MY CUSTOM PC VS MACBOOK PRO | 4k Video in Adobe Premiere

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
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  • AdenMocca
    AdenMocca 15 hours ago

    Get a NAS -

  • Euadam
    Euadam 2 days ago +1

    I have been using MacBook Pros for the last 12 years and am now moving back to PC.

  • Dark King
    Dark King 3 days ago

    I stopped watching after the above $3000 Pc with just a 1080 graphic card to be used for editing. For this price you could at least get a 1080ti which is much faster instead of buying a flashy keyboard and monitor. The 4TB HDD should not be included in the price because it is optional and can be used as external HDD for both the Pc and Mac.

  • WhiteGold251
    WhiteGold251 4 days ago

    This was sort of a unfair match up. As the Mac has a 4 core 8 thread processors vs a 8 core 16 thread beast. Plus the 560 pro graphics (if Sarah went for the upgrade) doesn't compare at all to the 1080. The pc is going to win every time.

  • Alexey Melnikov
    Alexey Melnikov 7 days ago

    Comparison of laptop vs desktop. Really!?

  • Manos Pratikakis
    Manos Pratikakis 8 days ago


    PARISIAN 8 days ago

    I like the way your eye brows move!

  • Omicron
    Omicron 9 days ago


  • Mohammed Rehan
    Mohammed Rehan 9 days ago

    i love you

  • Jose Alberto Durán Ch.

    you are my queen

  • Jose Alberto Durán Ch.

    I love you

    UNCUT GAMER 12 days ago

    You are so beautiful.

  • Spiritof Mylaise
    Spiritof Mylaise 14 days ago

    3500 for extreme browsing ... seems legit

  • tol_Charlito
    tol_Charlito 15 days ago

    I like her😍

  • Pana Bogdan
    Pana Bogdan 16 days ago

    If you want a mac, you must edit on final cut for speed. If you want adobe premiere, go to a pc.

  • Germes Obiang
    Germes Obiang 16 days ago

    Ryzen's User.... i like that

  • Влад Т
    Влад Т 18 days ago


  • Tomas Matejka
    Tomas Matejka 19 days ago

    "Creative types use Apple" - that's exactly that bullshit they want you to believe and spread...

  • David Serrano
    David Serrano 23 days ago

    On pc use geforce shadowplay, it uses cuda for screen recording.
    You will love it

  • David Serrano
    David Serrano 23 days ago

    Cuda cores rules in pc, i have the evga gtx 1080 ssc 8gb vram 😋😋😋😋

  • lukkash
    lukkash 23 days ago

    ONE thing: the price of PC set (with a huge monitor) is lower than this Macbook Pro. Period. This Apple craziness should be ended up finally as in most cases it’s all emotional rather than rational when people claim that it’s fine paying much for overpriced devices when for a lower price u can have a really great product or a whole set.

  • Shelby Wright
    Shelby Wright 24 days ago

    Totally agree about not having the space bar to view files on Windows. Thankfully you can just go to the Windows store, type in Quicklook, install, and that function is all working again!

  • CJ Walters
    CJ Walters 25 days ago

    You are adorably cute.

  • Tips Tickwp
    Tips Tickwp 26 days ago

    Cool CUDA 😁😁😁 Mac 😅

  • T. Paiza
    T. Paiza 26 days ago

    Ok great setup

  • Shantanu Mishra
    Shantanu Mishra 27 days ago

    Please marryy me... 😍😍

  • Tech Jungle
    Tech Jungle 28 days ago

    There's no need to upload videos to Google Drive from the iPhone. Just plug it in via USB and you can download them directly, and fast too!

  • FaD3_ Sunset
    FaD3_ Sunset 28 days ago

    But the thing is what did you use to edit this video 🤔

  • Tanvir aman
    Tanvir aman 28 days ago

    why did you choose ryzen? Use intel instead, it's the best for performance!

  • Farhan Awan
    Farhan Awan 29 days ago


  • Rahul Roy
    Rahul Roy Month ago

    I think laptops are not made for video editing (4K,6K&8K,etc.), It's portable that's the reason many people love MacBooks/laptops , but i love pc because of the god like power

  • Colby Williams
    Colby Williams Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks her teeth are flawless???

  • SeventCloud 801
    SeventCloud 801 Month ago

    Mac is shit ,iz s not powerfull as a same priced pc ,and the most of the pc s use the nvidia graphics ,mac sucks because it s expansive and it s not costumizable or upgradable

  • stuart carter
    stuart carter Month ago

    This video gives me anxiety!! Use proxies for 4K??

  • Laurent K
    Laurent K Month ago

    Thumbs up from Belgium :)

  • Jxcu7i
    Jxcu7i Month ago

    I don't understand why Austin recommended you build a PC with a Ryzen cpu when you are using Adobe softwares which everyone knows works way better on Intel cpus.

  • Jake Zywiol
    Jake Zywiol Month ago

    Can people stop comparing laptops to pcs? Pcs will always win but the reason why laptops costs as much as they do is due to their portability... They serve different purpose. I'm not some apple fanboy just stating the obvious.

  • Amonny
    Amonny Month ago +8

    "Creative types use Apple products". AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You should get out more.

  • Joon - young
    Joon - young Month ago

    Song name at 4:50?

  • Weijian ZHANG
    Weijian ZHANG Month ago

    This is how a MBA Student (the PC) beats a primary school student (the MacBook) in a GMAT exam. Result is no doubt the MBA Student (the PC) has higher score in the exam.

  • Biswas
    Biswas Month ago

    oh my god how could a tech TheXvid be so pretty 😍😍😍

  • Carlos Feliciano
    Carlos Feliciano Month ago

    It's occurred to me that you already have most of what would make a good Hackintosh.

  • Mike Sollows
    Mike Sollows Month ago

    Mac makes junk now so she blab, blab blabs propaganda about how great mac is not ... sad eh

  • KD Puvvadi
    KD Puvvadi Month ago

    why don't you use nas or something, using external drives is not efficient

  • Akash cruze
    Akash cruze Month ago

    So rich 😳

  • Krzo159
    Krzo159 Month ago

    PC geek girl cool 😁

  • R Wils
    R Wils Month ago

    Now add a Linux or similar file server.

  • Calin Birta Saimon X

    Cool video Sara! Ok let me take you to on a little tech flash. First that PC has double the performance of your laptop. Second leaving a side the RAM memory difference, the processor has 16 threads vs 8 threads(and more MHz) and that video card is absolutely awesome at video encoding (and decoding) that has none comparison with the video card that the laptop has(no comparison at all, it`s like 25% of the gtx 1080). Third you can produce the same video on the mac with final cut and the result will be similar, the PC will win by a lot. Forth, for the comparison to be absolutely 100% equal you need to save the production and export the same video by importing the project into the program so it will have the same editing elements. I had fun watching the video and did not fall asleep during the video:)). Keep it up and good luck!

  • KenChen FPV
    KenChen FPV Month ago

    The thing is you can beat a macbook pro 1 million times with a PC, but you can never carry it around, sooo can it really be a comparison?

  • Tyler GAMMER 1124
    Tyler GAMMER 1124 Month ago +1

    Pc my dudes 🤙🏿🤙🏿

  • Walter Gabl
    Walter Gabl Month ago


  • steve parker
    steve parker Month ago


  • Jaish Singh
    Jaish Singh Month ago

    build a hackintosh (macOS in a pc)

  • Edward Gutierrez
    Edward Gutierrez Month ago +1

    How are you gonna compare that great of a PC with a Mac?

  • DOUG and NIKI
    DOUG and NIKI Month ago

    Go PC :)

  • Ramin M
    Ramin M Month ago +9

    I disagree that Final Cut is faster because it is made by Apple the same company that makes the hardware. There is really no hidden mystery in the hardware that Adobe doesn't know. In fact, tuning the software for Apple computers is much easier than for PC because the range of this hardware is so limited. Anyway, I haven't seen you making a video to compare Adobe with FC on the Mac platform (I am a PC user myself). Does FC beat PP for video editing and rendering? IF that is the case, the right explanation is certainly due.
    You are used to the Mac's interface and you need to learn PC's interface and keyboard shortcuts and give it an ample amount of time to get used to it before you can compare and judge the platforms.

  • Kunal Bhardwaj
    Kunal Bhardwaj Month ago

    there @2.20 is the reason you are going to hell ...

  • Rj photography Video

    yes pc is grate

  • Lyle Stavast
    Lyle Stavast Month ago

    back in the day.... meaning 70's... we'd transfer files with what we called "sneaker net"... it was 9track tape on spools... it was faster than the datalinks on most mini-computers of the day... your G drive, qualifies as an update, and sneakers is now upgraded probably what - Vans ? lol

  • Lyle Stavast
    Lyle Stavast Month ago

    extreme web browsing... hmm...

  • Radeon Gamer
    Radeon Gamer Month ago

    Video was awesome 😁😁😁

  • Michael Joy
    Michael Joy Month ago

    Apple products feel and look a lot better then any Android Tec, Apple Tec is like looking at a Lambo Maybe not the fastest out there but looks nice xxx lol xxx

    • Delain124
      Delain124 Month ago

      This video had nothing to do with Android.

  • Kyle The Closer
    Kyle The Closer Month ago

    she sounds like ariana grandes character kat (breathe girl) XD

  • Stormrage
    Stormrage Month ago

    PC is much cheaper and gives you one huge advantage. Upgrade. You don't need to buy whole now PC to do it, like in MAC case. Apple products are overrated, great but cost a lot. And in some fields they are even behind competition, they just rip off fans.

  • bloodswarms
    bloodswarms Month ago

    Would have been faster to put both computers on the same network and transfer footage over gigabit ethernet. Unless the Macbook doesn't have ethernet. Oh. Wait. Err...

    ART DRAWING Month ago

    lucky you

  • Khai Nguyen
    Khai Nguyen Month ago

    Love your voice so much :D

  • Willot
    Willot Month ago

    Main advantage of a PC. Do what ya like.If you decide you dont like the graphics card you have? Buy a new one. Want more RAM. Get More Ram etc. Try that on a MAC....

  • TechPimp
    TechPimp Month ago

    Your comparing laptop to a desktop so not bad on the Laptop even with lesser specs but if you use Final Cut on the Apple you would have gotten the same performance as the PC. So next time edit the video on both FCPX and Permier and see which one took you less time to edit and which one exported faster. Also you should add an external GPU when your docked to your work desk for maximum performance.

  • Allan Valverde
    Allan Valverde Month ago +8

    I did not watch the entire video but I am going to say pc wins and mac sucks thank you

  • TechTV USA
    TechTV USA Month ago

    This was a horrible video. You could have skipped answering questions and done that in another video. Also FCPX uses Intel's Quick Sync. That is all. Many PC video editing programs can make use of Intel's Quick Sync but Premiere Pro is not one of them. Apple does not make the hardware. They use hardware from Foxconn, AMD, Intel, Seagate, Crucial etc.

  • alberto cabrera
    alberto cabrera Month ago

    Actually, a custom window large desktop will beat a MAC Pro power and price wise as well as the iMacs, but iMac Pro not so much. But comparing it to a laptop is pretty dumb unless you are planning to drag your entire rig in a wagon everywhere you go. They are two entirely different machines.
    An equivalent laptop with windows is just as expensive as an MPB. Sorry Window fanboys, that's just the truth. The only real advantage that a Windows laptop has is that most of them are upgradable and repairable which the MBP is not. Anyways, if you need a laptop and you don't need the i9, you can get an i7 version with a Quadro 3200 and 32GB of ram for around $3000, $600 cheaper than the MBP version. Also you will be able to upgrade the ram and SSD in the future, switch out power supply and I think you can upgrade the cpu with the HP zbooks too.

  • ABreathOfReason
    ABreathOfReason Month ago

    I think another obvious reason the PC was fastrer... higher clock speeds on the CPU and literally twice the cores and threads lol. In other words folks, get more than twice the power and a much better display for the same price as a Macbook set up.

  • BuzzyBeatz
    BuzzyBeatz Month ago

    I have a question, can a Macbook 13 base handle a 4k video?

  • octap79
    octap79 2 months ago +1

    Get off your hipster/millennial wagon and face reality. There's was not even a chance for a Macbook to beat a custom desktop to an extend it wasn't even fair for Mac. You will return to your mac, or course, because you feel cool wearing that beanie editing on them. .............pff ...millenials...

  • Clynton Esmenjaud
    Clynton Esmenjaud 2 months ago

    My god you are my crush right now!

  • job3ztah
    job3ztah 2 months ago

    I hate Mac book for me or any apple non mobile device I use theme they just werid for me I just cant get use to it. But I love the custom pc you have

  • C Rizzy
    C Rizzy 2 months ago

    You are comparing a macbook pro laptop with an integrated GPU to a full sized PC desktop with a super powerful 1080 GPU, of course it is going to run much faster.

  • Alin V
    Alin V 2 months ago

    Just all people know.Never in Life a Laptop gonna be as fast as a PC 🎅🎅

  • Victor Hugo Martinez
    Victor Hugo Martinez 2 months ago

    Don't use an external drive to share info between PCs. You can create a share folder if both computers are on the same network. It is super fast. Use the PC as server, you can read them as fast your network

  • pcguy21
    pcguy21 2 months ago

    Saaaraaaaaaaaaa Saraaaaaaaaaaaa... noooooo tiiiiime is a goooooood time without loooooooooove.

  • Daniel Badea
    Daniel Badea 2 months ago

    But.. can it run crysis?

  • jamdvx
    jamdvx 2 months ago

    where do you feel more comfort working with PC or Mac? , for some processes in PC, for other processes like Adobe illustrator I choose Mac, even when they both (mac and pc) look to have same performance, (o0) different story with video editing as it is known since years ago.
    Right now today, is useless to start the classic and immature discussion "which is better", both systems are good, both tools are good and maybe one can be different to other depending the process, that's the reality agree or not simply 'cause some hardware and systems are different. PC can be a good big monster if you want with a lot of custom hardware, and Mac offers a different OS, different hardware, different good looking, I imagine more reliable software (some software I'm not sure just I imagine).

  • Javier Casas
    Javier Casas 2 months ago

    The only reason FCP is faster is because it's using Intel quick sync to render on the fly, while premier renders at the end. That's the difference. Also options key sucks ass!!!! Lol though I'm pretty sure you just need to familiarize yourself with pc shortcuts and you'll be fine. You can map this to good mouses with multiple buttons and you'll be way quicker than a shit magic mouse

  • HappyPorts
    HappyPorts 2 months ago

    For the sake of Beautiful Goddess You use your 2700$ PC for Web browsing, no games, no editing, damn I feel bad for the PC :(

  • Kapunology
    Kapunology 2 months ago

    You seem like a Filthy rich youtuber

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M 2 months ago

    PC always beats crapbook.

  • Pr0fane
    Pr0fane 2 months ago

    A custom PC destroys any Mac at the same price. The iMac Pro is an absurd waste of money unless you really must have OSX. Even in that case, a Hackintosh performs better.

  • Karthik SM
    Karthik SM 2 months ago

    Why would anyone use a MacBook?just don't see any actual benefits.the only thing I can see is the preference of the apps and that's about it.but everyday the pc master race reigns supreme

  • YTpundit
    YTpundit 2 months ago

    If you're not editing on Davinci Resolve, you're so downmarket! oops!

  • Cole Cunningham
    Cole Cunningham 2 months ago

    who paid for all that

  • Piston Matters
    Piston Matters 2 months ago

    I like your channel ijustine

  • CJ Majesty
    CJ Majesty 2 months ago

    Your eyes are gorgeous

  • Manav Poddar
    Manav Poddar 2 months ago

    You are very Cute 😊😊

  • 82Goors
    82Goors 2 months ago

    If you're 25 you buy an Apple, when you've become a pro you buy a PC.

    • 82Goors
      82Goors 2 months ago

      +Anthony Wall until you buy a PC 😁

    • Anthony Wall
      Anthony Wall 2 months ago

      that statement is so untrue. It depends on the programs you're using. If you're using Adobe, yes use a PC. But if you're using Final Cut you use a Mac.

  • Nicolas Agudelo
    Nicolas Agudelo 2 months ago

    Get an iMac pro!!

  • Aruxandei Cosmin
    Aruxandei Cosmin 2 months ago

    please consider a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution, or simply a file storage server of any kind. As an IT professional, is painful to see how you transfer your TB of video files. Get a 10 Gbps network switch, and go crazy. A NAS has a friendly interface though, and is easy to set up, even if you don't know very much about computers. Cheers! ;)

    • jamdvx
      jamdvx 2 months ago

      I agree. Even for my WAV files and some amateur videos (home videos non porn) , some graphic design and a lot of photos.... and considering the 4 surveillance cameras I have ... yes a great solution the NAS, at least one PC with shared folders as I have right now ( 3 HDD 2 and 3 Tb)

  • Kasper Løftgaard
    Kasper Løftgaard 2 months ago

    Try out "Seer" for Windows if you want the spacebar preview. It works really well!

  • michael s
    michael s 2 months ago

    ok,let's do the IT/fact thingy and stop the so called fake debates..
    MaCs USED to be powered with RISC chip architecture and were UNIX based,yet years ago,they switched to Intel CPUs,which speaks for itself.Now I have MACS and PCs,and some other platforms,so the 'fanboy' nomiker is also fake,stupid,and what children might say.You use what you can afford,and what workflow works best for you,if you're an intelligent person,not worried about who makes what.If you have money and want to keep things simple,you can get an IMac Pro,although I would suggest 2,or at least back it up with an upgraded ImaC 5k,with 64 GB or RAM and more hard drives.I say that because you will have downtime if the MAC goes down because you cannot really upgrade and repair it yourself,unless you have the specific tools and are skilled at it.The Genius Bar is not full of geniuses,and might not have any at all,and even if they were,that's probably not going to happen for you.
    Now,when it comes to PCs,the main issues against you is Windows,because you;ll need a professional/black version/business/server version of the operating system,and then need to tweaks,turning off or disabling the junk you dont need.The best part,is that for the money vs performance point,PCs win hands down.It's EASY to buy/build 2 workstations that will CRUSH 2 MACS,with at least 64GB RAM,multiple SSDs,Multiple SATA drives,and even better Video cards.Now the advantage MAC has is,that much of the software,is optimized for MaCs and they build their computers to work great out the box,with a smaller footprint.So,the best thing to do,is to have BOTH,dedicated to your workload,and for social media and all that mess,you can get a $500 or less computer for that.As a matter of fact,I have some computers people GAVE me,that can handle that,so i dont have to worry about anything getting into my work computers from the Internet.