A Time Of My Life That I Will Never Get Back | Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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    Little Mix star Jesy Nelson goes on a journey of rehabilitation as she opens up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of cyberbullies and its effects on her mental health.
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Comments • 18 761

  • Kaitlynn Orr
    Kaitlynn Orr 10 minutes ago

    She let people get to her like it’s her fault but it also not let me explain before you guys judge me
    Your responsible for your own action if someone called her ugly she think she needed lip injections Botox whatever it’s her fault for getting surgeries not the haters cause she let them get to her not saying people who call her ugly there jerks but end of the day we’re all ugly inside and out we’re all beautiful outside inside like stop blaming the haters it’s not there fault that you change your look or face whatever your have your responsibility and so do they that doesn’t give them a right for them to tell you your ugly your just responsible for changing yourself

  • sofi luna
    sofi luna 24 minutes ago

    Everyone is pretty in their own way....I wish all hate goes away......

  • Wolfie Star
    Wolfie Star 34 minutes ago

    I dont know of this is true, but I heard rumors that Jesy left Little Mix, I'm not sure if any body knows plz tell me

  • Daphne ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    What people call “fat” about Jesy makes her who she is and I’m sorry but u can’t fix that, but if u want to fix it then here’s what to do
    1. Get your eyes checked
    2. Change ur attitude
    3. Notice what makes jesy so special and amazing 😉
    she’s a romodel look what she’s doing she’s sharing her story of how she felt most people would be terrified to do this accept who she is and stop all these mean comments in this world people don’t deserve ttem

  • Katie O'Neill
    Katie O'Neill 3 hours ago +1

    This girl deserves more she is a model she is a beautiful young woman I went to the LM5 tour on saturday she looked gorgeous Jesy dont let any body get to you.You have an army behind you and I'm proudly apart of that army xxxx

  • Fatima Patel
    Fatima Patel 3 hours ago

    Katie Hopkins should stop judging people and maybe look in the mirror and all the other people who did they should to

  • Gacha_Amy
    Gacha_Amy 5 hours ago +1

    You know when they said "the people who are mean to someone, are actually jealous of them" this is exactly what is happening. They all were really jealous of jesy because jesy was too hot

  • Snazzy Jazzy xo
    Snazzy Jazzy xo 5 hours ago +1

    i’m looking at her x factor audition and not finding how people could criticize her

  • Catalina B
    Catalina B 5 hours ago

    I had never ever been a big fan of them, don't get me wrong i like them a lot and some of their songs was my jam back there, but i did not know their history I did not know anything about them. But I can tell you something, when I see them for the first time the only thing that I could thought was that Jesy is completely gorgeous. I'm not lying, I was so shocked about her eyes, her smile and her beautiful voice! I never thought "Oh she is kinda fat" Never. Because that doesn't mean nothing. You can see that she is a artist. You can see that she is special. Stay strong forever Jesy!. You are not alone. All the souls out there who are been suffering about this are with you. Bullying sucks.( sorry for my bad english)

  • McSkyyy
    McSkyyy 6 hours ago +1

    Do you guys know where I can watch the documentary Outside of the UK?

  • Katro
    Katro 7 hours ago

    oh boo hoo someone on the internet called you a bad nasty name

  • Phylicia Morgan
    Phylicia Morgan 7 hours ago


  • Phylicia Morgan
    Phylicia Morgan 7 hours ago

    post watch want say jest Nelson

  • Phylicia Morgan
    Phylicia Morgan 7 hours ago


  • Phylicia Morgan
    Phylicia Morgan 8 hours ago

    severtthiscantforgettvdoesntworkatallg.comte Teri Kross

  • Shirin Redenius
    Shirin Redenius 10 hours ago +1

    Jesy I love you so much 😘😭💔

  • Shawn mendes Big fan
    Shawn mendes Big fan 10 hours ago +1

    Your beautiful don't lestin to *HATERS* I swear !

  • Kimberley Light
    Kimberley Light 12 hours ago

    U are buitifull pritty

  • Marchria Lopez
    Marchria Lopez 13 hours ago

    Be strong Jesy we love you so much💜❤💜

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 15 hours ago

    People don't realise how their harsh words can ruin someone's life and make them depress.

  • Lauren Rootsaert
    Lauren Rootsaert 18 hours ago

    Even when she was thick, she was still gorgeous! Everyone that is famous is expected to be so skinny and perfect looking. If someone famous is normal looking, everyone attacks them. It’s the strangest thing.

  • sunlight may
    sunlight may 20 hours ago

    Pls I need a text from Jesy I wish I can see them and I hate those people who call her fat ugly and not pretty SHE IS PRETTY DO NOT MAKE HER SAD!!!

  • Iana Luna
    Iana Luna 20 hours ago

    Please allow people who aren't in the UK to watch it! I want to watch it so bad!

  • Kelsie Wild
    Kelsie Wild 23 hours ago

    Ever high school or any school need to show this so girls don’t have to feel like they have to change

  • Misty Forest
    Misty Forest Day ago

    Jesy you are absolutely gorgeous and an amazing talent. Very beautiful and don't let insecure people affect your life again.

  • Rania Khan
    Rania Khan Day ago

    2:44. we are here for u. who's with me!

  • Rania Khan
    Rania Khan Day ago

    it all started with one horrible comment from a horrible person. dis is happening to so many people right this second.
    2 all those people who are suffering yr not alone this is how many people want to help u.

  • Tanisha Nawaz
    Tanisha Nawaz Day ago

    She is gorgeous just the way she is🤩

  • Emilee Guinn
    Emilee Guinn Day ago

    This gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. People are so cruel. Jesy will always be beautiful to me. She is such an amazing role model for me and it will never change. 💖💖

  • A L I
    A L I Day ago

    i love you so much jesy, you are gorgeous, you are beautiful inside and outside

  • Xx_Walzr_xX Midnight

    I saw this in school and i cried! I started watching this over and over but not once i have not cried in any of it. One of my favourite band member getting bullied online and i cannot take it anymore!! Here is a peice of advice for you who bullied Jesy. "Fat people can turn skinny, but an ugly heart cannot."
    I hope Jesy will feel better about herself and she will keep building up her self-esteem. 'Cause no matter what as her fans, we will always love her 💖

  • Evie Woodhouse
    Evie Woodhouse Day ago

    Why do some people do this. Why do they think it’s alright to say things about other people they wouldn’t like it so why do it to others! It’s horrible! Jessy is funny,kind,BEAUTIFUL and a bundle of joy and she always has been older jessy was great as Well! It’s horrible they world we live in has a massive percent of horrible people bullying and know one deserves it apart from the people who do it it needs to stop because if we don’t do anything about the bad things we do in this world it’s gonna get worse. More people will die more fires will happen more animals wild die and the sea will be filled of rubbish! Someone help! And remember if your reading this don’t believe what people say your beautiful the way you are don’t change your amazing funny and kind keep your head up high and help our planet to be good! And btw this has come from a ten year old girl who is scared of what are world is and how I want to change it.

    Evie 🙏🏽😭❤️


    I don’t think she’s the only one who’s been criticised by Katie Hopkins, I think we’ve heard much worse than being just called fat

  • Weronika Wawryszczuk

    She is SO beautiful

  • 망개떡
    망개떡 Day ago

    You are the best singer I’ve ever heard!You deserved to be love☺️Go love yourself,all your fans will support you❤️Love you jesy💛You’ll shine bright when you sing on stage,but you will shine brighter being yourself!Really love you so much!
    -Love from Korea💛💛💛💛💛-

  • ItsMe Eleasha
    ItsMe Eleasha Day ago

    Jesy ur so pretty and I lv littlemix

  • Besties 4life
    Besties 4life Day ago

    When I first seen little mix she was my favorite and still is I love her she can be fat so am I love yourself how you are you are beautiful stay strong

  • John Marston
    John Marston Day ago

    She looks fine. She always looked fine. Any normal person would gladly date someone who looks like her. Social media is the death of the world

  • Karissa A.H.
    Karissa A.H. Day ago

    You're beautiful people who think you are ugly are stupid you're gorgeous

  • LaraCleland 2008

    Why did this happen she is literally the most smart, prettiest, amazing girl in the world. I went to watch in 2017 in May u were amazing and u girls have had so much fun together. U have so many people behind u especially ur family friends and fans don’t let anyone put u down. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Crystal Tucker
    Crystal Tucker Day ago

    I’m so sorry

  • Ally Xo
    Ally Xo Day ago

    I always support Little Mix because they ALL sing and they ALL CAN SING. It's not like The Pussycat Dolls with Nicole and her dancers or like Destiny's Child with "perfect" Beyonce and other underrated girls. Little Mix is the real girlsband. Girls are not perfect instagram fake queens and that's cool. I think Jesy is really pretty and she was pretty even when she was bigger.

  • mukeislife cashtonisreal


  • Carina Elena Economu

    It is a huge difference between being fat have got naturaly curves

  • Naz
    Naz Day ago

    If she's ugly and fat,what am i ???
    She's gorgeous and she was always my favorite one since the beginning :(

  • Heart Break
    Heart Break Day ago

    My first thought watching this was like damn she looks great now

  • Gacha rabiya
    Gacha rabiya Day ago

    Jesy is amazing

  • Arianna De Fazio

    Jasy, you are beautiful, gorgeous and flawless

  • Indian Swifty
    Indian Swifty Day ago

    U are beautiful don't care about what others say
    Jesy u looks sexy and much better with thinner lips

  • 吳若瑜
    吳若瑜 Day ago

    can anyone tell me where to watch the full documentary outside the UK please????

  • I love dominique

    Katy Hopkins?....Irrelevant people making irrelevant comments

  • Miraxus Drestrauss

    Jesy being bullied by her weight and Normani by her race. In the end, these women will have their success their haters will never have

  • Tea Phunyisa
    Tea Phunyisa Day ago

    Wanna cry

  • Lisa Rudkin
    Lisa Rudkin Day ago

    I don't get why she got abuse she was buitiful for how she was and however said that she was fat should be ashamed of themselves cos people are beautiful just the way they are. Like if u agree.

  • Gacha Friendship
    Gacha Friendship Day ago +1

    Jesy your an amazing woman every single person whatching you right now loves you forget about those haters

  • Clara Dilmi
    Clara Dilmi Day ago

    so so proud what jesy became

  • KaTera Deon
    KaTera Deon Day ago

    I still remember the first time i saw Jesy back in 2011 i was 10 years old & i was sooo used to seeing skinny girls who were the standard of “beauty” & i wanted to be them so bad i was a bigger child & i used to get called fat & bullied each day then i saw Jesy & tbh she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen in my life she was bigger & she seemed so confident & throughout these 8 years she & the girls have helped me feel good about myself 💗✨

  • user name
    user name Day ago

    People are so superficial

  • Areeba Zaheer
    Areeba Zaheer Day ago

    i am repulsed by the fact that people say things to jesy she is beuatiful and always will be

  • Lauren Segal
    Lauren Segal Day ago

    You are beautiful!