Joe Rogan Experience #1117 - Tim Kennedy


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  • Chalupa Gaming
    Chalupa Gaming Hour ago

    "Elmer Duff" bothered me more than the generalization of felons

  • Nick Ericksten
    Nick Ericksten Hour ago

    Watched this dudes new show tonight. His recollection of it is total horseshit.

  • SATORI0320
    SATORI0320 6 hours ago

    More than any other thing he said that I disagree with....the shameless pineing for military conscripts.....really disappointed me....we need intelligent people, not more killers.

  • Eric powell
    Eric powell 7 hours ago

    I think at least 80% of hunters are ethical in the way they hunt more than not it's about the animal not the kill. It's about being human getting and knowing where your meat came from. It's important and we've lost that.

  • Canzandridas Joe
    Canzandridas Joe 9 hours ago

    I always hear "elk"... "elk"... To me that's the exact same thing as a moose... So what's the difference? Apart from a shorter face apparently lol

  • icbm36
    icbm36 10 hours ago ...just put this meat headed shit sack in year put him in germany put a ss uniform on him ....and just sit back and let your brain take you trough what this super raging alpha 'i like KILLING ''bad people'' ' asshole would do.....just immagine the fucking damage

  • Tony F.
    Tony F. 11 hours ago

    Tim "I'm a fucken beast, that's why" Kennedy

  • Not Me
    Not Me 11 hours ago

    " do they feel about wolves eating elk, asshole first?"
    This is what I came on the internet to hear today. You can shut it down now. Thanks, Joe, haha.

  • Trub1n
    Trub1n 15 hours ago

    History is written by the winners. And Those ss officers are no diffrent then Tim Kennedy himself.

  • Micah Szabo
    Micah Szabo 16 hours ago

    A true champion knows when to fold so he can fight again another day. It sounds like Tim's pride gets in the way of that life lesson. If a fighter decides they've had enough, they shouldn't be encouraged to fight. Period. Regret is also something that shouldn't be feared. You can use it as a training tool.

  • Marshall Darnell
    Marshall Darnell 20 hours ago

    2,000 lb fuckin meat vehicle hahahaha

  • The Bottom Line w/Mark Gerard

    i Truly enjoy listening to this program , but Joe uses God's name in vain so many times in this particular episode.

  • Connor Foley
    Connor Foley Day ago

    It seems like TIm Kennedy has a high opinion of Tim Kennedy

  • MythicPlague
    MythicPlague Day ago

    Amazed at how full of shit Kennedy is about almost everything he states. Gotta love someone who says there something claims everything boasts about it and can not prove any of it. What a fake. You can always tell when an idiot is talking when they need to use % all the time. So since he as said stated he murdered people in operational area's should he not be charged with doing so? Since when does tossing acid meant a death warrant. Does that make him judge jury and murder as he states it. Last I heard it was against military law to take justice into your own hands specially when there unarmed combatants.

  • APGJuggernaut
    APGJuggernaut 2 days ago

    I've trapped and ate wild boar. You do need to be careful about what you eat, but when you get a healthy one, they're good. Cleaner and lighter tasting than pork from the market


    It's not that black and white.

  • lukkyluciano
    lukkyluciano 2 days ago

    I'm a fudd. liberal gun owner

  • czechking
    czechking 2 days ago

    Dude, stop breathing sooo heavy into the mic.

  • -Cosmo ク
    -Cosmo ク 2 days ago

    I agree but for example if you feed the corn/grains to animals you have the wildlife killed and the farmed animals. Also you lose a ton of caloric energy while animal factory farming, like if you feed 100kg of grains to cows and eat the cows you get less caloric/nutrient energy than if you just ate those grains.

  • Bodmerocity
    Bodmerocity 2 days ago

    Ben Franklin was a vegetarian until he was on a boat, and he saw a fish, and he saw another fish come up and eat that fish. And he was like: "If fish can eat fish, why can't I eat fish?" And then he decided he could eat fish. True story* from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    *apparently a lot of that book is bullshit, or at least embellished. But it's a good read.I recommend it.

  • Bodmerocity
    Bodmerocity 2 days ago

    "They're like 'no no, you guys are hunters, you can't be conservationists.'"
    My whole life I've always thought of hunters as THE conservationists, and I'm not even a hunter. I'm a suburban kid. When did that script get flipped?

  • Josh Winslow
    Josh Winslow 3 days ago

    THAT was an intense Tim Kennedy, guy is a true hero.

  • Reichenfaust099
    Reichenfaust099 3 days ago

    The Red Cross is definitely guilty, but you forgot Catholic Action, and the Pope Eugenio Pacelli Pius XII who set up the Ratlines for the Nazi who were denied entry into the Secret Society colonies, and said he would rather see Nazi's on a boat than rotting in prisoner of war camps.
    Wernher Von Braun was an SS-Sturmbanfuhrer until 1943 when the recall came for anyone with technical skill to return to the German War Industry. He was part of the Totenkopf, ie the dudes responsible for cleansing the conquered areas of "undersirables". He was NOT a good man, and he meshed well with Kurt DeBus, Walter Dornberger, and Hans Kammler.
    Descendents Joe, descendents. I don't think all of that money came from the Concentration camps though[probably a significant portion], because Fritz Thyssen created over 250 dummy corporations ALONE when the fall of the Third Reich was assured, which allowed Krupp-Thyssen to go international and avoid having their assets seized. Same with IG Farben, who despite being broken up, kept many of their assets and diversified into a massive conglomerate. That's not discounting the massive amount of resources that were funneled from America's corporations[DuPont, General Motors, International Harvester, Ford, Kuhn&Loebe] through the Union Banking Corporation to Bank Voor Handel, and onto the German Warburg's, and many other of the Prussian Aristocracy that held power in the Chemical and Industrial Elite.
    Why is McCain called Songbird McCain? Because he sang without being fucking tortured Joe, and he was held in a separate are from the POW's THAT WERE THERE, because he was a VIP POWER being the son of an admiral.

  • Jose DuBois
    Jose DuBois 3 days ago

    I went to Campos dos Jordão in Brazil and it is pretty much German/Swiss architect midway between São Paulo and Rio. It was a fun but cold place.

  • Jose DuBois
    Jose DuBois 3 days ago

    The Nazis also stayed in west Germany and still Germany doesn't think they owe the older Polish generation for what they did.

  • Dick Steel
    Dick Steel 3 days ago

    Tim Kennedy was by far
    the worst guest ever, with all dew respect. This dude literally just sits around all day and smells his own farts

  • martin carrillo
    martin carrillo 4 days ago

    I found the movie Colonia but the only one I found was made in 2015. Is that the correct?

  • Dexter Williams
    Dexter Williams 4 days ago

    Joe: Don't Die Tim, I like u. Lmao

  • Lance Roberts
    Lance Roberts 5 days ago

    Fuck yea Joe, like the 5th show to mention welders and how bad we need tradesman.

  • Master the Game
    Master the Game 5 days ago

    Tim is misinformed on the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. He also was off on his percentages as it pertains to participation in sports and stuff.

  • Martin Buchanan
    Martin Buchanan 5 days ago

    "My reloading room is disgustingly perfect". I don't think you have to be OCD for that.

  • Rory Durnion
    Rory Durnion 5 days ago


  • dhunley1
    dhunley1 5 days ago

    Cows eat grain. The argument that 1 pound of grain equals more lives lost than 1 pound of beef is kind of silly. Not a vegan/vegetarian, just pointing out the flawed logic.

  • Vexivero
    Vexivero 5 days ago


  • peter oleniuk
    peter oleniuk 5 days ago

    This is the Guy who was on the Nazi hunter show.


    One of the most interesting episodes surprisingly

  • C Diaz
    C Diaz 6 days ago

    Man, I like both dudes but can side with TK about waterboarding....not the same when you're a willing participant...and as much as they're alike....Joe still asked him some tough questions

  • Burger Opperman
    Burger Opperman 6 days ago

    Damn I want Tim to come try being a EMT in South Africa.

  • Garysmith2045
    Garysmith2045 6 days ago

    Tim: talks about defending freedom > then talks about forcing everyone to do what he wants them to do. Mandatory COMPULSORY military service isn’t freedom. And the CIA should be abolished. They glorified drug dealers with security clearances.

  • Steve-in-Toronto
    Steve-in-Toronto 6 days ago

    This guy is so into himself. Probably sucks his own dick.

  • Adam Hensel
    Adam Hensel 7 days ago

    I am pro gun control!! Using two hands, proper sight pitch, trigger control, and knowing your target and what’s behind it.

  • harlan pritchard
    harlan pritchard 7 days ago

    Best JRE yet

  • Grayson Vance
    Grayson Vance 7 days ago

    Love TK. Legend. Great podcast!

  • Patrick Lowrance
    Patrick Lowrance 7 days ago

    Tim "eww" starting to think he might like a little sugar in his tea lil

  • Tommy
    Tommy 8 days ago

    I like Tim and respect him for a man he is. But that's it to be honest. He is just not the sharpest tool in the shed.. Love the patriotism, but we all know Americans going to all these places is not about spreading freedom lol. I'm not a politician so I don't know what's happening behind the scenes, but you gotta wonder, why do only Americans have bases everywhere and are so eager to help everyone lol.

  • supacortez
    supacortez 8 days ago

    This podcast was fuckin' great. Thank you

  • oscar
    oscar 9 days ago

    joe's face when he says 'how did he fight of the polar bears?' brilliant, also guy getting sucked into the pipe...joes face in general is brilliant haha

  • Brian Culp
    Brian Culp 9 days ago

    I want to take his Sheepdog Training Course!!

  • Trevor Kern
    Trevor Kern 10 days ago

    Tim ‘if you pulled a gun right now, I’d take it from you & beat you to death with it’ Kennedy

  • Calvin Lippert
    Calvin Lippert 11 days ago

    Lot of conjecture and unverified data used throughout this video.

  • Ben Blak
    Ben Blak 12 days ago

    Tim Kennedy is so fake humble lol still love him though

  • Zach Lutes
    Zach Lutes 12 days ago

    There are certainly many potentially capable applicants, but the military expects these kids to be perfect right from the start. How about recruit these kids, then mold them into what you need. I tried to join the military multiple times, but I smoked weed. SO THE FUCK WHAT!!??? There's no weed to find in basic training dude. Its the fault of the US military, not these high school kids. They have nobody to blame but themselves

  • Matthew Luh
    Matthew Luh 12 days ago

    I like this guy 😂😂 I trust him more than my girl

  • Shane schnyer
    Shane schnyer 13 days ago

    Lmao. "so I went in and killed them." Damn thats hard.

  • Tanner Orn
    Tanner Orn 13 days ago

    It's crazy bc I'm a bull rider and getting hurt is part of the job I'm glad they glorify what it actually takes

  • Man Cal
    Man Cal 13 days ago

    Tim the objection to hunting for your own food is the fact that there are grocery stores full of meat. Not judging, but you mentioned common sense. Some view it that way.

  • Gil B
    Gil B 13 days ago

    Just looking at him, I thought he was gonna talk like Sylvester Stallone but I was wrong

    NATURAL SPIRIT 13 days ago

    you don,t know jack shit both of you!!!,The fourth reich is here has always been here!.Killing bad people this guys talking shit out of his ass because his head knows better!!!.

  • Brandon Lisik
    Brandon Lisik 14 days ago

    something something "gain weight" twice.

  • Gerff
    Gerff 14 days ago

    If your IQ is too low for military, you SHOULD NOT be wasting your time and money for college! If someone with that low an IQ can graduate college, there is a problem with THAT COLLEGE!

  • WindingMaster
    WindingMaster 14 days ago

    Although I liked a lot of what was said in this discussion I think this guy is trying to sugarcoat US Military & Government practices & trying to push proper gander for a certain agenda... JWO.

  • Lewis Adams Grimm
    Lewis Adams Grimm 14 days ago

    He's right about torture. The methods we used to extract information from detainees when I was in Iraq were not nearly as bad as some of the shit I went through in Recruit Training. We going to lock up Drill Instructors for torture?

  • Daniel Brittson
    Daniel Brittson 15 days ago

    This dudes annoying as fuck

  • Adam Ortiz
    Adam Ortiz 15 days ago

    fuck this brainwashed trigger happy goon lol

  • Jenny Finkelstein
    Jenny Finkelstein 15 days ago

    I mean your all so amazed about all this, wow! I have stories about things that would make you understand that whats being talked about here is so far detached from the real Nazi party its a cartoon.
    Its all half the way accross the world. The real action is in Europe and still is. How about if someone was around who knew the reality of it.
    Shifting gold from lake beds accross Europe and converting it to cash and bonds and moving it to America and so on.
    This is all so contrived snd so detached from the real Nazi contingent. You think the patriots would leave the motherland? As usual, Americans thinking they know something but really know nothing. I personally know more than all these comentators, all their contacts and more. What about the gold? What about the real hard facts. All these Americans have fallen for yhe mis information that was planned. Woe, these people actually think they can speak with some sort of authaurity on this? You all know so, so little its pittifull.

  • AsifIcarebear3
    AsifIcarebear3 15 days ago

    Having guys like this on the front lines scares the shit out of me.

  • ethan fountain
    ethan fountain 16 days ago

    Every war outside of the Second World War was a failure...... I wonder why no one is running to join the military.

  • Joe Foss
    Joe Foss 16 days ago

    2:51:33 is Joe Rogan getting choked up ??? Never seen that from him before

  • Themistertaco
    Themistertaco 16 days ago

    Don't talk about cattle industry trying to feed all the hungry people. Waste of resources. Could be feeding way more people with produce

  • MajorDstruction
    MajorDstruction 16 days ago

    1st full show I've watched. Fucking brilliant interview. I'm subscribing and intend to be a rabid follower of this program.
    Also going to check out his shows. Thank you for your dedication and service Tim.🇺🇸🌟💪

  • Frank Castle Is Dead
    Frank Castle Is Dead 16 days ago +1

    A lot of Fish take care of their Babies....

  • David Recaro
    David Recaro 17 days ago

    The kid from spy kids got jacked

  • Everybody With Bad Gas

    He was a rodeo clown?

  • Cody Heiden
    Cody Heiden 18 days ago

    I wanna see Matt Best on here thatd be fucking awesome

  • Hippie Grinder669
    Hippie Grinder669 18 days ago

    Ah so special forces secret is "one of these things is not like the other... mostly" hahahaha

  • Ernesto Maldonado
    Ernesto Maldonado 19 days ago

    This was one of the most powerful episodes I saw yet . Beautiful

  • VorpalCannon
    VorpalCannon 19 days ago

    Joe “pull that sucker up to your face” Rogan.

  • Richard Bates
    Richard Bates 19 days ago

    Fascinating interview on so many levels. I can imagine how liberal snowflakes feel about Tim Kennedy. As for me, thank God we have men like him fighting for us.

  • alex donnelly
    alex donnelly 19 days ago


  • alex donnelly
    alex donnelly 19 days ago


  • Kiki Xoxo
    Kiki Xoxo 19 days ago

    I want Tim’s shirt....”Here they come to snuff the rooster....awww yeah”

  • James Relinski
    James Relinski 19 days ago +3

    Tim Kennedy for president!!!!
    Who else here would vote for him???
    I sure as hell would.
    Like this if u too believe in this man among men. The most manly man I've ever had the honor of meeting many years back.
    Hes a very very good man. His moral compass is exactly where it needs to be, and more so where this country's morals need to be... God bless u Sir.
    And my undying gratitude for your service to this country!!!

  • 94s
    94s 20 days ago

    I'm going To basic on aug 13. Going for airborne first then I'm going to ranger school. With gods help I will lead the way with other rangers.

  • skutterbuster666
    skutterbuster666 20 days ago

    I wonder how the animals feel about it? (no i'm not vegan or veggie). Anna Breytanbach or something like that, an animal psychic

  • ScottyNeedsIt
    ScottyNeedsIt 20 days ago

    The baddest of mother fuckers

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 20 days ago

    He’s literally the stereotypical super patriotic type of guy 😂😂😂

  • Bill F
    Bill F 20 days ago

    if you ever get stuck in an avalanche, spit to find which way is up..

  • R
    R 20 days ago

    this guy keeps saying "i love killing bad people" and on the surface that may seem "admirable" or "noble", but anyone who has taken elementary psychology can see right through this guy, the quest for retaliation, the energy he derives from murder (even if the people were sadists), the enthusiasm for violence. listen im not saying this guy is "unaware" or "out of touch", he clearly understands violence is the language of the world, and he speaks it fluently, and i think its reasonable to argue hes quite in tune with the way things are, but in no way can this guy talk himself out of a paper bag, hes unintelligible, belligerent, philosophically and intellectually misguided and the sheer brutish savage nature of his entire perspective on life is indicative of how we live in a society where principles can be compromised for strength, and that particular strain of control is intoxicating. basically what im saying is this guy needs to take Ethics 101, and start speaking like his words are intentional rather than regurgitating corrosive cliches and slogans.

  • Kyle Coultas
    Kyle Coultas 21 day ago

    Id take Tim golfing anytime!

  • Vadim Boureanu
    Vadim Boureanu 21 day ago

    Tim "everything I kill dies painlessly and with great purpose" Kennedy

  • Hubert Farnsworth
    Hubert Farnsworth 21 day ago

    Tim Kennedy imagines people calling him a badass when he jacks off

    IAN GAN 22 days ago

    So much informationnnnnnn

  • Kari Perrick
    Kari Perrick 22 days ago


  • Wilson Ortiz
    Wilson Ortiz 22 days ago

    My post failed

  • Red savage
    Red savage 23 days ago

    The rules I’ve always heard is if you kill it you eat it even if it taste like shit you have to eat it

  • James Nug
    James Nug 23 days ago


  • Cis White Male With Extra Privilege

    I actually saw a decapitated rabbit when I was bailing hay for a farmer, with it's baby siting next to it. The combine must have done it.

  • Jonathan Rosario
    Jonathan Rosario 23 days ago

    Pull this sucker to your face💯💯💯💯

  • Vano Scrap
    Vano Scrap 23 days ago

    ah yes, the good old "two russian men one rifle" story. In april '45. That guy is full of it. Or he doesn't know any better. Which he should since doing a show on History Channel.