AngryJoe Microsoft Press Conference E3 2017 Review

  • Published on Jun 16, 2017
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    AngryJoe Grades Microsoft's Press Conference for TheXvid Live @ E3 along with Geoff Keighley, Kyle Bossman, Andrea Rene, and Michelle Morrow as we break down our impressions of the Xbox One X and all the new extensive game announcements!!
    *Sry we didnt have more time on the segment to go in detail, I may supplement this discussion with a vlog when I return!*
    **Also, clarification, I misspoke in a joke, I'm not actually "friends" with Terry Crews, I meant to say I desperately wanted to be his friend, seems like a cool dude to party with!**
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Comments • 3 722

  • DDot98
    DDot98 7 days ago

    that little smile he has... that is years of training

  • Yosef Hassan
    Yosef Hassan 18 days ago

    Anthom good luck with it

  • Neptunes Winter
    Neptunes Winter Month ago

    AJ does not lick arse or bow down to gaming companies just so he can get sneak peeks or copies of the game in advance of there release. Those companies should listen to AJ and respect him for his honestly... YOU HEAR THAT EA?

  • Maria Olivares
    Maria Olivares Month ago

    Does anybody remember joe in the carpet VGA

  • Dillon Nolan
    Dillon Nolan Month ago +1

    Its Jeff

  • Ghelma
    Ghelma 2 months ago

    This is a message to the past. Crackdown 3, Anthem and Sea of Thieves is gonna be shit. Shadow of Mordor is gonna be destroyed by corporate greed...

  • skrrskrr
    skrrskrr 5 months ago

    8:55 Joe's internet...

  • DropSixteenTV Tv
    DropSixteenTV Tv 5 months ago

    This lady said she'll always upgrade for the double price Xbox 1X, but doesn't have a 4K tv for gaming...

  • DropSixteenTV Tv
    DropSixteenTV Tv 5 months ago

    Lol this guy said people will buy the xbox 1x because of frame rate... I'm sticking with Sony.

  • captain beastwinger
    captain beastwinger 5 months ago

    E3 2018 ea conferonceyou done fuck it up again again

  • Trevor Darlak
    Trevor Darlak 5 months ago

    Why do some people think anthem is an Xbox first party title or just an exclusive for them in general?

    MANIAC MONKEYY 7 months ago

    Joe and Geoff have a bad past I wonder if they forgive each other for the bullshit before

  • GoodFebruarian
    GoodFebruarian 7 months ago


  • Mac Canma
    Mac Canma 9 months ago

    Goeff.... look where Joe is at now.

  • endertwelve
    endertwelve 11 months ago

    Sucks that Kyle couldn't stick around. Barely got a word in.

    BIOSHOCKFOXX 11 months ago +1

    That moment, after following Angry Joe for so long, he is now not just on his own YT channel, he is now here and more. But jeez, the sound is so low, I have to turn up my speakers almost to max to listen to this like I usually listen to everything else....wait, i just noticed this is 2017....shit.

  • Allan Vang
    Allan Vang 11 months ago

    $499 is actually the cheapest way to run TRUE 4k on both PC and console. But yeah it is expensive. Then again, we have fabric worth hundreds of dollars...

  • bob cobb
    bob cobb 11 months ago

    I'm PISSED I can't find AngryJoe reacting to Resident Evil 2.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 11 months ago

    Xbox sucks

  • Ratchellio
    Ratchellio 11 months ago

    I'm sorry, I was entranced on Joe's cool-ass shoes

  • little Do
    little Do 11 months ago

    i didnt even want to buy the xbox one. i mean i couldnt play any of my old xbox 360 games.
    Also im not going to want to buy a 500 dollar console just for some 60 dollar game.
    ahhhhh i miss my computer.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 11 months ago

    Rip Scalebound

  • aron Guillen
    aron Guillen 11 months ago

    Not the review I was hoping for.

  • Blood of Heroes
    Blood of Heroes 11 months ago

    Why was the video audio so low?

  • Niki D.
    Niki D. 11 months ago

    "And that smile... that's years of training"..well, now you are part of them

  • jüst päßłø
    jüst päßłø 11 months ago


  • LloydIrving4Smash
    LloydIrving4Smash 11 months ago

    TALES OF VESPERIA!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThePolarBearFromNY
    ThePolarBearFromNY 11 months ago

    Totinos pizza roooooollllllssssss! Lol I actually died laughing when he said they were sponsored by pizza rolls

  • Kgula
    Kgula 11 months ago

    If it's 500 bucks and they get a deal with steam... you might as well get a PC...

  • CeroneGames Go
    CeroneGames Go 11 months ago

    What?! Angry Joe sitting with Dorito Man? Gaming just died

  • NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
    NyQuiiL Cold & Flu 11 months ago +3

    A year later and Microsoft is still struggling with with the same issues.

  • DarkDoTz
    DarkDoTz 11 months ago +1

    That redhead totally wanted joes dick.

  • Lyndii Mey
    Lyndii Mey 11 months ago +2

    From *Doritos* to *Totino's*

  • Hucci Gang
    Hucci Gang 11 months ago

    Fuck these fake ass robots, besides Joe n hottie

  • Flatulence The Unending

    Does anyone remember how much of an asshole Geoff was to Joe?

  • Lord Teletubby Dipsy :*

    I'd spunk on red heads legs.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Year ago

    Joe wanted to smash the shit out of redhead

  • kira0080
    kira0080 Year ago

    Like you stuck with the signature leather jacket and superman shirt lol.

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz Year ago

    Ima wait a year for price games reviews to buy wait when I hear what next console is going to have ect.

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz Year ago

    Who's the scumbag running the show

  • Jacomo65
    Jacomo65 Year ago +8

    The Dorito Pope himself.

  • Dario Dipaola
    Dario Dipaola Year ago

    I was waiting for someone to say Xbox is now implementing a micro-transaction system... and then watch Joe split someone's head...

  • Luck Struck
    Luck Struck Year ago

    X Box X box X

  • DCGOD95 _
    DCGOD95 _ Year ago

    Joe the only one who kept it real on the panel

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw Year ago

    So everyone there but Joe seemed so vapid and hollow. =\

  • Shazlynk TG
    Shazlynk TG Year ago

    What's the point of a XBox if you own a PC anyway ?

  • john 'sweetness' aguilar

    mtv's TRL for youtube ?
    respect to everyone here, but nothing substantial was said.
    how about talking about what what could be done, rather than pandering to what is given to you gamers and justifying high prices and DLC ???????????? oh.. bc that will take balls & a backbone

  • YoJon
    YoJon Year ago

    fuck geoff keighley

  • Tube Industries Broadcasting Company

    I literally got an Xbox one ad before this video

  • Photo_ Filmmaking

    Xbox could’ve sold their new XBOX One for £299 or $299. Everyone would have lost their shit.

  • Joe Lovell
    Joe Lovell Year ago

    Nobody thinks xbox is prepping their hardware for a possible future VR set up? if the ps pro can handle it then why not the greatest console ever? X?

  • enrique figueroa
    enrique figueroa Year ago

    X-Slob One L

  • Hernan Gutierrez
    Hernan Gutierrez Year ago

    Xbox One X is the true 4K console.

  • Piggy Playz
    Piggy Playz Year ago

    Did final fantasy mmo come out this year? No it didn’t. (“He’s messing with me!”)

  • JP80 one
    JP80 one Year ago

    Volume seems off. Great job though. Thanks Joe!

  • T Grandstaff
    T Grandstaff Year ago

    I farted

  • GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks

    Joe plz fix the audio or otherwise re upload the video. I can't hear shit..

  • D96213
    D96213 Year ago

    I was genuinely intrigued by the teasing of Scorpio since I'm a PC gamer and like the good old ps2 days before I went full PC 9 years ago. I use 360 controllers with the PC because i like the experience and this console felt like a step in the right direction to have me sucked in.
    However, the reveal was lackluster at best, boasting features i never cared about in a gaming console and i just wanted a hook, a "Horizon Zero Dawn" or "Spiderman" or even "Zelda" -like title, but apparently they didn't have much exclusives to show other than forza and wooooooo 4K woooooo it's more HD wooooooo. It's never about resolution because on PC i can DSR that 4K into my 19" monitor running at 1366 by 768 and still have my games run at 100+fps stable ON A 7 YEAR OLD MOBO/CPU!!!
    It's about the games my fellow businessmen, and if you fail to deliver on that, people will gradually shift away to Sony's behemoth of a console.
    Plus, the more the iterations of a console are close to the original by power (graphics are basically the same on all consoles with MICRO tweaks here and there with each one) the more the ecosystem feels like PC where you upgrade your graphics card or RAM every now and then to keep up with demanding games that you like playing.
    Emphasis on games, emphasis on playing.
    My rig: intel cheap ass old ass mobo, i7 3770K, 16GB RAM (8GB 300MHz and the other 600), evga GTX 970SC, win10.
    Basically my next step would be changing the mobo to a newer one paying only 50$ and having this 7 year old PC run "nex gen" games at 100fps+ for the years to come. It currently runs bf1 on ultra at 120fps stable.

    • D96213
      D96213 Year ago

      Yes, my ps2 days where between 2007 and 2009, i am from a poor family in an expensive (consumer-wise) middle eastern country, but i have been working and studying computer science and know how to spend less money on great PC parts.
      P.S: Angry Joe is the god of game reviewers in my opinion 💜

  • Gamer Smoke
    Gamer Smoke Year ago

    wait is that guy in white the enemy of joe ?¿

  • MR. X
    MR. X Year ago +1

    Who are the rest of the people in this video?

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John Year ago

    its $700 in singapore

  • Brendan Schiltz
    Brendan Schiltz Year ago +3

    I don't like normal, civilized Joe haha

  • Bryan Fregoso
    Bryan Fregoso Year ago +1

    A month and a half later and it shows how much they lacked in information during their discussion. Partly due to Microsoft and audience; joe and Red Head had good remarks but was shown to play as good on 1080p as it does as 4k.
    Crackdown 3 is multiplayer bound, Joe.

  • pspppe
    pspppe Year ago +1

    So in the video the guy asks what does the Xbox one x need. Now listen to the gist of their answer -.-
    1. Exclusives like the PS4. Anticonsumer as fuk.
    2. More graphics instead of everything running at 60fps. Hm maybe that's why they thought it was ok to cap destiny to 30fps which I feel is unacceptable for a first person shooter.
    3. A price tag of $399 or $449. Ok I am not against this 1.
    Hopefully Microsoft is smart and avoids listening to point 1 and point 2 because I don't know what was running through those guys' heads but that is not what Xbox needs.

    • Neet Neat
      Neet Neat Year ago

      pspppe Well Xbox does need 1.

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck Year ago

    Anyone else feel anxious watching Joe and Geoff in the same room?

  • TheAutistWhisperer

    Sell out.

  • Choda Boy
    Choda Boy Year ago

    WHY do they have a PS4 fanboi (AJ) there to talk about the new Xbox One X?

  • Robot #18
    Robot #18 Year ago

    Joe was the only one not dickriding microsoft

  • Andy Montanez
    Andy Montanez Year ago

    that redhead. damn

  • Iwill3atpeople
    Iwill3atpeople Year ago

    I just got my Xbox one s and they announce Xbox c 😒😒

  • Mr Kill jr.
    Mr Kill jr. Year ago

    Tht's whta I've been saying! People don't buy consoles for the games! not hardware!! True horsepower=games

  • Tripcore
    Tripcore Year ago

    Good to see Joe keeping his integrity

  • Maleficar
    Maleficar Year ago

    7:52 I love how aside from Geoff on his phone everyone is looking around and fidgeting or lost, but then you have Joe just smiling at the camera and following it w/o a care in the world.

  • LordStickMax
    LordStickMax Year ago

    um people buy new cell phones every year. they can get a powerful xbox to make all their games look and run great i think they will.

  • Carpal Tunnel Gadgets

    good job joe, you're awesome

  • DylanG0125
    DylanG0125 Year ago

    "not everyone enjoys 4k" uh what? I'm hoping she means not everyone notices the difference. Which is also pretty insane because 4k on a 42+ inch screen looks phenomenal.

  • worksa8
    worksa8 Year ago

    Dude- everyone wants to be friends with Terry Crews.

  • chris twoodyhussar

    Angry Joe: when you get done eating that red head, let me smell your breath :D

  • Frankie Welfare
    Frankie Welfare Year ago

    that X-O-X shit was ridiculously funny.

    • Frankie Welfare
      Frankie Welfare Year ago

      and that purple haired lady talks like charlie day.

  • Epyon system
    Epyon system Year ago

    What's the point of upgrading to a Xbox one x instead of just building a pc for 500 when the Xbox exclusives WILL ALWAYS BE ON PC ALSO!

    LUIS RAMOS Year ago

    poor fucks can't even afford 4k....they need to get hip

  • Asher G.
    Asher G. Year ago

    In terms of the question raised at the beginning "If the X box one x is backwards compatible, how can games take advantage of the X box one x hardware improvements?". I looked into this, and apparently games will initially be marked as 'improved for x box one x' and microsoft has developed a system where when the game is being installed can detect whether or not you have the x box one x and provide you with the improved installation (such as the 4K assets for example).

  • Dan Crum
    Dan Crum Year ago

    "upgraded to Xbox One S"
    Your friends are idiots, Joe.

  • Thomas More
    Thomas More Year ago +67

    Geoff was wearing less layers than he normally wears, only looks like three or four. Normally he's got on a good 10-15 sweaters.

  • D Mil
    D Mil Year ago

    Why is Joe getting so much shit?

  • masta inc
    masta inc Year ago

    JOE turned to FREEMASONRY

  • masta inc
    masta inc Year ago

    Pause Video at 2:50
    People that can "See" will know that JOE is a sell out

  • Aaron Santos
    Aaron Santos Year ago

    Redhead was the only one that was close to your level of intelligence Joe...

  • Millenia Williams

    I give this video ( and everyone on that stage ) a F-! FUCK ALL OF THEM!!!

  • quag311
    quag311 Year ago

    "Not enough 4K content"
    The Defenders would like to have a word with you.

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs Year ago

    I got an Xbox One for Sunset Overdrive and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I played and thoroughly enjoyed both of those and seen nothing since that justified my purchase. I got Halo 5 and Gears 4 just because they felt like mandatory purchases after haven spent $400 On the console. Those are still not for me.
    Hell, I even bought ReCore just to flesh out my collection. it was decent.

  • Thegamingdude935
    Thegamingdude935 Year ago

    Throughout this video I was saying, WHAT ABOUT FighterZ

  • Newten
    Newten Year ago

    E3 is such a cringy shithole what is Joe doing there?

  • Siegfried
    Siegfried Year ago

    I couldnt hear a thing

  • michael wallace
    michael wallace Year ago

    this is the reason why gaming is going to the shiter why so many consoles why is everything so expensive all the games i grew up with are gone why

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown Year ago

    Scalebound... 😢😭😢😭

  • High Plays
    High Plays Year ago

    Joe is smart asf

    LIONEL KIMO Year ago


  • TheJoker2607
    TheJoker2607 Year ago

    so its the 3rd version of the xbox one