Joe Rogan Experience #1117 - Tim Kennedy


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  • Daniel Selvidge
    Daniel Selvidge Hour ago

    "I can see the stance, they are coming from a place of compassion, but they don't understand nature". That is the case for solving so many social problems today, you can not create a solution from only a point of compassion! Most of the time the good/right thing to do sounds harsh, but that is actually the more compassionate thing to do. The game/conservation example is such a good illustration.

  • nxghtmxre
    nxghtmxre 4 hours ago

    Powerful Tim Kennedy

  • Fernando Lopez Bermudez

    I was told the CIA de-classified some evidence that the where watching someone that appeared to look like Hitler in Argentina. The US Government knew about him for many years and just left him alone in Argentina... Does anyone else knows about this? feel free to comment

  • sam outdoors
    sam outdoors 11 hours ago

    My family used to rely on nothing but wild game. Not very long ago. I feel lack of education and a generation of society that has no clue and blantenlybtakes advantage itsjustsad

  • dave the mr.tinman

    Holly shit someone tell Darth Vader to learn how to control his breathing like fuck most annoying episode ever I bet that fat fuck gets winded while fucking his wife SMH what sad peace of shit Joe for not telling him to learn how to fucking breath

  • angel lizama
    angel lizama Day ago

    This was a great show they had a lot of good discussions Ted Kennedy is a beast...

  • TheRealCobraBurnout
    TheRealCobraBurnout 2 days ago

    How many TheXvid Channels does Joe Rogan have? Damn! just subbed another. lol

  • J Gomes
    J Gomes 2 days ago

    great stuff!!!

  • SeekingHigherLearning

    Wow! This guy is so dumb.

  • SeekingHigherLearning

    Never heard a combat veteran who touts his own idea about how much he loves killing people. It’s disgusting. Tim is the exact opposite of the veterans I know who’ve killed “enemies” in the field. I was a big fan of this guy before seeing this. Its almost as if Joe just gave him the rope and he hung himself

    • SeekingHigherLearning
      SeekingHigherLearning 3 days ago

      AND he believes in the “Official” 911 story?!? My god. What an idiot

  • SeekingHigherLearning

    Love Tim, but damn, he’s really just a big, strong kid

  • Jownay Bravo
    Jownay Bravo 3 days ago

    An immense amount of respect for this man....truly an american patriot.

  • Jownay Bravo
    Jownay Bravo 3 days ago

    2 minutes in... i dont notice anything misplaced like that... he is amazing.

  • J Gomes
    J Gomes 3 days ago

    good question why not bring those wolves to eat them pigs in texas? put a gps on them once them pigs are gone you catch them and remove them easy fix. oh i m sorry its more fun to shoot them.

  • J Gomes
    J Gomes 3 days ago

    i know nobody gives a shit but i just love animals, and one thing i dont get is the hunters can go around killing animals and they say that they keep the balance, but when you find a nest of sea turtles or an animal hurt by another or even a hunter people say you have to let nature follow its course big bull shit, human population is growing more and more each year so why dont we go around killing ourselves to keep the balance?? you describe the animal as majestic beautiful creature, do u have any idea of how many things that animal had to avoid to become a majestic beautiful creature to die in a day when it was eating and enjoying a day where it didnt have to fight for its life, i think a right way to hunt would be giving the hunter a knife and telling him or her to go the them that would be a fair hunt. oh you wouldnt be able to??? guess what go to publix you can buy meat there in case you dont know.

  • David Finn
    David Finn 3 days ago


  • Kev P
    Kev P 3 days ago

    I could listen to Tim all day. Dude is a great American.

  • krayzeddd
    krayzeddd 4 days ago

    Do you guys think that 25 is to late to try to become special forces? haha

    • Fredrik
      Fredrik 6 hours ago

      no. 32years i think

  • The Ancient Lantern
    The Ancient Lantern 4 days ago

    This talk was so damn good. Holy balls. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    UOY KCUF 4 days ago

    This zionist shill lying piece of shit needs to be put in an oven

  • Mauwi Wowwi
    Mauwi Wowwi 4 days ago

    He has a comedian face!

  • TheAnnouncer
    TheAnnouncer 4 days ago

    Tim “I’m a really good terrorist” Kennedy
    Joe “you ever catch one in the mouth” Rogan

  • ryan miller
    ryan miller 4 days ago +1

    Fuck the military; they don't need more soldiers, they need to reduce the number we have.

  • cahaps
    cahaps 4 days ago

    Haven't they done enough to the german people let it go you fucking selfish Jew nobody cares about your lies

  • Dylan Reece
    Dylan Reece 5 days ago

    This guy is just regurgitating right wing propaganda but thinks he’s some kind of free thinker.

  • Dylan Reece
    Dylan Reece 5 days ago

    Killing animals in Africa SAVES them silly.

  • Brandon Edge
    Brandon Edge 5 days ago

    Thank Kavenaugh for the patriot act.

  • ExEcUtIoN W33D
    ExEcUtIoN W33D 5 days ago

    "Wolf's eating elk asshole first" 😂

  • Tito Jackson
    Tito Jackson 6 days ago

    Most women are far worse for society and the world in general than terrorists, and that's the sad truth. The ideological woman, is about 20% or less of women.

  • Auror Incorporated
    Auror Incorporated 6 days ago +1

    My favorite kind of madman. Mr Kennedy has probably done all the things I would do if I were a man. Sheer utter craziness. =D

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami 6 days ago +1

    22:35 Joe has never been more correct in his entire life

  • IO
    IO 6 days ago

    Dude looks like the ps4 exclusive fortnite skin fr

  • Guardiano
    Guardiano 6 days ago

    I like how he flippantly said it's "weird" that is significant segments of his pro-second Amendment, pro-military, veteran warrior community fans are mad at him. Yeah, it's so weird that we would be bothered by him saying that nobody under 21 should own a rifle...

  • zach miller
    zach miller 8 days ago

    This podcast was great but I just looked up the chairs Joe has and wow... I wish i could afford a 6-900 dollar office chair I bet they're really comfortable

  • Joe Stango
    Joe Stango 9 days ago

    He truly is a sheepdog among wolves. Thank you Tim Kennedy😤

  • AdmiralOddSock
    AdmiralOddSock 9 days ago

    This clown has been hit in the head far too much!

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 9 days ago

    Its entirely possible

  • Dylan Berry
    Dylan Berry 10 days ago

    “The Russians didn’t get any”
    “The Russians got a lot of them”
    Less than a minute apart lol

  • Jacob Rodgers
    Jacob Rodgers 11 days ago

    And the pool of applicable candidates for the military consists of Americans who are willing and able to kill. The overall population of the US has not decreased, we have loads of healthy people, we just have allot less people who want to pick up an M16 and allot more people who want to pick up a text book. *Most vets I know hate violence and combat. This guy is a fucking meat head who obsesses about things that happened 60 years ago (which was around the time of our last war that had a purpose that wasn't specifically serving corporations who lobby congress)

  • Jacob Rodgers
    Jacob Rodgers 11 days ago

    Tim Kennedy "Real torture, not fake torture." What the fuck is fake torture dude? (Comments like that from a veteran make me not ashamed to selectively and individually support a certain troop member (ref. Doug Stanhope) and not all of them blindly; because some, like the rest of the population talk out of their ass and are potential douchbags)

  • Maxum
    Maxum 11 days ago

    You actually CAN join the military if you've smoked weed. From "As more states lessen or eliminate marijuana penalties, the Army is granting hundreds of waivers to enlist people who used the drug in their youth -- as long as they realize they can't do so again in the military."

  • Dennis Coughlin
    Dennis Coughlin 11 days ago

    Exactly it's already happening Patriot Act 2 joke

  • devin dunne
    devin dunne 11 days ago

    Fudd basicly someone who believes that firearms are only for hunting

  • Scott_T
    Scott_T 12 days ago

    “Choosing beggars” at the food shelter.

  • Scott_T
    Scott_T 12 days ago

    All of the gun law examples you gave are already illegal. What NEW laws would have stopped even one school shooting? We’re 800 cuts into “death by 1000” cuts. Of course we’re pissy FFS.

  • Scott_T
    Scott_T 12 days ago

    “Well regulated” in those days meant l”in good working order”. God Tim.

  • Leandro Garcia
    Leandro Garcia 12 days ago

    Ok I hope im just not getting something here because if Hitlers is alive he would be 129 y/o.

  • 02phenom
    02phenom 12 days ago

    Blown away by this episode! Amazing podcast

  • RompotMechanikos
    RompotMechanikos 12 days ago

    I was with you until water boarding, this guy can rot in hell.

  • vincent Arollo
    vincent Arollo 12 days ago

    people dont want to join the military. I really feel that a lot of people dont want to go to war for a country that doesn't take care of its veterans.

  • vincent Arollo
    vincent Arollo 12 days ago

    we have gun laws already.

  • donnyj88
    donnyj88 13 days ago

    it like when the wild animals are great!!!! till they kill your pet or kids in your back yard !!!

  • donnyj88
    donnyj88 13 days ago

    same way they can make Joe Rogan can be put on that list and never have a weapon again and can not hunt again !

  • BruhYouBogus
    BruhYouBogus 13 days ago

    The biggest cock block is when jamie doesn't show us a video that they are watching

  • Jens Krieger
    Jens Krieger 14 days ago

    Tim acts soooo smart..In his mind he is just the smartest, toughest guy ever.. An absolute super power...No..Tim is an arrogant know it all..While the current phenomenon of progress in the form of enlightenment regarding the Holohoax is increasing at unprecedented speed; Tim Kennedy has gone in the opposite direction and he's gonna act like everyone is stupid, while he parrots the Jewish "Oy vey! The Nazis were the most evil people to ever exist! The goy are going to start anudda Sho'ah!"

  • Jens Krieger
    Jens Krieger 14 days ago

    Dear Joe Rogan....WATCH: "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told." The Jews used the number 6 Million Jews at least twice before the "Holocaust"..The headlines read "6 Million Jews set to starve in blahblahblah country...The Jews have been thrown out of over 100 countries because of their sick rape/murder rituals..The "death camps/gas changers" were FORENSICALLY DEBUNKED! Even by a Jewish engineer who built gas chambers in US death row prisons. The Holocaust was Jewish/Russian/Communist propaganda.There is real evidence disproving the death camp lies..Tim Kennedy, stop reading Jewish propaganda..If there is actual, physical evidence of German personnel using gas chambers to mass murder Jews, OR, provide evidence that those medical torture sessions actually existed. The Nazis were awesome, animal loving, family/culture/heritage loving, brilliant people.They resisted Communism and the genocide against whites until their last breaths...That's why during the Nuremberg trials there was only I believe 1 sole Nazi who betrayed Hitler and testified that Hitler ordered a genocide...That traitor was flipped by some good old fashioned torture..He was forced to say that shit.

  • Joel West
    Joel West 14 days ago

    That money is going straight to conservation? I’m sorry but that’s just factually fucking wrong. I know for a fact a lot of that money spent in Africa goes missing and gets eaten up by corrupt officials. These two need to do some reseacrch about that shit.

  • Adam Bodford
    Adam Bodford 15 days ago

    The 2nd Amendment isn't given to "the Militia", it's given to "The People". It's simple english and this shit stain knows it. He's pissing all over his oath of enlistment and turning his back on the American people.

  • Clone895
    Clone895 16 days ago +1

    1:20:19 NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE #flextape

  • lonestar_travels
    lonestar_travels 16 days ago

    Texas pigs ain’t bad. Just don’t eat the big boars. And you wanna kill them quick. The adrenaline leaves a funk.

  • Jeremy Kean
    Jeremy Kean 17 days ago

    "We can't get somebody that isn't smoking weed..." 1:30:04
    Well, there's your fucking problem. You dumb cunts would turn down Joe Rogan at the door too. I'd be willing to buy the idea that young men nowadays are flabbing out at record rates. But lets not pretend they're letting their nation down because they're weren't quite stupid enough to swallow long-since-debunked Boomer HORSESHIT.

  • poobummcgregor
    poobummcgregor 17 days ago

    Tim is a compete Liar. Full of shit. The way he talk about just killing people. Cunt

  • Taylor Espinosa
    Taylor Espinosa 17 days ago

    IDE eat a lion forsure

  • napalm monkey
    napalm monkey 18 days ago +3

    Tim Kennedy is a really in interesting person..

  • napalm monkey
    napalm monkey 18 days ago

    Reintroducing wolves back in yellow stone had a massive positive affect on the environment for almost 30 years in so many ways it was a good plan. But to many introduced in an abundant area created a huge breeding burst of wolves in which you are right killing them back would be a good idea now. Controversial as that maybe, animals learn to live in an area's through trial and error just like we do and these wolves have never seen hard times so they are greedy and kill for sport not just food . They haven't learned how to live in this area. Replacing one set of wolves that have lived there for centuries is not the same as introducing a new group to the area and it's the mind set that we don't understand properly that can have devastating effects.

  • kosmo spacejams
    kosmo spacejams 18 days ago

    This feels like two Mortal Kombat characters doing a podcast + chill.

  • Pasquale Perna
    Pasquale Perna 18 days ago

    Joe "Woooooooow" Rogan

  • Hanklon Willings IV
    Hanklon Willings IV 18 days ago

    We need more people like Time Kennedy, Marcus Lutrell.... etc, etc

  • Hanklon Willings IV
    Hanklon Willings IV 18 days ago

    God bless Tim Kennedy

  • grigas003
    grigas003 18 days ago

    Now that a lot of damage!

  • Dalton
    Dalton 18 days ago

    The reason why the 2nd Amendment community is so apposed to further "Gun Control" laws and regulations is for the simple fact that the so called (Gun Control - Laws / Regulations) is mainly that these acts have a 2nd Amendment infringement affect on Law Abiding citizens and little to no effect on criminals. There is an obvious disconnect / knee jerk reaction in America that when a crime is committed with a firearm the government immediately proposes further "Gun Control" legislation that has little to no impact to hinder or deter the acts that the legislation was created to stop. It boils down to implementing reasonable and effective legislation to works towards the root cause of these heinous acts of violence without infringing on Law Abiding / Tax Paying citizens 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Dawid van As
    Dawid van As 18 days ago

    Tim is a trigger happy moron! Dumb as f*ck

  • Mike Rockwell
    Mike Rockwell 18 days ago

    Tim= bad ass

  • RAGNAR77
    RAGNAR77 19 days ago

    Fat kids eating cheetos and playing video games will be really good at COD though

  • stealthybanana
    stealthybanana 19 days ago

    I feel bad for the sorry soul that has to combine 1k acres of corn.

  • Johnny boy 8144
    Johnny boy 8144 19 days ago

    Just army special forces are suffering or all branches are suffering for special forces?

  • Jonathan Dexter
    Jonathan Dexter 19 days ago

    Clever Tell everyone your weakness!

  • Cody Lee
    Cody Lee 19 days ago

    Maybe there wouldn't be such a "scarcity" of viable soldiers who are being spread too thin if we weren't in so many unnecessary wars.

    LEAX JIUJITSU 20 days ago

    i hate nazis

  • Carlos
    Carlos 21 day ago

    Shooting black bears reaching for laundry line snacks you left out seems weird also.

  • Paul Meilak99
    Paul Meilak99 21 day ago

    The comment about the soviets not having enough rifles at the battle of Berlin is wrong. Throughout WW2 the soviets had enough small arms for the army. The only time the Russian had issues in lacking enough small arms was in WW1. This was Imperial Russia not having a big enough production base. The stats are in Wikipedia and check the sources. Also check out David M Glantz youtube talk on the eastern front in WW2.

  • steve boehm
    steve boehm 21 day ago

    Oh your proud of something your family did, Especially if you look at the success of the nazi party, not the disattached Nazi party but the ones that tried to keep a positive society going on while dealing with really no choice but to survive, if you didn't wear the arm band your family ended up right next to the Jews in segregated neighbor hoods let's not try and say everyone chose to be a Nazi. And no one wants interviews cause you end up dissrepecting their family names in the future, if the situation was reversed your marine, American flag saluting ass would get mad. The real Germans who were forced Nazis stayed in Germany or America anyway cause they were glad that they didn't have to endure that shit again and dealt with the repercussions through years of bullshit. There's a lot more personal level between Germans and who wanted and tried to reject the riech, no different than how America is and goes to other countries to impose our beliefs and ways

  • Shot Comps
    Shot Comps 21 day ago

    Tim Kennedy is a modern day Coriolanus.

  • Aspired Gods
    Aspired Gods 22 days ago

    Love being American! We were once part of a great empire! Then became independent and built up. Can never forget where America came from!

  • suzuki turbo
    suzuki turbo 22 days ago

    How do u spell that place he said to Google

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid 22 days ago

    Soooo if it were a skinny guy flying over and walking up to the bipod and pulling the trigger and then posing for a picture with one of the biggest apex preadators the worlds ever seen, it’d be ok? I don’t get why the guy being fat had anything to do with it because the process is the same regardless of body type. Maybe Rogan just hates fat people the way I hate self righteous bald people.

  • AuTUm
    AuTUm 22 days ago +1

    This guy Tim, officially working for the military industrial complex, would not say(see for ex. at 2h35min) anything other than the official false version about 9-11. So yes, brave americans, go and work for the military industrial complex fighting with people who's lands were invaded, destroyed and families and loved ones killed or mutilated. And who are the main beneficiary of the different kind of wars? Who makes millions out of natural resources and rebuilding(after they destroyed them in the first place) other countries, out of all the military and other agencies consumes? Sure, there are psychopaths in every country, but not all of the Muslims that got into some kind of fight are doing it for the pleasure of kill and torture. I recently saw a documentary made by a mainstream TV station in Germany, where a bank owner tells about the magnificent old building where he has the premises of the bank, and guess what, the building is among the few who were not bombarded in the world war 2....coincidence, isn't it.

  • Jared Yenewine
    Jared Yenewine 22 days ago

    Fuck the troops

  • Danny Castillo
    Danny Castillo 23 days ago


  • Moofy
    Moofy 24 days ago

    Where is the show?

  • Gary Davis
    Gary Davis 24 days ago

    Most logical people live in the middle.

  • Thompson Beavers
    Thompson Beavers 24 days ago

    So this is what happens when two legends sit down together

  • tdw
    tdw 24 days ago

    The 2nd amendment states that the fedgov has zero authority to enact any gun laws

  • Floyd Vader
    Floyd Vader 24 days ago

    So shocked that Nazis got away with it but get Nazis to build weapons and rockets for yourself?!?!?!? Double standard?

  • Anthony Collelo
    Anthony Collelo 25 days ago

    this guy is a raging pompous windbag

  • William Miller
    William Miller 25 days ago

    Tim K is the man. I am almost 50 and I still want to grow up to be him. Lol.

  • Leonidas
    Leonidas 25 days ago +3

    Anyone else drinking good bourbon 🥃 while watching this after a long day?

    • Niall Craig
      Niall Craig 17 days ago

      Leonidas no such as thing as a good bourbon

    WAR CRIME 25 days ago

    Illegal aliens?

  • kingcorc
    kingcorc 26 days ago

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, the only thing I disagree with is the Girl Scout vs Boy Scout discussion. The only reason girls wanted to be allowed to join the Boy Scouts is because while the Boy Scouts have a highly prestigious final honor in becoming an Eagle Scout, the Girl Scouts have the “Gold Award” which nobody gives a shit about. Being an Eagle Scout can help some men get into better colleges while having a Gold Award is basically useless. They both spend as much time in their respective troops but the young women who pursue the Gold Award get nothing to show for it.

    DARCECHOKESLEEPY 26 days ago

    Joe said 2000 lb meat vehicle! Nice