MY CUSTOM PC VS MACBOOK PRO | 4k Video in Adobe Premiere

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
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  • Sunil Hegde
    Sunil Hegde 3 days ago

    You are so cute. Nice video. A TheXvidr who doesn't talk like a robot. ;-)

  • Pr.Kevin Sylvester
    Pr.Kevin Sylvester 3 days ago

    Mam Sara, i have lot's of Question's to ask regarding Video Editing on Premiere and Shooting with Sony so is it a GUD place to ask...?

  • Mayank Baraik
    Mayank Baraik 4 days ago


  • LATIF production learning

    Hi you do good job, i spend days searching in net about AMD if its good on video editing or not because still INTEL high price, so i found your Chanel - now we are 2019 what you find good in AMD after all days using .. Thank you so much

  • Roger Huston
    Roger Huston 9 days ago

    Actually, for a 15min video, she said very little. Obviously, the more RAM, CPU, HD you have the FASTER it will be, regardless of platform. As a windows user for most of my life, I wanted to understand the difference in experience. I guess Adobe products are the same across platforms? What about Color Management? Workflow? Anything different there? I really like the MacBook single computer utility vs a dedicated laptop and a dedicated workstation. But after 15min, all I learned was a faster computer will render video faster.

  • Oreabetse mojolwane
    Oreabetse mojolwane 9 days ago

    Hey there, so year I've a PC, how risky and costly is it to upgrade it to the required specs including the processor related to buying a new one

  • Newteen
    Newteen 9 days ago

    You can actually preview videos easily on PC. Just press enter instead of spacebar and voila. If you really want to use spacebar for that purpose, you can, just change hotkeys.

  • Danielle Strijdhaftig
    Danielle Strijdhaftig 10 days ago +1

    Happy for this comparison. Usually people just compare laptops to laptops and desktops to desktops but I needed to know the benefit of getting that box under the desk over a laptop. So thanks!

  • Ota san
    Ota san 11 days ago

    Adobe Premiere < i am guessing its that software

  • Ota san
    Ota san 11 days ago

    i dont think its the macbook pro , different software different results , 1hr geez thats not good

  • John Murgen
    John Murgen 13 days ago

    What is the point of comparing a laptop and a desktop machine. Videos like this are beyond pointless, why not compare a cray computer and a raspberry pie, equally as useful?

  • Vlogger Central TV
    Vlogger Central TV 13 days ago +1

    She said “Extreme web browsing” but has Premiere Pro opened up in the background. Lol

  • Jamil El Choueiry
    Jamil El Choueiry 15 days ago

    i think i found the next lvl female version of peter mckinnon when he used to give lots of good info for videography :D ty sara for the gr8t content keep it up

  • Omi Sayan
    Omi Sayan 16 days ago

    She’s so cute 😋

  • Wesley Engstrom
    Wesley Engstrom 16 days ago

    I really don’t know much about computers but I do find this very informational just by how much you know better thanks!!!

    • Andrew York
      Andrew York 12 days ago

      No, she didn't really do a fair comparison between the two they are two separate beasts.

  • boson96
    boson96 20 days ago

    5 minutes in and she hasn't even started to explain anything yet. 😑

  • Marko 28
    Marko 28 22 days ago

    Most of the 'command' button shortcuts on mac work the same on PC, just use 'Ctrl' instead. And I think you can get the spacebar preview functionality on PC if you go to the Microsoft Store and install the QuickLook app.

  • The last noob standing

    If u had RTX 2080 ti ,u can export 8k videos very quickly

  • The last noob standing

    Apple is shit

  • ClawSharp
    ClawSharp 27 days ago

    whats your work
    what you

  • t.s.vishnu vichu
    t.s.vishnu vichu 27 days ago +1

    How much will it cost to build a PC..? For 4k editing

  • advres
    advres 29 days ago

    You should never be editing footage off a boot drive.

  • Sawan Khalkho
    Sawan Khalkho Month ago +1


  • Lamper Fape
    Lamper Fape Month ago

    Did anyone notice that she looks and sounds like sceptic????!!!!!!

  • Dikran Poladian
    Dikran Poladian Month ago

    I think it's cool that you did this video but you went about it in the worst possible way. Let me enumerate some points:
    1) Windows PC running Adobe Premiere CC support OpenCL Rendering as well and it's not slower or faster then CUDA
    2) The main reason why the Desktop is faster is cause it a DESKTOP! Laptop parts are slower due to thermal and power restraints even if it's the same part.
    3) Yes Final Cut is optimized like crazy for mac but also for certain workflows. However it it not a proper control for comparison as it's not the same program. Theoretically if Final Cut existed for windows it still would be faster on the desktop.
    4) If you love your magic mouse so much just set one up on your windows machine. (yest it's possible)
    5) You can have space bar preview you just need "QuickLook" it's a free app in the windows store.
    6) Although I agree that airdrop is super cool there are software options, also you can just plug in your phone; bonus it will probably transfer much faster.
    7) For you keyboard issues Command is Control and Option is ALT. Also once more you can just get an apple keyboard for you PC and remap your keys how you like it.
    Finally all you really needed to do is build a hackintosh with the appropriate apple wifi/bluetooth card (for air drop and all that jazz) and then everything would work just like a real mac.

    I ask that next time you do a video like this that you do your homework first , especially with all the little tweeks and apps you can use to emulate the apple environment that you did not cover.

  • C Mekha
    C Mekha Month ago

    Somebody give her option button rn damn it

  • Adrian Cygan
    Adrian Cygan Month ago

    yeah you definitely need 3 computers. Smart move girl

  • Oliver Oshkosh
    Oliver Oshkosh Month ago +1

    My God I couldn't stand her voice and movements for more than about 50 seconds... OUT of here.

  • EvolvedViking
    EvolvedViking Month ago

    TLDR: PC wins by over 3x and costs less than the mac

  • A Frog Brothers Production

    She doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about, pls forgive her!

  • Joshua A
    Joshua A Month ago

    One person may love the long drawn out talk with few conclusions and echo-filled audio. I'm not that person.

  • somebodyelse
    somebodyelse Month ago

    Lots of unwarranted hate on the Apple products in the comments, but that's expected at this point. I personally have never owned anything Apple since the 4th gen iPod touch. I can still see why people like using their products. It's what they're used to, and it works. I loved your CUDA explanation. It's very digestible to those that aren't big hardware nerds. Yay for reppin Ryzen; It's an excellent choice for your workflow.

  • Eldin Drljevic
    Eldin Drljevic Month ago

    “Usually creative types use apple products” maybe in your industry lol as an audio technician, i switched over from a macbook to a PC as a huge number of producers are nowadays for a plethora of reasons including better price to performance ratio, better driver support for audio gear, etc.
    edit: enjoyed the video regardless, really interesting to see the PC vs Mac argument from the perspective of somebody in a more visually driven industry

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin Month ago

    I love seeing PC vs Mac videos... I wonder way more TheXvidr don’t compare the two. 👍🏽

  • lucus lopez
    lucus lopez Month ago

    Why don't you just get a software called Mac drive 10? It allows you to open mac hard drives on a pc.

  • Ali Akhtari
    Ali Akhtari Month ago +1

    Why are you covered your monitor's webcam? :((

  • robnox
    robnox Month ago

    You sure you had the GPU setup properly in Adobe Premier? It should shred compared to the MacBook. I have the same MacBook Pro and my 7 year old gaming PC is faster for video editing, but I still love my MacBook ;)

  • Sulkin
    Sulkin Month ago

    Final cut is better no questions asked

  • pat mcintyre
    pat mcintyre Month ago

    Mac's cost more you get less. Oh what the f was the final results. Your not a film maker, you film your boring ass life for Morons. That God there are millions of them that love you. Oh for the money PC's do more.

  • Dave John
    Dave John Month ago

    But then again, u r cute 😎

  • Dave John
    Dave John Month ago

    You r not comparing apple with apple

  • Ghdude
    Ghdude Month ago +2

    but like, how is the windows key annoying?

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh Month ago

    Why these people are classified as tech youtubes

  • Charles Marsh
    Charles Marsh Month ago +3

    "technical explanation"
    for a mac person...

  • Mahendhiran Rithvik
    Mahendhiran Rithvik Month ago +5

    It's weird that the vid is posted on 29th March 2k18 but I'm watching on 28th March 2k19 and I'm like how the hell did she post a vid tomorrow?!? And then I notice 2018 and I'm like "ohh"

  • Image-i-Nation Photography

    Enjoying your videos

  • Tinish Maheshwari
    Tinish Maheshwari Month ago +4

    You literally got $3k PC for just to check the rendering speed. Thats dedication guys

  • Ueban Films
    Ueban Films Month ago

    Another annoying poser

  • Tech Guru
    Tech Guru Month ago a NAS to save and transfer files between the 2 computers
    2...put a 10gb ethernet card into your pc..and the NAS
    3 build a hackintosh and use that instead of a shitty laptop

    get one of the techtubers to help you......

  • Eldad Kronfeld
    Eldad Kronfeld Month ago

    How can you even compare

  • Ankush Gupta
    Ankush Gupta Month ago

    So u say u edited the same vid twice?

    • Junior Arias
      Junior Arias Month ago

      No, she said she edited half of the video on the pc and the other half on her mac

  • Tobia1506
    Tobia1506 Month ago +6

    Comparing a notebook with a stationary pc... It doesn't matter its a stationary windows pc or Mac, the stationary computer will win! ;))

    • Andrew York
      Andrew York 12 days ago

      I don't know about some of the larger laptops out there like think pad P70 or alien ware R3 (? Think that is there 17in model.) I know those are going thermal throttle less then a Mac book....

    • tom webber
      tom webber Month ago +2

      That is what went through my head, not really a fair contest, a overclocked desktop vs small form factor laptop.
      This is coming from someone who is not a Mac fan and have always used Windows PC devices, a interesting comparison would be to use a Windows Laptop like my gl702zc vs the mac book The GL702zc uses the same processor as Sara's desktop a Ryzen 7 1700 which is a 8 core beast and does make short work of editing (and is probably one reason it was much faster in the comparison) it has a mid tier rx580 gpu and is a lot cheaper than the mac.
      I expect GL702zc is a lot heavier and less portable as well and tbh probably not as well made :).

  • Dave Cuza
    Dave Cuza Month ago +1

    Mac to PC external hard drive??? What you want (and need) is wire up your office with 1GB or even better 10GB ethernet and use good old SMB between your MacBook and the 4TB of hard drive storage on the PC (which should be in RAID 0 to make it even faster since they are mechanical drives not SSD)

  • La Views
    La Views Month ago

    is she a pornstar?

  • Tricky Jas
    Tricky Jas Month ago

    Actually pc is pc but mac is portable and you can edit while travelling...even i own a pc but seriously while travelling you need laptops

  • Bob Coco
    Bob Coco Month ago

    By using QtTabBar on Windows, you add a lot of productivity option to the default file explorer, including the implementation of tabs (like on web broswers), & a video preview while putting the cursor on it. So now, Win has even 1+ advantage over MacOS :D

  • Esco Whitfield
    Esco Whitfield Month ago

    What the fuck is a Mack and why do I need one

  • lestliness
    lestliness 2 months ago +1

    Quick look is a utility for the PC that allows you to preview stuff on the PC like the mac... download it on the microsoft store. it's great.

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey 2 months ago

    come on deep down we all know that premier is better

  • Agent00917
    Agent00917 2 months ago

    8c/16c R7 at prolly about 3,4 stock 3,7 boost (or OC) destroys the silly 4c/8t om the Macbook, that is probaly throteling

  • Ingólfur Daniel Sigurðsson

    There is a preview setting in file explorer just turn it on and you don't even have to press anything. PC pro tip of the day :D And if you want basicly the same thing as is on the mac just download QuickLook and bam all is well in the world ;)

  • maxzzzie
    maxzzzie 2 months ago

    Mac is overpriced but out of the box ready to use. And horrible or expensive if even possible to repair.
    PC is as cheap as the components. Takes a bit to have it customized to your liking. Wich you can do a lot to customize and change on it. And Can utilise the best components on the market where apple uses stock components usualy not latest generations. Repairs are quick and easy diy.

    • maxzzzie
      maxzzzie Month ago

      +Ramen Boodle there are a load of shops that are specialised in repairs. Thats in the netherlqnds at least.

    • Ramen Boodle
      Ramen Boodle Month ago

      +maxzzzie I get what you are saying. Repairing your PC is most of the time really simple.
      But not every person wants to deal with that/does not trust themselves to make the repair.

    • maxzzzie
      maxzzzie Month ago

      +Ramen Boodle Why is that in favour for apple. Their servicing is so bad or far away that it doesn't make sence. Also overpriced. If ur a grandma or simply imcapablw there is always someone in your area capable of fixing a pc or laptop. And if not there is pc stores everywhere where they repair it with you there if you want. You'll be on your way in less then an hour.
      At least in europe there is wayyy more pc specialised stores that can do repairs.
      If your young you can check a forum or yt video and crack open the case and fix whats wrong. If a part failed you can let the community's on forums figure out what part it will be by sending them a small bit of info. Then simply swap the part.

    • Ramen Boodle
      Ramen Boodle Month ago

      I do not use apple products but DIY repairs are not a brightside for everyone. Some people are technologically inept and the ability to take to the apple store and get it repaired is a big pro in favor of apple!

  • Emanuel Abraham
    Emanuel Abraham 2 months ago +4

    Damn thats a beast of a pc
    And its not just about gaming on a pc its about the feeling u get when u build ur own pc and see it working

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 2 months ago

    can I leave a comment--------- " O well?....Premier .....4K?" yers!" your hunting for NY!!" yes then your going all the wat to the Suburbs...hehehehe?"

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin 2 months ago

      replying too my stupidity yes your thinking of Xeon Processors an .....inTel!!!!

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin 2 months ago

      PC duuuuuuuu 24K in Dolby Vision an all that in Server load an all that with allll types of those goody goody stuff...

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin 2 months ago


    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin 2 months ago

      phew phew

  • Robert le'Dev
    Robert le'Dev 2 months ago

    Hackintosh... the end...

    GRITTOMON THOMAS 2 months ago +2

    Hi, use NAS for data transfer and heavy data storage...❤

  • kreem gems
    kreem gems 2 months ago

    You know that we use open cl with PC with AMD GPUs ? Right?

  • Massoud Wazir
    Massoud Wazir 2 months ago

    you are so beautiful Sara

  • souocara38able
    souocara38able 2 months ago +3

    If you want to get clips from your phone to the PC why not use a usb wire?

  • nic sosa
    nic sosa 2 months ago +3

    apple was once the bleeding edge company to support creativity in their products. users from before 2000 will attest to that. pcs have since caught up and surpassed macs in a number of way relating to usability.

  • Caleb Aikens
    Caleb Aikens 2 months ago +8

    buys a mechanical keyboard - "it's pretty loud"

  • Ata fakheri
    Ata fakheri 2 months ago +10

    I know that was super technical
    well maybe for a mac person i guess

  • PureAFM
    PureAFM 2 months ago

    Video preview is a thing on explorer.

  • zaftra
    zaftra 2 months ago +14

    "Usually creative types use appale products" Pretty much all games and professional film editing is done on pc's, youtubers use apple because they think it's trendy.

    • Reymito Novas
      Reymito Novas Month ago +2

      TheXvidr's use mac's because they are too dumb to learn software and like you said above^

  • Martin Hardi
    Martin Hardi 2 months ago

    Wtf why du you use a transfer disk? Just copy it over your LAN.

  • Eric Boulegue
    Eric Boulegue 2 months ago +41

    the "creative" type as you said used mac in the late 90s early 2000s because it had actually better performance in a lot of adobe products... since about 2005 this is as far from the truth as it gets... apple can't compare to other brands anymore... not even close... mac OS or windows is a matter of taste.... but the hardware/$ on any apple product is just horrible these days... and macbooks are far from the best laptops either.... sure final cut performs faster on an apple... try the same with any 3D CAD software.... any raster graphic editor.... even with the same specs windows pulls ahead because of driver & software optimisation... major software developers have forsaken apple about a decade ago

    • Eric Boulegue
      Eric Boulegue Month ago

      ​+Sam Gayney AutoCAD is as far as i know the only available CAD software out of the big ones that is available for MAC... but any 3D Rendering is extremely power hungry... the subpar hardware build into Apple products can not compete... ATI products are rarely used either....
      But sorry to disappoint you Final Cut does not Render faster than Premiere.... on a Mac maybe... but not in real life situations
      Another example is Autodesk's Maya... it's available for mac... but try running it on one vs a windows machine of the same price...
      Apple uses expensive but comparably slow RAM because ECC ram sounds good so must be useful right? It isn't... The ATI Vega cards are miles behind NVidia Quadro cards for the same price...
      The only Part Apple can keep up is the processor... which still is overpriced in a Mac and you have no way of replacing it....
      A Mac that can be used for professional Rendering cost atleast $10,000... for that price you almost get 2 PC's that will be faster... atleast you get a slow 5K display i guess?
      Apple is all looks and no substance... but their cult like marketing keeps them in business

    • Sam Gayney
      Sam Gayney Month ago

      Eric Boulegue yeah the only possible program used majorly professionally is Logic Pro since it’s an interesting offering for $200 for a producer. Final cut is about 2x faster with rendering than Premier, but it may not provide as many plugins and such. As for CAD, if Mac had a Radeon VII then it might be an option, but I think that Windows would make more sense because you’ll have more software to work with more than likely, I’m not too understanding of CAF software so correct me if I’m wrong. 🤷‍♂️

    • Eric Boulegue
      Eric Boulegue Month ago +4

      +Sam Gayney apple products that are exclusively available for apple products are better optimized for apple products? no shit sherlock..... sadly in the professional world all the apple software products aren't really used... because you'd have to use a Mac... which severly limits your ability to actually render... nobody has time to let a movie render for 18 months on a Mac when you could do it in 3 weeks on a windows server farm... and final cut isn't used at all in big productions or even medium production firms...can't talk about music production but i doubt big firms rely on Mac either there... Also the CAD programms all run miles better on windows... the only argument that Apple has going for them is that it's "cool" but being stupid enough to pay 2x the price for worse technology isn't really all that cool in most peoples eyes... especially on the professional level (Apple users are regularly made fun of even)

    • Sam Gayney
      Sam Gayney Month ago

      Yes Adobes software is much slower on Mac but compared to Apple offerings like Final Cut, Logic Pro and such. Their products are much better optimized for their Macs

  • DisruptionzGaming
    DisruptionzGaming 2 months ago +2

    Create a shared folder on both devices to save copying data to a usb drive.

    • ski doublediamond
      ski doublediamond 2 months ago

      USB drives are offen much slower and a worse gb/$ then other forms of storage

  • Jacques Rivette
    Jacques Rivette 2 months ago

    Sarah I just subscribed to your chanel bcs i just heard you use a Haitian song in your video. @ 6:47 Ancy and Yole Derose “Nou Vle”=“we want”. By the way i am a music video editor/director/photographer, a small one by the way. So thanks for the comparison. Good work!

  • Brad Olson
    Brad Olson 2 months ago +1

    Hey! It's "right off the bat" like baseball, and "right out of the gate" like a horse!

  • John Raschedian
    John Raschedian 2 months ago

    You are going to have a much brighter future, even exceeding your own expectations, Sarah!

  • Leybis Alvarado
    Leybis Alvarado 2 months ago

    Muy buena explicación muy bonita tu lugar de edición felicidades

  • Daniel Gimenez
    Daniel Gimenez 2 months ago +22

    Conclusion: the only reason to use Mac is that you are not a "pro" and because you wanna, not because is better in any way. Great.

    • Chicken Nugget
      Chicken Nugget Month ago

      Jeremiah Kuehne just no

    • Jeremiah Kuehne
      Jeremiah Kuehne Month ago

      +Chris Brooks No to what? FCPX is the fastest editor out there and can roundtrip easily with Resolve for color and compositing work. Apple Motion is much faster for motion graphics work and integrates very tightly with FCPX. Affinity products hold their own against Photoshop and Illustrator. All of these softwares run very efficiently on MacOS. And there are like a dozen alternatives to Lightroom. Plus I use Logic. All of this monthly fees and much better optimized than Adobe products.

    • Chris Brooks
      Chris Brooks Month ago +1

      +Jeremiah Kuehne no. Just no.

    • Mattias Nilsson
      Mattias Nilsson 2 months ago +1

      +Jeremiah Kuehne: So true. Adobe has some terrible sluggish software which is build on very old codebase. Hope we will se a complete rewrite someday. Final Cut blows premiere out of the water performance wise.

    • Maximus
      Maximus 2 months ago +2

      +Jeremiah Kuehne hmm no

  • Phillip Kinnison
    Phillip Kinnison 2 months ago +1

    Or Davinci Resolve!?!?!?! That color grading tho!!!

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later 2 months ago +11

    If you are a pure logic thinker you would never go for mac


      +Jeremiah KuehneI've been using my Acer aspire for 5 years and it's still runs like a charm

    • Jeremiah Kuehne
      Jeremiah Kuehne Month ago

      +DAREN DOUGLAS PALMER Considering most PC laptops that are used daily for 7 years don't even turn on anymore I'd say it's pretty good to be useful after 7 years


      +Jeremiah Kuehne I sure as hell hope it was still capable of running office and chrome lol


      +Trevor Kuhner So True

    • Jeremiah Kuehne
      Jeremiah Kuehne Month ago

      +Trevor Kuhner Also Apple just announced they'll fix 2017 and prior butterfly keyboards for free. Good luck getting that kind of service from any other company lol

  • Adam Ball
    Adam Ball 2 months ago

    if you were to create a NAS you would be able to have you cake and eat it too in terms of transfering footage between your mac and PC set up

  • Maximus
    Maximus 2 months ago

    10:53 Because PCMR. Duck and take cover! lol

  • Maximus
    Maximus 2 months ago +23

    3:50 Get a NAS for heaven's sake. Any Synology diskstation will do a much better job at storing and sharing your data across machines/platforms.

  • apurva patel
    apurva patel 2 months ago

    Apple MacBook Air---> /
    Apple MacBook Pro----->
    offer page--->
    apple apple usb--->
    flipkrt offer link--->

  • Kris Patel
    Kris Patel 2 months ago

    Ya should totally use the mac keyboard on windows. Its just a keyboard, doesnt matter which one is "best". If you like one, use it

  • allaboutfaithlovehope
    allaboutfaithlovehope 2 months ago

    Hi Sarah, Have you tried checking the task manager when you rendered it? Does your premiere pro using the GPU or the integrated CPU?

  • Peizhong Cong
    Peizhong Cong 2 months ago +39

    Hum... Use a wired network to do the transferring would be faster and cheaper.

    • D S
      D S Month ago

      You can't wire a network to a macbook pro, they have no ethernet port ;) (jokin... i guess you could use a dongle)

    • Wild Tangent
      Wild Tangent Month ago

      +Zissou Moonshot except there's very little software left that can only run on a Mac, Final Cut obviously being one, but really the only one I can think of right now.

    • Zissou Moonshot
      Zissou Moonshot Month ago +1

      Comeback Kid I know more than most about computers and I use both platforms. Plenty of people are using Apple products because they have to, not necessarily because it’s their first choice.

    • Comeback Kid
      Comeback Kid 2 months ago +1

      If she knew anything about Computers she wouldnt be using a Mac

    • Wild Tangent
      Wild Tangent 2 months ago +5

      Ya that's where this video lost me.

  • ocpistol
    ocpistol 2 months ago +4

    Have you checked out davinci resolve 15? Could cut your render times down if you can switch away from premiere.

  • kyleshadow2
    kyleshadow2 2 months ago +1

    It's not Mac Vs PC. It's Laptop vs Desktop in this video. I'm sure the MAC thermal throttled after 10 minutes of rendering. where as the full sided desktop PC ran 100% full boar full load with out thermals slowing it down. I think you'd probably find similiar long render times on an equivalent "workstation" laptop PC.

  • nobby styles
    nobby styles 2 months ago

    gee i wish i didnt have to work for a living too.

  • Adam Deane
    Adam Deane 2 months ago +9

    @3:50 you mentioned that you have a hard drive to transfer from one machine to the other...Why not set up a network share?

  • Jim Ericksen
    Jim Ericksen 2 months ago +3

    definitely should have used a NVMe m.2 drive driven thru a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port for your portable drive. 100ish MB/s will still take forever with HQ videos! You can get 1000+ MB/s with an even smaller form factor drive.

    • Flip 7
      Flip 7 2 months ago

      Yep..Samsung 970 evo plus. Over 3500mbs. The fastest drive, yet cheaper than it's predecessors. In canadian dollars: $170 for 500G

  • MoonlightSocial
    MoonlightSocial 2 months ago

    Ugh, these damn videos. It's very simple: people buy Macs because they get the job done, iOS is nice, they generally last a long time, they have great resell value, and the aesthetics are pleasing. Apple did a good job of building an ecosystem that generally suits their core users nicely and keeps them tethered to it. There are PCs that also fit that mold. Can you build a Hackintosh for less money that outperforms a MacBook? Yes, obviously. Do most people want to spend the time doing that? Judging by the sales numbers, I'd say no. Just use whatever makes you happy. Or Argue Online™ until it's time for dinner, your call.

  • Liam Alcock
    Liam Alcock 2 months ago +2

    id like to see your reaction to linux over mac and windows

    • Spike
      Spike Month ago

      Liam Alcock The average user will hate Linux. Its mainly only good for programming and other professionals not content/media creators.

  • Transformed Photo
    Transformed Photo 2 months ago

    @saradietschy - Why do you not have a NAS or central fileserver to host all of your files to share between ecosystems? Drobo or synology or a custom unraid/freenas box would be a great solution. Would be happy to help you out.
    Also, you can get "NTFS for Mac by Paragon" and "Paragon ExtFS for Windows" for next to no money.... then all your disks will be cross platform.

  • Rajiv Dadke
    Rajiv Dadke 2 months ago

    Can someone please tell me what PC is Sara having in her right hand in the thumbnail???

    • Scalliboy
      Scalliboy 2 months ago

      Impossible to know what parts are inside. The case that's used is horrible looking anyways.