This Is Why Mo Salah Is Worth £150 Million

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • #salah #liverpool #mosalah
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Comments • 173

  • Hamed Alrashed
    Hamed Alrashed 11 days ago +1

    Fast, strong, team player, smart, and passionate. Easily said than done.
    Add to it being ethical as possible in and out of field = Living Legend

  • Peni Sulistiani
    Peni Sulistiani 13 days ago +1

    Mr. Unstopable. 💖
    So much love from indonesia. 😘😘

  • Russel McGrain
    Russel McGrain 15 days ago +1

    Salah 🙏🏻
    Much love from Albanian🇦🇱

  • Fatima Tima
    Fatima Tima 16 days ago +1

    One subscribe just for Mohammad Salah

  • Liverpool 4 Ever
    Liverpool 4 Ever 19 days ago +1

    We Love you guys...We love you Mo....ynwa!

  • Ahmed Abas
    Ahmed Abas 19 days ago

    King 👑

  • khairun nordin
    khairun nordin 21 day ago +3

    Mo salah brings liverpool to the world's greatest success

  • Marketing Brilliant
    Marketing Brilliant 23 days ago +1

    Great Mohammad Salah ... We proud of you. Bravo Liverpool. From Indonesia

  • Dream Samir123
    Dream Samir123 25 days ago +8

    When Salah has super quick reflexes that when 2 teammates are coming to hug u they hug eachother 1:43

  • シNxvidC
    シNxvidC 26 days ago +4

    I wheezed when salah scores and he ran then Robertson and someone else ran to hug him, then he dodged them and they hugged each other 😂

  • yudha tri
    yudha tri 28 days ago +1

    he is play with calm mind

  • Pedro Guedes
    Pedro Guedes 28 days ago +1

    Salah, Mané e Firmino.
    Que trio de ataque.

  • Moataz Mounir
    Moataz Mounir 29 days ago +1

    how is this guy not the best player in the world?

  • ahmed abdin
    ahmed abdin 29 days ago +1

    mo salah the egyptian king

  • Intel Kore
    Intel Kore Month ago +3

    This dude is strong, players much bigger cant hold him off or push him aside. Then of course he has a few other skills ;)

  • Nzediegwu chimaobi
    Nzediegwu chimaobi Month ago +1

    How many likes for MO salah

  • munawar alias
    munawar alias Month ago +6

    May he play for Liverpool untill he retires.

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn Month ago +4

    His wroth 180 for me maybe Evan a world record bid his the best in world

  • kareem mohmed
    kareem mohmed Month ago +2

    Gooooal against Napoli is the cause to take the cup

  • mohmed prgo
    mohmed prgo Month ago +1

    انشاء الله محمد صلاح هياخود احسن لاعب فى العالم

    • Kha Led
      Kha Led Month ago

      إن شاء الله 👌

  • Mahmoud Mounir
    Mahmoud Mounir Month ago +2

    Egyptian king 👑

  • mostafa kamal salama
    mostafa kamal salama Month ago +2

    العربى إللى يمر من هنا يخبط لايك بليز

  • Chinechem Okere talks
    Chinechem Okere talks Month ago +1

    Nope if Ronaldo in his prime was 100 mil then salah is 95 mil at most

  • a human
    a human Month ago +25

    If neymar is 222 milion,than salah is 255 milion he score more goals than neymar

  • a human
    a human Month ago +1

    Amazaing video brooo

  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris Month ago +6

    And the rest mate try 250 mil

  • Ronni Arbitiaas
    Ronni Arbitiaas Month ago +9

    1:42 he even dodged robertson.

  • Marina Au
    Marina Au Month ago +1

    Salah terbaik.

  • Abdelrahman Samir
    Abdelrahman Samir Month ago +4

    Great video for a great player , thx for ths vid bro

  • Nidal LFC
    Nidal LFC Month ago +1

    Sell him please

  • mierak AK
    mierak AK Month ago +2

    He is terrorising the opponents

  • Juan Gonzales
    Juan Gonzales Month ago +29

    1:42 Funny how Robbo wants to embrace Salah after his goal and ends up hugging Hendo instead. 😂😂😂

    • Fahad tube
      Fahad tube Month ago +4

      Salah putted this in his story😂

  • Ben li
    Ben li Month ago +2

    But now he is a rubbish

    • ayuu i
      ayuu i Month ago +2

      Ben li not as big as you

    • Ben li
      Ben li Month ago +1

      Maybe,but salah is the biggest rubbish in the world

    • ayuu i
      ayuu i Month ago +2

      Ben li the real rubbish is you

  • soe naing
    soe naing Month ago +1

    Big fan

  • Eduardo Lopes
    Eduardo Lopes Month ago +3

    2:08 we've won it...

  • Cahya Syaputra
    Cahya Syaputra Month ago +1

    He is bomber

  • marawan mohamed
    marawan mohamed Month ago +2

    good video continoue from egypt

    KINGT1GER Month ago +5

    Just incredible..

  • Umar Ansari
    Umar Ansari Month ago +4

    M.salah love from india

  • figo 141
    figo 141 Month ago

    no he ain't, no one is. !!the value has been inflated thanks to the cunt neymar

  • Jumpin Nemo
    Jumpin Nemo Month ago

    If joao felix is worth 147 then salah is worth way more

  • محمد عمران
    محمد عمران Month ago +1


  • Zain Quadri
    Zain Quadri Month ago

    Horrible music...

  • حسين سالمان
    حسين سالمان Month ago +10

    ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    بحر من المهارات والقوه والسرعه يا ابو مكه

    • حسين سالمان
      حسين سالمان Month ago

      @محمد صلاح ربنا يبارك ف حضرتك و يارب اكون كما وصفتنى

    • محمد صلاح
      محمد صلاح Month ago

      @حسين سالمان شكرا لتقبلك اسلوبى الخشن و صبرك،. هذا إن دل فأنما يدل على حسن اخلاقك و طباعك، بس انا والله لم أقصد شئ سئ اقسم بالله..
      حصل خير و فرصه سعيده

    • حسين سالمان
      حسين سالمان Month ago

      @محمد صلاح لأ يا استاذنا مفيش اسف ولاحاجه وتم التعديل

    • محمد صلاح
      محمد صلاح Month ago

      @حسين سالمان ماشى حبيبى انا اسف بس عدل و صلح الكلمه و سيبك منى انا!

    • حسين سالمان
      حسين سالمان Month ago

      @محمد صلاح انصح بالرفق وادب دون تقليل من شأن الآخرين وعموما جزاك الله خيرا

  • عمر زرزورة
    عمر زرزورة Month ago +1

    I love mo.salah

  • shlim28
    shlim28 Month ago +3

    👍and Shaqiri deal was also a very good deal...

  • Dunya Dhoke Ka Ghar
    Dunya Dhoke Ka Ghar Month ago +28

    If u have big heart then one like 40 Muhammad Salah ❤

  • Ahmad Sofyan
    Ahmad Sofyan Month ago +6

    I love salah forever.....

  • LIV 96
    LIV 96 Month ago +5

    Looks like one season wonder is doing some thing. Now what you will say hater?

  • sammi samim
    sammi samim Month ago +1

    He worths more than 150

  • Sheriff Kaya
    Sheriff Kaya Month ago

    No footballer is worth £150 mil !!!! You fucking morons they just kick the ball not save the world 🌍

  • father of all of you
    father of all of you Month ago +1

    150? 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mohamed Shameem Salah
    Mohamed Shameem Salah Month ago +8

    Man He Is Fast Like A Tiger.

    • Mohamed Shameem Salah
      Mohamed Shameem Salah Month ago

      @Aiyaz Ashraf my name also Mohamed Shameem Salah 😇😊

    • Aiyaz Ashraf
      Aiyaz Ashraf Month ago +3

      @Mohamed Shameem Salah
      You are my brother in Islam

    • Mohamed Shameem Salah
      Mohamed Shameem Salah Month ago

      @Aiyaz Ashraf I am not Mosalah I Am Another Salah Bro

    • Aiyaz Ashraf
      Aiyaz Ashraf Month ago

      Oh! You are mohamed salah!!
      Hmmm so praising yourself hah!

  • Peter Volze
    Peter Volze Month ago +47

    And if he scores another few, I'll be a Muslim too.....

    • jerinho
      jerinho 13 days ago +1

      ok but please don't do to him what you do to jesus

    • Higher Speech
      Higher Speech Month ago +4

      Be Muslim or not, you belongs to your creator.

    • mustafa sedki
      mustafa sedki Month ago +12

      When you accept islam will be for allah not for salah

  • Peter Volze
    Peter Volze Month ago +7

    In the last season he has completely outclassed Messi + Ronaldo.... Best Player in the world, if you ask me,,,

  • Graham Reardon
    Graham Reardon Month ago +4

    Wtf was that Chelsea goal.

  • Alex Martons
    Alex Martons Month ago +8

    Salah 1.5 billion easily

  • Forbidden worled /
    Forbidden worled / Month ago +5

    And lioniel misse is the best player in the worled 2019fack the fifa

    Mr HISENBERG Month ago +3

    world-class player

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard Month ago +2

    If he's worth that much sell him and buy Mbappe