Gaia's Melody EM2 DevLog #17.5 - My traumatic game got really fluffy (RPG Maker MZ)

  • Published on Nov 1, 2020
  • Hi again
    I wanted to put the RM monster board screen as the thumbnail but I've had yt demonitize me for that so here's hoping the video doesn't get ate for a fantasy monster :)
    Also it's clearly been one of those weeks coz I totally forgot to put the hud on lol
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Comments • 20

  • Enderscram
    Enderscram Year ago +7

    Honestly the attention to detail you're putting into this is hella commendable.
    For real, keep up the amazing work Echo, can't wait to get the chance to try out GMEM2

  • freetobeyou
    freetobeyou Year ago +3

    Great job, Im impressed some people put detail into their games that isnt just for leveling up or side quests for grinding only. Little nuances make a much better game. Gonna keep an eye out for this One

  • John Mullin
    John Mullin Year ago +3

    I watched a few of your videos, thank you for the tutorials and over all help. I teach English as a second language, so I am going to try to make a game for my students so they have a fun way to practice english outside of class.

  • Jacob Flowers
    Jacob Flowers Year ago +1

    Just gotta say I really like the way you write dialogue. Zephyr's lines in this video in particular had me laughing my butt off. You should consider writing a book at some point.

  • biggamefreak
    biggamefreak Year ago

    Merry Christmas Echo. Keep inspiring us with your game making.

  • JC
    JC Year ago +1

    Hey there, been following your devlogs a bit, I'm a Unity developer looking for a simpler framework for 2D games(3D unimportant for this project) and am looking on experimenting with RPG maker, is there any difference between the mv version and mz ? i see your using the newest mz version

    • JC
      JC Year ago

      @Rel thanks!

  • Eduanny S
    Eduanny S Year ago +1

    I'm thinking about creating a rpg game myself, I recently discovered your chanel, is there any tips for getting started on a game?

    • nintendogamer FR
      nintendogamer FR Year ago +1

      This and Yanfly Engine. You can also watch Driftwood Gaming who also do First Impressions, so by searching around, you migjt have some ideas

    • Nick Yarnevich
      Nick Yarnevich Year ago +1

      She has a series called tips and tricks on her channel that is incredibly helpful! I would go look into those I think it’s in a playlist

  • Wicked AMV
    Wicked AMV Year ago

    hello can you tell me if i want to add a character in my game how can i add 4 side ? so when i walk all my side can visible?

  • Slices Santos
    Slices Santos Year ago

    its good to hear from u : )

  • SuperBoss Jason1
    SuperBoss Jason1 Year ago +1

    Does youngfly event scripts from MV work in mz ?

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Year ago

      Some do and some do not. It's interesting to see which ones are being converted so far

    • SuperBoss Jason1
      SuperBoss Jason1 Year ago +1

      @Smaulic_ lol my bad

    • Smaulic_
      Smaulic_ Year ago +1

      its Yanfly lol

  • Muscle Band
    Muscle Band Year ago

    May I ask, why does rpgmaker mv not turn on on my laptop. It's just a white screen.

  • Anime Robin Hood
    Anime Robin Hood Year ago

    Echo you're brothers webpage doesn't exist for some reason. (His TheXvid is also untraceable)

  • The Cajun One
    The Cajun One Year ago

    He also does commissions.

  • Midnight 90
    Midnight 90 Year ago