Inside Japan's Most Expensive Bullet Train | $750 Seat

  • Published on Apr 10, 2020
  • Japan's Bullet Trains (Shinkansen) are a joy to travel on. Stylish, luxurious and futuristic, we ride inside the premium-first class cabin for the first time and experience railway travel on another level.
    A huge thanks to JR EAST for inviting us to ride inside the Gran Class cabin.
    *Filmed in February*
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +10062

    *IMPORTANT* Hey guys, setting my usual sarcasm aside for once I hope you’re all safe right now. Like a lot of the documentary style videos on this channel, this video was filmed many weeks before its release. We shot this long before the Tokyo lockdown; as I mentioned in last week’s video, for several weeks now I’ve been self isolating in my apartment with a stash of cup noodles, where I’ll be staying for the rest of April (and likely beyond at this point). I considered postponing this video given it’s set outdoors, but I figured anything that provides an escape from the ongoing situation can only be a good thing (especially given how hilarious Ryotaro was in this episode with his love of “different air”). As always, many thanks for watching guys and stay safe. I’ll be back later this week with another video and hit the like button if you enjoyed the show!

    • Heru- deshet
      Heru- deshet 3 months ago

      Just remember that cup o noodles take a long time to digest, lol.

    • Susan
      Susan 8 months ago +1

      Thanks to videos like this, I can mentally travel in these difficult times. Thanks

    • Chee Devulan
      Chee Devulan 9 months ago

      So it's now August 2021 I wish u good health, sir!

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi Year ago +889

    I loved watching this it was jokes, next time I'm in Japan I'm definitely going to find out just how different that air is in the Grand-class cabin

    • Venom Dank
      Venom Dank 2 months ago

      @410_Redline street-team buy me a new laptop please I will use it for good. :)

    • Gacarino
      Gacarino 2 months ago +1

      @Adoor.Jeffin_005 ik this might sound bad but don’t envy rich people they often work much harder than you

    • Sergiuss555
      Sergiuss555 4 months ago

      That air is grand-class air.

    • Adoor.Jeffin_005
      Adoor.Jeffin_005 6 months ago

      @410_Redline street-team Lmao😂😂 sorry for that bud'. I wouldn't spend that kind of money if I were you...because I'm average who is always happy seeing rich people spending by my imagination😅😅 (btw in my way I would call it burning) money on stuff which u May call stupid sht but to people like me it would be fantasy 🤯 mind blowing right..Lol me looking at people reviewing stuff for me as if I'm having it with me🤤😅

    • 410_Redline street-team
      410_Redline street-team 6 months ago +1

      @Adoor.Jeffin_005 meh. I blow 750$ usd on stupid shit every 3weeks

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer Year ago +990

    I'm a Japanese and I went to Spain and found that they have a great bullet express train there as fast and smooth as Shinkansen.
    Then I found out the logos "Hitachi" are written on the body of the Spanish bullet train. So, it was made in Japan

    • freethinker1
      freethinker1 2 months ago

      They were smart enough to buy from the Japanese

    • quetzalcueyatl
      quetzalcueyatl 4 months ago

      I'm from Phoenix Arizona and our light rail cars are from Japan.

    • Sarth Singh
      Sarth Singh 4 months ago

      I'm excited to see japanese E5 Shinkansen trains here in india for Mumbai Ahemdabad hsr project.

    • Victorianne Castle
      Victorianne Castle 4 months ago

      The train here in the Philippines too are made in Japan

    • Dangula
      Dangula 4 months ago

      @nobita nobi No more excuse to be late to work!

  • Romancecar GSE
    Romancecar GSE Year ago +1141

    I'm Japanese, but I haven't been in Gran Class yet. I am grateful that you are telling me about Japan correctly. (I'm using Google Translate, so I'm sorry if I made a mistake.)

    • BigChungas
      BigChungas Month ago

      @BlitzAce i was kidding, Australia isn't real btw.

    • BlitzAce
      BlitzAce Month ago +1

      @BigChungas accomplishment of using google translate...? you okay?

    • Satah
      Satah 2 months ago

      @Honk Honk yeah it's NOT

    • Dee Parker
      Dee Parker 6 months ago

      @Nipandeerus 95 The only condition i have is the condition of tired of you. Not sure where I’d go to find a better place rather than here. So …bye.

  • EnoshII
    EnoshII Year ago +3243

    other youtubers: sponsored by raid shadow legends
    Chris: sponsored by a Japanese bullet train company

    • The Freaks
      The Freaks 28 days ago

      @柯書凱 why are you playing the victim all of a sudden? Whatever. I’m gonna stop regardless since this whole ordeal has taken a toll on my brain cells. Bye

    • 柯書凱
      柯書凱 28 days ago

      @The Freaks STOP HARASSING ME

    • 柯書凱
      柯書凱 28 days ago

      @The Freaks LOOKS like you learned how to communicate with other people finally. Please communicate more CLEARLY with others in the future. Thank you.

    • 柯書凱
      柯書凱 Month ago

      @The Freaks Your English is incoherent. " The topic is already decided so you should already know without me having to reiterate everything to you." This sentence is INCORRECT. Please fix it in your next reply. Thank you.

    • 柯書凱
      柯書凱 Month ago

      @The Freaks What does "bruh" mean? I am not from America. I did not use the word "SUPPOSEDLY" in my comment EITHER. Please learn English correctly and come back and reply back to me, BRUH. Additionally, you forgot a period at the end of your comment. Please learn how to COMMUNICATE better with other users. Good bye.

  • Outdated Leon
    Outdated Leon Year ago +264

    Ah yes, the "Gran Class". My gran loves this. Finally, a train seat-class specifically designed for people like her.

  • Shendril A. Vynterbluth

    Hi there! Great you mentioned the JR Rail Pass. When we have been to Japan in 2006 we also got it, and it is a bliss for every tourist. Just as you said: not only is it cheap, but it also provides so much flexibility. And I totally agree: if you are in Japan, you have to ride the Shinkansen!
    Cheers to all!

  • Osark2850
    Osark2850 11 months ago +46

    I would watch Ryotaro if he had his own channel, he is just such a delight to watch. Puts a smile on my face everytime

    • Osark2850
      Osark2850 11 months ago

      :OO omg perfect, thank you

    • Hinako Tamayouchi
      Hinako Tamayouchi 11 months ago +11

      He does! Ryotaro's Japan -

  • zoinomiko
    zoinomiko 8 months ago +19

    The JR pass is indeed LEGIT the best thing ever, so worth it for seeing as much of Japan as you could want.

  • twelve11
    twelve11 Year ago +58

    The cleanliness of Japan is mind blowing, everything looks pristine!

  • Jaka05
    Jaka05 Year ago +1974

    "the air is different"
    Of course, the air between the peasant's air & royal's air is different

    • Ma5jay5dontxdoxthat
      Ma5jay5dontxdoxthat 8 months ago

      @Deus yes but like can I not shit gold? That sounds like a lot of constipation.

    • John Tong
      John Tong 9 months ago

      Quite possible that only the peasants can feel the difference....

    • Namelss
      Namelss 9 months ago

      @ArcanisUrriah hahahaha

    • Kai'Sa
      Kai'Sa 11 months ago

      @thatdude034 You tried a rich person's shit? Nice.

    • funkyleah
      funkyleah 11 months ago +3

      Premium oxygen

  • Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo Year ago +9

    i am swiss and i have traveled quite a bit around this planet (and i often visit japan). i can safely say that we have a great *nation-wide* train system here, which is terms of reachability, comfort of travel, punctuality and technology puts more or less (apart from some local special trains as they exist in many places from the UK to China) everything else in the world to shame (even our dear neighbor countries, sorry guys but you know its true!). but compared to the Shinkansen-network, our system is slow, dated, unreliable and uncomfortable. THATS how good trains are in japan, its just mind-blowing ...

  • Shane Boyd
    Shane Boyd Year ago +8

    This was the most recent video that had been uploaded when I discovered this channel, hard to believe that was only a year ago. It feels like I've seen every video on both channels multiple times in that time and it's amazing how quickly Abroad in Japan became one of my favourite things to watch, I'm so grateful for the humor and escapism that only this channel can provide :)

  • Yaroslav Romanyuk
    Yaroslav Romanyuk 2 years ago +6055

    Ryotaro is the most western Japanese man I've ever seen.

    • joe broadbeef
      joe broadbeef 9 months ago

      And I love it!!

    • Yukie From Oz
      Yukie From Oz 10 months ago +1

      His accent seems to be mainly American-English but I noticed a British accent crept in at 6:45 :)

    • Y A G O Oat?🐐
      Y A G O Oat?🐐 Year ago

      He studied in American High school, London University, worked in Germany and stayed spain/Australia for abit I think. He also has a TheXvid channel almost 100k subscribers

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi Year ago +1

      he was great in this video

  • Matthew Darke
    Matthew Darke 8 months ago +6

    The JR Pass was our bread and butter while we visited. We spent a month there and it gave us access to the full country. Only issue we had was while the pass lets you make use of both the JR sub/ground trains without planning ahead, you always had to reserve your seats on the bullet trains in advance. You couldn't just show up and use the pass to grab a ticket and go. With some planning though we went from Tokyo to Sendai, then took trains out from Sendai up to Aomori, then we jumped from Sendai to Kyoto, day trips out to Osaka and Hiroshima. Then back to Tokyo. And the only time we had to pay for a ticket out of pocket was the train out to the Gundam statue, which was from our understanding a rail line not owned by JR. Heads up on those bullet trains though, and we ended up having to play the ignorant tourists. Sometimes there are only minutes between train boardings. We mistakenly got on the newer bullet train, which the pass doesn't cover, because it arrived like 7 or 5 minutes before our actual train, and we just assumed it was the correct train. Staff was very gracious and did not boot us at the next station to wait for our actual train.

  • Furblesnert
    Furblesnert Year ago +8

    I lived in Japan for 2 years, and my (now ex) wife and i traveled on the shinkansen a few times. She did it more often as she traveled for work. We didn't get to try Granclass, but we did travel in the Green cars on both our main trips. Really enjoyed being on them. =)

  • beandonuts
    beandonuts Month ago +1

    I was so amazed at how smooth the bullet trains were. It was so cool. We were also taken away with how on time all the trains are. We thought we had missed our train once cause we are so used to having very approximate times for trains or none at all.

  • Alice Gatto
    Alice Gatto Year ago +3

    Wow that's seriously impressive. I once booked a business class ticket on the Chinese bullet train, that was fancy enough for me... but this exceeds that level of luxury ...

  • iamevildoing
    iamevildoing 2 years ago +2193

    Gosh imagine paying $750 to sit in luxurious silence and then have these two guys going on about the seats and the snake light haha

    • Astgfrallah
      Astgfrallah 9 months ago +1


    • MexicAnime
      MexicAnime 10 months ago +3

      @Lost Gaijin So free ride on the GrandClass, a free luxury meal, permission to film it all, AND free background extras? Hell of a deal.

    • Josef
      Josef 11 months ago

      Entertainment seems to be included

    • EagleSoaringOverLakeRiver
      EagleSoaringOverLakeRiver Year ago +20

      @ohlala lala this is a first class train ticket, a first class airplane ticket would be thousands of dollars

    • ohlala lala
      ohlala lala Year ago

      I paid $200+ for return flight ticket from KL -> Tokyo pre-covid. $750?? Yea, transportation and accommodation is pretty expensive in Japan.

  • Lost Under the Sky
    Lost Under the Sky Year ago +13

    0:42 that's an amazing statistic and just goes to show you how japan prioritizes efficiency and safety of their rail lines without cutting corners. i live in california and the state is currently building the high speed rail network which will open up in the next 10-15 years, and it's already way over budget, over delayed, and i have a really really really bad feeling that since the USA lacks experience and building rail lines, especially high speed rails since the main mode of transportation is private transportation such as cars, i just dont think the california high speed rail will match the statistics of no accident like the shinkansen

    • SpoonieSensei
      SpoonieSensei Year ago

      oh i think i've already read about accidents in the news!! *hehe* it's sad but it's true ... saying that as a "fellow american." and i guarantee if we keep "making america great again" those safety stats will immediately drop by something like 400% ... and STILL before the bloody thing is even built. the problem with the us is that so many people think they know it all and that everything here is "THE BEST!" and both of those things are much more frequently false than they are true.

  • Brickstastic
    Brickstastic Year ago +1

    I recently stumbled upon your videos (again). And I like them a lot. Keep up the good work. Good cutting and imagery, great narrative, guests, humor etc ... you know who you are and what you do ;)
    I am always baffled and humbled by the Japanese. Always very nice and their works are very precise and pieces of art in the details. What I am getting at is visible at minute 7. Do you see that gap between the train and the platform? No? Look again. See it now? Yes? Stuff like this makes me freak out about how precise and thought-out their works are.

  • William Smith
    William Smith Year ago +2

    Amazing that’s one Tree tip that is an incredible deal! $173 USD for five days of train riding? Can’t do that in England I bet. Great way to promote tourism and I much appreciate the video.I wish other countries copied the example to the extent that they could. You guys are a great team.

  • Kei ??
    Kei ?? Year ago +2

    Living right by a train station (I can see the trains from my bedroom window) in south London that goes straight to London Victoria, I've never felt safe and am quite frankly TERRIFIED of trains. I had a full on panic attack going on a train for a school trip in year 7. But in Japan, I've never once felt unsafe or scared of the bullet trains.

  • U ji
    U ji 2 years ago +3321

    I’m Japanese, but I’ve never got on this train.
    I’m a high school student and have been learning English for 3 years. I always watch your videos and improve my listening skills. Thanks for reading!

    • Satoru Gojo
      Satoru Gojo 3 months ago

      I'm a Filipino, learning Japanese language. I'm here because I love your country. いつか日本へ行きたい!
      Thanks for reading.

    • Luiz Alex Phoenix
      Luiz Alex Phoenix Year ago

      If anything, my grammar only dips when I am talking to native speakers. Things like your/you're, a/an and other small details are usually a sign of someone that speaks English more than they write, in my experience. Spelling is something that we all mess up, though... 😅

    • TAP7a
      TAP7a Year ago

      @U ji "I always watch" -> every time I have an opportunity to watch, I watch
      "I'm always watching" -> I spend a lot of time watching and I do so very often
      "I always watch Game of Thrones" -> every time there's a new episode, or if I get to choose what to watch, I will watch Game of Thrones
      "I'm always watching Game of Thrones" -> if you ask me what I'm doing at any particular time, I'm probably watching Game of Thrones

    • last day Master
      last day Master Year ago

      I'm Egyptian and i have never go to the pyramid

    • NE 1
      NE 1 Year ago say What can make the English language difficult (to speak like a native English speaker) are the slang terms.

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills Year ago +1

    I took advantage of the JR Rail Pass on my first trip to Japan, and then I went to live there for four years. There's nothing quite like riding the shinkansen.

  • kanehi
    kanehi Year ago +1

    I live in the US and bought the JR unlimited rail pass good for two weeks for $600 each. This includes the Shinkansens but not the ultra fast ones (less stop-over). You can also reserve seats in coach for certain dates in advance. We stayed first in Tokyo for a week then Osaka for another week. We also went to Kyoto via Shinkansen and it was a neat ride. The rail pass also includes Ferries and buses. There are two types of Shinkansens, one is with more stops and the other less but the JR pass doesn't apply to the lesser stops. Next time I know what to do with the unlimited rail pass. Around Tokyo it's actually cheaper to use other rail lines that cris-cross the city. The JR line tends to travel around the city to get to your destination. Also the JR rail pass has a dedicated entrance. The JR rail pass can't be purchased in Japan, you have to buy it then exchange your receipt at a JR station.

  • emilyyy
    emilyyy Year ago +4

    I remember me and my family had just gotten off the bullet train and were figuring out which way to go when one flew past. It was truly strange, it was so fast it surprised all us

  • Lmnop Xyz
    Lmnop Xyz 7 months ago +1

    The JR pass is how I traveled all over Japan, up the east coast and down the west coast, and everywhere in-between. It was well worth it. I will buy it again.

  • Ellie
    Ellie 2 years ago +1664

    Ryotaro is a top-tier human being. I need a friend like him.

    • Jacob Peters
      Jacob Peters Year ago +2

      I just need A friend

    • Kevin Knoll
      Kevin Knoll 2 years ago

      Exactly what I thought. Man this dude has one hell of a vibe. I really love his attitude.

    • Pun Bishal
      Pun Bishal 2 years ago +1

      Adrian Yong damn for a while thought Andrew Yang was on the comment 😂

    • Tina Mobley
      Tina Mobley 2 years ago

      Elise we all do

    • Ellie
      Ellie 2 years ago

      Neraizel that’s fair.

  • Spice Up Your Life ! スパイシーな生活しましょう!KavitaGakher

    Beautiful video and fun filled! ! Lov the descriptions and talk between the two...would love to take this dream journey....I love Japan

  • Alec Rattray
    Alec Rattray Year ago

    i used the jr rail pass so much when i was there last. such a great deal and an amazing idea. mine lasted a month even though i was there for 2 months. i used coaches after that and even some night busses to save on both travel and accommodation

  • Admiral_Apparent
    Admiral_Apparent Year ago

    Watched a bunch of your videos. I think what strikes me the most is that you had the wherewithall and courage to nut up and completely relocate to another part of the world. Need more people like that. The world was put here to be engaged with. Cheers bro 🍻

  • Dave Reid - Daly
    Dave Reid - Daly Year ago

    You two make a great team!!! Amusing and really informative !!!!

  • lullemans72
    lullemans72 2 years ago +195

    i have to take my hat off to chris: when you get invited by large japanese companies to come and try out their product, you know you've made it big. same for that video on that musician. congrats man. you really deserve the success you're having on your youtube channel.

  • Alaska Pirates
    Alaska Pirates Year ago

    Man, I truly love your channel, it’s so well done! Cheers and thanks for the wonderful content.

  • The Master Harper
    The Master Harper 10 months ago +5

    The seats in Gran Class are amazing. I managed to sit in one long enough to get a photo and be politely asked to leave. 😅 getting a SUICA with your JR pass is essential (but not free, you do have to charge it with your own money, which Risottoro didn't mention). SUICA not just for snacks but also nearly every non-JR train service like the Tokyo and Kyoto subway, many buses, private train lines and more. It avoids having to figure out how much the ticket will be. Just swipe the card and go.

    • Wyzai
      Wyzai 4 months ago +1

      he did mention it. 12:45 "You get it for free. You prepay money here and can use it in any shop." It's brief, but he says you need to charge it.

  • Lumanix1
    Lumanix1 Year ago +2

    Man, i love everything about Japan
    Amazing country, people and scenery.

  • François Caron
    François Caron Year ago +1

    I'll only ride the GranClass if someone else pays for the ticket! 😁
    I did ride the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Hiroshima. That fast trains saved me a lot of time, and the regular seats are simply fantastic! It made the trains back in Canada feel like complete garbage!

  • ハムスターの日常
    ハムスターの日常 2 years ago +563

    Hi Chris, I’m a native Japanese translator. I’ve been binge watching all your videos during the quarantine period, and I’ve noticed that there are some comments from Japanese viewers requesting Japanese subtitles for your videos.
    As a Japanese, it’s interesting to see Japan from a foreigner’s point of view and I also think that Natsuki’s outgoing personality serves as a good role model for other Japanese people who aspire to acquire English but are too shy or unconfident to speak it.
    Anyway, I’d love to help out with the subs if you’re interested in broadening your target to Japanese people.

    • basil punton
      basil punton Year ago

      @starboi The rules of English: should be treated at best as guidelines. Some are imported from other languages by people who try to control others.
      The classic bad rule is: I before e except after c, which is completely wrong.

    • Zhi Han Lee
      Zhi Han Lee 2 years ago

      @ONI employee #343 Chinese has fewer tenses than English I remember but requires more frequently that sentences be structured in a passive rather than active manner, which is more convoluted I feel

    • Dat one guy
      Dat one guy 2 years ago

      Kore wa ochinchin daisuki
      My friend always tell me and I do not know can you translate it :) tq

    • Nomadic Polestar
      Nomadic Polestar 2 years ago +2

      Doesn't matter what anyone says English is still the most beautiful language in the world.

    • teroshki
      teroshki 2 years ago +4

      @ONI employee #343
      Yeah, every language is gard to learn. The difficulty of the language you're learning also depends on your native language. If you're a native English speaker, learning a language that uses non-latin words is very hard. (Arabic, Japanese, Armenian, Greek.)

    AFK_BIN Year ago +2497

    It took them 15 seconds to make a bowl of noodles Holy 😳

    • collin cox
      collin cox 6 months ago

      As Natsuki would say "good for dental"

    • Fang
      Fang 6 months ago

      Now cup noodles are really slow.

    • RH3D
      RH3D 7 months ago

      do you buy a plane ticket then go "fucking hell it only took them a few hours to make a plane"

    • RH3D
      RH3D 7 months ago

      i mean - it didnt though did it, it was already cooked

    • Astgfrallah
      Astgfrallah 9 months ago


  • Jonathan Chester
    Jonathan Chester Year ago +1

    I would love to see a train with lie-flat plane seats - NOT couchettes - with the same level of service :)

  • clattereffect
    clattereffect Year ago +22

    Japan is amazing. Always impressed by the level of order, efficiency, structure and cleanliness in Japan. Rest of the world take notes...

    • Anita Thakur
      Anita Thakur 4 months ago

      सॉरी बट आई डिसएग्री ।

    • Dan J
      Dan J 4 months ago

      @Anita Thakur It is quite realistic, in a hundred years. Let's just agree to disagree, I think I"m being generous with 100 years, 1000 years is more like it, anyway good night, let's just leave it at that.

    • Anita Thakur
      Anita Thakur 4 months ago

      नो ,माय ओपिनियन इज़ रियलिस्टिक ।

    • Dan J
      Dan J 4 months ago

      @Anita Thakur I respect your optimistic view, I just have a realistic one. Have a good day.

    • Anita Thakur
      Anita Thakur 4 months ago

      @Dan J uhh third world country is an outdated term, it was used to refer to countries who didnt sided with usa nor ussr during the cold war,it has nothing to do with development . devloped, developing and underdeveloped is the right term , also u have different opinion i respect urs and u should respect mine. Also have a nice day

  • Sabina's Wanderful Journal

    Japan's bullet trains are awesome beyond words! 😍

  • pahvie
    pahvie 2 years ago +192

    One thing everyone should know about the Welcome Suica is that (unlike with normal Suica) you cannot refund the remaining charge in it. So be sure to spend all of the charge in it, as you cannot use the card on your next Japan trip due to the card being valid only for 28 days.

    • Luke
      Luke 2 years ago +1

      ザム I thought it said on the website 10 years from last use.

    • ザム「Zam」
      ザム「Zam」 2 years ago +1

      I knew there would be a catch. Thank you for pointing that out.
      FYI, a normal Suica card have a life-span of 10 years. Due to the chip inside all IC cards have a 10 year expiry date. It is the same with the IC cards I use back home.

    • Luke
      Luke 2 years ago +1

      Matthias Bouillon according to the website, you can get the Welcome Suica from ticket machines.

    • Matthias Bouillon
      Matthias Bouillon 2 years ago +6

      Last time I missed buying the welcome suica, because the ticket office at the airport was already closed at the time of my departure.
      I'm collecting all the IC cards from across Japan.
      Only 2 from Fukuoka left (forgot to buy them, even I went there three times xD)

    • pahvie
      pahvie 2 years ago +6

      @Summort That's what I would do... but then again it's easy to spend the remaining credit at the airport for souvenirs since the shops accept IC cards as well.

  • Moses Matsepane
    Moses Matsepane 6 months ago

    It was unbelievable how smooth that Shinkansen ride was. Smooth acceleration, Smooth braking and blazing speeds. I was traveling to Osaka from Tokyo.

  • Y-ME Farm
    Y-ME Farm Year ago

    One day I would love to come to Japan. And if I do, first thing I would need to do is ride the Bullet train. I doubt I could ever afford to come but it is on my bucket list.

  • Shin-i-chi Kozima
    Shin-i-chi Kozima Year ago +1

    Just watching this video ,
    I was struck by the desire to get on this luxurious train at any cost
    From Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵

  • YourMimic
    YourMimic 4 months ago +1

    living in Canada i always laugh at the whole" oh my, a five hour trip!!". but having a bullet train here would be amazing all things considered.

  • TC Candler
    TC Candler 2 years ago +5010

    Ryotoro's "acting sad skills" are legendary.

  • AnnieMay
    AnnieMay Year ago

    I've been on the shinkansen 4 times, the longest trip of which was about 6 hours from kyoto to sendai. I've been on inner city trains here in America before, and they...are ok. But last week I took my first Amtrak long-distance train ride (also more than 6 hours but a bit less than 2/3rds the distance). I don't know why...but I kinda expected it to at least be on par with Liners. I wasn't expecting the shinkansen level...but I also wasn't expecting to hear the wheels scraping again the tracks...or feel so much wiggling. It just made me miss Japan the whole ride.

  • cynthaquil
    cynthaquil 3 months ago +1

    You know it's sad they can never have this in places like New York because deaths caused by the Metro North are so common. And the Metro-North only travels like the most 40 miles per hour...

  • Jan Kevin Rico
    Jan Kevin Rico 11 months ago

    Really helped a lot in planning my trip there! Awesome!

  • FN170-Rasetsu
    FN170-Rasetsu Year ago +307

    Fun fact: there is actually an anime where those trains transform to a mech called shinkalion. 👍

  • Liam Mac
    Liam Mac Year ago

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      (Excludes Suicides)

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      @jim jim You are obviously forgetting that time two trains collided in Wenzhou, and the government turned up to pretend it didn't happen.
      You're seemingly oblivious to how the trains rarely run at the speeds they claim, and I know that because I lived in the PRC.

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    And later on, how carefully other 2 employees are watching the trains connection to go right.
    It’s much more than spacey seats. Amazing!

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      @Leo Yeah! JR Pass is really convenient; unlimited train rides including ordinary seats in bullet trains. You don't have to worry spending money when you get lost.
      What's better is you can reserve a seat in Green coaches for cheap

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      I live in just south of Tokyo. Tokyo to Osaka was a fun Shinkansen ride especially if the weathers nice because you fly past Mt. Fuji at 300km/h

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      @Jacob Dawson I mean, fair. It was honestly one of my favorite vacations, despite needing a translator for a good part of it.

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    Here's an actual break-down of the seat price for a 90-minute trip from Tokyo Station to Sendai (Miyagi Station) since Chris never mentions the actual cost of the Gran Class seat for this shorter journey. A regular, reserved seat is the 11,000yen he mentioned. A Green Class seat from the same trip is 15,000yen (about $138) and a Gran Class ticket for the same, one-way trip is 20,000yen (about $184). So almost double the fee of a regular ticket to ride Gran Class. Not really worth it for a short, 90-minute journey, unless you're a big person and need that extra width in the seat. Be aware that both Green Class and Gran Class seats have arms that don't move, so at least in the regular seats you can push the armrest up and have a little extra room if no one is sitting next to you.

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    I am a Japanese living in Tokyo. I'm glad that you praise the Japanese Shinkansen, but it's good manners in Japan to be quiet on the train. If possible, I think it will be a better trip if you do so.thank you.

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    Rather than taking premium seat on the Shinkansen, I recommend staying at a better hotel at your destination or spending more luxurious dinner.
    The Shinkansen is comfortable even in economy class, and the ride time is VERY short anyway.

    • Roman Nasuti
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      @Chestnut Titor fair point, but don’t diss the green car seats, I have ridden both Green car and economy, Green car was quite the upgrade and didn’t even cost more as it was a hayatoku green ticket (it was either that or paying for a conventional reservation that costed more...)
      That got me from Odawara (I live in western Kanagawa) to Shin-Osaka in style for not that much money, with plenty of space for my dog in a carrier.

    • Chestnut Titor
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      This. I took the economy class Shinkansen on my first trip - just to say I'd taken it - it's already very comfortable, and yeah, for a journey that doesn't even take two hours, you really don't need the luxury. The price of the first class tickets is enough to upgrade you from two days in a cheapass business hotel room to a moderately fancy ryokan with hot springs, sashimi and wagyu beef for dinner, and all that good stuff. Between two nights' worth of luxury and two hours, I know what I'd pick.

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    The $400 Green Class Japan Rail Pass was 100% worth it on my last trip to Japan. I went to 5 different cities in about a week, and all in style.

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    I guess this Granclass of about 830 km is about twice as costly as the equivalent 'Business Class" seat on the High Speed Train of 1300 km between Shanghai and Beijing. I have been on the business class of the HST several times, but has not been on the Granclass in Shinkansen but had been on the ordinary class.

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    11:54 I melted everytime a polite, sweet Japanese girl helped me in Japan. They were always so nice. It's likely just a function of how they do their job but it always made an impression on me.

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    "Let's make the seats so luxurious you feel short-changed by such a short journey!"

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      @Robert Sneddon french TGV made the world record at ~575 km/h in 2007, chinese fuxing, already run at 350 km/h since 2017 (and run at 420km/h during tests phase), and still continue to improve it's own technologies. I hope and think Japan and China will continue to cooperate to mutually improve their own technologies. They signed an agreement among 15 asian and pacific countries for cooperation (and excluding USA ^^).

    • Robert Sneddon
      Robert Sneddon Year ago

      @Popopopo They're testing the Alfa-X train in Japan, it should be good for 340km/h or faster on shinkansen right-of-way. It's still not close to commercial service though.

    • Popopopo
      Popopopo 2 years ago

      @Luke in commercial use, it runs Shanghai Maglev run at 300kph (take it two tims with 5 or years of distance, and the current speed is wrote on a board. Trains with the fastest commercial speeds, are at 350 kph, TGV in few sections of France high speed network, in Morocco, and in lot of Chinese high speed railway network.No train goes above 320 in Japan (source: last statistics of International Union of Railways)

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    As a tourist who've visited Japan in 2019, I can't recommend the JR Pass enough.
    Be warned however, if you buy it in advance, YOU MUST BRING THE ORIGINAL VOUCHER WITH YOU.
    There will be no reprints and no acceptance of copies or digital versions. You've lost or forgotten it? Tough love sunshine, buy another one.
    So, talking from experience: while you may save a bit by buying it in advance, my advice would be to buy it in-situ at a train station. It may save you a massive headache.

    • Fight
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      Ok, so you can buy the JR pass in japan until 2021 cause of the olympics however anyways cause of coronavirus it really will not matter. So yeah when this pandemic is over make sure to buy it before you come to japan depending on what JR decides to do.

    • Gig Anonymous
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      @Maeda Toshiie Just doing Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima/Miyajima makes it well worth it. Obviously it's not worth it if you stay in the same city, but I think most tourists will visit several cities... especially since the Japanese train network is to pleasing to travel on.
      In any case, yes, you're also going to need a Suica or a Passmo.

    • Maeda Toshiie
      Maeda Toshiie 2 years ago +4

      Hmm, actually, the JR pass is like a cheat code mainly for those who take the Shinkansen.. It's not that worthwhile if you only hang around within a city like Tokyo or Osaka. The JR pass is (obviously) only for JR trains (but not the faster Shinkansen trains), and not all JR buses and ferries. It is not valid for most private trains and subways that are found in the major metropolitan areas. Sticking JR only within Tokyo can make intra-city travelling rather painful.

    • gaieios
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      @Alban that changed some time back. you can buy it in-country now.

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