Joe Rogan Experience #1117 - Tim Kennedy


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  • Hercules MKII
    Hercules MKII Hour ago

    I notice they left out SS Officer Klaus Barbie AKA the butcher of Lyon, who after WW2 was on the American payroll as a paid operative in South America. Needless to say he continued to live up to his reputation

  • killenator5000
    killenator5000 5 hours ago

    What's it like to get launched by a 2000lb meat vehicle? My new fav Rogan quote

  • Alexandros Cromos
    Alexandros Cromos 17 hours ago

    I see our goy in arms trying to find "hitler". Good goy Tim. Good goy!

  • InspirationIsFree
    InspirationIsFree 23 hours ago

    Tim seems to have a good heart but really unintelligent and gullible. He seems to have no self-awareness or concept of hypocrisy. Whether it is UFC or morality of torture, gun control, all his thoughts on these things are really hypocritical. How does someone who seems to value honor, duty and hard work be such a fervent supporter of Trump, someone who exhibits all the opposite qualities?

  • Joseph Cooney
    Joseph Cooney Day ago

    Ahhhhh "The Nerfing of society"'s so hard to bridge the disconnect society needs to wake up!!!!

  • Truth Addiction TV

    If your show fails Tim you should have your own podcast Great stuff.

  • Jhey Ceej Ames
    Jhey Ceej Ames Day ago

    12 foot waves and 38 degree water in Australia is surfing time!

  • GuMpAkC
    GuMpAkC 2 days ago

    Holy shit, Argentina sounds like an awesome place. Just looked at crime statistics. One of the safest places in South America. I wonder why??

  • Blebleble Bla
    Blebleble Bla 2 days ago

    it wasn't only jews who germans stole from during ww2, Poles both jewish and non jewish lost a lot of art gold and lives

  • TheSheepDogPatriot1776

    WTF!!! God put animals on earth for all to harvest and provide for their families. Why the f^%&^ am I going to pay a fee to hunt something God put on this earth for all of us! When we need meat i get meat, I dont care what time of year it is! Anyone else thinks differently need to sell all their weapons because you are a CUCK!

  • Timmy Pruitt
    Timmy Pruitt 3 days ago

    I think there is more books from army sf than seals! Js

  • Zach Hardy
    Zach Hardy 3 days ago

    This dude is a badass, plain and simple.

  • Jesus Jones
    Jesus Jones 4 days ago

    I’m 21 and interested in being a ranger. Will I be one of the older candidates and can I get in if I’ve smoked weed twice in my life over a year ago?

  • James Foster
    James Foster 4 days ago

    If you see this guy at your door, you're a dead man

  • John Weedon
    John Weedon 4 days ago

    Again well said Tim re torture or not .. l am put in mind of those folks who get the jeebies about eating meat after getting an insight into the meat supply industry in parallel to maintain Democratic civilisations.. AND l am pretty sure those fucks from "THE SO-CALLED isis dy--ash?) dont use water to torture those poor souls in their captivity.. But l know l would not last long being "watered".

  • John Weedon
    John Weedon 4 days ago

    ..........."thats what you do when you hurt little kids".. l want you as my best friend Tim.

  • Christian Voorhees
    Christian Voorhees 4 days ago

    2:42:20 Joe's talking about me

  • Matt Reeves
    Matt Reeves 4 days ago

    Time of flight at 1000 yards is more like 1.5 seconds with modern cartridges

  • Houston Kratom Shop
    Houston Kratom Shop 4 days ago

    wild pigs predate all sorts of species

  • Houston Kratom Shop
    Houston Kratom Shop 4 days ago

    It is easy to understand. it is controversial because people are brainwashed to hate Truth and brainwashed to hate people who are capable of being self sufficient or people who do not travel the wide road to destruction.

  • Houston Kratom Shop
    Houston Kratom Shop 4 days ago

    Joe Rogan should Farrakhan on to talk about the mothership

  • Naxilus
    Naxilus 5 days ago

    Interesting about part where they talk about harvesting crops kills more animals then just slaughtering a cow, didnt think about it before. my thought tho is that (atleast in sweden) cows eat a lot of harvested crops etc. so technically you kill a lot of smaller animals when getting food for the cow so in the end your killing a lot to feed a cow also

  • Jake Mills
    Jake Mills 5 days ago

    This guy is a nut case. If I was him I'd be terrified of weakness too so I guess it's easy to understand.

  • LD
    LD 5 days ago

    Are wolves not apex predators... what feeds on wolves

  • Collin St. Phillip
    Collin St. Phillip 5 days ago

    Two outstanding men sharing ideas and stories for nearly 3 outstanding hours, so great.

  • Andrew Quinn
    Andrew Quinn 6 days ago

    Kennedy is a badass.

  • Toni Fakerman
    Toni Fakerman 6 days ago

    In Missouri the department of conservation is THE most powerful branch of our state government, more than the state troopers. I feel this is necessary at a national level

  • Lord Infamous
    Lord Infamous 7 days ago

    Cheetos really took a beating on this one

  • mings jesse
    mings jesse 7 days ago

    1:00:06 I’ve never seen him so shook.

  • BJØRN - Björn Magnus

    Joe, "people fucking around online all day" Rogan. (Also why you rich)

  • Ian Leclerc
    Ian Leclerc 8 days ago


  • Eric V
    Eric V 9 days ago

    Tim "redneck" Kennedy

  • John Howard Cameron
    John Howard Cameron 9 days ago

    Really enjoyed the show . I wish I was in better shape, I would join up. I think the military should lower there expectations, maybe some need the medical health system available in the military , not to mention the disciplinary lessons they could learn. I say take all comers, and sort them out after.

  • dragonballjiujitsu
    dragonballjiujitsu 9 days ago

    One of the best guests ever on JRE. Liberals if you ever wondered what real american men are like and how they think, this is it. This is also the kind of ppl you will be fighting when you finally push your socialist shit too far.

  • grtwhtbnr
    grtwhtbnr 9 days ago

    50% of the time, he almost dies 100% of the time. Dude youre an American hero, dont get killed

  • peaks888
    peaks888 9 days ago

    Two american morons

  • Adam Lees
    Adam Lees 9 days ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • Sean
    Sean 10 days ago

    I think the military should drop the “no weed” thing and do it like by levels. For example you can have this much thc in you system before you get in trouble. Just like they do alcohol

  • Otis b Driftwood
    Otis b Driftwood 10 days ago

    Preaches hard work. Uses a machine to wash his dishes

  • Damian Jaworek
    Damian Jaworek 10 days ago

    I like the podcast but how many times Rogan is going to say Christ?

  • Colette Batman
    Colette Batman 10 days ago

    In my opinion the right person to ask about JFK and his thoughts about the magic bullet...

  • Uban Turban
    Uban Turban 10 days ago

    15:20 look on his face is telling me he definitely does coke

  • rbjs7
    rbjs7 10 days ago

    If only this guy wasn’t so overcome with his ego. Jesus Christ it was excruciating. Constantly trying to impress by talking about how tough he is.

  • Peter Von Der Hasenheide

    I am a vegan and i would kill these pigs.

  • Eric Abinoha
    Eric Abinoha 10 days ago

    Pennington had a broken nose and should have took a kneel in fight Rory vs lawler style

  • Tj Pohorelsky
    Tj Pohorelsky 11 days ago

    Great podcast gentlemen...that's all I have to say about that.
    I can't wait to watch Hard to Kill Tim.

  • Roland Deschein
    Roland Deschein 12 days ago interesting

  • Christian Capitalist
    Christian Capitalist 12 days ago

    joe may be startled by this knowledge but meanwhile the entire human race is being culled through genetic, chemical, technological and psychological means by an international elite

  • atombomb31458
    atombomb31458 13 days ago

    i dont think most pro 2nd people want crazies having guns...come on

  • David Acarnley
    David Acarnley 13 days ago

    Huge fan of the podcast but this was the dullest I've heard.

  • NEMO 74
    NEMO 74 13 days ago

    I made it 4:40. Can’t do this guy, sorry 😐

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker 14 days ago

    He's a man to be in a foxhole beside. #Hero Thank you for your service. 2.4k dislikes = 2.4k people who are ungrateful

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker 14 days ago

    All those who criticise Tim Kennedy as, 'a shill', 'a mindless puppet', someone with 'unchecked violence'. A simple 'thank you' instead would be enough
    How many of you would have the balls, the courage, the character to serve your country and defend pussies like you, even though they despise you for doing it.

  • Systrex
    Systrex 14 days ago

    Most of the money from the excise tax comes from general gun owners that don't hunt.

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 14 days ago

    Also this guy is such a cock sucker for implying that people don’t want to be welders or mechanics because it’s not “cool”. Maybe it’s just the fact that the majority of people don’t want to make it their life long profession working with sheets of steel and a blow torch, or sitting under car covered in grease. We as a society have evolved to the point where we understand how sacred our lives are and actually understand that living a life you want to live if far more important than anything else. If someone wanted to be a welder or a mechanic does he really think they wouldn’t just because others think those professions aren’t “cool”?

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 14 days ago

    Jesus chris this dude has really been chugging Uncles Sams Cum Kool-Aid for sometime hasn’t he /: He talks about social progress past hard labour as a bad thing. As if advancing towards a more sophisticated future past manual labor jobs is such a terrible thing just because it’s forces American citizens to take responsibility for their own fitness.
    And where the fuck does this guy get off blaming obesity for the deficit of military recruits? It’s for fucking sure has to do way more with people’s own attitudes with the military, ESPECIALLY when we’re talking about positions in infantry for the fucking Army. You’re basically signing up to be treated like horse shit for x amount of years and putting your life on the line for geo political issues which no one really understands or even legitimately would want to lay their own life on the line for

  • Skydogg5555
    Skydogg5555 15 days ago

    who's paying these people for "mandatory service" in the military? gonna be free huh? oh we want slavery again? right.

  • Skydogg5555
    Skydogg5555 15 days ago

    this dude creates a show revolving around hitler and his atrocities then advocates and agrees with wholesale torture of individuals, basic unconstitutional behavior. Guantanamo bay as an example. how hypocritical can you be? if you don't give a shit about your own rights and people in the US, why care about jews or the germans? who cares about pursuing war criminals because why make the world safer to live in, hence "nerfing the world". this dude thinks hammurabi had it right, apparently.

  • Skydogg5555
    Skydogg5555 15 days ago

    just get off the couch and stop taking that medicine with 100's of side effects if you quit cold turkey everyone.

  • Skydogg5555
    Skydogg5555 15 days ago

    it's actually hilarious to see joe/tim IMMEDIATELY point the blame on the teenager for their eating or leisure time activity habits. meanwhile, obesity rates lower as you decrease the age group. it's the 30-60 yr old retards who were spoonfed bullshit about dietary needs and what foods to eat. learn what the fuck you are talking about before you misinform millions.

  • Nick H
    Nick H 15 days ago

    This dude is an ultra douche

  • Ben Kuharik
    Ben Kuharik 15 days ago

    I love Tim Kennedy but i think he's spewing some of that fake news with that college and military stuff

  • NOWG0015
    NOWG0015 15 days ago

    Yeah let's blow up 100,000 Germans because of the holocaust goys. Their great grandfather was a Nazi oy vey!

  • NOWG0015
    NOWG0015 15 days ago

    Seriously, Fuck this guy for wanting to kill and torture ethnic Germans in Chile just because they don't want to race mix with the locals and have there own segregated communities. Of course they should honor their ancestors, they had more honor than any US soldier who goes to the middle east and blows up people for Isreal. He is the perfect example of a Isreali puppet. 14/88 from USA.

  • M1STA X-PL01T
    M1STA X-PL01T 15 days ago

    Whitaker made that shit look easy

  • Eric Poser
    Eric Poser 15 days ago

    Joe needs to get an actual farmer or rancher on here and discuss his feelings and convictions...

  • Ekaj Gaint
    Ekaj Gaint 15 days ago

    Tim is so hard to like, his knowledge on history is terrible and his good guys/bad guys rhetoric is just childish

  • Jeremy Knappett
    Jeremy Knappett 15 days ago

    went to look up the fat guy with the lion, then got distracted by a fat lion in russia..... i made my choice on what to look at today

  • Jose Benitez
    Jose Benitez 15 days ago

    DUDE! You have to be making some serious cash to have a Capisco Chair!
    Fully $799.00
    Amazon $525

  • Robert Cain Jr.
    Robert Cain Jr. 16 days ago

    It’s not about the words gun control it the loss of rights! Not an inch, the laws are on the books and after you apply the laws on the books and nothing changes then let’s look. Any loss is loss!

  • Magnus Løkken
    Magnus Løkken 16 days ago +1


  • Ben Harris
    Ben Harris 16 days ago

    Dude doesn't seem genuine. hes not talking like a person.

  • mckay packer
    mckay packer 16 days ago

    Tim, seems to think he knows what he’s talking about......that’s very different than knowing what your talking about.
    Being in SF doesn’t mean you are an expert in all things. FWIW

  • Ethan Klapperich
    Ethan Klapperich 16 days ago

    I think Tim Kennedy is doing a pretty good job as finding the middle of the argument. Maybe its just his work ethic. But I do feel that with the school shooters are just assholes that want to ruin what rights other people have. Theres always going to be bad people and good people that get guns, but I also believe there are bad people who want to take guns away and good people as well.

  • JendrykGaming
    JendrykGaming 16 days ago

    Feminist comes on the podcast
    Audience: REEEEEEEEEEEE!
    Armybro defends torture and a crime against humanity
    Audience: Ok well let's be civil here

  • Meansue
    Meansue 16 days ago +1

    Kennedy: “How many hunters out of 100 would do the right thing?”
    Rogan: “I’d say the vast majority would”
    Kennedy: “oh...”
    Asshole detected!😂

  • Naomi Hannis
    Naomi Hannis 16 days ago

    You should have Shane Dawson on your show!

  • Will Drlik
    Will Drlik 16 days ago

    You guys should have Bob Baer on the podcast soon!

  • Daddy Domeshot
    Daddy Domeshot 16 days ago

    Tim Kennedy goes hard in the paint what a legend

  • Adolf Hitmaker
    Adolf Hitmaker 16 days ago

    This guy sure likes to sniff his own farts

  • Imperial Truth
    Imperial Truth 17 days ago

    Despite Joe putting up little debate to Tim's statements, this was a fantastic episode. I would have said it was the best episode in a while, but Schoch was recently, soo..

  • Ziga Badoo
    Ziga Badoo 17 days ago

    American kids being so obeese they cant recrute for US army is the best news I have heard in years!

  • Kathleen Krupa
    Kathleen Krupa 17 days ago

    Excellent interview!

  • JulianChristoffer
    JulianChristoffer 17 days ago

    Tim, ur not the only one...

  • SocraticIAM
    SocraticIAM 17 days ago

    the mandatory service period is straight out of Utopia

  • PJ Yost
    PJ Yost 17 days ago

    The problem with just blaming pro 2A people for being gun "nuts' is neither of these guys are ordinary Americans. They have a forum to speak to the public at large. If their firearms were taken away without due process, they would be putting up podcast after podcast to get their Rights back. Most of us dont have that option, so we have to fight every single law the anti-gun leftists bring up to begin with. Just how it is. Also not addressed in that conversation is how often anti-gunners abuse the law or ignore it in their war against guns. All reasons why those of us who support the 2nd Amendment will fight any law the anti-gunners propose.

  • SocraticIAM
    SocraticIAM 17 days ago

    This conversation is more evidence for my "everyone engages in philosophy" argument. There are a branch of Jainist (Maharavi addition to Hindu ) who wear no clothing(covered by sky,heaven) and brush the ground before taking a step to ensure even insects are not injured. The grains for porridge and microbiological organisms are accounted due to the hierarchy of consciousness, so there is a recognition of a moral threshold in the food chain. The conservation, preservation, hunting debate is a mirror for dialogue found in the rig-vedas. further in texts from every culture, one might say universal.
    The historical narrative should visit the Dulles brothers and their like with examples like Swiss interactions to attract and secretly route Nazis. i will again emphasize that in all of these the public didn't know stories, academic experts did. From insider postwar strategy, to Vietnam, Iraq , Eugenic programs, Nazi talent assimilated(the real Paperclip), propaganda, Nixon, Church committee, Iran, et cetera the passionate researchers are writing and publishing these "unknowns" . Wikipedia is an exciting endeavor, but for valid, evidenced, information research conclusions, or arguments that have endeavored the process. the same criteria should be applied to internet research to discriminate useful sources.

  • gamer nature
    gamer nature 17 days ago

    This episode speaks volumes for sure, even down line men busting there ass so sjws have power to tweet whales need rights.

  • Lexor888
    Lexor888 17 days ago

    So i am 1h15m into this podcast and i can't believe what i hear. This guy seems to have no clue about what Colonia Dignidad was. Yes the founder was a Nazi, but this was not a sleeper cell for Nazis. It was a religious cult where members were highly indoctrinated into the cult and they were tortured and children got molested (child molestation also being the reason why Paul Schäfer left Germany to avoid prosecution).
    It was hardly possible to escape the colony, some people who yet managed to flee and made it to the embassy got brought back instead of being protected from them. The people who were not willing to subdue were administered drugs, received electric shocks and were beaten. Everybody had to do hard labor and nobody was paid any money. Men, women and children were separated from each other, social bonds were prohibited. Also they had Stasi-like conditions that anyone could tell on you for misbehaving.
    So what is to expect of people who lived in such conditions for up to 45 years?
    And then, if i understood correctly (sry i'm not a native english speaker), this guy killed 2 people that tortured a child? If he did that as a civilian he is a murder and if he did it as a soldier he committed a war crime. He's not "Judge Dredd (judge, jury and executioner)" . Either way he should be behind bars.

  • devesh singh solanki
    devesh singh solanki 17 days ago

    Would it be safe to say that it's bad to consume farm animals?
    First of all, they're bred artificially and then they consume crops. Bad for the environment both ways.

  • Daniel Ronan
    Daniel Ronan 18 days ago

    I paused this and got caught watching an hour of Pig trapping videos

  • rlbballer
    rlbballer 18 days ago

    How can you not bring up the point that more and more people simply refuse military service because more and more people are against war and conflict and don't trust our govt when it comes to war. That's honestly probably the biggest reason dude! Its awful you didn't bring that up man. I know the majority of all my young friends have the opinion of FUCK MILITARY SERVICE. As Einstein said the pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service!

  • HedgeHogger 710
    HedgeHogger 710 18 days ago

    This guy is an arrogant asshole... Always acting like top fuckin' dog when he doesn't even realize he has to 1 up everyone... Jackass....

  • Captain Ginyu
    Captain Ginyu 18 days ago

    I know all the military smirked when he said "garnered"

  • Rodrigo Mussak
    Rodrigo Mussak 18 days ago

    Joseph Mengele made those experiments, same as in Chile, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, as well. And I remember, as a kid in the 80's, watching a sunday evening show where they showed some excavation and exploration of things related to this nazi monster. It is believed that he died in here in my state, Parana, also southern Brazil. There are, to this day, farms in the countryside of my state where there are families of those nazis living like nothing happened. It is also, prohibitive to reach those lands. It is still very dangerous. Like Tim, I would like to set those unfinished business with those criminals.

  • Sean Moonshine
    Sean Moonshine 18 days ago

    calling it a trophy i dont think some people will like it, & it didn't quite sit well with me too lol, but they're right & id prefer my meat shot by a pro marksman, rather than these disgusting cattle farms that exsist

  • Sean Moonshine
    Sean Moonshine 18 days ago

    Timmy "I just talk like I really know shit but if you know, you know, he doesn't " Kenny.
    Especially when he talks about WWII & Hitler, which apart from the silly conspiracy theories, he is not very well read/informed about, in general. Very good middleweight & deserves respect for serving & apart from his annoying " know it all " & I'm in the army now spiel, when its not even the subject

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 18 days ago

    Tim "Everyone is a soyboy" Kennedy

  • Bloomin' Arty
    Bloomin' Arty 18 days ago

    is that you Zach???