Joe Rogan Experience #1117 - Tim Kennedy


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  • budapestmole
    budapestmole 2 hours ago

    How about a commercial diver in the North Sea.

  • Mitchell Piispanen
    Mitchell Piispanen 9 hours ago

    Tim Kennedy for president I fucking love this guy. Army special forces are the most unsung heroes. Animals. Heroes.

    ROBERT BLAKE 14 hours ago

    Anybody else sick and tired of Joe, cream puff , Rogan coming back with there are people who hate hunting or water boarding, bullshit.
    Hey Joe , fuck those cunts, Jesus Christ can’t someone complete a sentence without Joe spuing that bullshit every fucking episode. Good god I do get tired of listening to his bullshit.
    Time for a break.

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 2 days ago

    I believe in hell n heaven ! And hell had a huge installment of German people after the holocaust.

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 2 days ago

    Thank God our leaders and citizens as well passed the Pittman Robertson act !! Just think of how many animals have continued prospering in our beautiful country.

  • Christopher Fisher
    Christopher Fisher 2 days ago

    How about we work on making the American lifestyle worth the effort. We have been misled, lied to, spied on, and brutalized by a system that was designed & advertised to be equally applied to all, used to reinforce old-world social stratification and uneven application of laws in favor of the socially, financially or politically connected people. Fix that, give our kids hope for their future and they won't be so obsessed with their small comforts now.

  • Christopher Fisher
    Christopher Fisher 2 days ago

    The debate about Gun Control; at the 25:00 mark, where Joe brings up folks on anti-psychotics, who have had the sheriff notified etc.. that is already covered under the Federal laws. The terminology is archaic but it is there in law right now. Its worded something like: "Nor any person who has been adjudicated to be a mental defective". That is what they meant with that statement. People whose mental illness crosses into being a danger to the public. Not just challenged folks who may not have the capability of making reasoned choices. Rephrasing that code and then enforcing it, would fix more of the loopholes and cause far less disagreement than any new laws.
    New vaguely worded, mostly duplicate, laws are being proposed that only affect law abiding citizens, not criminals who are fine breaking the laws. The girlfriend of one of the Columbine shooters, never faced any real consequence for purchasing some of the weapons for her underage boyfriend so how will making it more illegal than it already is, do any good if the enforcement of laws currently in place, is absent or only selectively applied?
    The pro 2A folks may not be responding in the best way but try to see their viewpoint without the "gun nut" mindset. When you're dealing with an ever and rapidly expanding gap between the firepower of Government and the citizenry, who are tasked with keeping the threat of consequence for tyranny constant and valid, then there is going to be a legitimate concern. The other danger is that the pro-Gun-control crowd, their most vocal leaders anyway, have publicly and repeatedly stated they do want a total ban and will not stop until they get it.

  • Ivette Boyzo
    Ivette Boyzo 2 days ago

    I fucking loved this conversation, every single second of it! Like I say, I try to be a descent human, always give the best of me and try to live with a clear conscience... but anyone messes with my loved ones I fucking shoot that fuc#¥.

    HUNTER STORTI 5 days ago

    41:15 “drive your bike everywhere maaan”

  • pseudaeles
    pseudaeles 6 days ago

    he should waterboard politicians and co. Eichman thought he did something selflessly for his country. its hard to follow this because its too 1 dimensional to me. you can do horrible things to the psyche of people you can be a psychopath not beheading someone but sell DU-Munition to IRan/Irak. he should look at the babies being born with fucked up genes. sorry but fuck you thinking so small soldier. keep on doing what you do but think about how many victims think when they overcome their horrors.

  • Tj Woodlawn
    Tj Woodlawn 6 days ago

    I'm one of the people that didn't really understand how the hunting argument went... Thanks guys.

  • Cube Captain
    Cube Captain 6 days ago

    All it would of taken was a simple Wikipedia search to fact check this Kennedy nutcase. This insinuation that the German enclaves in Chile are ancestors of secret nazis is completely ludicrous, especially considering that the people who made this documentary literally have HISTORY in their name. German colonialists first settled in the mid 1800's, and are more or less responsible for the inception of the settlements such as Puerto Montt and the Chiloe Archipelago; being arguably one of the most influential immigration forces in Southern Chile. In fact, it was because of this preexisting German presence in Chile and Argentina that some Nazi's fled there, albeit among others thing too. I enjoy Joe Rogan a lot, but these obviously misinformed claims could (and probably already has) shaped the knowledge and opinions of millions of people. To think this guy has a job at the History Channel is besides me......

  • Dwight Martin Campbell

    Hey Joe Rogan is your podcast on spotify, if not do you can you see if you can, I desperately need these podcasts for road trips

  • Dwight Martin Campbell

    I would love to go hunt wild pigs

  • Fat Walrus
    Fat Walrus 7 days ago

    He is Captain America

  • Catharsis Studios
    Catharsis Studios 7 days ago

    To be honest. I've watched the Hunting Hitler series and it is very eye opening but also .. Tim Kennedy is like a total .. can do guy! He's diving 150 feet down and discovering a fucking Nazi U-boat and he's as pumped as he is here with all that pressure baring down on him lol. At first I thought he was a bit full of it. No this guy just runs on a high gear 24/7 😂

  • Catharsis Studios
    Catharsis Studios 7 days ago

    44:00 right on!

  • El Señor T
    El Señor T 7 days ago

    Tim Kennedy = 1 Bad M/F'kr 💪😎

  • lorddiosliving
    lorddiosliving 7 days ago

    The president of Chile was Pinochet stupid jughead

  • OG Kush
    OG Kush 8 days ago

    No one on this planet has any freedom, especially American's.

  • Jacob Katz Boyd
    Jacob Katz Boyd 10 days ago

    I had a dream that Joe called me a loser for dropping my keys

  • slbenfica21
    slbenfica21 13 days ago

    "Woahhh Look at them all dressed up like germans" loool im done

  • Mojave Red
    Mojave Red 13 days ago

    Great conversation.

  • mrfaggot69
    mrfaggot69 13 days ago

    *_The Greatest Story Never Told_* Go watch it and learn the real truth.

  • Gwakzz
    Gwakzz 16 days ago

    kinda weird to blame people for having bad eyes.

  • ColbiGL
    ColbiGL 16 days ago

    hre 2:30 convo, i agree 100% BUT its sad to see like what we heard a lot in germany after we captured a german journalist in afghanistan, tortured him, he admitted to being a terrorist TO STOP THE TORTURE and he was sent to guantanamo bay for so long before obama got him out. we had evidence he was innocent BUT DIDNT let him go because of backlash for SO LONG. thats sad. but if you KNOW a terrorist is a terrorist 100% You got proof THEN ya waterboard them. torture em to get em to give up others.

  • Rojer Vasquez
    Rojer Vasquez 17 days ago

    a real American Badass

  • ThegamerofdeathHD
    ThegamerofdeathHD 17 days ago

    A live in Miami and two of my friends who are Argentine their grandparents were very high ranking nazis. And they are aryan 100% blue eyes, blonde, tall. When I like see their family pictures and their family it really takes me like back In time.

  • Fabian Brown
    Fabian Brown 18 days ago

    25:45 that already happens with *((("Red Flag")))* gun grab local/state laws (edicts).

  • jason najera
    jason najera 18 days ago

    He wants gun control because he doesn’t want an ms13 to get a hold of a gun? Open your eyes moron all these mass massacres aren’t being executed by ms13s...

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 18 days ago

    In cleveland there are deer everywhere. Just cause theres no wilderness left the animals still exist , they just adapt! 100 deer herd living in a 2 acre plot of trees , they are overpopulated n sick cause people have took all there land.

  • Craig stokes
    Craig stokes 18 days ago theres nazi hunter i watched the full series of these in uk great series

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 18 days ago

    I hunted and so did everyone I grew up with. I live in ashtabula ohio n there are alot of deer here and coyote and quail and ducks n lots of other wild game. If it wasnt for conservationists we would have killed alot of species off within a few years n nobody should want that. Animals were put here to keep nature in balance .

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting 18 days ago

    1.5 billion dollars of damage feral pigs cause in the United states on the average.

  • Mannny
    Mannny 19 days ago

    Best podcast Tim Kennedy was amazing love this channel keep up the good work joe🙌🏽

  • 성장일정한
    성장일정한 19 days ago


  • First Last
    First Last 19 days ago

    Messing with someone's rights is serious business.

  • Nick Vickers
    Nick Vickers 19 days ago +13

    This dude better keep occupied. He's like 1 step away from murdering hookers

  • RoyTards
    RoyTards 20 days ago

    This is easily my favorite Joe Rogan episode.

  • Benjamin Rosenzweig
    Benjamin Rosenzweig 23 days ago

    Both the CDC and the National Academy of Sciences conducted massive metastudies (studies reviewing hundreds of other studies) and BOTH failed to identify a SINGLE gun control measure the reduced the homicides, suicides, or accidents. So maybe gun rights groups might actually be educated on the issue of gun control Joe "I need Jamie to Google everything for me because I'm an ignorant jackass" Rogan. Kennedy is an idiot for saying he supports gun control just so Lance Armstrong would talk to him and you're an ignorant jackass for defending gun control with no knowledge of the empirical data regarding its efficacy or, more specifically, its lack thereof.

  • Jacob Adamson
    Jacob Adamson 23 days ago

    i get what he's saying.. i tried to apply for German Military and i did pass the test's but they didn't realy gave a legit reason as to why i didn't get picked, just that others passed with a better score then me.. either way i passed and could have gotten in but no! they rather keep telling everybody that they need new soldiers and no one want's to apply... No wonder when they turn down people that apply because they want to join.. Military is just somehow very different in every country

  • k. g
    k. g 23 days ago

    I'm vegan and I am not against hunters that hunt for themselves. My beef (that's right) is with the large scale meat producers. Of course not everybody will suddenly start hunting so a sustainable solution will be a reduction in overall meat consumption. Myself, I do not choose to hunt or buy venison but that does not mean I am against hunters.

  • Todd Dicken
    Todd Dicken 24 days ago

    Tim’s a dick but he knows his shit

  • Clayton Baker
    Clayton Baker 24 days ago

    Why this mf look so much like Jake Gyllenhaal tho

  • Al3x DudA
    Al3x DudA 24 days ago

    Very good video has inspirational parts too love it

  • Danny Bowling
    Danny Bowling 25 days ago

    Great interview!

  • Mateo Kuriruna
    Mateo Kuriruna 25 days ago

    when "information" becomes a business model the truth is the first victim. He promotes his seriously half-cooked "documentary" hunting hitler which is unbearable to watch for anyone with half a brain. Hitler died in Berlin. -> The whole idea of the Alpine Fortress was a big myth with nothing behind it. Most of the high leaders actually did not escape. Most of the country was already occupied territory. Hitler was seriously ill with tremors, possibly syphilis or another infectious// neurological disease. He had the health of a 30 years older person. There was no place for him in a post-war world. He remained in Berlin counter to the advice of close aides. All this is extremely well documented. While sounding interesting and while some got away - the whole idea he presents is massively overblown BS with almost no real evidence.

  • Austin Roberts
    Austin Roberts 26 days ago

    Tim “Because of the Friction” Kennedy

  • 777 Legend
    777 Legend 26 days ago

    Joe Sup u gone get some subs or somthing ^^
    great show! shows stuff u wont se a other place like real real stufff ^^

  • G.I. Geno
    G.I. Geno 26 days ago

    Joe "i've never done coke" Rogan
    Cmon Joe bs rogan

  • Brian 7787
    Brian 7787 26 days ago

    I’m not quite sure why but I really dislike this guy

  • Majid
    Majid 26 days ago

    Very insightful, great podcast Joe.

  • snow ghost247
    snow ghost247 26 days ago

    If i could id work for the army but i cant with my medical conditions :( i was in rotc and they told me to drop there class becuse i could not be in the air force or army anything anyway :'(

  • Art Welding
    Art Welding 26 days ago

    his facts on the sr-71 crash were WAY OFF!

  • Jason Ragadio
    Jason Ragadio 26 days ago

    Tim is awesome.

  • MrHashimania
    MrHashimania 27 days ago

    Gerald Mclellan
    Damn rogan is like google seaech when it comes about fighting sport

  • CCGG262
    CCGG262 27 days ago

    Definitely need to have all the forks to go the same way so you can tell the difference between an 18 and 13 year old girl...

  • snow ghost247
    snow ghost247 27 days ago

    I think it's cool that your helping the deer out and killing and eating them for food it's some good balance and really cool that your trying to save animals I don't hunt and won't unless like you I need to hunt to protect the balance but I think it's cool you keep the balance

  • mark mooroolbark
    mark mooroolbark 27 days ago

    Somebody hanging off the tower or diving in the deep to get our oil......try men.

  • Larry Myers
    Larry Myers 27 days ago

    Tim a gun loving phaggit

    • Brandon Midkiff
      Brandon Midkiff 27 days ago

      Larry Myers I have to commend you on being very, very, very thoughtful with this comment.

  • Dusanboss
    Dusanboss 27 days ago

    Watched French Foreign Legion episode of "Hard to Kill". Looks heavily scripted.

  • Brad Gilbert
    Brad Gilbert 27 days ago

    This guy is smart

  • GrimReaper4383
    GrimReaper4383 27 days ago

    So, it's basically Dirty Jobs 2.0.

    • Richard Wheatley
      Richard Wheatley 23 days ago

      I was thinking the same thing like a danger edition of dirty jobs.

  • Brad Gilbert
    Brad Gilbert 27 days ago +2

    Absolutely the most entertaining of joe's shows

  • MikePlaysIt
    MikePlaysIt 27 days ago

    I know exactly what you're talking about when you say that veganism becomes very cult like, and that there are buzzwords and talking points that you only ever hear people parroting... The other day I parked at my local grocery store, and a couple cars down from mine there was a BIG white SUV with a license tag that said "SO VEGAN", and I looked at it and got a smile on my face. No laughing, no shaking my head, nothing of the sort. So it just so happens that the lady that owned the SUV was walking out and saw me smile after looking at her tag, and she IMMEDIATELY goes off on me... Mind you, my smile could have been anything, from admiration of the tag, to getting a mental laugh out of it. But there's no way she could have known that... Anyways, she starts going off, "Yeah, you look like you could use a few less animal products in your body you piece of shit..", and to that I didn't say anything. Because here's this 70 something year old lady, maybe 60 but BOY did she look like she was well into her 70's, and mind you, she wasn't so thin herself, her entire body looking like a proper tank. Where as myself, yeah I may have a bit of a gut, but with her, everything was large, from her stomach, to her legs, her ankles, her arms, her neck, her face. And I just thought, "wtf?". And I don't know if that just aggravated her more that I didn't immediately respond, so she starts going off some more, "Yeah! You're okay with animals being tortured to death and you revel in pain!" or some shit.. So as I'm walking away I just tell her, "You know what, fuck off you old cunt..."....
    But then, me being a decent person, after heading into the store, I thought, "regardless of her opinion, and even though she was a bitch, I don't like that I just called her a cunt".. So I walked ALL the way back outside, to her car and I told her "Look ma'am, I know that we may have differing opinions, but I shouldn't have called you what I called you, and I apologize.", and she was taken back. Like she never would have expected so much and it left her speechless for a second. Until she regained her vegan composure and started going off on me AGAIN, only this time in a slightly less aggressive tone, only all the words and talking points were the same. Only this time she mentioned that "all the parasites in my body definitely aren't doing me any good" and "she'll live for a very long time where as I'll die young" and "why dont you at least try some of our food, we have really good food".... I realized I wasn't getting anywhere so I just said, "alright, well, regardless, I've made my peace, I'm leaving".... I didn't bother saying "Well if all the parasites from eating meat are a death sentence, then how is it that my little 101 year old grandmother is STILL alive and ticking, still walking around, when she grew up on a farm, ate her fair share of meat such as chicken, pork, beef and what have you, and in fact a lot of the time she was growing up in communist Ukraine, they usually ate more meat than they did any kind of vegetable or crop because mostly everything was collectivized and you would get in trouble and be jailed for growing too much of a certain crop or too little?"... But I didn't bother.

  • christopher waller
    christopher waller 27 days ago


  • Adam Jülyen
    Adam Jülyen 27 days ago

    You should invite Gen. James Mattis

  • John Deathspell
    John Deathspell 28 days ago

    fuck tim a hypocrite murderer if let loose!!!!!!! his shit story on hunting hitler childhood hero and how i earned my nick name "mengele" aka " angel of death" dr. josef mengele died from stroke in 1979 april year and month i was born!! thus a part of his essence of rebirth came into my dark spirit! i know! as i knew in 80's who mengele was a book i found still own in book store before i knew what nazi meant i became a nazi in 1991, age12, and until age 30 in 2009! i just gave up many were weak in antifa fights gang fights i destroyed like HULK! in texas on the riverwalk down town in my ghettos i too was raised round mexican cartel 3 families now in 5th generation of kids still i know yet i choose to be alone since tattoos were earned i cant afford to cover them up i'm poor i wish with viking/celtic knot works!!! but will never happen after mom terminal my suicide will be 2019 .380......tried 3 tat removals beyond pain 3rd degree burns you must get every 3 weeks last not healed yet i am just a HUMAN RACIST NOW! still lucifer oden, thor, tyr, my gods in essence!!! hitler mengele goeth my greatest anti-christs!!! but i live in my asylum as i did 95-2000 i am still in hell which i have made a heaven! which way i fly is hell, myself am hell....686168!!!!! (FYI this dumb fuck regurgitates what they told him, mengele died in the ocean and drown fast from stroke, later his son gave dna they found dug up his grave! the family he was with could not get to mengele, the angel of death.....current swept him under as he had a stroke died old then i was born 4/15/79)))).....stalin was worse though but we worked with that COWARD!!!!!!! hitler was a true war hero 2 times!!! in WW1!!!! mengele was too before ws a nazi/waffen ss when he was in normal german army as a medic! i know more than this ass clown man child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this guy knows jack and shit i can speak second nature on nazism n mengele!!!! unlike this fuck that got info regurgitation from fucking people paid him told him in makin a POINTLESS REALITY SHOW ON SHIT I KNEW OF AT AGE 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, THE EHO ON THIS FAKE IDIOT!!!! SAD FOR YOU THAT WATCH HIS SHOW!!! JUST EDUCATE, READ BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!REALITY TV IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT BE BIAS EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEWS ARE EVIL LOOK AT HOLLYWOOD, ISREAL MURDERING MUSLIM FAMILIES IF YOU GO BY THEIR GUN TOWERS THEIR SEGREGATION WALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE BITCHES OF ISREAL WHY WE DONT ATTACK THEM FOR THEIR MODERN ATROCITIES UPON EVEN NOW THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blind sheep awake fuck this guy!!! be the wolf seek your truth not vomited by tv and this fool, learn more non bias books.............666! 818!

    • John Deathspell
      John Deathspell 28 days ago

      my dad was marine hue city 1st battle!!! full metal jacket!!! age 18! then later black ops!!! rip 2004 nov 12th agent orange! .....this guy a ranger special forces cant win in a second in UFC? they are trained to kill, to be calm, to drop fuckers fast he is a hack and shit played up on if he wasn't undefeated in ufc!!!!!!!!!!!!!! educate yourselves modern idiot slaves!!!!

  • Dewayne Gunter
    Dewayne Gunter 28 days ago

    we have gun laws, and I have guns, but yes give them an inch and they will take a mile, first thing in the step towards a dictatorship is disarming the population. the problem is with illegal guns, and criminals do not care about the legality, it is a hard enough process to get a legal gun, I was once denied a gun because I had a bench warrant for a traffic ticket I had forgot all about after I figured out the problem I redocketed the case went to court paid my fin and 6 months later bought the gun

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 28 days ago

    1:42:00 where can i find this video?

  • Slian D
    Slian D 28 days ago +1

    One of the best podcasts I've ever heard/watched. Gets goin 2/3's way through.

  • stephencarlsbad
    stephencarlsbad 28 days ago

    Joes an idiot on 2nd amendment rights.

  • 1911GreaterThanALL
    1911GreaterThanALL 28 days ago

    You aren't pro second amendment because the entire point of it is to protect against government overreach. Where is the logic in giving more power over your weapons to a government that we suppose may turn tyrannical?

  • John Connor
    John Connor 28 days ago

    this guy is hard core get er done revenge type of guy but if your going to kill people understand there are some lies told about hitler and it was the jews cleansing the jews . the ashkenazi jews run the united states now

  • VeryLikeLeigh
    VeryLikeLeigh 28 days ago

    FYI Joe Rogan, in the US, most of the grain is grown to feed animals.
    ... "just 27 percent of crop calories are consumed directly - wheat, say, or fruits and vegetables grown in California. By contrast, more than 67 percent of crops - particularly all the soy grown in the Midwest - goes to animal feed."
    So that comment about so many rodents being killed to grow food for humans is ridiculous, in truth more rodents are being killed to feed other animals.

  • Forest Ray
    Forest Ray 28 days ago

    This is so sickening to watch. Way to completely omit the political context that got us into this situation in the first place--People don't become terrorists for no reason! The more "heros" there are is the more terrorists we create, plain and simple. It was the same thing with Vietnam and the Viercong. Talk about throwing acid on little kids!! When 9/11 happened the whole world was behind us. Then we went into Iraq and started bombing hospitals and shooting at childeren for the fun of it. Now we have ISIS, yet we continue to ask the question "why do these 'animals' hate us??"

  • Primus inter pares
    Primus inter pares 28 days ago

    15:17 definitely the face of a man who has never done any coke ;)

  • Armen M
    Armen M 29 days ago

    Joe looks mind blown the hole 2 hours lol

  • mike 7801068
    mike 7801068 29 days ago +2

    I dont smoke weed

    THESUN LOVESYOU 29 days ago

    JEEEEZUZ CHRIST this podcast freaked me out.... but the answer to the German thing in Chile should be, eradicate the evil and give the land back to the Chilean people righteously now @powerfuljre this was very informative, I’ve been training to get into the Army recently, hopefully I can make it in there with this guy lol oh and the mandatory work for people to understand the hard work of others to keep the world safe should be straight out of high school so their chests aren’t pumped up with false pride and false egos from high school.

  • ZO6 Dylan
    ZO6 Dylan 29 days ago

    Hitler time stamp?

  • Young9 3Lion
    Young9 3Lion 29 days ago

    Joe "Meat Vehicle" Rogan💀

  • s4ffcl
    s4ffcl 29 days ago

    Interesting to see here, from a European perspective, how Americans idolize this joker. Had big fun listening to this paranoid Wolfenstein bullshit. No wonder you got Trump :-)

  • Matthew Hancock
    Matthew Hancock 29 days ago

    I loved listening to this guy, but I do not agree that the military is harder to get into than college. People who can’t get through college join the military because it’s an easier route. People join the military to pay for college. Only way I would agree with this statement is by saying it’s harder to get into special forces than it is to get into college.

    • Paul Martin
      Paul Martin 22 days ago

      Are you serious? You do realize that you have to test into certain branches and jobs right? There's also physical and mental testing for the military.,while any asshole with a GED can get into college.

  • Moises Jimenez
    Moises Jimenez 29 days ago

    China has the same problem of military eligibility with its youth, I haven’t heard anything of Russia so my guess is that they’re gonna have some kind of advantage in terms of personnel quality but it’s just a hunch if anybody’s reading this, it’s not a fully informed idea

  • X Factor
    X Factor 29 days ago

    before you comment shit about this man know that you are a snowflake & you cannot save your own ass from bad guys let alone others & dont tell me there are no bad guys if thats the case you are in heaven my friend thats not earth.

  • X Factor
    X Factor 29 days ago +1

    watch this if tou want to lebel this man as foolish to join military or fighting for old men to be rich or just killing for no point

  • Feral Cypher
    Feral Cypher 29 days ago +2

    Rob Schneider...

  • Stephen Randolph
    Stephen Randolph 29 days ago

    2:00Joe :what is it like to get launched by a 2000plb meat vehicle?
    Tim : I dont know.
    Wtf kindve answer is that to that question when you've actually done it?

  • Dj solarsys
    Dj solarsys 29 days ago

    tim looks like an older version of ggg

  • John A
    John A 29 days ago

    Maybe the 35 year old woman skull was Eva Braun. She would have been 33 at death.

  • Diren Alexander
    Diren Alexander 29 days ago

    Would really love to hear a conversation/debate with an ethical educated hunter and an educated vegan.

  • Rickey Ryan
    Rickey Ryan 29 days ago

    well regulated does not me what it means now, what it meant in 1700.. It means prepaid , ready .. Not to be regulated..

  • Buck Bundy
    Buck Bundy 29 days ago

    Elk doesn’t taste good except in sausage. I shoot an elk every year. They taste like horse. Yes I’ve eaten horse. It’s a far cry from venison.

  • Byron Pelly
    Byron Pelly 29 days ago

    i wanna be like tim kennedy

  • Tommick
    Tommick Month ago

    Tim Kennedy, epic guy!

  • JakeNBake FPV
    JakeNBake FPV Month ago

    lmao yeah okay Joe. "I've never done good coke or bad coke."

  • Ashi Garami
    Ashi Garami Month ago

    had a friend, lived in brazil, could speak spanish, port, english and german. he was germsn descended but born in brazil. He's dad came to graduation and got drunk,starting slurring racist shit about black.people and they were all slaves not worthy to be in the same bar as us... we're an international university so we had people form everywhere... damn that was ackward, im brown, for some reason he didnt mind me... but im 100% sure he was nazi (he was old, he would've been the grandad of my friend but he was his dad but thats how old he was) pretty sure he wwas nazi that ran to brazil.

  • Ruben Lugo jr
    Ruben Lugo jr Month ago

    If Tim died do you think Joe would take over his show

  • Cryptic Warrior
    Cryptic Warrior Month ago

    9/11 is capitalists lmao. Bush maybe. Not the terrorists. Cowards yes. Capitalist no.