has been criticised by a lead researcher at Oxford University. The aim is to move more wealth to the banks, to bring in a digital currency and to RFID chip (Bill Gates aim) everyone so they can controlled.

  • Blackjack650 jones
    Blackjack650 jones 3 days ago

    I will probably be homeless when this is all done, but if I was the richest man on earth, I would give it all away to save the world

  • Nalg Nacalg
    Nalg Nacalg 3 days ago

    You need to lock down asap please
    Many people are not following instructions

    • Nalg Nacalg
      Nalg Nacalg 3 days ago


    • R
      R 3 days ago +1

      Turkeys voting for Christmas

  • T C
    T C 3 days ago

    There has been nothing reported about people becoming immune to Covid-19 once they've had it. So just do the right & recommended by countries & organisations thing & test test test for those with/suspected to have the virus! Why doesn't our government seem to give a shit!!!😠😠

  • T C
    T C 3 days ago

    A friend has a 72 year old mother & a sister with one kidney & diabetes who he lives with yet he doesn't qualify to be off work & the 80% of wages scheme? Who is this scheme helping? Those with money already?

  • T C
    T C 3 days ago

    As security officers we protect other peoples sites. We are not included in these companies safety plan. We have to come into contact with all the staff who should be at home not putting us at risk. We are not disposable! Our employers aren't even offering PPE to help keep us safe! Why is this allowed?😡

    • First Name
      First Name 3 days ago

      Oh chill out you'll be fine. It's a little cold to you and me

  • relgious Circle
    relgious Circle 3 days ago

    Religious statues will tower above us all , the ritual will spread and the gods will rule please watch n follow blessings

    • relgious Circle
      relgious Circle 3 days ago

      @First Name theres a big plan behind it , to abolish the drug ,abolish all war and make world demoracy would you like to the, the voice from God has spoke in my head we have prayed for the people that have died

    • First Name
      First Name 3 days ago

      Typical of religion to take advantage of people in such times

  • manju george
    manju george 3 days ago

    No PPE for medical professionals.....They are using plastic covers and expired masks..why govt is not supplying these items which is essential for this time?

  • Steven Riley
    Steven Riley 3 days ago

    Lock em down now !

  • Steven Riley
    Steven Riley 3 days ago +1

    Lockdown construction sites no one wants to be on then not when we could die just round the corner

    YALNEVA TEKOFREEDOM 3 days ago +1

    So why is Heathrow arrivals taking in 4 flights from hong kong & 3 from Singapore in between the hours of 04:10 - 05:30 on 24/3
    How are the public supposed to take any mp serious while these flights are arriving?

    • First Name
      First Name 3 days ago +1

      Exactly?! There's thousands of flights in the air. Google live flights 24

  • Ry Man
    Ry Man 3 days ago

    25 march 7659 infected 433 dead 135 recovered today there's been 150 new cases and 11 deaths ! May those that died rest in peace ! Uk

    • R
      R 3 days ago

      Hype not relating to reality

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J 3 days ago

    Everything everyone has said is right but I also feel sorry for the kids who go out or to school to get away from abusive parents, are now stuck inside with them

  • Garry da Costa
    Garry da Costa 3 days ago +1

    Why are there flights from China, Italy, Iran and other SARS CoV-2 hotspots still being allowed to arrive in the UK? The lockdown is pointless.

  • Patty Daniels
    Patty Daniels 3 days ago +1

    What a cheap theatrical show!

    • R
      R 3 days ago

      You are right Patty, its been planned for a long time.

  • K Dank
    K Dank 3 days ago

    If you are worried about the future of the UK check out the patriotic alternative conferences and show your support

  • I Have A Huge Cock
    I Have A Huge Cock 3 days ago

    America created this virus and sent it to China

  • patrick b
    patrick b 3 days ago

    im self employed and aint worked for 6 weeks if we dont get help soon then im going out to take what i need isolation and troops are irrelevant im too desperate to care

    THE DUDE 3 days ago

    Fema death camp

  • Ramanujam
    Ramanujam 3 days ago

    sir please chant Hindu God Name NARAYANA 7 time. 100% cure. This is one of the vedic word for medicine.

  • BroncoBillieBeastie
    BroncoBillieBeastie 3 days ago

    If another temp hospital is opened, call it the NHS Seacole Hospital.

  • Aldebaran Alazar
    Aldebaran Alazar 3 days ago

    Pls someone destroy my phone if i die b4 u's.. Don't want anyone to see my porn collection on it.

  • relgious Circle
    relgious Circle 3 days ago watch other videos n follow pablo escobar vs the queen

  • gary fen
    gary fen 3 days ago

    CORONAVIRUS I’m tired killing people HANTAVIRUS I Got You Bro let me do rest of the job now Hantavirus taking place as well search good luck us thanks the China 🇨🇳👍

  • Vanesa Cia
    Vanesa Cia 3 days ago

    How about all distribution workers who work in non essential industry at the moment (like fashion industry). Our computers are less than one meter apart, ales are less than 2 meters wight and sometimes more than 2 people have to work in one small area, and all the surfaces and items that numerous of people touches without cleaning after all day long.. Unfortunately our management refuses to close down and tries to stay open as long as possible without concern of their own staff..

  • Mother Masher
    Mother Masher 3 days ago

    If you're bored at home, my channel has some funny clips 😁😁😁

  • Somali Lion TV
    Somali Lion TV 3 days ago

    who else here cuz they spend hours on their video and get 5 views lol