Victoria Beckham Does Not Want to Know THIS About Her Son

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Real fam, is there something you consider TMI when it comes to your kids?
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  • Roena Skates
    Roena Skates 3 days ago +1

    When did White Women start to think White Men were Sexy?

  • Ashley Chan
    Ashley Chan 14 days ago

    Why can’t she be the permanent host instead?

  • 20somethingsWorld
    20somethingsWorld 20 days ago

    5th grade girls lmfaooo

  • Marcellus Barnes
    Marcellus Barnes 22 days ago

    I just love the term tree monsters

  • Joanna Herodotou
    Joanna Herodotou 28 days ago

    Loni's eyelash looks like it's falling in her eye!!! It wasn't glued on properly.

  • Joanna Herodotou
    Joanna Herodotou 28 days ago

    Tisha is right, don't want to hear that my son is sexy!!! Eew!!

  • Paola F
    Paola F 29 days ago

    i don’t get it. be proud that your child is attractive to other people their age group because you made that child and that child has part of your genes. so it’s really a compliment to yourself as well. that ain’t bad. some adults are really fucking sick thinking of the worst scenario and jumping to disturbing conclusions.

  • Blake Coston
    Blake Coston Month ago

    This conversation remind me when drew was receiving so many gifts even from adult woman on everybody hate Chris. His mom had to put people in their place. Never had that issue I was more like Chris lol.

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    Does that lady have a permanently sore throat? Why she always talk like that?

  • C Viera
    C Viera Month ago

    Tamera looking like a WHOLE spice on this episode ! The animal print, make up, hair... YASSS GIRL !

  • Mason Perry
    Mason Perry Month ago

    I’m with Tam, I’d take pride in, and praise the lord my child exudes sexiness even at a young age, I wouldn’t dull that. Yeah he’s seven, of course keep an eye out for cougars, but the teenage years are coming, puberty is just beginning. It’s never to early to make your child aware of the world. Don’t shatter his childhood, but slowly wake him up.

  • C D
    C D Month ago

    Tamera knows her son is handsome and she lovesss for people to hype her up about it lmao

  • ImSoJessica Nichole
    ImSoJessica Nichole Month ago +1

    If someone tells me my son is cute ima be like awww shucks thanks!!!! I made him 😂😂😂

  • Tonia's Reviews
    Tonia's Reviews Month ago

    Loni why you trying to steal his sexy loo

  • KU4EVER100
    KU4EVER100 Month ago

    TIsha tryna look like one of those 18 year old "heffas" wearing them hoops everyday.

  • KU4EVER100
    KU4EVER100 Month ago

    Someone please get Tisha a cup of tea please

  • KU4EVER100
    KU4EVER100 Month ago

    When Tisha pulled up that picture....I thought the 18 yo was 13 yo at the oldest. Tamara looking real cute hip with those hoops and blazer.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Month ago

    Aiden is 7 in 1st grade?? Aren't 7-8 year olds supposed to be in 3rd grade???

  • Katrina Jones
    Katrina Jones Month ago

    I am like Tisha when it comes to my baby boy, who is 18. I don't want these heffers eyeing my baby 🤣🤣

  • Alexis Bentley
    Alexis Bentley Month ago +1

    it's most always the ugly kids that turn out to be the most beautiful later haha

  • Luc Desprets
    Luc Desprets Month ago

    Tamera WILL definitely change her mind when Aiden gets older. All mothers talk like she does now and then find it offensive when their son is of age.

  • Graffiti Girl
    Graffiti Girl Month ago

    They ain’t got nothing else to talk about, sorry not sorry this topic was boring.

  • Carressa Hatley
    Carressa Hatley Month ago

    I just hope they aren't calling 5th grade girls heifers.

  • Carressa Hatley
    Carressa Hatley Month ago

    What happened to Tisha's voice.

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry Jackson Month ago

    I feel like the writers and producers told tamera to be funny

  • Natasha Laureano
    Natasha Laureano Month ago

    1:38 why loni lash look like it’s coming off.

  • no name
    no name Month ago +2

    Tisha's positive soul shines through in each episode , i love her !

  • Dina love
    Dina love Month ago

    Aiden is one beautiful kid. In my culture, parents are encouraged to recite supplications on their children to safegaurd them from the evil eye, especially if they're beautiful like Aiden. Whenever I see a beautiful child I say, "Allahumma Barik lahuu" or "Allahumma Baarik lahaa" for girls, "which means May God Bless him/her" and this protects the kids from any evil you may be harboring een if you're their parent, because the evil eye is real. You can give it to yourself, your child. This is why you shouldn't praise yourself too much or your children, without reciting prayers such as this.

  • Samantha Atkins
    Samantha Atkins Month ago +1

    Why is she on the show if she can barely speak!!

  • Fenty Hoe
    Fenty Hoe Month ago

    Her son is ugly AF

  • Keren Ortiz
    Keren Ortiz Month ago

    I'm trynna think what Adrianne would've said...

  • Cheyenne Malone
    Cheyenne Malone Month ago +1

    Aiden looks just like Tam

  • Green Fig
    Green Fig Month ago +5

    This woman’s voice is so croaky I swear.

  • Kim Dee
    Kim Dee Month ago

    Aiden is adorable

  • sweet cherry
    sweet cherry Month ago

    how old is 5th grade-

  • luxaholic anonymous

    I love Tisha on this show. The other girl no bueno 😜

  • Mao Yang
    Mao Yang Month ago

    I get you Victoria, It's weird because he's your kid, the baby you made, raised and changed diapers for. I'm not a mother but I am an aunt and a sister and even when a stranger calls them "sexy" it is weird because they just know the person they see before them. But I saw what it took to get them there, the acne, boogers, braces may be and that's something you can't unsee. Plus everyone has a different definition of sexy and you never know what people are thinking in their mind when they say it, especially when he's still young, there are some real creepers out there.

  • Kayla Lively
    Kayla Lively Month ago +3

    Tree monsters 😂😂😂😂 lonie is my favorite hands down love her always amazing lady

  • Brook Milburn
    Brook Milburn Month ago +12

    Tamera is so pretty. I love how calm her voice is, how she carries herself, how respectful she is and how classy she is. ❤️

  • Khloe-Nicole Stevenson

    Why is he 7 in 1st grade?

  • Lexi Shaw
    Lexi Shaw Month ago +2

    I really like Tisha on here.

  • K Day'LaShaun
    K Day'LaShaun Month ago +2

    When I was 18 I was walkn round the mall like🥴 too lol

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +3

    The Beckham child is not sexy. He is distinctly average.

    • M T33
      M T33 Month ago +1

      Alex I walk past guys that look like him every day but to each their own 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • CarlyEH11
    CarlyEH11 Month ago

    Heifers? That's rude.

  • Jessica Belton
    Jessica Belton Month ago +2

    My daughter who is now 8 and in the 2nd grade has been getting gifts and even money from boys that fancy her since the 1st grade . Idk how or why all the older kids 4th and 5th graders know her by name but I'm am truly already over it !🤣
    I think ita time to make their daddy/daughter date's monthly ! Gotta keep her bougie and unbothered.

  • V S
    V S Month ago +1

    Why is Victoria beckham son in people magazine most handsom? He isnt famous he has famous parent but other than that why put him on there just because of his famous family?? Just like Paris Jackson MJ daughter being on the front cover of the rolling stone like why is she on there just because her father is famous.

    • M T33
      M T33 Month ago

      V S I know right?! Her son looks like half of my graduating high school class...

  • Jrodd
    Jrodd Month ago

    Mixed babies doe!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Joanna Olivarez
    Joanna Olivarez Month ago

    Adrienne missed work!!??

  • Serious One
    Serious One Month ago +1

    Someone did Tisha wrong with her makeup. Too shiny and that shade of lipstick is too pale.

  • uMADden
    uMADden Month ago

    Big girl far right will have shrek at birth

    • M T33
      M T33 Month ago

      uMADden you seem like a nice person

  • Madridista Halamadrid

    The thots start young

  • Agnes Okpeh
    Agnes Okpeh Month ago +2

    I missed Adrienne..
    I love all of their chemistry!
    If you’re reading this, I hope you have a blessed week, you’ve got this! 😉

  • Darrin Nolen
    Darrin Nolen Month ago +6

    I LOVE Tamara. 🤣 She cracks me up. But when he turns 18 I bet she’s gonna sing a different tune hahahah

  • Kat Pheonix
    Kat Pheonix Month ago +2

    U know aiden is gonna be a stud lol

    • Leslie Blanco
      Leslie Blanco Month ago

      dont sexualize children. His mom is god fearing and a good woman with morals, she wont teach him to be loose with women.

  • babygvrl 00
    babygvrl 00 Month ago +2

    aiden is gonna look like paul walker but BETTER im sure lol

  • A. Ant.
    A. Ant. Month ago

    TRUST ME!! Same way with my mom! I guess I favor my dad more and I’m tall compared to my mom so people assume we’re friends. EWWWWW DONT HIT ON MY MOM IN FRONT OF ME GROSSSSSS but I’m flattered I will age gracefully I guess... still ew LOL

  • Jason Shampansky
    Jason Shampansky Month ago

    These hoes need to stop and this is what happened to Gina from Martin damn damn damn Gina!

  • Alexia Spiteri
    Alexia Spiteri Month ago +15

    Remember when Jeannie said that Aiden is "FIIIINNNNEEEE"? 🥴

    • Alexia Spiteri
      Alexia Spiteri Month ago

      @8luvbug i forgot but it's on youtube. I think it was something about calling your children beautiful but i'm not sure. It's from last season i think

    • 8luvbug
      8luvbug Month ago +1

      What ep was that called

  • Christa Harding
    Christa Harding Month ago +2

    Tamera looks absolutely stunning!!! ❤️

  • Liv Nonord
    Liv Nonord Month ago

    Lets look at it this way....
    My little cousin Neesha's real beauty is uncompromised.
    Her sister is older with the money.
    It looks like if you press her enough she'll looks like Mr. Perry had said in one of his plays...
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