My BEST LIVESTREAM EVER! Slots live at Chumash Casino! JACKPOT HANDPAY!!

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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Comments • 120

  • Bernard B
    Bernard B 3 days ago

    I won the GRAND at San Manuel like 3 weeks ago for $14,777 on a $1.50 bet. It was so sick. It was on Dragon Link . I yelled so loud lol had like 50 people behind me . It’s on my channel if anyone wants to check it out :)

  • Marta Miranda
    Marta Miranda 5 days ago

    Awesome veri nice

  • Terri Hess
    Terri Hess 11 days ago

    sorry but every time I win big my first hour....then I start loosing

    • Terri Hess
      Terri Hess 10 days ago

      @Neily 777 your a smart gambler I like your channel. thanks for reply

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  10 days ago

      I always bring my little bank with me, so whenever I'm ahead, I stash some away so I can always leave with money and not lose everything. Thanks for watching!

    • Terri Hess
      Terri Hess 10 days ago

      @M. Gonz thanks for correct spelling

    • M. Gonz
      M. Gonz 11 days ago +1


  • Lorrie R
    Lorrie R 11 days ago

    Congratulations on the HANDPAY! So exciting 🤩💸🎰🥂

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  10 days ago

      OMG I couldn't believe how fast that happened!! If only all live streams could be like that!!

  • James Dillon
    James Dillon 12 days ago

    Wow! Walking Dead save. Incredible..
    Those TV show/Movie machines are so attractive with many featured its hard not to play them..but we really shouldnt because many more investors have to get paid.
    Great Channel. 👍

  • Adrienne Larkin
    Adrienne Larkin 13 days ago

    HELLO, I Like to play this Game Too.

  • morticiaadams68
    morticiaadams68 14 days ago

    Big CONGRATULATIONS on the awesome win!!! Great way to start a livestream! Wishing you continued luck throughout the holiday season and in the new year! 🍾🎉🎰🍾🎉🎰🍾🎉

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  13 days ago

      Thanks so much!! I must hold the record for the quickest JP on a live stream!

  • Angel-Michele Salas
    Angel-Michele Salas 15 days ago

    That was the best live stream!! Love all you do for the slot community, and making it so much fun to watch.

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  13 days ago

      Thanks so much!! I couldn't believe how fast that big win came!

  • Marilyn T
    Marilyn T 16 days ago

    Fantastic win!!

  • william weir
    william weir 16 days ago

    congrats. nice handpay

  • Hope Fletcher Lopez
    Hope Fletcher Lopez 16 days ago

    Great LIVE Neil...Congratulations on your Handpay and Lena for your hat!

  • shugga
    shugga 16 days ago

    Hey my Guy😉🙌🙌 you are sooo luckeeeeey congratulations!!👏👏

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks so much!! It was a good live stream!

  • Maricela Rivera
    Maricela Rivera 16 days ago

    Did you use ur casino card

  • OKslots of_fun
    OKslots of_fun 16 days ago

    Wow! That was an awesome hit for the Major! Congrats - very exciting!

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks so much!! I was amazed that the major dropped!

  • J Wagner
    J Wagner 16 days ago

    That was a fun Livestream

  • Cina Chandler
    Cina Chandler 16 days ago


  • Cina Chandler
    Cina Chandler 16 days ago


  • Cina Chandler
    Cina Chandler 16 days ago


  • Cina Chandler
    Cina Chandler 16 days ago

    What happens when you fill up the hearts???

  • Cina Chandler
    Cina Chandler 16 days ago

    Such a great hand pay! Congrats, Neil!! 😁

  • Mid-Atlantic Slots
    Mid-Atlantic Slots 16 days ago

    Awesome start..

  • trixy241
    trixy241 16 days ago

    just love you and your channel. Congrats!!

  • Joette Kanter
    Joette Kanter 17 days ago

    Great video! 🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰

  • miss nisha
    miss nisha 17 days ago

    Congrats Neil!!!! That’s was an awesome way to start a live stream lol

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks so much!! I couldn't have asked for a better opening!

  • Inside the Casino
    Inside the Casino 17 days ago

    Nice win, Neil! Congrats!

  • Luv_Travelz Slots
    Luv_Travelz Slots 17 days ago

    What a great start to a livestream 🍀‼️ Congrats on the Handpay 🤑

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      I know!! I couldn't have asked for a better beginning!!

  • KURI Slot
    KURI Slot 17 days ago

    Sweet Major !!!! So beautiful Neil ! Stay lucky !!

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks so much!! I was so shocked it happened in the first minute of going live!! If they could all be like that!

  • deborah perryman
    deborah perryman 17 days ago

    Miss livestream, but enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Glad you caught the replay!!

  • Monique Hodgson
    Monique Hodgson 17 days ago

    i am so happy for you congratulation you deserve it keep on winning and doing your good job xxxxxx

  • Margie O
    Margie O 17 days ago

    Neily!!! That was an awesome opening! Now I need to take a road trip to Chumash (about a 4 hr. drive for me, I think). I have only watched the beginning, I hope there is a 2nd jackpot in the video.

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks Margie!! Only one jp in this stream!! But it was a good one!

  • Lucy N
    Lucy N 17 days ago +1

    I’m soooo happy for you that was so awesome🏆🌸

    TJWASHINGTON 17 days ago

    43 seconds, click, you W I N .

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      I was shocked!! If only all my live streams could be like that!

  • Paul Yu
    Paul Yu 17 days ago

    Congrats! Over 1100X bet. Awesome.

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      I know!! That was one heck of a win!

  • Rudy Venegas Jr
    Rudy Venegas Jr 17 days ago

    Nice i notice you play alot of the left hand slots. I also live close to tachi palace and see most hand pays come from left side machines. Just what ive seen so far. Good luck hit more hand pays keep winning

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago +2

      I'm a lefty, maybe that's why?

  • Ree Walker
    Ree Walker 18 days ago

    Whoa! The Major right off the top. How cool is that? Check out Wild Samurai. It pays like crazy. Congrats! What is the name of that game? I've never seen it before.

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      I played wild samurai... didn't do well on it, but I love that game!!

  • Leon Doci
    Leon Doci 18 days ago

    Good job Neliy!

  • Miss Eye Spy
    Miss Eye Spy 18 days ago

    Congrats fantastic

  • Texas Slot Lady
    Texas Slot Lady 18 days ago

    Congratulations sugar on that Major hit! 🌹🌹

  • Aussie Alba
    Aussie Alba 18 days ago

    Again Neil congrats on your Major win. Great to see it on the re-run 👍🍀💚🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏄‍♂️

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago +1

      Glad you hopped in the live stream for a few minutes!! Thanks so much!!

  • Ricky Leal
    Ricky Leal 18 days ago

    Very nice! Iam actually here at chumash right now for my bday! Just won 500 on one of the leprechaun machines haha 👍💰💰

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      That's awesome!! Hope your luck continued!!

  • chim era
    chim era 18 days ago

    Wowww.. awesome.. that's great neily.. happy for you!!

  • mspfinney
    mspfinney 18 days ago

    Great things happen when you least expect it. Congratulations on your big win! It was so wonderful to see a nice guy win big. Thank you or posting this video. I very much enjoyed watching your casino play. 😁❤️👍🏻

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      I was shocked that I hit that handy so quick!! Thanks for watching!!

  • M. Gonz
    M. Gonz 18 days ago

    Big welcome back to one of my locals. Tachi Palace being the other. Both are within 1.5 hrs of our home. 👍

    • M. Gonz
      M. Gonz 12 days ago

      @Neily 777
      Never visited Tachi until about 2 years ago. Appears to be a recent casino remodel with a new hotel and pool. The rooms are nice. Needs a way better concert venue though.
      Chumash is actually just barely over 1 hr from us but we personally enjoy the gaming at Tachi better so we drive the extra 25-30 minutes.
      Hand pays for everyone!

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago +1

      I like Tachi a lot, but I haven't been there in like 10 years.

  • Char Pisarski
    Char Pisarski 18 days ago

    Great win! Congratulations!

  • Slotty by Nature
    Slotty by Nature 18 days ago

    I just adore you, Neil. Such a big heart! You’re just a few miles from Solvang. That is where my hubby and I went for our honeymoon. We love it there! 💕

  • Coleen Stockman
    Coleen Stockman 18 days ago

    In my local casino we are not permitted to use another machine while waiting for a jackpot pay.For what reason am not sure this is in New Zealand.

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      That's weird that they would enforce that rule. Strange!

    SLOT JEFE 18 days ago

    Watched the replay my friend. The beginning is totally awesome. Congrats on that huge win. Have a great week 😁😎🙂🎉

  • Colin Alford
    Colin Alford 18 days ago

    What a fantastic start Neil well done you, sorry missed your live stream but middle of the night here in Spain. Keep the luck with you and big hugs from Spain xx

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks Colin!! Glad you caught the replay though!!

  • sandy baum
    sandy baum 18 days ago

    Didn't get to watch live but wow..awesome win! Great way to start your live. Congrats!!

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      I couldn't believe how fast that handpay came!!

  • OlderPennsylvanian-OP
    OlderPennsylvanian-OP 18 days ago

    This was amazing!

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      It was amazing for sure!! Thanks so much!

  • Chris Anthony
    Chris Anthony 18 days ago +2

    Neily says "My heart's beating." Well, I hope so LOL. Great live play!

  • Jean McGuire
    Jean McGuire 18 days ago

    Congratulations! Great win!

  • Sandy Billings
    Sandy Billings 18 days ago

    How exciting to start your live stream that way congratulations!

  • mofreak44
    mofreak44 18 days ago

    Great job!!

  • Randi Gambles
    Randi Gambles 18 days ago

    Watching it now. Glad to see you winning at my local. Seem to be friendly enough about the filming too. 😃

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Thanks so much!! Yeah, no one gave me a hard time on filming!

  • edgatico
    edgatico 18 days ago

    The one Sunday I don’t got to CHUMASH and you go and live stream haha I’d love to meet you and fan girl out lol jk.... congratulations on your jackpot 🎰

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      Lol, thanks so much!! I'll be back to Chumash around Christmas time!

  • jayreazy1
    jayreazy1 18 days ago

    Great hit live , well deserved, next time the grand

  • TorontoMainlineTrains
    TorontoMainlineTrains 18 days ago

    Missed the live-stream, but wow what a start Congratulations Neil!

    • Neily 777
      Neily 777  16 days ago

      No kidding!! I all live streams could start that way!!

  • Riley Whetstone
    Riley Whetstone 18 days ago

    Nice win, off the bat!

  • marsha armeni
    marsha armeni 18 days ago

    Nice Win!